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My wa1200 works only as a fan. air condition mode doesnt work, it shows all the images it shou like falling snow flakes and the word "COOL" but then it also says "E4". what does that mean and how do i get it to work?

Answers :


The e4 is an error code signifying there is a connection problem in the air conditioner.

It simply means there is a malfunction in the system and that is why it is not getting cold.

Check the compressor of the air conditioner for any leakage or blockage,and also check the gas level.

After doing this, run a quick check on the wiring of the refrigerator.

Take care

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My wa1200 works only as a fan. air condition mode doesnt work, it shows all the images it shou like falling snow flakes and the word "COOL" but then it also says "E4". what does that mean and how do i get it to work?

Hello,The e4 is an error code signifying there is a connection problem in the air conditioner.It simply means there is a malfunction in the system and that is why it is not getting cold.Check the compressor of the ... Sunpentown Air Conditioners

I also have a grunaire dual zone mini-split that doesn't work worth a ****. I've had it looked at multiple times and had freon r410a added twice and still nothing. Without the high side - how do you know if you put too much or not enough. I also have a long run on one system being over 25ft from the compressor so its a longer run - but that one at least worked for a moment - the short run - never worked. Get the FC fault consistently on one unit - other unit just doen't blow cool - how do yo

An FC fault on a Grunaire is typically a defective PFC board in the outdoor unit or a Grossly overcharged system, where the drive cannot overcome the standing pressure to start the system up...the ONLY CORRECT way to charge one of these u ... Air Conditioners

Hi there I have an lg reverse cycle aircon model LWC122RH-2 and the heating seems to work fine on it at however when I try and put the cool mode on it desn't seem to get very cold and the cool light does not come on also the defrost light doesn't come on but the heat light and the fan light and timer lights all work and come on ...please help

... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

Unit runs but will not cool. Fanruns fine but when turn dial to cool the compressor kicks in for about a second or two the kicks out. Fan works on cool but it will not produce cool air at any temp setting. I have cleaned filter and removed cometic facing and vacuumed the coil face. It was pretty dirty but after all that still would not cool, Unit is installed in a RV and power is provided from house. Gen4erator is also available for power. Unit is difficult to remove from RV and space to get at

You may need to install a hardstart kit if you can get to the compressor.\012go to your nearest appliance parts store to get the part and the instructions are usually on it. If not ask the parts man.\012\012If this was helpful pleas ... Air Conditioners

I also forgot to add in my last question that when its dry the AC will run cool and we are able to get the house down to 82the degrees. Only when it's humid does it not work right. Its not always cool usually when everyone is home we run it its usually over 100the and we kick it on to82 it will cool the house down then when it kicks off it blows room temperature after that.

In dry mode the compressor on and off frequently. If you want full comfort keep it in cool mode. ... Air Conditioners

Delonghi pinguino PAC 250 U air conditiooner blows hot air. reset button must be constantly pressed in order to get normal cooling. also timer does not seem to be working

... DeLonghi PAC85 Portable Air Conditioner

The AC doesn't seem to cool when the temperature in the room in really high, in the range of 90-95F. It works for 3 minutes, and then stops for 3 minutes. Also, I have read the booklet that came with it, and it says that it's not supposed to work when the temperature is over 95F. What kind of a silly rule is that?! I mean, that's why I bought it! Is there something wrong with my AC, or is this normal?

Hi,\012What happens is that the high pressure side gets too high when the temps are very high...that is why it is shutting down....without getting very technical there are good reasons why they would set this unit up to work at temperatures 95 ... Sharp CV10NH Air Conditioner

I have a White/Rogers thermostat and Concord 80+ furnace. They have worked just fine for several years now. All of a sudden, now the furnace is heating and heating, no cooling, regardless of the setting. In other words, it heats instead of cools and goes way beyond the set temperature. What can this mean and how to I fix it?

Hi,the problem is possibly from the thermostat of your unit,the thermostat regulates the temperature provided by the unit,which means the excessive heating is as result of a bad thermostat,the solution to your problem is to replace the thermostat of ... Air Conditioners

I have dimmer switch controlled ceiling fan. What happens is the dimmer switch seems to works for a few weeks. Then it doesn't behave like a dimmer, but only as a switch - meaning that the fan gets on only at the maximum position of the dimmer. If dimmer is even slightly lowered from the maximum position, the fan gets off. This happened to a previous dimmer also and I have changed to a new one - but still same problem. What could be the cause?

It is better to switch over to the stepped switch type dimmer as the potentiometer( the control ) in these types wear off very easily.\012So when the carbon track loses contact the varation of the resistance to feed the SCR does not happen but ... Air Conditioners

I have a window a/c unit its a 8000 btu, everthing works on it but the compresser for cooling I buypass the board and I get the compresser to work does this mean I need a new board and if so is it worth it or do I buy a new a/c unit.

Yes, the relay on the board is bad, but you have to replace the whole board. Maybe try ebay for replacement, but most likely repair will cost close to the same or more than a new a/c ... Maytag Air Conditioners

After installing my klimaire mini split unit yesterday I heard the freon go through the unit and it worked great.Today when I turned the unit on the fan would work but the unit would not cool it also flashes a 7 on the led Could you please help me get the unit runing

For this you have to go into the the board located in the right side of the unit if your problem is what i think it is crosswire on the board. ... Cfm Klimaire KSWG009H113 Split System Air Conditioner

I can't seem to get the A/C to work. I'm thinking of getting a hose as a last resort. It seems to alternate blowing cool air, then hot air after a few minutes. There's also a tendency for the a/c to shutdown the power in the house and I have to reset the fuse box everytime it happens. Do you have any suggestions?

The symtoms you describe appear to indicate that the AC might be low on the freon charge. Usually blowing cold and then hot is the first sign that the unit is low on refridgerant and is working hard to keep cooling.\015\012\015\012Further ... Danby DPAC9030 Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a 1.5 ton Coleman Central AC for almost 9 years now. The AC stopped cooling one day. The fan is still working, and I can still hear the compressor "compressing" but no cool air. Does that mean that it is not a compressor failure? A technician tried to put refrigerant into it, but it won't absorb. He still wasn't able to fix it. I just wanted to know if I should spend more money to get more technicians to try to fix this, or if this is a classic compressor failure problem, then

Hello,the problem of the AC system is a little thing that can be fix up in a little time the fan is OK and the compressor is also in good condition base on experience and also collection of date from your statement however, w ... Air Conditioners

When heating it ices up on the outside, bottom of unit. Also doesn't always seem to turn off in relation to temp set, room gets way too hot (but not always!) Had to replace the circuit board this summer, cooling worked fine. Have already cleaned filter and used air compressor to blow out coil on inside. Maybe need to hose down outside portion to clean it?

When cleaning the unit make sure to clean out the inside and outside parts. See if that makes a difference since you already had the board replaced. New heat pumps would use the difference in air flow in the outside coils as measurement when to act ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Last four error codes vulcan comfort control f1 08, f2 11, f3 11,f4 11 worked out how to get them but what the hell do they mean went to switch on the cooling and remote fire up but nothing happens

... Air Conditioners

My heating and cooling message is flashing the following message LO bREE and I cannot get it to work - what does this mean and what do I need to do?

Hello,Please, use the manual to check the meaning of the message.If you do not have the manual use the model of the air condition to download the manual online.Thanks for contacting Fixya. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Unit is set at 68 - starts buzzing and temp rises to 88 - try lowering it, it goes to 19 and then works as if it is set at 68 and cools the room.....cannot get it to stay at 68. thanks ! what do the lower numbers mean ???????

Almost sounds like it is switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius ... Air Conditioners

My air conditioner stops cooling. Occasionally, it will just function on fan mode even though I confirm that it is on cool mode. Warm air comes out even on the absolute coldest setting. I have to turn it off and use the manual reset button on the plug to get it to work properly. The problem started after the unit iced up one night and it hasn't worked right since. Is there any way to fix this or am I gonna have to get a new AC?

If after reset the A/C cools then the fault seems related to the thermostat or the cut off pressure switch or load cut off.\012However is there is no cooling at all the compressor and the gas pressure- check for leak if gas is absent.- must be ... LG ZW6500R Air Conditioner

Warm Air My Fleetwood motorhome Dash air is giving me problems. After I turn on the controls Blower, outlet position, AC on button and re circulate button I may or may not get cold air. After continually operating the controls mainly blower & AC button, I can some times get the AC to cool down. When it is warm it's about 80 degrees, when I do get it to start cooling it will go down to about 60, Checked with an IR thermometer at the vent. Once it does cool down it may work the remainder of the d

... Air Conditioners

I have a Daikin 4mxs32 with 4 indoor 9K wall mount units. About 3 months old. All of a sudden it stopped heating or cooling in all rooms. It works in the closest room to outdoor unit. Not at all in furthest room but does work somewhat on unit directly on other side of the wall and also somewhat on unit directly on other side of wall behind closest unit. Then I also noticed that when I turn the furthest unit that somewhat works off the close unit that somewhat works goes up in discharge temp in A

... Cfm Daikin R410a Split System Air Conditioner

This is a heating and cooling through the wall heat pump. It works normally when heating is selected - the heat pump runs and both speeds of the fan blow warm air. But nothing runs when cooling is selected. In other words the unit works normally when "High Heat" or "Low Heat" is selected but nothing runs when "High Cool", "Low Cool" or "Fan Only" is selected. The position of the Fan Cycle Switch has no effect - behavior of the unit is the same in both positions of the Fan Cycle Switch.

You have a bad board or bad switch. I would say board. You can have service tech check this out. There is only so far you can go without knowledge of Controls ad electricity. Russ ... Air Conditioners

Air conditioner does not work on cool mode. Dry mode works but compressor turns off and leaves the room with no air circulation. What can we do to get the cool mode to work again?

... Goldstar R1203 Air Conditioner

Amana AC model MBR2000, installed mid May 2009. When outside temp gets above a certain level the AC does not cool. fan keeps running and it keeps trying but not work. When outside air gets cooler then starts to work again. Tech here twice. 1st time when AC was working - could not find problem, 2nd time when problem was occurring. 2nd time found burnt wire and replaced. Same problem started again 2 days later. AC unit is large enough for our house, is 18 Seer 2 stage. Any suggestions as to proble

Hi it sounds to me like what actvates the 2nd stage of the compressor is not turning the compressor on when the ambeint temiture reaches the point that it calls for the 2nd stage to start it may be an out door thermostat or a ambient senser and I wou ... Air Conditioners

No cooling I received a call from my tenant that they have no ac. When i get my inspection of the unit to find an extremely durty air filter, which i replaced. Also i cleaned the a coil which was also full with dust. So i figured the time it took me to to do all that cleaning that the unit had time to reset it self. Long story short i still have no cooling at all still. through the first sequence of operation every thing seems ok . dtill no cooling

"You forgot the "first rule , check to see if everythings is working! If the filter was dirty , then you skipped the second line of defense to prevent dust from going into the vents is the squirrell cage blades. Air flows thru the filter first,,,2ond ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

The ptac unit is not heating or cooling the aux heat works the line out of the compressor gets hot but the line going to the coils up front does not get real hot just warm and does the same thing on the cooling side does get cold can not figure it out can anybody help

Verify all your components are operating - Compressor? Condenser fan motor? Blower fan motor?\015\012If not check voltage to any that are not operating.\015\012If all components are operating and the coils are clean - the refrigerant leve ... Amana PTH153B50AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

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