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Hello ,, i dont have power in my cooling fan , i try to change the fan but nothing ,, problably motherboard defect ? can i fix this ? i dont know what i do !! maybe from somewhere else to take the power for the FAN ??? please help ,,,

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If you dont have a electronic air cleaner you could try connecting the blower to your eac terminal (wich stands for electonic air filter) on the board but if your board is out you might not have power to eac either and you will only be able to run a single speed but that is a about the only thing to do to have the motor still controled by the board i hope my suggestion helps
\015\012 becareful with the board you can easily fry it if you touch the wrong wires together

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Hello ,, i dont have power in my cooling fan , i try to change the fan but nothing ,, problably motherboard defect ? can i fix this ? i dont know what i do !! maybe from somewhere else to take the power for the FAN ??? please help ,,,

If you dont have a electronic air cleaner you could try connecting the blower to your eac terminal (wich stands for electonic air filter) on the board but if your board is out you might not have power to eac either and you will only be able to run ... Air Conditioners

Have a delonghi nf 190 air con when i turn it on it makes a pooof noise and all the power in the house goes off, i took the cover off and it arks where the plug first join, its like pos and neg are touching but i dont know where, i turned my air con sideways to take wheels off then it worked for 2min now it blows the safety in the house fuse box everytime i turn it on please help

... DeLonghi Pinguino PAC-700T Air Conditioner

Model coleman mach 8333c8714 serie 8000 my a/c start for 2-3 minutes and than the a/c shut down but the fan still working!! after a few minutes , it want to start again but dont seem to be able to. you can ear the clicker goes off and the compressor dont want to start.Does that all the time. maybe the compressor?? dont know ?? can i get some advise or tips please .

\015\012COLEMAN R.V. AIR CONDITIONER SERVICE AND REPAIR QUESTIONS\015\012COLEMAN R.V. PRODUCTS\015\012GO TO rvcomfort.com\015\012Click on RVP (RV PRODUCTS) \015\012Click on type of AC, if you can’t find the informa ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I am a disabled woman who lives in a double wide in morgan county, my roof needs fixing i have 3 hugh cracks in my kitchen, and every time it rains it rains through. i dont have much money but maybe i could make payments. i really need some help i also have no heat and cooling system no more, it tore up. but that can wait i guess, but i really need assistance for my roof. please help me. thank you very much.

Just in case khadijah624 does check back, there are agencies in most areas that will provide help to the needy. In my own area there is ERBA (Embarass`River Basin Agency) that will provide assistance or direct you to the appropriate service. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Hi i h have gree airconditioner but is alredy has been fixed on outdoor but the problem is if i want to take of but is two pipe going on side ways there is one is gas but other one liqut. But i dont know whats is liqut can you tell me please

The liquid is the thin line and the gas is the thicker one. ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

Hello sir, i am using a electrolux-eaw18crp window ac..te problem is ..whenever i turn on my ac...all lights are on,but no air blows,neither fan works nor the compressor..i dont know wats wrong..can u please help me or give a easy solution...because i am scared of opening the ac...

Sounds as if there is an electrical short at the on off switch. Would recommend having a qualified tech look at unit. Good Luck\015\012Dave ... Air Conditioners

Cools for few minutes then stop cooling....Hi my unit GE (APH10AA) Air Conditioner, only cools for 10 minutes and then stops then is the fan that runs forever , with out getting to cool again,plus the back of the unit ,the vent takes out lots of VERY HOT AIR, my room will get so hot ,what I can do to fix it? please help

... GE APH10AA Air Conditioner

Our AF-15 is working right. Not sure what to do. The fan kicks on and instantly shuts off and it will keep doing this until we have to turn the circuit breaker off. It is freezing in this house and we need help PLEASE. Don't know how to fix this.

We need a bit more information: So-- you are using the AC unit as a 'heat pump'-- trying to get HEAT from it-- correct? And is it REALLY COLD OUTSIDE?- (Much below 35 deg. F-- Heat pumps become ery inefficiet as heaters-- since there ... Air Conditioners

My train air unit cools at night but during the heat of the day it takes all it can do to keep the apartment around 80 degrees the maintnance man at work said the low pressure was at 80 and the high was at 350 which he said was a little high but he dont know why he did mention something about a txv some kind of valve but i really think hes lost please help

The pressures arehigh no doubt about it.\015\012\015\012help your tech out then if you think he's lost.\015\012go to the store and buy a couple of cooking thermometers.put one in the supply vents, the ones that blow.put the other on ... Air Conditioners

I recently purchased a home that has Hampton Bay ceiling fans and I am trying to take them down to replace them. Please Help!!!!!!. Do not know how the housing is held on. They are ceiling huggers (very old) and I can not see a model number.

There are 3 small screws holding the cover to the base of the fan located at the upper most part of the fan at the ceiling.Remove these screws and drop the cover plate down.Turn off the power to the fan,remove the wire nuts,then lift the ... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

The outside fan is not spinning in my carrier tech 2000ss. I was trying to find the panel outside to reset it but I dont know where it is. Can you please help me?

Hello,The outside unit will have finned tubes on three sides, and sheet metal on the fourth side. The panel is located behind the sheet metal panel.Best regards, W/D ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Window mounted air conditioner blows warm air and recently when I turn it on to use the fan only it trips the power strip. I'd really like to know how I could possibly fix this problem myself please?

Compressor is probalbly seized up. This is likely becouse of the power strip being triped. System peobably run low on freon due to a leak. then with the system open the compressor burnned up all its oil and welded itself together. sorry to be the one ... Panasonic Air Conditioners

Amana air command 80 SSE started makeing humming sound id shut it off and wait a few minutes and it would work again been doing this for about a week and now its not working what so ever it was blowing cold air but when humming it wasnt blowing anything at all i checked to see if the fans were binding up but their spining freely any ideas i see a sensor light but i dont know how that works either. please help im melting thanks

Sounds as if the motor is heating up and shorting.Call a pro to find out for sure. ... Air Conditioners

I have a goodman spliit system clj42-1c. Outside fan does not run. I removed it and gave it power and it came on. Then with fan removed I powered up the unit the compressor hums for a minuite then cuts off but it never seemed that it was realy working. Thear is freon in the system. I need to know if the capasitor is at fault or if the compressor is bad. I am an air craft tech so I have a multimeter and enough know how to find the problem. I just dont want to purchase the wrong part. Can u tell m

If your multimeter has a Capacitance Meteryou can test the capacitor. There are ways to broadly test a ca ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

What do all the buttons on the remote mean/do? i have no instruction book etc. can anyone help with even a manual from another model or the same model... I know it has functions like timer delay etc. but I don't know how to program it... Right now the AC's compressor is not getting switched on... only the fan works.. Model number is RAV014EKD the remote has KAIMIN fn. , and a few others to.... Please Help!! thanks

... Hitachi RAS-09UH Air Conditioner

Deart All: Thanks alot for your kind answer but do you had been ever heard about a maintenance guide or a fixing manual for the Hitachi RUA-30 AT3S package units . Actually the compressor did not worked and i had gave the thermostate mor than 30 degree cen. but the comp. did not worked niether the condensores out door fan ( 3- Fans)So i will die if i did not fix that machine please....Help Me. Best Regards

Dear friend!I think, you keep cool mode and temp setting above 30 degree C. Definately it will not work. If you need cool or heat follow this step and if still problem write there.To get proper cool, keep the tips as follows:1. Chec ... Air Conditioners


Take it back and or demand a new one there is a law providing replacement or refund providing you have the receipt for it ....this is my only answer as you should already know this ...if defective they must replace or refund your money ...don't take ... Air Conditioners

Hi guys, I try to solve this problem i have with my AC unit American Standard YCC048F. Short: The heating and cooling are ok, the only problem is the fan doesn't turn off even if heat or cool turns off. Some times even if i put the thermostat is on off the fan starts running. I try to find a relay for the fan but i don't know what can be the problem. Please help, for now i am switching on/off the unit to have it run. Thank you. Costi

If the unit has printed circuit board the relay maybe in it which has probably welded contacts, must change the pcb then or try tapping it, it might help or even, try off and on power at circuit breaker it migt reset the pcb. ... Air Conditioners

I have the delonghi retro fan heater. when i plug it in and turn the dial, the red light on top goes on and then sometomes the fan turns maybe for 1 minute then the fan stops. the red light remains on but it won't turn anymore and just stops responding to any movemnt on the dial except when turned to 0 when the red light goes out. I haven't use either of them in about 4 months but they worked perfectly before when i used them. Please help!!

It indicates fan motor problem .servicing urgently required too. ... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

SAME PROBLEMS 18k btu mini-split sys turn on blowing cold air for 3 mins, then turns warm for 3 mins then shuts down however the run lite blinks at 4 times intervals. outdoor unit fan alway runs at slow speed, even at start up. cleaning outdoor fan cleaning dont help. whats next? maybe the caps? thanks mike (us navy) at [email protected] in norfolk,va FAN MOVES FREELY, EVEN BY WIND BLOWN.

Glad to hear the issue is resolved.\015\012\015\012With regards. ... Air Conditioners

I had problems with the power. When It was restored I tried to turn on the a/c but it turned on then beep and turned off. It the left a red button flashing and beeping. Then on the lcd it says STOP. Please let me know what to do, I reset it and it keeps doing the same. Please help I'm melting!!! Thanks in advance.

The compressor is not taking up and is shutting off. Put the AC off for few hours so that the compressor retains back the oil pumped in during the power break. Thereafter switch it ON-- I am sorry for the heat at your place - If the AC is still showi ... Continental Air Conditioners

I lost my manual and i want to know how to clean my moulinex toucan fryer, there is a button called " hydro clean" but i dont know how does it work . please help me

... Air Conditioners

My Frigidaire FSA 12 PA5C : - indoor unit shows a blinking ELECT LED + TIMER LED always ON + OPERATE LED ON - no fan working(no air coming out off indoor unit) - outdoor fan not working Please help. Any RESET button somewhere ?

... Frigidaire FAS184 Air Conditioner

I have a Dayton Hazardous Location Fan. It has 5 wires comming out of it and they are all the same color. I have no manual for it that shows how to wire it up for power. The model number is 4C369. There is some writing on the wires but it looks like a bunch of nothing to me. Any help that someone can give would be helpful please.

Hello there has to be a sticker on the motor showing high/low volts.Some times on the electrical cover plate.What is the (writing)on the wires it will help? ... Air Conditioners

Compressor not sucking air. Unit is a week old literally. Any quick fix? please let me know. Again, no air coming in none going out. please help.

... Soleus LX-140 Portable Air Conditioner

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