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My plan jane evcon thermostat is not wired right. The furnace works fine. The air conditioner will only come on when you push the lever up hotter than it is in the room instead of cool. It will then run, but runs and runs and will not shut off. There are 4 wires, red that is hooked to screw with B by it because the blue wire has a piece of paper on it with a Y and is hooked to the Y screw, white that is hooked to one with W and green wire is hooked to the screw with G. little short red wir

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\015\012Okay....two things to check on...
\015\012make sure that the terminals and the wires are matched in the t-stat and the furnace board...R-R Y-Y G-G W-W ....if everything matches up then you have a fried t-stat... What you are saying you have in the t-stat should be right... so it has to be one of these other scenario's...
What is the model # of the unit this is controlling??


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My plan jane evcon thermostat is not wired right. The furnace works fine. The air conditioner will only come on when you push the lever up hotter than it is in the room instead of cool. It will then run, but runs and runs and will not shut off. There are 4 wires, red that is hooked to screw with B by it because the blue wire has a piece of paper on it with a Y and is hooked to the Y screw, white that is hooked to one with W and green wire is hooked to the screw with G. little short red wir

Hi,\015\012Okay....two things to check on...\015\012make sure that the terminals and the wires are matched in the t-stat and the furnace board...R-R Y-Y G-G W-W ....if everything matches up then you have a fried t-stat... What you are say ... Air Conditioners

I am installing a Mars 1/3 hp fan motor. It has a black wire,red wire, blue wire, yellow wire and (2) brown wire that go to a capacitor. May Furnace has Black power wire, red wire (speed) and white common. What wire is the common to the fan motor?? I hooked it up with black to black, red to red, and white to the blue. It ran fine for 5 min then it thid my breaker in bresker box???? If the blue was not common how could the motor run at all??

Hello, Typically your common wire will be white, high speed- black, medium speed- yellow, medium low-blue, red- low. The motor could still run for a short time if it was wired wrong but will either trip a breaker or go off on it;s overload when it's ... Air Conditioners

I'm hooking up the wires to a gas furnace, i have the 4 wires from the thermostat , two wires to the condensing unit of the a/c, two wires for the fan relay ,a wire from the gas valve, and a wire from the limit switch. they go on a board attached to the transformer. The screws on the board are marked r,c, w, g, and y. what wires go to which screws to make the furance run correctly

Hi,\015\012\015\012\015\012R -This terminal is the power\015\012for the thermostat. This comes from the transformer\015\012\015\012C- Common side of\015\012transformer\015\012W - This i ... Air Conditioners

My Honeywell 4006 1017 aquastat normally opens at 160 and when the water heats up to 180 the blowers shut off. Mine does the reverse right now so I have to do it manually so I can turn it to 160 to shut the blowers off when the water heated to 180. If I don't the water keeps heating and once was way over 200. I have the red wire on top screw of the the Honeywell 1017 and black on the bottom screw. I am thinking maybe if I put the red one on the bottom and the black one on top it will rev

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I just got a new honeywell thermostat and it when i first hooked it up it wouldnt turn on so i check to find out which connections on the thermostat when open i changed my wire to make it correct now when it turns on it doesnt turn off. i only have 2 wire that were on the old thermostat and the new one shows spots for 3 wire do i need to run a 3rd wire to get the furnace to shut off after it reaches desired temp? right now i have to disconnect the thermostatto shut it off.?

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assit you. If you did not turn the power off to the furnace before rerplacing the thermostat then you may have burned out the board in the furnace. But first if there is a RH/Rc terminal in the new the ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier 8000 weathermaker. Recently the blower motor began to run progressively slower and finally just bogged down. I replaced the motor, but the replacement motor has three speeds (red, blue and black wires) whereas the old motor had four (red, blue, black and yellow). Initially I hooked the new motor wires up to the circuit board the same way the old ones were, leaving an open spot where the old yellow wire was. New motor works, but at lower speeds, pushing less cool air. We liv

Found system was slowly loosing coolant through a variety of miniscule leaks in rusting part of condenser. Apparently coolant level had dropped sufficiently in the blower repair interval to where the system no longer functioned with adequate efficie ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a Intertherm P3rA-042K that runs the ac at the same time as the heat strips. I have a Honeywell RTH3100c I have the red wire at R the Yellow at Y the Green at G and the W2 at aux. I had a jumper between Aux and E like the manual said but it makes no difference. Also for some reason it was hooked up before with a blue wire joined with the red at the unit and the blue going to B at the thermostat. I removed the blue as i saw no use for it and it still doing the same thing. The unit froze up

Red, green, and yellow should all be from AC unit. What other wires do you have there, and are they separate from red , green, yellow? ... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

Shut unit down for cleaning, outside unit will not start now, I have line voltage at the contactor but the contactor will not engage.one wire from the thermostat runs to a little black box next to the contactor (white) the red one runs to a device down by the dryer on one side and back to the black box on the other side. Both of these wires come out of the box and attach to either side of the contactor.Could this piece be the problem or is it the black box.If I manually engage the contactor the

You are talking about the low voltage transformer ... Ruud Handle Air Conditioner

Rheem Model RQNJ-A042JK Heat Pump Unit wired to a protech 520 Thermostat. Everything OK in auto mode. Fan will not run in on mode. All wiring connected except orange and black. Do not have original manuals for either unit. Installer went AOL and out of business without leaving me the manuals. Anyone have a solution. I know that Rheem is notorious for their wiring color tricks and I do not want to screw something up. Here is the wiring as it is now: Red - R Blue - B Yellow - Y White - E Jumper -

Connect the orange to the o terminal.\015\012Dave ... Air Conditioners

When i hook up a thermostat to the transformer to operate the furnace I have 4 wires, a red, white, green,and a blue one. they go to the board which has the letters r, c, w,y,and g. which color wire goes to what screw on this board.

Hi,I'm sure that the first thing that you see is that you have five terminals and four wires....so.... you need to have a t-stat that has it's own internal power or it is battery operated...This way you do not need the "C" at all.... ... Air Conditioners

Replaced century 1/6hp fan motor on a lennox furnace, with a 1/4hp A.O. Smith. When energized, motor starts up w/ thermostat on lowest setting and does not stop. Call for heat, main burner ignites but shuts down after 2 min or so. Wire hook up calls for ccw rotation, but it runs clockwise. No or very little air flow. Motor rotation is supposed to be reversible by changing the leads, but Still clockwise rotation. Only 2 wire leads plus gnd. Black and Yellow. Right side pulley. Bl to L

Hi,If you only have two leads on that motor then it is not a reversible motor or there is another way to reverse it...Are there other wires with a plug connecting them on the end of the motor? If so then you reverse the rotati ... Air Conditioners

I installed a Digital Thermostat to an Evaporative cooler. The pump runs for a few minutes and the Fan kicks on afterwards for 10 seconds and shuts off. What did I do wrong? Master Cooler Model MC63C 60htz Wiring from Cooler: Black, Yellow, Red, White, Digital Thermostat Black(Power), Black/Orange(Pump), White (Common) Yellow (High), Red (Low), Green(Ground)

Check to see if your Tstat has dip switches on the back they may need setting. Is your tstat programable? If so check settings. Rus ... Mastercool 67680 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

How do you hookup a universal hvac condeser motor the old one had a black wire,red and a brown wire plus the green&yellow ground the new one has a black wire a yellow then it has back connetor thats made in to the caseing acourding to the diagram on the side it has an A prong,an,B prong & a,C the A&B says its low &c says its high I hooked red to yellow and black to black do I hook the brown wire to C prong I traced the black,red&brown tre red &brown go to the capacitor When I hook the red t

... Air Conditioners

I am replacing a White Rogers 1F58-77 with a Honeywell RTH2300. When I removed the old stat the wire colors are white, red, orange, green, yellow, and blue. G- green wire Y- Yellow wire R- Red wire W- White wire O-Orange wire X1- Blue wire I hooked up all the wires except the blue. Instructions with the Honeywell unit said not to hook up the blue wire if there is an orange wire to hook up which I did. The problem, when I light off the A/C (heat pump) the compressor comes on but the

Yes you did correct. Tape of f blue wire. On your thermostat you should have el/gas turn top el and fan should work Russ ... Air Conditioners

I have a hunter model 40135 electronic thermostat i want to use on a carrier central air when i hooked it up and turned it on the cold air came out of the unit outside something is running the wrong way i have three wires red-yellow-green what will i have to due to get it to work thank you for your time larry taylor

Hello,\015\012\015\012Red to the thermostat RH or thermostat RC terminal with a jumper \015\012wire between thermostat RH and thermostat RC. Or Red to the \015\012thermostat R terminal which i ... Air Conditioners

T-Stat Replacement I am trying to replace an old t-stat with a new Ranco ETC-111000-000. The old t-stats have no idea what they are they are old and rust can't read. The old ones are hooked up with only two wires, (where i used to work and bought these from we used 4 wires so im lost) The old one has a red, yellow, and blue dot on them. Yellow is on top, blue middle and red bottom which is common. I have a Blue wire hooked up to common and a orange wire goint to yellow dot(?) on my new t-stat wh

You will have to trace the wires from the source, unfortunately, the colors may not be accurate. Do you have a 24v heat and cool system? I am going assume the answer of yes, as this is the most common. If you have something different, we ... Air Conditioners

The heat strip was never hooked up, there is three wires on top of the heat strip, grey, brown, and white , the thermastat is only hooked up with green yellow and red. There are two wires not hooked up a white and blue. There is a blue that is not hooked up on the unit. this is a package unit. I know that the three wires activate a relay to turn on the strip, and the white goes to both the grey and brown relays if they are some sort of relay. So I hope you can help me. drew

Hello! Please give me the make, and model # of your unit.Guru...............saailer ... Air Conditioners

Replacing the thermostat, took the old one off without marking the wires. Hooked it up by color and we get the furnace when we put it on cool. wires are green, red, yellow & blue (ground wire)on the wall. The new thermostat wires are red, yellow & green. Can you tell me which wires go where correctly?

The normal wiring for stats is white=w=heat,red=r=24volts,green=g=fan,blue=c=common,yellow=y=cooling.\015\012see what ties into your furnace board and match the terminals. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I am installing a 240v heater in my downstairs bathroom. The heater schematic has a single BLACK 240v live input wire and a WHITE 240v neutral output wire, plus a yellow/green stripe ground wire. I have run a 12/2 cable(red/black/cpr gnd)from a 2pole 30Amp breaker in the breaker box to the heater. I have connected black to black; gnd to gnd; and red to white. I get no heat but the fan runs. Do i need a 12/3 cable(red/wht/blk) and couple the red/blk to the blk wire and wht to wht neutral, or can

You dont need all that wht is 120vt blk is 120vt thats your 240 their is no neatral on 240 volt ont a 120 volt circuit it sounds like it is wired correctly you may have a wire not getting good conection ... Air Conditioners

Thermostat wires running from house to outside Kenmore AC unit were chewed by dog. Got replacement wire. Took panel off. There were three encased wires running into AC unit that were chewed. Only see placement for two, which are still connected. Connections are RED and WHITE from house connected to a YELLOW each. Looked at diagram on inside panel and do not see any wires missing. Any suggestions?

If you have a central air conditioner, or a split system, where the indoor unit is attached to the furnace and a outdoor unit is located outside of the home. 2 copper lines will be connected to it, a larger and a smaller one. If it is a air condition ... Air Conditioners

Small orange wire from switch to capasitor burnt to red wire to compressor now outside fan won't run, can move brown wire from green terminal to orange wire terminal on cap and fan runs low speed

You need to replace the cap, there is no low speed, the capacitor is bad ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

Ihave an Intermatic mechanical timer model T104 that runs pool filter equipment. Had problems with the old timer and replaced it with a new timer - wired it exactly like the old timer - one wire at time so I was sure not to mix any wires. Turned it on and everything worked - set the off tripper and waited about 25 mins for it to shut off and it worked great. Set the timer for the on and off and it came on ok but didn't shut off. Have re set it and in came on and I was watching it when it was

Hi,\015\012No there is no difference in the T104 and the T104M the m just stands for mechanism only...\015\012\015\012So it would seems vey unlike ly that both poles would fail... so it seems that the internal part that moves the co ... Air Conditioners


... Air Conditioners

I have an amana rha36b2a heat pump and am trying to hook up a new thermostat. It's a pro 1 iaq t905 programable thermostat. I have hooked up the green yellow white and red (and ran a jumper wire from rh to rc). I also ran a jumper wire from W to Y. I ran the brown wire to C. The thermostat works great for heating but won't cool. When cool is chosen the heat comes on. Help! I know the O and B on the thermostat are the heat and cooling changeover valves but what should I do to connect them if that

... Air Conditioners

Our fan for the intertherm p3ra-024k will not shut off. We have put new wiring from thermostat to unit. He pulled the green wire like the serviceman told him to when he serviced it and it still keeps running. The only way it will shut off if you shut the power off to it. Any Suggestions?

You have a problem with the wiring somewhere it could be in the thermostat. When the service man said pull the green wire off that was the power to the fan. The thermostat should wire up as red to the R terminal on the thermostat this is the 24 vol ... Intertherm P3RA-024K Air Conditioner

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