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Central ac coil pipe had frost unit wasn't cooling house. The filter was very dirty replaced the filter. Called place that installed. They couldn't find anything then they said nit was the valve that controlled tar freon. Since the unit is 3 yrs old they said rheum shoal replace it. Well now they say they can't get the part and we need to buy new coil system it's only3 yrs old. We turned the unit on for 2 hrs and no frost what should we do

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First of all any coil can be replaced they are running a game on you sometimes it has to be ordered but it can be got. now you can get a complete r-22 system anymore but you can get parts for them. the filter could have most likely been the problem I go out on calls all the time and just replace the filter. filters must be checked every 30 days I can tell you how many times ive had to charge 150.00 to change a filter and the customer get mad but a call is a call. I would watch for alittle while to see how it does

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Central ac coil pipe had frost unit wasn't cooling house. The filter was very dirty replaced the filter. Called place that installed. They couldn't find anything then they said nit was the valve that controlled tar freon. Since the unit is 3 yrs old they said rheum shoal replace it. Well now they say they can't get the part and we need to buy new coil system it's only3 yrs old. We turned the unit on for 2 hrs and no frost what should we do

First of all any coil can be replaced they are running a game on you sometimes it has to be ordered but it can be got. now you can get a complete r-22 system anymore but you can get parts for them. the filter could have most likely been the problem I ... Air Conditioners

Carrier CNPVP6024ATA I have a 2 yr old unit and was told that the evaporator coil needs to be chemically cleaned at a cost of $292. The unit was installed in new construction, and the technician said it was very dirty with construction dust, etc. and most likely the crew was operating the unit without a filter. On the A/C unit - 24ABB360A0030010 - I was told the blower wheel needed to be dry cleaned ($140) and the secondary heat exchange needed to be cleaned ($172). My builder has said there w

... Carrier Air Conditioners


This is not even a repair issue.If it is hot out and it's on quite a bit,there will be much condensation.However,condensation on a circuit board is never good.Since it is only 1 week old and you can see this serious of a potential problem,especially ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a 11 year old, 2.5 ton trane package unit at my home. the tech added refrig 3 weeks ago because the unit was freezing up. coils still freezing up. air coming through vents only getting down to 70f. tech came back last friday. trane said there must be something (trash) in lines. tech evacuated system, purged lines and recharged. air from vent only gets down to 74f now. compressor seems to be working fine. i just thawed coils with water. they were frozen completely.

After the tech added refrigerant, did the coil freeze up after he left, or was it a day or more before it started freezing again and are you running the unit on high cool? You either have a leak, which would usually take some time to leak out enough ... Air Conditioners

On 7/18/06 I purchased a 2 1/2 ton 13 seer AC and coil. The day it was installed I had to call for service as it was not working. The technician found a connection has failed to be made. Last year, when the unit was only 2 years old, it started to make an very loud noise that could be heard inside the house. When the technician came out, he said he could not hear any unusual noise. This year, now the unit is 3 years old, it started to make the same noise which keeps me awake when the air cu

If its because of the pipes that it is vibrating, as per the technicians diagnosis. So fine, even though I admit that your question is justified, but fighting over it will not solve the issue plus you getting ready to sell the place pretty soon. In s ... Air Conditioners

I have a ruud ac unit model # rcba 3765g. I removed the filter and look up at the coils and noticed that the dirt was caked on the them. What is the best way to clean them. It looks like it will take some kind of a solution to get it off. The unit is about five years old and the coils have never been cleaned. Thanks, Paul

Welcome to Fixya !Here\012 are some steps that you may follow. Take come caustic soda ,(put a table spoon in one glass water) that will be in powder form (caustic soda) , if you do not have this caustic soda , the ... Air Conditioners

We had a service technician come out and work on our a/c unit yesterday. He replaced the fan motor (only 2 years old) and insisyed that the fan blade needed cleaning. Next, he said we needed freon, but that the company policy stated that they would not add freon to a unit without first cleaning the coils ($188 for the cleaning). We have never had a technician tell us this before. Sounds like a way to make more $. Can you confirm if cleaning the outside coils is absolutely necessary before a

In short, yes, you have to have the outside coils clean before adding refrigerant so that you can correctly charge the unit. Dirty condenser coils will cause a rise in pressure inside the system because it cannot condense the refrigerant correctly. O ... Air Conditioners

Appliance i have an one year old central air conditioner (comfortaire heat pump). When installed they told me to change the filters every month. After a few months I realized my filter were never getting dirty. I scheduled the yearly maintenance on the unit. They said all was fun, but suggested that I change to a more expensive filter. I have changed filters but they never get dirty. I pulled the filter out and looked under at the "v" and noticed every week it is getting dirtier. What could be t

The only possible explainations for your situation is that the air is either going around the filter and going straight to the coil or the air filter is on the wrong end of the furnace. The air should go through the filter before it goes through the ... Air Conditioners

AC Out. Two year old house. Goodman A/C, two units one for upstairs. Cleaned coils of both outside unit, replaced filters, re-set breakers. Upstairs is cooling. Downstairs unit is running outside, not circulating air inside (inside temp 87). Vents inside are cool to touch, no air. Outside unit fan is pulling, but air exhaust is cool. Compressor ? Should air be circulating even if compressor not functioning. Is there anything in attic exchange that would affect downstairs circulation. Thanks.

Assuming that the 2 systems are isolated, that there isn't any cross over between the systems...It is normal for an air conditioner system, from window unit to central, to be able to circulate the air, even if not cooling. This is known ... Air Conditioners

My ac unit is leaking through the coil box, I cleaned the drain, but it still leaks from the side of the box. Could it be cracked? the unit is 9 yrs old

Could be a cracked condensate pan. this may require replacing the pan or there are sealing sprays on the market which you can buy at HVAC stores. ... Weather King Air Conditioners


If your coils and filter are clean and you have good air flow then you are very likely low on refrigerant. Most A/C's (depending on use) have about a 20 year lifespan. I would call a Tech. to check it. ... Intertherm P3RA-030K Air Conditioner

A/C Model: FAC107P1A My unit is not putting out cold air. The temp wire is not touching the coils. I've cleaned the filter, and behind it. What do you think the problem is? What needs to be done to fix the problem? Could it need Freon? What type of Freon does it take? I have a certified person to put it in, but I have to get the Freon myself. Is it a sealed unit? Will it be obvious to him, where to put in the Freon? He said that he's not sure, but hasn't looked at my unit yet. I have to g

Hello, if the filter, evap, coil, condenser coil are clean then most likely the unit if low on freon. most window units take either r 134a or r -22, it will say on the data plate on the unit. To charge freon into the unit a piercing valve will need t ... Frigidaire FAC107P1A Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have two Dometics on my rv. A 530515 and a 530516. They are working fine but 8 years old. I take the covers of yearly and clean the coils. Should I or could I remove the covers to the cooling coils and clean them. I keep the interior return vent filters clean but don't know if the cooling coils are really clean. My unit is full time since the last 3 years.

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a ten year old carrier heat pump unit. I recently replaced the indoor tstat. the outside contact and the transformer. Had a tech put freon in the unit also. I have to problems one is the airflow is minimal coming out of the vents it has new air filter and I cleaned the inside and outside unit coils. And the second problem is the ac with not get cold.

Two things are the most likely culprit. First check ytour inside coil with the unit running for 10 minutes or more and see if the coil is sweating there should be water running off of it. Also after one hour is there ice forming on it. These problems ... Air Conditioners

My air conditioner is blowing hot air instead of cool air.. what is wrong with it? a/c is blowing warm air. i checked the circuit breakers, all okay. check both fans, all okay. i pulled the filter, just a little dirty. i pulled the main panel off the unit and checked for a dirty coil, all okay. The unit is 2.5 years old and is suspended in the air in my garage. is there a clogged drain. should i get the bleach out? please help.

Check to see if you have power to the compressor. it my be a thermostate problem... ... Air Conditioners

I have an old Ruud(ac/heater)top house. Maybe 20 years old. the fan extracting hot air from coils sometimes stops working and the unit does not cool. I called a local repair man and he changed a small module of some sort. he said it was the problem. two weeks later the samething. I believe he's an idiot and im relectant in calling another repairman. I went up and with a small screwdriver i gave the fan a little push and it began to work. Can the fan motor be the problem?

Agree, this clearly is a fan motor problem when pushing it made it run.Most fans that have the same issue may need bushing / bearing replacement. and if that did not resolve the issue, then a recoil will surely put the rotating power bac ... Ruud UAKA060 Air Conditioner

Quietmaster A/C displaying E2 error code waited thirty min plugged in unit and F2 appears, no power I have completed the following: -checked breaker -checked outlet -cleaned filters -vacuumed coils -professional installation unit approx 7 years old.

Code F2Error detail L3 open phase detection.Correct it. ... Friedrich QuietMaster Electronic SS12J30D Air Conditioner

My house is 1308sq foot living. My outside unit is about 4yrs old, the air handler is about 3yrs old. It cools decent but when I have family over (appx 10 people or more) the a/c keeps running and never cools down. Is there anything I should be doing like cleaning the coils every so often in the handler? Or clean out the lines where the water drains? I change the filter usually monthly..

Yes, change the filter every month or so, more if you have pets. Spend the extra dollars and get filters you cannot see through! If you can see through it it is worthless to start with. You should see if it gets dirty and needs changing. You may have ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

I have 2 air conditioners, one for each floor. The first floor a/c is Lennox,M/N 12 ACB 60-3P. I have the following issues for your advice: 1. The 1st floor gets more than normal dust thru the a/c ducts (evident from deposits on floor surfaces). The a/c ducts are fairly clean and it is a 9 yr old home. I called 2 separate technicians for advice and one said I need an additional filter near the Evaporator coil in the attic. The 2nd technician said that I need to add more area to the a/c outlets.

Sharda,\015\012For 1. The who suggested the filter is partially correct. As the filter would control the air intake, it would control the dust as well, but at the intake and not in the attic. \015\0122. The second tech is correct as there is no way o ... Air Conditioners

Its gets up to100 during the day here right now. my ac is set on 78 and comes on at noon and does not turn off till at least midnite. the temp on the thermostat stays at 80 untill after midnite. Is this normal? my filter is clean. the outside coils are clean. i cant see the inside coils to ck them..... but they were cleaned about 5 years ago. I live in Texas. its a goodman 2.5 ton and its about 14 years old.

Check the outdoor unit you should have hot air discharging out the top of the condensor. The insulated suction line should be sweating. The inside\015\012coile should be condensating and water should be flowing to a drain from the indoor unit. ... Goodman CLJ30AR32 Air Conditioner

We have had a coleman central air system for 5 yrs. It stopped blowing cold air into the house about a week ago. You can still here it running but no air is coming out. my husband replaced the fuses and over night it did the same thing so when my husband went to check out the unit outside he said that the line had ice on it. Is there a filter within the central air unit that needs replaced?

Ice is an indication that the refrigerant is not flashing off correctly in the evaporator coil. In most cases you can simply turn the unit off (until it completely thaws inside and out) and replace the filter. Make sure that all the vents in the hous ... Coleman Air Conditioners

I know today it was 99* but my moms a/c isn't cooling?I took the filter out and man o man the fins or coils are covered with dust?can i clean them or do i need a Pro?I'm not sure i can get my hand all the way down the vents or coils but the unit is several years old and has NEVER been cleaned!! Is there a trick to cleaning this if your not a a/c tech?How much would a service call be and does one include the cleaning of these?

Call a reputable co. get it tuned up most have maintenance programs, should be checked yearly.you will be time and money ahead the out side unit needs to be cleaned to. and what you spend on cleaning the unit you would have spent trying to cool a hou ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

My hvac unit fan works but the cooling does not [email protected] tech came out today and told me the problem is freon.He said my unit (rudd achiever 10 seer)have3LBS. of freon in it and said its suppose to have about 6lbs. of freon.He started to put the freon in but he said he was only able to run the system for 45 seconds because the hvac unit seems like it have a blockage in the coils. He could'nt put the freon in the system it kept rejecting the freon. He said he would have to cut into the coils i

Hi, he was correct to say the coil is blocked since the freon was rejected by the unit. He either has to cut into it as he has rightly said or change the entire coil which may be too expensive to do. Since he is a tech, let him do the job which ... Air Conditioners

Freon leaking my unit is only 4 yrs old. in the winter it was not working, he put 2# of freon, said that the sequensers needed replaced. Then they came back when summer hit and put in 7# of freon, did not check for leak, and now are saying that they have to come back and empty freon to find the leak, they should have done that when it was almost empty, not just add freon. which was 140.00

First, you need to complain to the owner about the tech not informing you that the freon would leak out again. It's addtional costs that were not explained to you. If he's a good guy, he may credit you something if you decide to use him to complete ... Goodman CLJ30AR32 Air Conditioner

Have at home a Samsung Split system AQ24B1QE approx 11 yrs old, leakes water from top, tried cleanig coil and filter still doing the same thing.

Water leak:\012It's because of non-maintained air conditioner. Clean airfilter, indoor coil, blower wheel and also drain pan. Insulate freon pipelinesproperly and tightly. After that run the a/c. If still water dripping. Checkindoor f.m ... Samsung Air Conditioners

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