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AC was running and suddenly E1 fault appeared on the screen . We switched off the AC power and again powered it on . The fault got ok . But wanted to know the reason why this fault came

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Here is a tip that gives a further explanation of that E-1 code. The causes of the E-1 code can be varied depending or the brand of your air conditioner.

Read through this tip... it will help you understand what is happening with your window air conditioning unit and give you some things to try to help you get your problem resolved.

E-1 Code on Window Air Conditioning Units


Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Air Conditioners
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AC was running and suddenly E1 fault appeared on the screen . We switched off the AC power and again powered it on . The fault got ok . But wanted to know the reason why this fault came

Hi,\012Here is a tip that gives a further explanation of that E-1 code. The causes of the E-1 code can be varied depending or the brand of your air conditioner.Read through this tip... it will help you under ... Air Conditioners

I have a goodman spliit system clj42-1c. Outside fan does not run. I removed it and gave it power and it came on. Then with fan removed I powered up the unit the compressor hums for a minuite then cuts off but it never seemed that it was realy working. Thear is freon in the system. I need to know if the capasitor is at fault or if the compressor is bad. I am an air craft tech so I have a multimeter and enough know how to find the problem. I just dont want to purchase the wrong part. Can u tell m

If your multimeter has a Capacitance Meteryou can test the capacitor. There are ways to broadly test a ca ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Not getting power to ac clutch. have checked all fuses in both fuse boxes i want to know if there is an inline fuses of a relay switch from the inside switch to the power plug to ac clutch

On the suction side (low pressure) of the system there is a pressure switch that prevents the system from operating in a low freon condition. Get a set of gauges on the system to check for a low freon condition...Bypassing the pressure cutout switc ... Air Conditioners

No power i got the unit from my brother, who bought it a year ago and never used it. i plugged it in and it has no power. the green light on the plug in does not come on. i tried hitting the reset button and switching power outlets, but nothing has worked. if there is a fuse inside, does anyone know where it's at?

Do you hear a humming noise ?\015\012After sitting the compressor might take some timeto kick on..\015\012And after sitting - the blower fan can get stuck..\015\012Take the front cover off.. If you see the big barrel fan - give it a ... Kenmore 75085 Air Conditioner

No heat My air conditioner on my unit went out via power surge back in the summer. A/C man came out and rewired the circuit board so we could have A/C but the heat would not work. He had to order in a new pc board. Since all of that happened, A/C man has gone out of business. Now no one wants to come out and fix what he messed up without charging the **** out of me. I already paid once and don't want to pay again, at least not yet. Can some one tell me how to rewire that pc board to get heat, ot

THERMOSTAT ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

I have a 1993 Kenmore Gas Furnace. For past few weeks it's been turning on and off with a big flame very often (few minutes). Now there's a loud knock that shakes the room and we're afraid to turn it back on. A plumber who I trust and know a long time doesn't want to put any parts in it and he says we need a new furnace and gave me a reasonable price. He says he doesn't want to be responsible for the family if something should happen if he just replaces parts and says he'd be surprised if it las

With the age of the equipment it may be cheaper to get it replaced rather than fixing it plus you will have warranty plus peace of mind. ... Air Conditioners

New airconditioner (installed 5 days ago) not working. Turned it on for first time (after installers's demo)yesterday, left the room after it had been running about 30 min. Returned within 10 min to find it had ceased functioning, timer light flashing orange, power light no longer illuminated. Followed procedure in booklet (flashing power light indicates fault) and error code F99 came up. What can I do (I'm waiting to get intouch with after sales service.)

Do nothing on a brand new unit but let the installer or service tech fix it for free, if you go messing with it you may camoflouge the real problem and when the repair tech arrives he wont be able to observe the actual cause or fault and it will do i ... Panasonic Air Conditioners

Hi, i have a 1988 CA5036vka1, got a leak in the panel inside the house, and i have to call some body to recharge every season with gas (really expensive) i dont know if r22 or wathever, so im want to know how to recharge for myself and the proper instruccions and tools...thanks...im broke and get too hot in arizona.. thank iu

In order to purchase r22 you have to have an epa licence... Having said that it is sold in 32lb jugs and they cost ~200, you will also need a gauge manifold which will cost you around $70. \015\012If you would still like to do it your self I offer a ... Air Conditioners

The power board was damage ,got anew one but dont know how to rewire it back

Type up co. web page and type in #,s ... Air Conditioners

My AC fell out of the window while plugged in, and it disconnected the cord from inside the unit. I thought I found the two spots to plug in the two parts of the cord (plus ground) but the power hasn't been restored. I wanted to know if I'm doing something wrong, or if perhaps I should check to see if the plug itself was damaged (the plug end is a bit bent out of shape, too)

Yes I recomend you check the plug and also the power to the wall outlet. ... Kenmore 72059 Air Conditioner

I have a leakage in the evaporator. I want to know what are the reasons ??

1. Alignment of fixing wrong. 2. Filter/Evaporator coil block 3. Drain pan dust blocked. Drain line blocked outside. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

My main power cord the thick white one came out (pulled out) and i am not sure where the white and black one goes i know where the green one goes

You would have to test your outlet with a voltage tester to see which wire is hot then match them. In houses the black wire is usually hot, but not always, and HVAC techs do not always match them up. Rather than causing damage to your system, I wou ... Air Conditioners

Help My transformer got hit by lightning whenpower came on the air conditioner didn't all I need to know is where the reset button is

Old rheems ahd a reeset for head pressure on outside unit. May have took out the transformer. Check inside Air handler to see if there is five amp auto fuse in the fan board it may have blown. Rus ... Ruud Matching Split Air Conditioner

I havent got a manual for my air con and i want to know how to get one or how to change from heating to cooling

See what you can find here by typing the following into the search bar:\015\012\015\012LG LSC121PMA Split System Air Conditioner? ... LG LSC121PMA Split System Air Conditioner

Ive got an error message E1 on my general electric dehumidifier, i wanted to know if you knew what i should do to fix it or have any ideas

Indoor room sensor defective. replace it. ... Air Conditioners

Have an old carrier package unit. Bought it used so unhooked. Want to know how to wire it back up to power and thermostat. Below is not my model, it is 50mh024340c

... Carrier BCA101R Air Conditioner


A/c unit refrigerant charge is possibly low due to leakage, call a a/c engineer ! ... Air Conditioners

Hello, I have just bought this product and it came without the manual. I just wanted to know where to put the water.

Air conditioners don't require water. Could this be an evaporative cooler? If you can find a model number and brand name it might help solve your problem. ... Air Conditioners

It is a ducane furnace it dos not has a cfondensation line when call for heat the board has power but the inducer won't come on, nothing happens, the inducer does not get hot or arm so is not trying to work, what can be the problem. I want to know : if the pressure switch don't work will that prevent the inducer from starting? how can I test the circutboard to makesure is not the board? thanks a lot

If the draft inducer blower motor is not turning, or the fan blades have broken, that can cause that. I suggest you take apart the draft inducer, the exhaust pipe and cap and the hose,\015\012 then clean everything thoroughly and check the hose for a ... Air Conditioners

The power cord to my ac model #agp18dbg1 was removed and lost. we got a new cord and want to make sure its hooked up properly. when we plug it in it immediatly trips the breaker.

... GE Air Conditioners

Nordyne AC unit works at first but later provided cool air. Thermostat set to 65. Power running to unit outside. Noticed ice around line outside and can send a picture. Chipped ice away. Want to know what to do next.

If the inside fan motor is running OK you are low on refrigerant. If the inside fan motor is not running, repair the inside fan motor. Could also possibly be dirty inside coils. ... Air Conditioners

Modine HD100. After installation, on initial startup, green light on, amber light off. It ignited and burners came on, then went out within five seconds. Did this repeatedly. According to troubleshooting guide, if the amber light is not lit, trouble is flame signal below flame lost level. Now my green light blinks twice when I power it up. According to the error codes, pressure switch closed inducer off. I need to know how to correct both of these problems.

You may have a stuck pressure switch. Rap it with a screwdriver. For the initial issue, you are experiencing a flame rod failure. Check all grounds in the electrical wiring. clean off the flame rod with steel wool. ... Air Conditioners

The compressor on my air conditioner was still running, but the fan was not running causing the temperature to climb in the house. I re-started the main power and the fan worked with the compressor wants again. Any reason why this would happen?

\015\012Shut the power off to the unit, spin the fan blade to see if it spins freely. If it doesn't spin freely, (there appears to be a little drag when you spin it),the bearings are bad, if it does spin freely, then try moving the motor shaft ... Air Conditioners

Hi I have a Rinnai 1004. I asked a question before about clipping the temp gauge and adding a length of speaker wire in, so that it would get a more accurate 'room' temp reading. The reason for this is that I can't get to the controls to manually change the temp. I have a few other thoughts and want to know if anyone could add to the ideas: 1. Could I add that speaker wire to the 'control unit' and mount that in a more convienient place?? 2. Would a 'plug in' thermostat work?? Some

I'm sorry. the thermostat is not in the "Temp gauge" It is inside the unit. As well, Modifying this unit can make it unsafe. As well, if one were to use wire to extend the control unit, you would want to use thermostat wire. However this ... Air Conditioners

I have 4 header split type air conditioner. Time & again it stops and operation and timer light flash altenately and I have to to turn off the power at the switchboard and turn on again to reset. Sometimes this happens 2 or 3 times a day and other times it operates correctly for days. I have cleaned the filters and checked the electrical connections. 2 years ago I had a tech from Fujitsu who came and checked everything and could not find any faults. I am getting a bit concerned as this is occur

Hi,\015\012On the days it happens alot is there a temperature corolation??? Are these days warmer or colder then the days it runs all of the time???\015\012\015\012Have you checked the charge on the unit???\015\012Would there ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

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