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We have a Dayton Electric thermostat model # 2E215 in our master bath, controlling the under-the-floor, hot water, heating in the room. There's an adjustment under the cover re "cycle time" that goes from essentially 0 to about 1.0 - and a counter-clockwise arrow to adjust from the smaller number to the larger. Our winters here (Vail, CO) can get very cold, and I'm wondering what is the best cycle setting to use keep the temperature as close to the desired temperature in the room. Thank y

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We have a Dayton Electric thermostat model # 2E215 in our master bath, controlling the under-the-floor, hot water, heating in the room. There's an adjustment under the cover re "cycle time" that goes from essentially 0 to about 1.0 - and a counter-clockwise arrow to adjust from the smaller number to the larger. Our winters here (Vail, CO) can get very cold, and I'm wondering what is the best cycle setting to use keep the temperature as close to the desired temperature in the room. Thank y

... Dayton Air Conditioners

Carrier Comfort Zone II Smart Control in one zone frequently cycles unit (every 20-30 minutes) even when temperature in the room does not change significantly and the indicated thermostat temperature does not change at all (stays on 77 for example). Shouldn't the thermostat temperature change at least a degree or two in order for it to turn the unit on or off?? Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of these controls?

Sounds like your zone control tstat needs calabrated or maybe replaced,in owners manual there should be a section on calibration if not you may have to replace it ... Air Conditioners

I have a camper with a Dometic rooftop air conditioner. The Model No. appears to be 3310700.012. The thermostat it the type that fully shuts off the unit (compressor and fan) when the set temperature is reached. The problem I am having is that the "dead band" (time between unit shutting off and coming back on) is too long, allowing the camper to become uncomfortably warm. A. Can the band width be adjusted to cause the unit to cycle sooner. Or, better still... B. Can the thermostat switch be bypa

No both the options A and B which you gave cannot be done.yes option B is possible in some form.but in this case fan will not shut down and this will burn the fan motor and even make the fan wirings short/.so option B is also not advisable.but the pr ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a Mastercool 2 speed 1Hp 220 volt cooler with a low voltage Mastercool CC2000B therostat. The problem is the swing time once my house reaches temperature. The swing is only 30 seconds to a minute. Besides the annoyance of the on and off noise, my motor only lasts one season...$$$$ Power bills$$$$ As far as I can tell there isn't any adjustments. My neighbors have the same problem. What can I do about the cycle time? Different brand thermostat....

Go manual turn switch, sounds like an overload problem. I have a Mastercool unit and going on 12 years with same motor. ... Mastercool 67471 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

Reverse cycle air conditioning unit theremostat is only a couple of feet away from return air vent. The room where the vent and thermostat are located is in the middle of a building and has no windows. This area remains much colder than the surrounding rooms (which all have large windows) and attempts to reach a comfortable temperature in the central area results in the surrounding rooms becoming uncomfortably hot in the winter and to cool the surrounding rooms in the summer means that the centr

Ok i will try if there is only one return then you need one move the stat= thermostat to a area where temp is about same as the outside rooms. and have a retrun in each room near to the back of the room away from windows. if can not move the stat the ... Air Conditioners

We have anintertherm M3RL series downflow condensing furnace in our park model home. When heat is required, the furnace cycles (seems normal) and then as soon as the cycle is complete it imediately cycles again and again until the desired temperature is reached. Each cycle is only a few minutes. Seems to me that it should run until the temperature has reached the desired setting on the thermostat.

Sounds like the anticipator on the thermostat is faulty.\015\012Try replacing the thermostat. ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Amana AH183A35MA heat changeover temperature adjustable?

... Amana Air Conditioners

My Simple Comfort 2000 worked normally for about 2 years until recently. It was already a part of the house when we purchased it. There are several issues: 1) The "set" Temperature mode remains on constantly. It (inconsistently) will switch to the room temperature or even allow anyone to adjust the temperature. If it remains in the "set" mode it consistently sits at 45. Obviously its not 45 degrees in the home but nevertheless thats what it does. 2)After I sit there and try adjusting the te

... Air Conditioners

LG LWHD1009R air 10,000 btu temperature in the room about 87 temperature set two 72 set on hight compressor cycle about 20 sec on 3 min's off humidity level not two much at all like it short cycles but when runing cold air

... Air Conditioners

Townhouse has an old slide, mercury bulb thermostat. Our furnace is now cycling and the flame only takes a few seconds before it turns off again. Most of the time it just blows cold air. Last year we adjusted the anticipator higher and it worked fine. Now, we adjusted it to an even higher number and it still cycling on and off. 1) Right now I think the value is at .4. What is the correct value setting for the anticipator. 2) If I replace the thermostat with a digital (Honeywell RTH221B), w

Hi\015\012i will suggest to replace to an energy efficuect t-stat.\015\012that will solve your problem and will save you money\015\012\015\012more info\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

Frigidaire Model FAZ12HR2A Digital control pad buttons are non-responsive and air is not cold. If you reset the unit, all buttons work and you can adjust the temerature,unit runs fine and cold air is present. The temperature then appears to adjust itself (you hear beeps and the temperature increases). All LEDs are lit and control buttons are non-responsive.

My unit is making a weird sound and if you leave it on for two long you can start smelling a burning smell. Have you heard of this problem before? ... Frigidaire FAH086R1T Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

We have this air conditioner in our sunroom. From the beginning, the temperature set is not maintained. When the unit is set to cool, no matter how high a temperature I select, the unit cuts on approximately every 10-15 minutes, and cools the room to about 66 degrees. When set to heat in the winter, no matter how low a temperature I select, the heat cuts on about every 10-15 minutes, and the room will heat to a much higher temperature than selected. Any idea what the problem is, and how I ca

Change thermostat. ... Amana PTH153B50AM Air Conditioner

Temperature regulation GE Zoneline AZC906DAV1. Problem started in summer when I had to set the the thermostat control knob to a higher and higher temperature to prevent over-cooling. I replaced the room thermostat. Now it's winter and I have to set the the control to a lower and lower temperature to prevent overheating. It turned cold here last night (20 F), and I now notice the compressor only runs for a short time (maybe 30 to 60 seconds), then shuts off and just the heat strips are working.

I am going to attempt to help you locate the issue as best as I can but im limited to the information you provide me. Its a lot to take in so see if I have understood. \015\012Overview \015\012 1) Zoneline has all temp controls mounted ... GE Zoneline AZ55H07D Air Conditioner

Air conditioner/furnace was working for the past few months. Came home today at it is at 81 degrees, although my set temperature was set at 72 degrees. Temperature is rising to 83 degrees and I can't figure out why the air conditioner won't run properly. I turned the fan on from auto to on and it's blowing warm air. The default scree on reads the current temperature at 82 degrees with a circle and snow flake above it and an downward arrow where the word room is written. Any suggestions? I t

Check outside breakers. Open up outside panel and see if contactor is pulled in. If so you have a voltage problem or a bad capacitor. Sometimes a wire burns off. So look for this. If you have a float switch on the inside unit it may be tripped. Stopp ... Air Conditioners

I dont understand how to set the temperature. at night time for some reason it goes to a different temperature than the day. when I use the arrows to change to the temperature i want set it automatically goes back.

Try holding the button in for 2 sec then set up an down temp to desired temp let me know if it works..good luck /joe/ ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Honeywell Receiver/Valve Model No. RV8310D,E can be operated by switching to a manual mode which will turn the fireplace insert on at level 6 flame hieght (the highest), and top fan speed, no adjustments possible. To turn it off I switch it back to the remote setting. When using the remote which works sometimes on the auto mode, I can set the thermostat to a temperature below what the temperature is in the room, the fireplace may or may not go on, but when the thermostat temperature is reached

This sounds like a control board problem. ... Air Conditioners

I have a SG-PAC-08E4, When I set my unit to auto, it seems not be be adjusting for the room temperature as explained in the manual. Why do my temperature LCD always show 77 degrees even when the unit is turned off. Also my thermometers in my room say the the temperature in room is 73 degrees. Shouldn't I see a difference the the operations of the unit?

... Soleus SG-PAC-08E4 Air conditioner

Leaking Hi, Our Danby AC is leaking water everywhere. This is the 4th year we have run it but it did sit for 2 winters outside in below freezing temperatures. We ran it on dehumidify the first 2 years we had it, then moved provinces and it sat outside. Last summer since we live in a dryer climate, we only ran it on AC and only for about a month then it spent another winter outside in our shed. This year, we again are running it on AC and after running it on and off for a month, it has now starte

Is there a condensate trap in the line before the discharge?\015\012Also is the orifice or near it cracked?\015\012With all the movement and expansion and contraction due to the temperature changes in the seasons and conditions, there mig ... Danby Portable Air Conditioner

The Honeywell Programmable Heat Pump Thermostat CT3611R is not adjusting the temperature to a cool setting. Cool air is coming out of the vents however the temperature on the thermostat remains the same and the room does not feel any cooler.

If your problem has existed since the begining of installment it could be a return/ thermostat placement problem. if the return is to close to any supply vents it will run like that and your thhermostat will read like that ... Air Conditioners

Why does my Honeywell thermostat Vision PRO 8000, Model No. TH8320U1008 reflect outside temperature approximately 6 degrees warmer than actual temperature? Is there an adjustment which should be made to a sensor in the outside unit?

No adjustment at all, this is a faulty thermostat. replace asap. this will affect your electric bill. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Haier HWR05XC5 I have a Haier A/C window unit, model mentioned above, and I have lost the remote control. Are you aware of how to manually adjust the temperature on the unit? I only see the on/off button and nothing else, but I find it pretty amusing that a unit wouldn't be able to adjust w/out the remote. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm here with a 15 month old in 90 degree weather and buying another A/C unit is not an option. Thanks.

I have 2 of these ACs one remote is missing and the other was dropped in water. You can use the AC. Plug the unit in and hold the on/off button down for about 20 sec.or until the unit comes on. The cooling unit will come on but you will not have any ... Air Conditioners

I have an old Kenmore window unit that looks like a 72055 (control panel on top left). Although I have it set at 90 degrees and the room temperature is 75, the fan cycles on and off. How can I set it so than neither the fan nor the cooling comes until the set temperature is reached?

Most have a 'continious \012\012 mode' that operates the air moving fan whenever the unit is on, or a 'cycling mode' that operates from a temp sensor usually near the input over the evaporator coil.Look for the instruction for setting the mode ... Air Conditioners

Electrolux ESE 30 HRBA, single-phase, split-system 8kw/10kw, R22 refrigerant. Reverse cycle heating worked ok last winter but doesn't want to run this winter (refrigeration still works ok). No apparent problems with electricity supply. Help, please? Andrew Perth, Western Australia

Hello,This normally could be a bad start relay and over load for the compressor, dirty condenser coils need cleaning, condenser fan motor is not running or the compressor itself. To check the compressor properly you should tes ... Electrolux Air Conditioners

Weather King II Acclaim furnace cycles on and off and the house temperature never gets above 67. I've cleaned and sanded soot off of the temperature sensor. I've cleaned all the sensors and vacuumed out the burners and changed the air filter. The burners cut out after about 10 minutes and then the furnace shuts off and then restarts. This occurs for about 4 or 5 times and then it shuts down for about 20 minutes before it starts again. The house never heats up.

Wow, about the only thing you have not looked at is the thermostat. Have you had the gas pressure tested? Next time it quits, Ohm out the gas valve to see if it has a bad coil. I have in the past put on the gas valve one of thoes light probes and had ... Weather King Air Conditioners

The LG ceiling cassette unit is cycling off before reaching the set temperature .For example I set at 18'C and then cycles off at 23'C. model number LTUH186ELF!

I would change the location of the tempatuer sensor.Sounds like it to close to the supply air & being "fooled" to cold. ... Carrier HEAT/COOL CEILING Air Conditioner

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