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The Thermostat for my air conditioner reads: "REPLACE BATT". I have read and reread the instrucions/manual formy Air Conditioner and do not find any mention of battery, type of battery or where to place a new battery. Please advise.

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What kind of air conditioner are you using, what is the make and model number? this will help to advice on the problem.

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The Thermostat for my air conditioner reads: "REPLACE BATT". I have read and reread the instrucions/manual formy Air Conditioner and do not find any mention of battery, type of battery or where to place a new battery. Please advise.

Hello,What kind of air conditioner are you using, what is the make and model number? this will help to advice on the problem.Take care. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

My sharp air conditioner remote control can't display anything.My remote control type CRMC-A656JBEZ.I have already replace new battery but still can't not work properly.How to manage it?thanks.

... Sharp AF-S120FX Air Conditioner

I have a Weatherwall Air Conditioner. The heating has packed it in but cooling OK. It must be getting on for 15 years . Would you advise repairing? Approximately how much? What is the price of a new one to fit inside where the air outlet is at the moment Geoff Oliver 181/52 Liege St, Woodlands. In village opposite the Theatres-North West corner of the village near the new village entrance

If the case is not too serious, having it repaired will approximately cost more than a hundred dollars, but still, it could be effective. Replacing it with a new one could be optional. I hope this helped you, a new one would double the price of repai ... Electrolux Air Conditioners

Hi, i have a split mural air condicioner Samsung Mh19ZA2-07, with the remote ARH-403, but the remote only works sometimes. Im close to the sensor, the remote have new batteries, etc.... Is possible to reset the remote with the air conditioner unit?

May be either your remote sensor or or receiving sensor in PCB weak. Find and replace. ... Samsung Air Conditioners

Batteries? I have the Danby portable air conditioner Model DPAC8399. My question is...how do I get new batteries into the remote? I cannot find how to open the remote

It splits in the middle ... Danby DPAC8399 Air Conditioner

Heil air conditioner won't turn on. The battery in the thermostat died, and when I installed new batteries, thermostat worked, but a/c won't come on.

Hello,I advice you reset the unit, you can check the user manual as regards resetting the unit, if after resetting, the problem still persist, follow the below,Step OneRemove the front grill. Pry it off with a putty knife if it's \0 ... Air Conditioners

Hi, i have started renting a house just a week ago. Its having an lg split air conditioner in the house.suddenly one day, when i came back from work and tried to turn on the A.C it didn't start. We replaced the batteries, but nothing is happening. But when we are trying to put batteries in it is showing its display for one second and then there is nothing on screen after that. I can not understand whats happening ? And we have just moved into the house so i dont want to spend money for a new on

Hi, does the Ac beep when you press the buttons.? Are the batteries in the correct way around. is there power at the AC. All good points to check. If all answers are yes then the chance is that the remote or the AC receiver board is faulty.\015\012Co ... LG Air Conditioners

A Valy universal a/c remote control model VA-CR1000U has become possessed. Working fine, then batteries died after one year. New (expensive) batteries put in. A/C manually shut off so that universal remote could automatically locate 3 digit code (which I'd forgotten after 1 year. It did and air conditioner started but there were 2 beeps instead of the usual 1 beep. Thought this strange so wanting to stop and restart the a/c I pressed the on/off switch on the remote, but the a/c did not resp

... Air Conditioners

FUJITSU Air Conditioner Model AST24RGB-W is unable to switch on. Have checked safety switch and fuse on home circuit board and is OK. Power conected to outside unit is on and OK. Remote control has new batteries and display OK. Cleaned remote sensor panels on both remote and wall unit. ISSUE: When pressing the Start/Stop button the signal doesn't seem to be received by the wall unit. There is also no operation light on the Wall Unit. Unit does not turn on

What about the inside unit does it have power going to it. i would check the breaker for the inside unit. ... Air Conditioners

I have a AR-VS7 Fujitsu air conditioner that I have not used for a few weeks, I just went to turn it on but the remote screen is blank so I put in new batteries but it is still blank. Is there anyway to turn it on at the unit or does it have to be done by the remote. If you can only use the remote what could be the problem with it. Thanks Kerri

In many units no option to use manually without remote and also it's not advisable. With your statement, I conclude your remote is defective and not repairable. Replace with new remote. Helpful? ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Sharp air conditioner AY - A184J - my remote controller CRMC - A310JBEO does not work after replacing new battery

... Sharp Air Conditioners

Crmc a489jbe0 could you please help me, i dont have any display on the screen of my remote,therefore my air conditioner is not turning on. i have put new batteries in

... Air Conditioners

I purchased a Friedrich PDH15KS BTU Cooling, 17,000 BTU Heating, 9.3 EER PTAC Air Conditioner With Heat Pump and 5.0 KW Backup Electric Heat....in October of 2007...it was installed in November and ran perfectly until the last 2 weeks or so...it has metallic "rattling" ..we think when the back up heat is on?? but we are not certain... it was placed in a new addition ...contracters did not give us paper work about waranty or repair??? please advise ...my location is Balwin City, Kansas ...thanks

... Friedrich Air Conditioners

Air conditioner My remote control does everything but register with the sensor on the actual conditioner.I can fire it up manually but the remote wont switch it on or off or respond at all. I have new batteries inserted in remote and display on remote is working OK. Can you help please?

Some some remote control have RST or RESET button, you have to push this every time you change the battery or for malfunction remote control. You can find this either in front of remote control or at the back of the remote in battery compartment. ... Air Conditioners

My air conditioner will not turn off. I have put new batteries in the remote but it wont stop. Is there a manual shut off button?

... Goodman HDC24WMC24 Air Conditioner

I have a GE Split-Type room air conditioner model number AA1AH24EWI.I used it last summer but now it wont turn on.Have changed the remotes batteries and checked if it is sending signal(looking through digi camera to see if its sending) and still nothing works.Have turned it on at fuse box etc still nothing.is there a reset switch on the unit itself

Check power is indoor. And also for long time no use cases, please remove batteries from remote and re fix it when it is on use. Keeping with old batteries for long time with no use will affect the remote. Please check with other remote. It doesn't m ... GE Air Conditioners

Our airconditioner 5 way contol lights on the air conditioner are flashing and therefor the airconditioner won't turn on it keeps turing off. can you suggest a reason for it. the actual hand control does work and batteries are new. Thankyou...please reply soon as that our only way we are keeping warm!

Well i think problem with ur electronic board software..u have to put codes according to model no ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a KSR27g split system air conditioner. The unit turns on with the button on the front under the panel. The unit will not turn on with the remote (remote is brand new) have tried different batteries. any help.

Judging by the model number, it is a Kelvinator unit. You can check if the remote works by using your phone or digital camera. When the camera is on, press a button on the remote whilst aiming the remote transmitter at the lens of your camera. If you ... Electrolux Air Conditioners

Hi I manage a rental property in Mawson lakes with a ducted Mitsubishi R/C air conditioner, model number PUHZ PAR21 MAA (BP100VHA) The new owner has been unable to access the service manuals etc as the previous owner can't locate them. The system is not working and shows E6 error code. Without the books etc., I don't know the age of the unit, possibly 2 years old. The Landlord believes it should be covered by warranty. Can you please inform what this code means and if in fact I can advise t

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Hi Have maytag air conditioner M6q06f2a and remote control doesn't work. We tried battery. Is there another possible reason for not working? or Where can we get new remote? Thanks for your help!

... Maytag M6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

I have a 1.5HP V-Lec air conditioner. Recently a Gecko literally fried on the "motherboard" and I need a new one. I believe it will cost me $385 plus labour. Can any body advise where I can get the V-Lec part from, how I seal the unit so the Gecko does not get into this area again. Any advice would be appreicated.

Are you talking about the outdoor unit? ... Air Conditioners

Have an LE room air conditioner, the remote control won't work - new batteries and the manual control on the front panel won't go below 85 for the temperature setting

Electronic module of ur ac is not working,try to remoove it carefully (only if u can) and heat all the soldered jointes with a 25 watt soldering iron,by doing so it should work if not then replace the module ... Fedders Appliance Air Conditioner Wall

I neer a new remote control type: R09/BGCE - Air Conditioners

... Air Conditioners

My remote control for whirlpool air conditioner 6th sense is not working. i already bought new batteries but it still not working

... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Tempstar 5000 This spring I turned on my air conditioner for the first time and it would not start at all... The fan did not turn on either. I turned off the main 220A breaker and puller the control fuses and put everything back and the unit started working fine. now fast forward to yesterday... house started feeling warm so I did the same thing... Tripped the breaker. Pulled the control fuses, and this time made sure I had new batteries in my thermostat. Started to work again. All was good. pus

... Air Conditioners

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