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I have a energy knight ductless mini-split 18000 btu heat pump ash018a that needs the blower wheel cleaned, only problem is how do you remove it or how do you clean it with out removing it?

Answers :

Use a tooth brush then shop vac or a screwdriver to scrape clean..

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I have a energy knight ductless mini-split 18000 btu heat pump ash018a that needs the blower wheel cleaned, only problem is how do you remove it or how do you clean it with out removing it?

Use a tooth brush then shop vac or a screwdriver to scrape clean.. ... Air Conditioners

Carrier CNPVP6024ATA I have a 2 yr old unit and was told that the evaporator coil needs to be chemically cleaned at a cost of $292. The unit was installed in new construction, and the technician said it was very dirty with construction dust, etc. and most likely the crew was operating the unit without a filter. On the A/C unit - 24ABB360A0030010 - I was told the blower wheel needed to be dry cleaned ($140) and the secondary heat exchange needed to be cleaned ($172). My builder has said there w

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Mr slim how do you get the blower wheel out? Or how do you removed the air dirctors out to get to blower wheel to clean it?

... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I am having a problem with mold growing on the blower wheel blades of my mini-split. What should I use on this plastic blower wheel to remove it.

Solution of bleach and water with power turned of ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Hi, I have Lennox gas furnace Model G12Q3E-82 (about 30 yrs. old). When running the A/C, I noticed there was water leaking or dampness around the bottom of the furnace. I removed the hose from the drain spout on the evaporator and noticed it was plugged and unplugged it to drain some water out of it. I also removed some water that accumulated in the bottom of the frame that wraps around the blower motor and fan wheel. I have a problem where now the blower motor runs for about 1 to 2 minutes then

Hi Todd, you did the right thing by checking the uf on the run capacitor and it is with in range , the reading is good. What is happening is with the condensation building in the pan, the blower motor has picked up some water and burned the windings. ... Air Conditioners

I need to remove and clean furnace blower.

The entire blower and housing slides out you should find the mounting screws on each side of the blower housing they may be sheet metal screws either on the top or on the bottom. After you remove the two screws the blower should slide out. If ... Air Conditioners

I have a Payne, Gas heat/Electric cooling unit, model# PY1PJB____, and apparently I need to replace the combustion blower wheel. When I turned it on 1st time this season, it made a very loud noise, and upon inspection, the blower wheel is completely rusted and 1/4 of the wheel is missing. Probably the loud noise. I have the maintenance manual for this unit. I just need to know where I can buy the part(s) I need to repair this. Looks like a simple repair, but do I need to replace the wheel o

Hi, you will need to replace the inducer/combustion motor as one assembly. If you know any contractors that have a c-20 or c-38 license, you could get it at any wholesales a/c & heating parts house. If not, you will need to buy one on the Internet, j ... Air Conditioners

How do you remove the blower wheel from the housing on a Mastercool 6500cfm side draft cooler? I need to replace one that has come apart.

... Mastercool 67680 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

The motor or blower wheel om my Goodman model GMP 100-4 unit whistles and sticks. How can I fix this? Can the motor or blower wheel be lubricated? Does the motor need to be replaced. If I manualy spin the blower wheel and get it turming some what and then start the unit by pressing the safty switch located behind the lower front panel the blower will start, the wheel fan will turn. If I turn the unit off and try to turn it on again before the wheel stops turning the blower will work. But, if

Yes its the motor problem.the noise is from motor.as the blower wheel is not making noise when car is turned off.and when checked manually the blower wheel is not making noise.that means motor is faulty\015\012thanks.please do rate the solution ... Air Conditioners

Blower wheel I need a replacement blower wheel only. Soleus is useless, saying I need to have a licensed HVAC tech phone in, and even then, they probably can't supply this part.

This is how manufacturers are making more money - by tightening release of spares.\015\012\015\012If you can't get spares without jumping through their hoops, try looking for these spares online. You might find a supplier in China with no ... Soleus PH413R01 Air Conditioner

Recently replaced blower wheel and blower wheel motor mounts,that problem was solved but now fan motor for the compressor runs non stop-wont shutoff except by breaker box.also changed thermostat at the same time.have i inadvertinly placed the wrong wire terminal in the wrong recepticle in either the blower motor or thermostat? If so,which one and where?How can it be fixed?The unit is a 1973 coleman evcon.

First question first, NO! this is a simple problem and a common one to fix, just change out the outside contactor coil, the contactor has a thin layer of silver on them to prevent them from arching and sticking together, over time this thin layer b ... Air Conditioners

Air conditioner The ac was running great, my husband turned it off now it will not turn on...we have had a problem with the generator cutting out when turning on a load, but the ac will not even turn...we just bought the rv and see the ac needs a good cleaning and we are going to clean the carb...could the problem be connected or is there a reset button, we did check the fuses and they seem ok...any advice would be appreciated.

Airconditioner compressors has so little voltage tolerance, if voltage is lower than its rated, it will not run at all. I suggest you let the generator run at full first before turning on your airconditioning. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Blower Removal My dometic air conditioner model 600312.321 has a broken blower wheel (squirl cage fan) on the condenser side. It isn't obvious how to remove it for replacement.

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

A/C Model: FAC107P1A My unit is not putting out cold air. The temp wire is not touching the coils. I've cleaned the filter, and behind it. What do you think the problem is? What needs to be done to fix the problem? Could it need Freon? What type of Freon does it take? I have a certified person to put it in, but I have to get the Freon myself. Is it a sealed unit? Will it be obvious to him, where to put in the Freon? He said that he's not sure, but hasn't looked at my unit yet. I have to g

Hello, if the filter, evap, coil, condenser coil are clean then most likely the unit if low on freon. most window units take either r 134a or r -22, it will say on the data plate on the unit. To charge freon into the unit a piercing valve will need t ... Frigidaire FAC107P1A Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a Dometic 579 Series Brisk Air AC. The model Number is 57915.531. When I turn the fan on, nothing happens. If I reach up and turn the wheel blower the fan will start up and everything works. I replaced the fan motor and put on a new capacitor part # 3100248.412 was supplied. The fan still will not start on it's own. I still need to turn the wheel blower to get it started. Help!

My sheet shows part # 3100248.420 as fan run capacitor.You may have an updated number. Check voltage outputs labeled on it are same as on old one, and double check wiring is correct, to and from capacitor. Be careful not to mistake compressor start c ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

PGB036100-1A I need to remove the blower motor housing and I can't seem to find how you remove it. It appears it slides up into place because it is at an angle but there are no screws to remove it. There is a cross bar under it that I've removed but the housing won't slide down.

... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a CAPF Goodman Coil that apparently needs cleaned due to lack of circulation. The repair company wants 1000 dollars. Is there a way to clean the coil on your own and there is warning label that references PSI. Is iit possible to clean the coil without breaking the lines? Is the PSI warning in reference to the lines or the removing of the panel?

I think you are referring to the Evaporator Coil on top of your furnace. If so, the PSI warning is due to the pressure inside the copper lines. The newer refrigerants can run over 400 PSI with the unit running. This coil can easily be cleaned by you ... Air Conditioners

I need to know where my blower in my furnace is. I am sure it needs to be cleaned. The duct work in in the crawlspace , and it is a down force unit. Its cramed in a small furnace room with the hot water heater in front of it so it is difficult to get to. I just need a diagram of where it is located

Hello,The blower motor on downflow furnaces will be located at the top panel of the furnace, so when you are looking at the furnace it will be the solid panel on top. The down flow furnace is the one on the left hand side of the diagram.\015\0 ... Air Conditioners

My Diamond 80 furnace burner fired up, but stays on for 1-2 minutes. Cleaning the flame sensor didn't help. Removing filter however solved the problem. Filter is quite new by the way. What could be the problem? I didn't have this problem before, with the filter in place. Is there some high thermal switch that switch off when temperature reaches certain threshold? Thanks.

Check your thermostaty setting. If it's correct, you have to replace sensor only. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman CPH 30-1fb heat pump... 3 days ago, unit was running fine @ 11 in the a.m. holding a 78 set at thermostat in 93 degree weather, I came home at 8 p.m. and thermostat showed 86 degrees in 89 degree weather... I shut it off and spent all sunday morning crawling under the house, opened air handler and as I suspected evap coils were still thawing out from ice, I removed all ice, cleaned coils with Frost King solution, dried and cleaned it out, blower was clean and unobstructed, turne

I always tell my clients that if the repair is more than half of the cost of a new system then they should consider their options..according to the DOE (doe.gov) the average life of a standard air to air unit is about 12 years. Note.. there are only ... Air Conditioners

I am trying to remove the outer case so that I can clean out my Frigidaire AC. Model # LRA074AT7. I have removed all screws but am not sure if I need to remove the face plate

To clean indoor coil, you have to remove face plate. ... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

I have a Intertherm split a/c heat unit. I have water leaking out of the indoor coils into the blower compartment which cause me to replace the blower unit and cap. After cleaning the coils, drain lines and verifying the pan is not cracked or broken it still is leaking into the blower compartment. Almost like it is sucking the water right off the coils. What could be the problem????

Drain could be clogged not letting the water run out did you clean both under the coil and the top of the coil if you did all this I would turn system off lift coil slightly and fill pan with water afer i got it completely dry this will show you wher ... Intertherm P3RA-060K Air Conditioner

Got a Reddy Heater 55 55,000 BTU Extended Run Model-R55,B.T.U/HR. 55,000,Fuel Tank Capacity-GAL. 5.0, Date Of Approval: 7-1-1987, Approval NO. SAL-01,Pump Pressure psi 3.4, volts/hz 120 VAC/60,amps 2.0,Phase 1,Line Fusing 10amps. i clean the hole thing top to bottom and just have problems with the two screws back of the fan by the filter and need know where to adjust the fuel sprayer right by the spark plug because when clean the filter out it was pluged before and was running until i cleaned t

Hi,The only way to set the fuel pressure properly is by using a pressure gauge....Here is a tutorial on how to set ithttp://www.reddypa ... Air Conditioners


All I could find was a Owners manual for this unit. If you have the pieces take them to a air conditioner contractor and ask them to find you a generic replacement blower cage. You can expect to pay for their time.Warning...Some contractors w ... Air Conditioners

Have newair 1200h , need new blower wheel, some

... NewAir ACS-1200H Split System Air Conditioner

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