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I have a Payne air conditioning unit and I noticed today that the fan was not running and it was not cooling my house. I manually turned the fan and it kicked on but the compressor just clicks and does not cut on. I was trying to find out where the condenser reset button was but can not find it. Please help quickly got kids and its very hot!!

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Are you sure there is a condenser reset button?If there is,the condenser is on the opposite end of the tubing where the compressor and evaporator are.You may have to remove a panel but if there is a reset,it may be right on the condenser itself.Knowing the way stuff is made these days,it is probably in the hardest to reach spot possible.lol.Good luck! Greg
My Payne Air Conditioner Unit will not come on, the fan turn slow and when I cut it off and wait a hour or two the fan and the compressor come on and then cut off.

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I have a Payne air conditioning unit and I noticed today that the fan was not running and it was not cooling my house. I manually turned the fan and it kicked on but the compressor just clicks and does not cut on. I was trying to find out where the condenser reset button was but can not find it. Please help quickly got kids and its very hot!!

Are you sure there is a condenser reset button?If there is,the condenser is on the opposite end of the tubing where the compressor and evaporator are.You may have to remove a panel but if there is a reset,it may be right on the condenser itself.Knowi ... Air Conditioners

Furnace will not light burners and blower motor doesn't come on, but exhaust fan comes on immediately when turning furnace on. Turned on A/C to make sure blower operates and it does. The combustion chamber door says there is a red button to reset inside, but the only thing I can find is like a thermistor with maybe a button on it and it is not kicked. What should I try next?

The reset button should be a small round red button that you just push in to reset. If the induced draft motor comes on as soon as thermostat calls for heat then the next thing to check is the ignitor. It may be a hot surface or spark ignitor.It shou ... Air Conditioners

Fan won't turn on. When I turned it on for the first time this summer, it won't blow cold air. I tried the different settings. The air compressor comes on, but the fan doesn't. Nothing happens with the fan only setting. I tried the reset button, using the remote, unplugging it and trying again. Any suggestions? Will it be cheaper to buy a new one? Thanks from Salem, MA.

\015\012Shut the power off to the unit, spin the fan blade to see if it spins freely. If it doesn't spin freely, (there appears to be a little drag when you spin it),the bearings are bad, if it does spin freely, then try moving the motor shaft ... Maytag M6Y12F2A Air Conditioner

I have a Viessmann Vitodens 100 boiler. There was a water leak on the water flow switch which got fixed, however when I have try switching on the power, there is no display or reset light. The fan (I assume it's a fan) is constantly on however I am unable to reset the system. Usually in the past when I have had to top up the system (due to the leak), I have had to reset the 'red' button, however this is not lit. Please can you advise? John

... Air Conditioners

Message on pad CE-09 keeps coming up. Cannot work pad at all. No sign of re-set button. We have a Spa Power 1000, 3.5 Spa was working, we emptied it and re-filled it. Then it would not start again. We turned it all off and tried again. No luck. Cannot find reset button. Had professional to look as well and he couldn't find it either. Please help

... Air Conditioners

Contactor not engaging to start condenser unit . When setting the thermnostat, i hear the click from the unit starting inside the house. Fans start and air starts blowing inside the house, but the condenser unit never starts. I tryed pushing the contactor by hand and then everything works find (cool house) as long as i keep the contactor pushed manually. Seems alike the 24 V (coil) bobine in the contactor is not been energize. When I tried the 24 V outside with a 24 V surce it worked fine. Thank

I would replace the contactor if you are getting 24 volts to the contactor and it isn't engaging therefore the magneto on the contactor is out and the contactor will need replacement. If you don't have 24 volts at the contactor then the transformer ... Air Conditioners

I have a Amana Prestige Ultra a/c unit and trying to find a condenser unit fan motor but I can't find the exact one that is rated the same

... Air Conditioners

I have a apac packaged unit that is stuck out on lockout, the compressors will not kick even after shutting power off to the unit to reset the relays. the indoor fan and condenser fan run and there is no hp/lp problems arising and am yet to find a solution to remove the lockout. any advice would be greatly appreciated

... Carrier Air Conditioners

My wife turned off our A/C units acouple of weeks ago while we were away on vacation. Not they are both acting up. The fan is turning and moving air through the exchangers outside, the little red pressure switches are not tripped and the fans are moving air through the ducts inside as well. However, the air is not coming out cool enough to drop the house temp from either of the units. I tried the thermostat reset buttons, checked my filters, (they're clear) and my cooling coils are not iced over

Looks like the compressor is no getting ON.Check thermostat . Bye pass the thermostat and try. Check compressor relay. Compressor capacitor. If thecompressor running and there is no cooling, check the current consumption ... Air Conditioners

Heater stopped working. Fan works, control panel diagnostic check reports no failure code. Placard on front of unit says heater unit has manual reset, I can't find a reset button or breaker for heater. Help?

The front panel should be held in place by four screw at the corners or snap in place. Either remove screws or pull gently on top right corner to remove cover. You should see a red reset buttom type reset. Push it in to reset. Hope this helps. Thanks ... Amana PTC123D50AR Air Conditioner


Sounds like it could be a capacitor issue. Go to the back of your outside unit and look inside the access panel with the electrical warning sticker on it, if the capacitor is bowed up at the top, it needs to be replaced. If it turns out to be the cap ... Air Conditioners

Do bryant condensing units have a reset button? We can't get the unit to kick on. All power is correct and fan starts inside, but can't get condensing unit to kick on.

Most Bryant units do not have a reset button but could have a low pressure or high pressure switch for a safety to protect the compressor. Verify power from the thermostat to the contactor by following the thermostat wires all the way to contactor in ... Bryant 463AAC008BA Air Conditioner

Not working Neither the AC unit itself or air fan is working. Tried Circuit breakers and reset button.

If the indoor fan will not run it one of two things. Breaker to furnace or a bad 24v transformer.\015\012\015\012Thx\015\012RepairUSA ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

My condenser fan is not turning on my Maytag portable. Everything else is working find but it is not exhausting anything. Is there a reset?

Need to check the motor for power if power to the fan than either something blocking [clear ]===the motor bearings are seized [try to oil the bearings to free it up ] sometimes catch in time and will run===or the windings are open[burnt up motor nee ... Maytag Portable Air Conditioner M6P09S2A

Carrier, FC4BNF042 HI there. Any chance you might know if this model has a reset button for the fan? I cannot find one, and it all of the sudden will not turn on. Thanks!

Hi, I have the same system with the same problem. I am looking for a replacement control board for the air handler unit (inside house). \015\012\015\012The part number on the board is either 1005-83-162A or HK61EA002.\015\012\015\012If/wh ... Carrier 38BRC048 Air Conditioner

The outside fan is not spinning in my carrier tech 2000ss. I was trying to find the panel outside to reset it but I dont know where it is. Can you please help me?

Hello,The outside unit will have finned tubes on three sides, and sheet metal on the fourth side. The panel is located behind the sheet metal panel.Best regards, W/D ... Carrier Air Conditioners

When I turn on my RV Air Conditioner either manually or by remote control, the on green light comes on, but nothing else happens. Even the fan will not work. Is there a reset button I need to try and where is it?

Where is the green light that comes on? If it is not on the unit you may have a fuse or circuit breaker problem. check these if you hav ot already done so.\015\012Jim ... Air Conditioners

Hi ! Glad I could find someone to help me. My NOMA NF100, Combines air conditionning, fan only and also dehumidifier. For the moment, nothing works, the alarm light and it beeps.. I tried reset but it will not respond.I cleaned the air filter and I also check the hose from the unit to the wather pump and there is water in it.. The hose is about 16 ft long..? It did the same thing last year and came back on its own after a few days..

... Air Conditioners

Gold Star mini split heat pump 24,000 btu. Changed indooe as we as outdoor boards and still goes in cooling mode only. Reset button on outdoor board calls in heat but not by inside hand set. Len Cabana Techno Refrig. Inc. PS: Sometimes indoor green light flashes five times. Close power breaker and try again with inside hand set. Still no heat or fan on.

On a heat pump the difference from heat to cool is the reversing valve.\015\012In cooling or heating the Y1 terminal will always be energized, this is the contactor.\015\012Depending on brand the reversing valve will either be energized i ... LG LS-K2430HL Heat Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

Our frigidaire window a/c unit (model faa067p7a) does not seem to be operating properly. There is no condensate forming anywhere (beneath the coils is dry and no evidence of water and there is no water coming out of the tube under the coils into the styrafoam drip area). Everytime we run the unit it cools the room to a degree but the humidity also goes way up. I tried the reset button on the power supply but that didn't seem to have any effect. Any ideas?

It sounds like your unit is low on freon or the compressor is not kicking in. If the compressor kicks in you can hear it turn the unit on fan only or turn the thermostat off then turn the unit to demand cool you should hear a hum even vibration when ... Frigidaire Compact Air Conditioner

Furnace is getting gas but pilot will not light it a bryant ego series,tried reset button it kick on the other fan,but thats it blows cold air,need some help ,my sister and her lil girl need heat,and she doesn't have the money for a professional to come out,and she miles away from us .she has one rail with five cones,gas comes out but will not ignite.

Is this a standing pilot or electronic ... Bryant Air Conditioners

I have a intertherm furnace M1MB077ABW I am trying to find a wiring diagram to show the hookup for the A/C as there is no Y terminal on the board, Do I just run a wire from my thermostat to the condenser and back to C on the board, and does this bring my fan to high speed?

You may find that you must install a fan control center. This has a transformer & relay for bringing on the fan for the cooling mode and will also have all the necessary terminals for your connections. Your stand alone furnace will more than like ... Air Conditioners

Have Amana furnace model GUIB070A30 condenser model RCA24A2A. Replaced a battery and since then neither the air conditioner or furnace will come on. Any ideas? Is there a reset button? Where is it to try?

Sounds like you shorted out the t-stat or transformer, low voltage is real sensitive on this type of unit and the only reset button would be on the tstat depending on which type and model thermostat look in owners manual on tstat reset if you cant fi ... Air Conditioners

Brivis Ducted Heating system. No display on Programmable controller inside hoiuse. Electronic Control (Model 14100) located on Heater (outside house)displays "Searching". Have turned off power and left for 1 hr then turned back on - no change. Tried resetting through buttons but no change. Have assumed Electronic controller has died - but can't find troubleshooting guide to prove. Don't want to waste $$$ if can be avoided.

Hi,I have an identical issue with my Brivis.Did you get a solution?Mine can be running, then goes blank and says searching. it will eventually come back.Just wondering if you had to replace the 14100?CheersJ ... Air Conditioners

I have a RUUD 13pja42a01 heat pump. The main breaker in the house was turned off about a week ago. We have not tried to turn on the AC until today and the outside unit will not come on. The main breaker in the house is on as well as the heat pump breaker. I was looking for a reset button but cannot find one. Also in the box outside connected to the unit it does not appear that there is a breaker in there.

Check the small wires going outside to the contactor for 24 volts. If you have 24 volts then mayb ... Air Conditioners

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