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I installed the rth2310 and it seemed pretty straightforward. I had R, W, Y, G, on the old thermostat, and hooked them up to the same, with R to Rh with the jumper in place. Now, the snowflake cooling symbol is on all the time, and when I turn on the heat, it just runs all the time. This is a zoned system. I replaced another thermostat at the same time, and it works fine (it had a black wire going to Y, but otherwise the same).

Answers :

You need a jumper between RC and RH.

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I installed the rth2310 and it seemed pretty straightforward. I had R, W, Y, G, on the old thermostat, and hooked them up to the same, with R to Rh with the jumper in place. Now, the snowflake cooling symbol is on all the time, and when I turn on the heat, it just runs all the time. This is a zoned system. I replaced another thermostat at the same time, and it works fine (it had a black wire going to Y, but otherwise the same).

You need a jumper between RC and RH. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Standard Programmable Thermostat dual zone system heating / ac. I just moved in a month ago, and have inherited this system. At least once a day I find the 'time' display flashing on at least 1 of the 2 thermostats, as if power was lost. I can't find anywhere in the manual as to why this happens. Is it really because of lost power? If so, why is this happening?

Check and see if the thermostat has batteries, if so change them, if not please give me model number and I will do some research ... Air Conditioners

Re Carrier Comfort Zone II system with 4 zones. We are in an area with occasional momemtary power outages. When such an outage occurs the thermostat defaults to the LOWEST temperature setting and proceeds to freeze the whole place and run up our electrical bill - thousands over time - as we often travel, and the thing runs constantly. Carrier says unequivocally in owners manual that settings will not be lost however this is not the case! I'm suspicious that a backup system for the thermosta

Hello, I have worked on Carrier Multi-zone systems from 1 to 15 or more zones, some have several thermostats that are slaves to a master control stat. Electric control and pneumatic zone control for 300 ton A/C units only in our Malls an ... Air Conditioners

Comfort Zone carrier Unit: Can I replace the old user interface (thermostat) with the one that comes with the Comfort Zone II unit. In other words will the new style thormostat work with my old controlboard of the Comfort Zone system.

Hello,the answer is yes. It will work. They are almost the same thing with slight difference.You can go ahead and replace the old interface with the new style thermostat.I wish you good luck. ... Air Conditioners

My central ac system occasionally runs too long and the temperature gets way too cold. The digital thermostat reads that the temperature is too high so the ac still runs. This doesn't happen all the time but last night we had the thermostat set on 74 and when my wife got up during the night it was 67 degrees in the house (another thermometer read 67, the thermostat read 78)

I have seen this is many digital thermostats. The worst problems usually come from the touchscreen thermostats. I would suggest installing a new thermostat. Make sure that you read the instructions before you even remove the old one. ... Air Conditioners

I recently bought a 4 ton 14.5 SEER Rudd Spilt system using R-410 and matching Rudd furnace. This system replaced a Lennox 10 SEER 4 ton unit. Now that it has gotten hot in Baton Rouge LA 90-93 degrees. I have a programmable thermostat see bottom. It takes the one hour to drop the temp. 1 degree so starting at 5:00pm the unit runs non stop until 11:30 at night. The Lennox was about 3 times better and it was 15 years old. The installer told me all high SEER units take longer to cool in comp

Sounds like the Unit might be low on charge.But without correct readings not sure.\015\012The new unit with 410 will actually cool better due to higher boiling point temp. of freon type.Poor air circulation could also cause problem.Such as dirt ... Air Conditioners

I have Carrier Comfort Zone 2 on a York system. Everything has worked fine. After recent lightning strike, the controller is not responding correctly. It flashes E1 alternating with the current temp. No matter what the programming, it seems to start cooling when the house gets to 84-85 degrees inside and then stays on continually until it hits the programmed 76-77. How do I test to see if zone panel or thermostats need replacing?

This <a\012rel='nofollow' href="www.curthel.com">carrier</a>\012\012 has everything to quickly and safely deliver\012your <a rel='nofollow' href="www.curthel.com">car</a>. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a york hvac system that is 5 years old. I have the thermostat set at 74 and when it turns on only the fan runs circulating the existing air in the house about 20 percent of the time. The ac works great when it is running but i'm wondering why it doesn't always come on. Just replaced the thermostat thinking that was the problem but it did not help. Sometimes after the fan runs for a half hour or so the ac will finally kick in and start blowing cold air. The lines are not frozen at a

It sounds to me like you have a delay on start timer on the compressor that possibly is starting to fail or someone may have adjusted the time band up on it. I myself would remove it and install a delay on break timer and a 5 minute setting would be ... Air Conditioners

Have Coleman-Evcon heat pump system. Model DRHS0421CB. Condensing unit has intermittent no run condition. I replaced the contactor, as it was a few years old. I eliminated the thermostat from the equation by twisting together the RYO wires at the thermostat sub panel. This makes the air handler run and MOST of the time also makes the condensing unit come on as well. When it does run together, it cools great. Suction and discharge pressures are normal. The float switch is ok and no water prese

Elimate the items not needed to test the unit.\015\012Disconnect the defrost power board and set air handler to run.\015\012Disconnect the thermostat and hold contactor switch in closeing connections to the compressor and condensor fan. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Dometic rooftop AC, 59516.331, and an Atwood 8531 furnace with an analog Duotherm thermostat. I have recently replaced the thermostat. My heat system will only run with the thermostat maxed out. When the system reaches temp., I get a constant clicking sound (I think in AC unit area), whereas the system starts and stops constantly. Same goes for when i run AC. Problem has gotten progressively worse, that's why I replaced the thermostat. Now the comperessor on AC never shuts off except w

The contactor for the compressor may be stuck. Remove the outside shell and locate the contactor to see if this is the case. The contactor may be located in a metal box once you remove the units cover. You may be able to just tap it and get it ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My goodman heat pump has frozen up 3-4 times already this summer. It is a dual system 10 seer (i believe are the terms). Every time someone comes out they can't figure it out because the system is running fine by the time that they come. Two years ago the blower or activator was replaced (maybe the replacement part isn't so good?) The unit is 9 years old. Last year a guy charged it and about a month ago when it was checked the freon was only a little low. I'm SO tired of this issue. Any ideas

After system has been running 10-15 minutes, the discharge air temp should be 18-22 degrees colder than the air being sucked in. If the air is more than 22 degrees colder then the problem is with air flow. Check filters, blower speed, make sure all ... Air Conditioners

Penguin a/c The original Penguin A/C on my 1999 Airstream failed in August 2006, and the roof portion was replaced by an Airstream dealer. The replacement would not work with the existing thermostat, which was replaced by a thermostat designed to handle multiple zones, although I have only one zone. The combination operated irratically; it was often necessary to set the demand to 50 degrees to get the unit to start on a hot day. Once the unit was cool, any adjustment to a moderate temperature (

The multiple zone thermostat should work fine but sounds like this one has an internal failure try replacing the thermostat ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Tech said that the Carrier equipment controller module board is bad. The house would heat when the digital thermostat did not call for heat in multiple zones. Quote was about $1500 to replace the board, replace the multiple zone thermostat with three thermostats in each area, and fix one duct. Sound about right?

Normally when the zone board is bad you only have to replace the zone board, thermostats should still be o.k. ... Air Conditioners

Recently had a totaltouch (touch screen) thermostat by Carrier(model P289-1300) installed. I programmed the four time zones with auto air and set it to, "run program." However, when the thermostat enters the time/temp zone selected (say, time zone 1 @ 2:00AM/72degrees), the heat does not come on automatically. help

Even though you have programmed the thermostat with the desired events, what you need to check is whether the thermostat has been set to operate in the correct mode.\015\012\015\012If it is in simple mode then it will not recognise the pr ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a Bryant split system AC that is 18 years old. We have been away all summer (2 1/2 months), during which time the thermostat was set to 80°F. We live in SE Virginia and summer temps are 80's or 90's. We arrived home less than a week ago and turned the thermostat down to 72°F (at all times - we have small children and I am pregnant, so we need the house to be cool 24/7). The system was working fine until this afternoon, when I noticed the house was warming up. The temp had reached 76°

I am a service manager of a richmond va hvac firm and we tell are employess that if a unit is over 15 yrs old and needs over 500 dollors worth of repair to recomennd replacement the reason the leak repair is so much is because the unit has to have al ... Bryant 463AAC008BA Air Conditioner

Thermostat problems I have a thermostat 9600 Robertshaw and I have to use the trip switch to start my furnace. Then it reaches the temperature and sometimes it will kick in by itself but majority of the time I have to trip it. I have changed the batteries cleaned the thermostat,and reset it. Is it time for a new thermostat and can I replace it myself. Thanks

Have you confirmed that the thermostat is programmed correctly?Did the thermostat ever control the temperature of the house properly?When you indicate "kick", are you talking about flipping the Auto-On switch back and forth? T ... Air Conditioners

Borg warner Is the old round York Borg/Warner thermostat incompatable with a Honeywell? I just replaced my old round mercy switch thermostat with a Honeywell RTHL111 thermostat. The air conditioner service man says it is hooked up right, but the fan on the unit will not run on auto (it must be in the on position on the thermostat [thus the fan runs all the time]). He also replaced a relay switch inside the unit. We are using air conditioning only on this unit. Red to R (strapped to Rc), gree

... Air Conditioners

19 seer infiniti system, system will run for 2 mins. and then cut off and it will not show a code to the outside unit board or the thermostat. Replaced the thermostat and the outside low voltage wiring, then went to test mode on thermostat. Turned high cooling for 15 mins, it will run for 10 mins and then cuts off. It still does not show a code. If you go to the thermostat and turn it off, and reset it to cooling it will run for 2 mins and will cut off.

This cut off is very likely being caused by a defective compressor module thermo limiter (prevents overheating the compressor), replace it. ... Air Conditioners

Damper apparently stuck in open and zoned area very hot. disconnected wire to sensor, damper reset and reconnected wire but thermostat is not working now and how HF 42 on screen. Occasionally system comes on with heat but not heating any of the 3 zones above 66 degrees. Is there a way to reset the Comfort Zone system? Manual dated 1996 and is #809-575

... Air Conditioners

Have 4 yr. old lennox r410a split system heat pump that reversing valve is sticking halfway. can turn unit off and back on and system operates normally for a few cycles then sticks halfway again until you turn unit off and on again. we have already replaced reversing valave and problem still exists. also replaced solnoid coil at time of r.v. replacement. have checked and ensured 24 volts at coil.

Double check the txv ... Air Conditioners

Thermostat wiring I have a Trane XL 80, 2 stage system. I'm replacing the Trane thermostat with a Lux 9100 E. One of the wiring options is for a 5 wire system with 2 transformers. How do I determine if I have 1 or 2 transformers? Thanks Stepfather has a Trane XL-80 Heater/AC.  He and his friend attempted to install a setback thermostat and mistakenly switched some wires around.  I have a pretty good idea of what goes where, however I am baffled about a connection and I am hoping for some help to

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I have a 3 zone hot water system, and 1 zone is not working.I've tested the thermostat and it worked fine. I then adjusted the wire caps leading to the zone valve making sure the wires were not the issue.I then tought that it might be that the valve wasn't opening.While the thermostat is asking for heat, the valve it does open but the circulator does not run.I don't know what else to check

Happy to assist you!\015\012\015\012Perhaps a bad blower.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Sounds like an electronic failure you need a hands on diagnoses!\015\012\015\012My words alone will not remedy the situation!\015\0 ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I've had to replace the blower motor on an old GE electric furnace three times in the past year. The first time the motor just stopped working. So I replaced it with an A.O. Smith motor for the summer. It worked just fine during the summer. Winter comes along, switch the thermostat to heat and the house fills up with light smoke with a smell of burning plastic. I replace it again with the same brand and model # along with a new capacitor. It ran fine for about an hour or two, then it began to bl

This is definately not a good thing. This unit is a safety hazard to say the least. Check for recalls by reporting it to the consumer product safety. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carries Mod# 24ABR348G510 Condenser unit. The system start with a normal cycle for about Three min, I've timed this to be this way every time the system is started. After the Three minutes the contacts starts to chaters. The 24 volt control voltage is up and down the scale and the condenser unit thin stalls and shuts down? I have Twelve of these units to keep maintained. The head is to be OK and the system is clean and the Thermostat checks out to be OK.

Hi,Did you already check the exhaust or the motor unit, the possible that has problem on there was the electric contactor, this was the switch the make the main motor to power, if this one was faulty it will have a problem just like the o ... Air Conditioners

I have a radiant floor heating system with a wirsbo control system, i keep having to reset the system to get the zones to heat up again. The broiler is working fine. The first time I reset the radiant heat stayed on for 3 days and this morning it was off and had to reset it again for the zones to kick on again. I am new to all this and want to know where to start before calling someone and having to pay mega money if it is something simple!! Thanks

Is this a water circulating system? If so there are bleeder ports on your radiant heating zones on the floor that you can bleed the air out of the system. They look like a tire air pressure valve. Depress the valve core with ... Air Conditioners

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