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I have a 561CJ030-C, and the fuzes seem to go out every year outside, replace them and everything is usually fine. This time, replaced them and it just hums and the fan doesn't turn. Do I need to replace the unit? If so, where do I get one? Can I replace it with some other brand? Or do I just need to replace the fan? If so, where do I get one...And would I be able to replace the cage that holds it too? Sorry for all the questions...Appreciate any help.

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I will suggest you first replace the fan and see if it will still last you, but if the unit is age, it will be better you replace the unit, you can get a replacement for the unit or any part of the unit at ebay, the site sells all equipment, once you order, it will be delivered to you. Check www.ebay.com

You can order for the replacement of the unit, or the fan, or any part needed from the site.

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I have a 561CJ030-C, and the fuzes seem to go out every year outside, replace them and everything is usually fine. This time, replaced them and it just hums and the fan doesn't turn. Do I need to replace the unit? If so, where do I get one? Can I replace it with some other brand? Or do I just need to replace the fan? If so, where do I get one...And would I be able to replace the cage that holds it too? Sorry for all the questions...Appreciate any help.

Hello,I will suggest you first replace the fan and see if it will still last you, but if the unit is age, it will be better you replace the unit, you can get a replacement for the unit or any part of the unit at ebay, the site sells all e ... Air Conditioners

Carrier 38CK036330 Hi,  I totally know nothing about air conditioning. It's getting so hot in LA and we really need help since our house has a 18-month old child. We have a Carrier 38CK036330 central unit, and it's not cooling the house as we'd like it to. It's already about 13 years old and we are looking for a new one to replace it. The question is we cannot find this model anymore, or do we have to replace it with the same model?? What model or brand would you suggest for a 1350 square feet h

The model numbers change.You have a 3 ton system.The make and model that you replace it with is not nearly as important as a quality install.Do your homework on picking a contractor that you can trust.Have them do a load calculation to make sure a 3t ... Carrier 38CKC060 Air Conditioner

We are having to replace a 17 yr old heat pump a/c system. I have a 2-ton unit and don't like any of my quotes but the more of them I get I wonder if maybe I already have my best quote. Here is what I have: Goodman equipment for $3.8k; Rheme for $3.3k; Weatherking for $3.1k; and the last is a Frigidaire make i think, for $3.6k. I need to save money because i also have to replace a roof NOW. Input please on the different brands and warranties. Are these prices good?

Sheeesh, they know how to charge don't they, but in saying that these quotes all seem to be OK, or at least within ballpark of what one would expect from the differing suppliers. \015\012\015\012Rheme for $3.3k This is what I think is a ... Air Conditioners

Majestic dvr36rn I was told by the company who supplied & installed my 11 yr old fireplace that the valve (gas valve honeywell -nat) part #10001782 ... Needs to be replaced, however, they told me part is no longer avail & in order to repair, they need to replace it with a conversion kit from Paris, Kentucky - they said it would take btwn 3 wks & 6 mos. to get part!!! AND itis expensive! I wonder if anyone knows where I can get this part.

... Air Conditioners

I have a Samsung AQV12JA. Fault code (Gas leak) have replace the outdoor and indoor thermistor per tech line. They said replace outdoor computer board. Board was back ordered for over a month, this is a brand new unit so they sent a brand new outdoor unit. Installed it and get the same error code, any ideas?

Hi,As per the error code there should be gas leak from the Air Conditioner. Please visit the link below for a complete service manual with diagrams for more details, I hope it should help:http://tinyurl.com/23ufvr2 ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

Circuit breakers tripped, had to replace fuses in the outdoor disconnect panel, after replaced fuses and turned on the breakers, I get F1 Error in air handler display which indicates a communication error between the handler and outdoor unit. I need some guidance on how to troubleshoot the boards and where to get the boards.

... Amcor Aire AMS241HX Split System Air Conditioner


Contact `Johnstones Supply` I think they are nation wide ... Goodman CKL49AR49 Air Conditioner

Where can I get the schematics for a westinghouse ac unit - model b3vm-060k-cb. replacing the board for the 3rd time, keeps getting burned out I need to get the schematics to ensure the setting for the fan motor are correct.

Http://www.nordyne.com/literature/7103660.pdf\015\012\015\012this should help ... Air Conditioners

Reset Switch Hi, Insead of shutting down when the furnace get to the set temp. it contiunes to run and in order to get the flames to start it again I have to push the reset switch. Is this switch bad? It's a Carrier model, 58SXC. If it needs to be replaced, can I change it myself? I'm handy. And I can get to it. Thanks in advance for your help!! Mike

Try disconnecting the wire going to the t terminal on the primary control. If the unit shuts off, you have a pinched thermostat wire or a bad thermostat. If it continues, change the primary control. Yes, you can easily replace this control as long as ... Air Conditioners

Need a replacement. Where I can get one

... LG Art Cool LA121CNP wall/window Air Conditioner

My updrain port is cracked. Need to know where to go to get it replaced. Thanks

Instead of replacing it you could go to the hardware store and get some one minute marine epoxy and patch the crack. I have patched many with total success and little expense. ... Air Conditioners

My motor for my Goodman CK36-1B condenser unit is beginning to overheat and stop in its tracks. I know I need to replace it, but the a/c place is charging 350 dollars for the part alone...that and labor is way beyond my means. I can get a "universal motor" and capacitor for it for $130, and think I might be able to install it myself, as I'm very handy with those kinds of things. However, I've never done it before...is there anything I need to know before attempting to do this on my own?

Yes....shut the power off.Just kidding.The old capacitor can hold a charge even after the power is off.be careful.make sure the motors are same hp and rpm.the universal may also have a rain plug that needs moved to the back face.besides that,pretty s ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My Maytag M7Q08F2A-E works fine but the remote circuitry has failed. Arthritis prevents me from operating controls on the unit. What part no. do I need to get a replacement remote or a programmable universal remote and who do I get it from?

\015\012Part: crc112150010007.\015\012cost $35,\015\012The remote is at present out of stock.But you can place the order so you can get it when it comes in stock by few days.\015\012You can get this remote from:--click this link.\015\012 ... Maytag M7Q08F2ACOM Air Conditioner

Hello, my HVAC is constantly freezing, even after freon is added. I was told that I have a leak in the coils and need to chance the air handler - the outside unit is about 10 years old - air handler about 18 years old. I would like to get only the air handler for my R22 outside condensing unit. My question is if in the future can I use this same 3.5 ton air handler with a new 410 condensing unit once my outside unit needs to be replaced. In other words can a Goodman air handler be used firs

I'm new at this and I can't tell how old the post is but I'll contribute anyway.You probably have fixed the problem by now. I wonder what part of the system is freezing up. I don't have a lot of experience but I know you can get frost where there ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

I think the bearing on front of motor is going . Can it be replaced or does whole motor need replacing . Unit is cooling very well but making some noise and shaft of motor getting hot. Unit is Coleman roughneeck 8000 series

The bearings are replaceable on some motors.. its a bit of work and you might first check the cost of a replacement motor .. it might be low enough to offset the amount of labor required to replace the bearing .. around here we have a hardware store ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

Wall Hung A/C unit remote control # AR-DL10 batteries died last. Replaced remote batteries with 4 new duracell batteries. Unit came back on but running to warm. I tried to figure out the programming of the remote but can not get it to even swing the louver. This cools a computer server room that needs to cool down soon. Looked for remote mannual online but could not find one. Please help me get this remotre working. At present I tried to set it to 64 degrees. That usually kept the room at 70. I

I just got onto a technician who solved the problem for me. What he had me do was:-\015\012\015\012Pull dowwn the slider and use a pen to press the ACL button.That didn't fix it so...\015\012 ... Fujitsu 18C1 Air Conditioner

My Sanyo air conditioner remote has fresh batteries and shows the temp and program, but it does not turn on the A/C and I cannot get any of the functions to work, like the clock. The first set of batteries died during the winter and I just noticed this now. Is there another little battery in there that needs to be replaced or is there some way to get this remote to "Wake Up"?

... Sanyo Air Conditioners

99 honda odyssey ac not working hose was leaking and was replaced and system was recharged still not working. I was told I need to replace the main computer then it will work. I am worried I will get into a game of well it could be this then or this or this or this. Any advise on this matter?

Before replacing the main computer ask the mechanic to do a scan on computer, you need to connect the computer to a code reader, by reading the code you know what is wrong. ... Air Conditioners

Indoor blower not working Bad circuit board in furnace model HK42FZ011- needs to be replaced Carrier model 58WAV155-12120 serial # 3295A09613 Where can I get this board and do you need a professional to install it?

You can use this link:http://www.repairclinic.com/0047_16.aspGood luck... ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a Friedrich TwinTemp YL24J35C Air Conditioner/Heat Pump and need some replacement "latches" to hold the bottom of the Return air grille in place. My local heating/cooling dealer says they cannot get them. Any ideas? I need them badly. The unit looks horrible without the grille!

Http://www.friedrich.com/support/downloadLibrary.php?type=Parts\015\012check out this website. It has a list of manuals that may help you with number ... Friedrich TwinTemp YL24J35C Air Conditioner

Dimensions I need to replace this a/c unit. What dimensions should I get for the replacement?

By dimensions do you mean the physical size or the capacity in BTUH? you should get a machine that will fit in your window and if the A/C cooled the room ok get one that matches the BTUH output. ... Airtemp B3Q06F2A Air Conditioner

Ruud Problems Hey Need help, I replaced the capacitor last night and it worked air was fine all night, but this morning it triped again. so I replaced the breaker switch and it started up again and the fan was running outside with air comming out of the vents inside. but breaker popped after about 30 seconds and cant get it back on!!! Only a buzzing noise comming from the system outside even with power off!!!! Any clue???

Compressor is probably bad. disconnect it tape the wires off and start unit. if breaker doesnt trip it is the compressor.  ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

Hi, Yesterday I noticed that my central air had low air flow and wasn't cooling the house, so the A/C was running all day. Just had an HAVC guy come in a filled and saw I was about 3LB low on Freon, he said I have a freon leak and wants to replace the indoor coil, which costs about $500+labor. In the 5 years I've been living here, I've never had the freon refilled before. Does it make sense that I would need to get the indoor coil replaced?

Hi\015\012\015\012It is always recommended to contact a repair tech. in case of Air Conditioners. I believe its been 5years and during this time you did not spend anything towards your central a/c. If you want you can also compare his cha ... Carrier Air Conditioners

After a very cold frosty night my unit stopped working. The 'operation' light was blinking a series fo 5 blinks and the 'timer' light was constantly blinking. My service man has now said both the PUMP and PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD need replacing! OUCH! $2,500 NZD! This unit is only 6 years old. I have been told that I might get away with just replacing the PCB but it's not recomended practice. Fujitsu will not help and it is just not good enough. This unit is only used for heating so only runs for 5

Try switching off and on circuit breaker it might solve the problem ... Air Conditioners

Have a 36 foot carrie lite. bought it used. when the temp is over 100 degrees its around 90 degrees in trailer. not a fun time. works great at night. do we need to replace the unit or get it fixed or is this the max this unit will cool. if so it out of here. we live in texas and it gets hot.

You don't need to replace this item as it can be fixed.Work out the cost of labour etc + parts and if it sounds too costly then maybe you are better off with a new one.Now many of these systems needs re-gasing to be back to work,so it is worth trying ... Air Conditioners

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