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Our system suddenly stopped...there was a thunder storm but now evidence of a strike. I thought it might simply be the thermostat since it was blank. I replaced it and now have a beautiful programmable thermostat but no A/C action. Was told to check relay as well as reset...The unit is at least 12 yrs old but really would like to hold off on total replacement for a while. Can you help with location and ID of relay and reset button if that's even accurate. I'm going to go out and start takin

Answers :

I have to assume that you have the thermostat hooked up correctly and it will call for cooling when turned down.
\015\012From your description of the problem it sounds like the power circuit should be checked first. Locate the breaker in the electrical panel box and make sure it is not tripped. Next find the disconnect (it should be near the unit). It will be a small black (usually plastic) box. Open the cover and pull out the disconnect. It is possible you may have a disconnect with a handle you have to move to off to open the box.
\015\012Go back to the electrical panel and move the circuit breaker to the off position. Lock and tag the breaker for safety. Using a DMM on resistance check the fuses for continuity. If you have continuity. replace the fuses, remove your lock and energize the circuit.
\015\012Move to the evaporative unit, the unit outside, and remove the cover over the control circuitry (it should be obvious). There should be a relay inside which turns on the compressor and another to turn on the fan motor.
\015\012With the thermostat turned up enough to be demanding cooling use a DMM on AC volts and check the relay for 120 vac. If none is present look for more fuses on the circuit board and test them for continuity.
\015\012At this point if the relay has power, but the unit is not running, the relay is your problem and should be replaced. Remember to turn off the power and lock it out before doing any additional work in the control section.
\015\012If the relay is energized and engaged, and has power to the compressor, then you probably have a bad compressor and will need to access the unit and check the current draw on the motor.
\015\012After removing the cover to the compressor check for voltage at the compressor motor. If you have voltage do a current check. A tag on the unit will give you the locked rotor current draw. If you read that amount then you need a new compressor. This is a complicated repair and requires a license and special equipment. You will have to have someone else do this.
\015\012There is also an outside chance that the start capacitor for the compressor which should be located on the control board is bad due to the lightning strike. If your unit is 12 years old I would just replace it. They are not very expensive. It will be a large silver can with three wires on it in the area of the control board. If you want to test it read the voltage across it. If it is bad the voltage will be low, if good the voltage should read 120 vac.
\015\012Let me know if you need more help.
\015\012Thanks for using FixYa and for the generous rating.

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Our system suddenly stopped...there was a thunder storm but now evidence of a strike. I thought it might simply be the thermostat since it was blank. I replaced it and now have a beautiful programmable thermostat but no A/C action. Was told to check relay as well as reset...The unit is at least 12 yrs old but really would like to hold off on total replacement for a while. Can you help with location and ID of relay and reset button if that's even accurate. I'm going to go out and start takin

I have to assume that you have the thermostat hooked up correctly and it will call for cooling when turned down.\015\012\015\012From your description of the problem it sounds like the power circuit should be checked first. Locate the brea ... Air Conditioners

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Your choices are another Dometic or a ColemanI prefer the Coleman But the amount of extra cooling you will get by stepping up to a 15K unit will probability not be worth the added cost ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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There is a sensor that shuts the compressor down when the freon (refrigerant) is low. The tech probably "shorted" out this sensor. If the unit went on when he did this, the charge is low. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners


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Borg warner Is the old round York Borg/Warner thermostat incompatable with a Honeywell? I just replaced my old round mercy switch thermostat with a Honeywell RTHL111 thermostat. The air conditioner service man says it is hooked up right, but the fan on the unit will not run on auto (it must be in the on position on the thermostat [thus the fan runs all the time]). He also replaced a relay switch inside the unit. We are using air conditioning only on this unit. Red to R (strapped to Rc), gree

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Remote thermostate Is it OK to replace the batteries in the remote thermostat with rechargeable batteries? This has been the most troublesome air conditioner we have ever had, and I think it is because of the remote. It is hard to keep the signal going from the thermostat to the air conditioner. Is it possible to replace the remote with a regular thermostat and if so what costs would be involved?

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Any unit over 20 years is no longer energy efficient & it is past the lifespan of an AC. Get quotes from 3 different companies & go with best price with best warranty. I'm not partial to any particular manufacturer. They all get their part ... Bryant 462AJC021BA Air Conditioner

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