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Temperature light shows"0" will not respond to pressing the diamond-shaped button, green "on" light is off, no hot water. Model# is W7P

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Can you give some more details how this happent and which is the brand and model of your AC

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Temperature light shows"0" will not respond to pressing the diamond-shaped button, green "on" light is off, no hot water. Model# is W7P

Can you give some more details how this happent and which is the brand and model of your AC ... Air Conditioners

I have a glow worm boiler. I woke up this morning and the heating was not on and the hot water did not get very hot. The pressure seems to have dropped a little on the dial and the only light that was on was the on button. I then ran the hot water for a little while and the lights illuminated on the rest of the normal buttons however the heating is still not working/coming on.

... Air Conditioners

There was no hot water so repressurised as the pressure wass low the red light remained on but occassionally when turn hot tap on the green light comes on there is hot water then it shuts down and red ligth comes back on. it is vokera boiler. can you help as the call out is 175 pounds!

U need to go with a professnol repairer ... Air Conditioners


... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I have a Rudd Forced air unit in my celler. Model UGPH-10EAMER I have two green lights and a amber light on the inside pannel my furnace was workimg fine and now when I turn it on the two green lights come on then the amber will flicker then go out but one of the green lights flashes. can I find a manual on line and is there a reset button for my furnace? or what do these lights mean?

Click this link directly and go to page number 33 for "TROUBLESHOOTING" there its mentioned.http://www.acdirect.com/xcart/images/produc ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I hope someone may be able to help me with my CH i have a alpha CD32C the problem is i cannot get the central heating to come on i have hot water but when i turn the dial onto water and heating nothin happens i have reset it still nothin the only light lit is the green hot water works fine would be grateful for any info

... Air Conditioners

When i turn the hot water tap on to get hot water the red pilot button keeps going on off and clicking , after some time runing hot it goes cold and the other warning light starts flashing. its a worchester 24i junior boiler 3 years old. thanks

Air conditioners do not provide hot water, and gas air conditioners are very rare. I think you would have better results if you post this in a different category. ... Air Conditioners

Hot water heater pilot Light wont light on my Bosh water wizard 600. Tried the manufactures process to reignite, but still will not light. The button with 3 flames is still depressed, and wont come out. Is this a problem? Gas is still on at the house, as my stove top works.

Hi,\015\012Yes you do have a problem with the button, the heater is broken.\015\012Turn the gas off to the unit and call to get it fixed as soon as you can.\015\012\015\012heatman101 ... Air Conditioners

I have a GE window unit model number aeh12amg1. It has worked perfectly but all of a sudden it quit working. Nothing happens when you push the power button. I have reset the breaker in the plug and there is a green light showing there is power there. When I unplug and then plug it back in there is a beep and all the green lights come on on the key pad. any suggestions.

... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

I have just moved into a new house, it is the weekend so the estate agent isnt open to ask them. There is a Bosch Water Wizard 10p hot water system but I cant push the buttons down to light it! Its like all the buttons are stuck on a safety lock or something. Please someone help!!

Tun the knob to pilot setting then push. ... Air Conditioners

I have a acl lifestyle model LP522 programmer, it works ok with the hot water, but with the central heating, the lights come on as to boot up the heating but it doesnt actually kick in, it boots up on when the hot water is activated, could it be the wiring to the GCH or do I need a new programmer? Please help as its getting cold now.

... Air Conditioners

Worcester bosch highflow 400 - the green demand light never works when i select it, there's no hot water or heating. The green demand light does not comes on but there is noise from the boiler . .

Sounds like a control panel.Detatch the block connector that serves the gas valve,see if you have power on the bare pins.both left and right pins should measure mains voltage.If you have no power at the pins its the pcb control board.Replace the boar ... Air Conditioners

Model 75151 15,100 BTU Kenmore A/C just stopped working No lights on the control panel. The green light on the plug's circuit breaker is on and tried the reset button. Also tried another circuit, but still no lights on the control panel. Remote doesn't do anything. What could be the possible causes?

... Kenmore Multi-Room Air Conditioner

Lg split system air con model ls-J0962hl the problem is when you put it on the sun icon it turns off and the green light on thr system lights up on fan water droplet icon how can I get heat out of it please

Found the manual ... LG Air Conditioners

Heater: Rheem Classic 90 Model RGRJ In service since 7/02 Problem: Thermostat calls for heat Steady Green Light Inducer motor starts and runs lighter comes on and glows no gas, no flame Voltage across gas valve is zero no yellow light lighter goes out inducer motor quits blower is off no heat Troubleshooting activities: Resetting (power off then on) will bring on the flame 99% of the time checked for exhaust clogs, none found no evidence of water at inducer fan housing barb have

Failed control board. Replace circuit board. ... Air Conditioners

My vokera keeps turning off. No heating working and no hot water even if i reset the boiler. It keeps the green light for a few minutes then the red light turns on instead.

... Air Conditioners

Ihave a fujitsu air conditioner model asta18lcc about 2 yrs old when I turn it on fan works but room wont get cold or hot,red operation light does not stay on but green timer light flashes on. thanks Rob.

The lights on the front panel indicate fault codes dependent on the amount & intervals of the flashes. Fujitsu units carry a 5 year warranty so check with your local Fujitsu store for the agent in your area. ... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

Worcester bosch highflow 400 - all the lights work but there's no hot water or heating. The green demand light comes on but there's no noise from the boiler at all. The pressure had really dropped when I checked and that is now back up to 1 bar but still no life.

... Air Conditioners

MY frigidaire Air Conditioner model number: FAC107P1A2 has suddenly stopped blowing cool air. Check Filter light comes on but filter clean. Press Check Filter light button and blows out cool air for about a minute then blows hot air. Bought new at Lowes. Never had problem before with this air conditioner for 6 years! Please help burning up!

A few basic principles for air conditioner troubleshooting. For both central home air conditioner or window air conditioner,\015\012 the first thing to check is whether the unit is getting proper power. \015\012If the unit ... Frigidaire FAC107P1A Wall/Window Air Conditioner

No cool air... red operation light flashes 5 times, green timer light flashing continuously. Model # AST9LSBCW Please help it's hot here in Perth :(

... Fujitsu 18C1 Air Conditioner

Everstar model MPM1-10CR-BB6 portable AC no longer blows cool air. I have attempted to drain the unit but no water has come out for several months. I also attempted to press and hold the "turbo" button but still nothing. All the buttons and lights still work on the unit, just no cool air. Please help.

Start checking the small things. Here are the things that you need to check:1. Fuse2. CapacitorBut the most common thing that could cause this problems are, running out of freon and/or leak in the copper tubes. The tubes ... Air Conditioners

My hot water pipes were froze this morning. Michigan! I have cold(almost froze) There is not any water coming out in kitchen from hot side. I have cold though in every room. There is water coming out a little bit from hot side in both bathrooms, its all cold water though. Lit the pilot light on hot water heater, has stayed lit since. The burner will not light though?

No easy fix . your water heater should be fine most likely its up to temp ,thats why its not lighting its main flame . the frozen pipe is another story you need to get the heat up in the house open any cuppord doors that have pipes in them like unde ... Air Conditioners

I have a Whirlpool gas hot water heater. The pilot light will not stay lit: it ignites but as soon as I release the RESET button, the pilot goes out.

Change your thermocouple. You can get one at any hardware store. the thermocouple is the small rod looking device next to the flame of the pilot light. It has a copper looking line about as round as a pencil lead that connects to the gas valve. D ... Air Conditioners

Flashing "Burner On" green light - Glow Worm Boiler, Central Heathing off and no hot water

... Air Conditioners

Can anyone offer advice on my baxi bahama 100 combi ..the whole boiler was dead apart from the green power light..i have replaced the flow switches now we have hot water ok but no heating it starts to fire up but then cuts out ..would be grateful for any suggestions..thanks roger..

Do not use PRV to drain, use either boiler or radiator drain off. ... Air Conditioners

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