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I want a speed controler for a PM dc motor . the spec for the motor are. 180 v 7.5 amp 4800 rpm Duty Treadmill Part no 7.22 316400 model46300-17 .Magnetek NPL 877-7. I am making a machine and I want to be able to control the speed from 0 to 100% , an anybody help me with this

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Hi, Can you use the treadmill speed controller ? Or you could by a AC/DC invertor drive , http://www.inverterdrive.com/group/DC-Thyristor-Drives/SSD-507-Eurotherm-Shackleton-Rapier-Drives-503-504/default.aspx
Thats a link for a possible option for you , you often see them in exchange and mart or Craigs List .
hope this helps, please rate accordingly .

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I want a speed controler for a PM dc motor . the spec for the motor are. 180 v 7.5 amp 4800 rpm Duty Treadmill Part no 7.22 316400 model46300-17 .Magnetek NPL 877-7. I am making a machine and I want to be able to control the speed from 0 to 100% , an anybody help me with this

Hi, Can you use the treadmill speed controller ? Or you could by a AC/DC invertor drive , ... Air Conditioners

Hi. I have a Sanyo rcs-tm80bg heating and cooling system I my house BUT when the outside temp is very cold, say 2 degrees or less, it doesn't want to throw out hot air. The fan speed does what it wants no matter what speed I use. So, today I set for 24 degrees on high speed and I get a dribble of cold air. My room is freezing! Please help.

... Air Conditioners

Hello everyone, I need a little help with a Goodman Air Handler speed setting. I have the manual and it explains pretty clear how to set up the dip switches for a certain speed. I tried lower settings than the default but it does not change the speed at all. I believe that is set for the highest setting and I want to set it lower. This air handler has the variable speed motor. It's a 5 ton unit but I don't think that it matters. Please respond if you know how to do it? Thanks a million.

If you have the manual, in there it will tell you what color is what speed on the blower motor. Then you should have a wire on heat h, a wire on cool h, and two wires on park terminals. Say Red is medium/lo, and you want that fan speed set for the he ... Air Conditioners

While fixing my initial problem with the ac being loud. My moron boyfriend unscrewed the back of the machine. Now when he screwed the lower left screw (on the back) in the machine is making a hissing sound as if air or gas is coming out???? Help.. Thanks :-)

One of two potential causes here that I can see. First and most likely is that the screw is either not tight enough or the back plate was misaligned so that when the machine is running some of the air that must go through there to cool is leaking ou ... Kenwood KW85 Air Conditioner

I have an 8 year old 2 1/2 ton carrier compressor unit. I have already replaced the running coil and contactor. I now want to clean the coils and fan blades on the motor. I have never had reason to remove the top grill. I looks as though the fan motor is attached, and I don?t want to do anything stupid ?if I can help it? or damage or disconnect any of the wires. what is the proper way for me to access the inside of the unit so as to be able to spray off any debris that may be on the coils. So fa

Hey Bernie, it is possible to remove the 4 screws on the grill that the motor is mounted to (not the bolts holding the motor to the grill)and pull up and twist so its upside down and have someone else hold it as to not put to much stress on the wires ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner


The blue/yellow terminal should be the low speed. The orange/black should be the high speed. And the brown should be the neutral. The plug wires green should be ground. White should be common side, And black should be hot side. So if you want to run ... Air Conditioners

Please help.. I purchased a discontinued Hunter purifier, moder 30547, almost a year ago and now "filter" and "pre-filter" are always constantly blinking. Is this something that I can clean and vacuum, or do I have to purchase new filters. Im asking only because these filters seem very expensive to replace and I dont want to replace filters if they arent making them anymore soon..... ? Help...

Hello,the filter is bad so you have to replace it,you can get new filters for the following price range.between 7 dollars to 30 dollars,so it depend on the type of filter you are using.recommendations for filters goes thus,you have to change your fil ... Air Conditioners

My Airworks ceiling fan with remote stopped working. With Room light switch in 'on' position, remote no longer turns light on or controls fan speeds. Changed 9-volt battery but did not make a difference. In the compartment where 9-volt battery sits there is a small switch that has 4 tiny switches. Are these for any particular function of the ceiling fan? If it was only the bulb that needs replacement why should not the remote control the fan operation? Can you help or make suggestions to try?

... Air Conditioners

Honeywell central AC/heat Electronic fan timer st9103a 1036. Honeywell is no help. They want me to buy a new board for 150$. I believe its the IC on the board that's bad. I have not been able to find a schematic of this board. The IC is labeled: L 9948 814 (large dot) Y I've tried a few on line part suppliers and they cant identify it. It has four pins. Home was hit by lightning and it fried 3 items on 3 different house circuits One was the AC. The above board is telling the fan and the heater t

... Air Conditioners

We have an amana ac. It recently started making a loud noice from the furnace closet which is upstairs. 2 different ac repair companies came out but could not find anything wrong. The line to the outside machine froze and then stopped working but started working again. The loud noise from upstairs furnace closet doesn't go away anymore. Help!

Hello, if the line is freezing there is either a airflow problem or low refrigerant charge. If there is a loud noise most likey the bearings on the motor or the blower wheel is bad and causing a lower amount of air passing over the evaporator coil a ... Air Conditioners

My Frigidaire compact window air conditioning unit (Model FAA084P7A), 8,000BTU's makes a LOUD, terrible buzzing noise. It does not matter what speed the fan is on. This is a new unit (purchased last year). Please help!

Take it back for warranty... or call a pro. ... Air Conditioners

I have Onida split AC but in night it is making lot of sound. I am not able to sigh any reason any help in this regards would be appreciated Regards, ashutosh

It might be making equal noise in the day too and you are not able to notice it due to the already existing noise polution during the day.\015\012\015\012This is exactly like you could watch the stars on the sky during day time too sittin ... Ruud Matching Split Air Conditioner

I have a Worcester 24i (combi boiler?) Does the heating and hot water. As you can tell, i'm no heating expert. With this cold weater i want to leave it on constant but on a low setting. If i leave it on the minimum setting - which below 1 on the control dial is a picture of a 'Sun', if that make sense? Will that be O.K. or should i set it the 1 or 2? Hope somebody can help me out. Many thanks' Pete Mad

... Air Conditioners

Have a manitowoc model QD0282A ice maker. It's running but not making ice. Can anybody help?

... Manitowoc Air Conditioners

Makes loud noise while cooling. sounds like fan is hitting something. a/c is 4 years old, in the wall, problem just began July 2009. Lowering fan speed, or energy saver setting do not help.

That's because it probably is.Shut it off.Pull it out.Set it on a table by the outlet or a/c housing.Plug it into the same outlet.Keep fingers away from the blade and visually watch it.\015\012\015\012My guess is the fan blade loosened on ... Frigidaire FAS256N2A Air Conditioner

I am looking for the original repair parts for my prefab fireplace. Make: Empress heat circulating fireplace Model 736 or 737. I want to rebuild the inside. Thank you for your help. Elisabeth

Do you happen to have the manual for the 736-737 Empress fireplace? ... Air Conditioners

We just moved into a rental. It has the Fugitsu wall-mounted Air-conditioner model: ar-jw2 but, there was no manual left behind and we are trying to use the heat, however, it just blows cool air, we're not sure how to work this, and don't want to make it any worse. Please help...

Look, if you select a temperature above ambient temperature, it will switch from cooling to heating.(assuming that the aircon has a heat pump. most do these days.) Just dont rush the aircon because every time you make a setting change, it takes a wh ... Air Conditioners

Thank you. I have an 11 year old Kenmore 8000 BTU window unit that has served me well. I am remodeling my apartment now and would like to have a service and maintenance check on this unit that might include making the outlet cord about 3 feet longer. I think the grill behind the filter has gotten a little smashed in places, should this be fixed? It?s working fine and I don?t want to spend a lot of money. I can take it in somewhere if that helps on the cost. What say you?

Take it to a hvac shop and tell them what you want! or just telll an electrical shop what you want in the cord length---to straighten out the fins n the front coils with a fin coil brush at a hvac supply house,and remove the top/ side cover and fully ... Kenmore 8000 BTU Single Room Air Conditioner

Can I switch my blower speed on my carrier 9300ts to high? The airflow out of my registers is extremely low. I didn't know if gas heat - high had anything to do with the blower motor speed or not. I got a wood burner that has cooper coils in the plenum and I was thinking that increasing my blower speed will help dissiminate the heat faster. It takes about an hour of time to change my temp by 1 degree. Any assistance would be helpful

Dear Friend! Blower doesn't produce any cool or heat. It's circulating or spreading out the air for which mode it's supported. (cool or heat).Clean the coil and the blower wheel which are under dust blocked. You will get better throw in low spe ... Air Conditioners

I have a Sanyo khs1271 that is about three years old. For the last six months it has been making a high pitch chirping sound in both heating and cooling modes. I suspect the problem is the fan on the indoor unit as the chirping only occurs when the fan speed is on high. So far, the only solution to the problem has been to turn it on quiet mode, which reduces the fan speed and thus makes the unit's ability to heat or cool less effective. Does anyone know how to access the fan on the indoor unit

Hi You can try to check this link it has the user manual.Thankshttp://www.sanyohvac.com/assets/documents/user/Use ... Sanyo Air Conditioners

Whirlpool washing machin 11580 dry linin wm 123650h i want to know price of this machine I want to purchase this model

... Air Conditioners

My A/C outside will not run, inside a fan is blowing air (a little cooler than the 82 degrees it is in here, but not cold). Unlike all the other posts I've read, my unit outside is not making any noise. I makes a click when I turn it on at the termostat 1 time and then nothing. All this started yesterday sometime, after the remains of TS Fay left us. Help. I tried the breaker thing and resetting the 240v box thing outside at the unit. Help.

I am not an a/c expert but mine did this one time and it was the transformer I think it is called pull the panel off and look for wires burnt at connections also. BE sure you cut power off before doing this ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

We want to change speed on air handler for unit Ruud UBHC-21A00NFA. We disconnected BLACK wire (Hi speed) and put in place of it RED (Lo speed). Is this correct to get Lo-speed on unit? Is there lower speed for this unit? Feel like AC is still going to fast after change to Lo-speed.

Hi, It depends on the make and model of the blower motor. You'll need to check this against the schematic (normally located within the electrical cavity) and work it from there. Some are two speed, some three. You can also look at the wires comin ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Straight Facts Needed about recharging R-12 FREON in Duo Therm!!!

To be honest, it sounds like everyone wants to just sell you a new unit. Not alot of people carry R-12 anymore since the cost it to much for most garages to carry stock. What I suspect is that someone accessed you sealed system a while ago, hense t ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

The fan speed in my mini split a/c indoor unit is abnormaly low even when set in High speed mode. This unit also has a powerful mode to raise the speed beyond High for 15 minutes, but it is not working either. I replaced the fan motor, the power supply board and the main board to no avail. Any help will be appreciated.

Please change the fan capacitor,all will be ok afterwards. ... Air Conditioners

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