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I also have a grunaire dual zone mini-split that doesn't work worth a ****. I've had it looked at multiple times and had freon r410a added twice and still nothing. Without the high side - how do you know if you put too much or not enough. I also have a long run on one system being over 25ft from the compressor so its a longer run - but that one at least worked for a moment - the short run - never worked. Get the FC fault consistently on one unit - other unit just doen't blow cool - how do yo

Answers :

An FC fault on a Grunaire is typically a defective PFC board in the outdoor unit or a Grossly overcharged system, where the drive cannot overcome the standing pressure to start the system up...

the ONLY CORRECT way to charge one of these units is to WEIGH in the charge..

the Label on the side of the unit will give you the correct charge amount.. this is for 25 feet of Lineset on Each indoor unit... typically on a 9 or 12k btu indoor unit (1/4" liquid line) you will add 0.7 oz refrigerant extra per extra foot of lineset.....

the PFC board failure is a very common failure on all of the grunaire / chigo built units...

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I also have a grunaire dual zone mini-split that doesn't work worth a ****. I've had it looked at multiple times and had freon r410a added twice and still nothing. Without the high side - how do you know if you put too much or not enough. I also have a long run on one system being over 25ft from the compressor so its a longer run - but that one at least worked for a moment - the short run - never worked. Get the FC fault consistently on one unit - other unit just doen't blow cool - how do yo

An FC fault on a Grunaire is typically a defective PFC board in the outdoor unit or a Grossly overcharged system, where the drive cannot overcome the standing pressure to start the system up...the ONLY CORRECT way to charge one of these u ... Air Conditioners

I have the MR36TQY3f outdoor unit with 2 MW09Y3FM units and 1 MW12Y3FM indoor units! The MW12.. works great and one of the MW9... works great! When I run the 2nd MW9 only (other MW9 & MW12 off)..... the outdoor unit compressor or fan does not come on! If I run all units then ... compressor kicks on runs great, fan runs... lines get cold on the 2 good units ... nothing on 3rd unit... then I turn 2 good units off....and it sounds like the compressor kicks off and the fan will continue to run reall

After looking at the manual for the units, I believe that the system is having trouble with the number of units that you have linked. Here is a portion of the manual about multi system operation>Also link to manual:http://www.fri ... Friedrich MR36TQY3F Split System Air Conditioner

I have a Bryant 561c central air unit. I replaced the capacitor, which was obviously bad. I also replaced the circuit control board with the relay insode, since one of the transistors was blackened. I can manually push the contct in and the unit will run, but no air will blow inside and the return compressor line will start to freeze over...any suggestions?

... Air Conditioners

The compressor on my goodman unit runs a few hours and shuts off. The condensing fan continues to run and once in a while you will hear a buzz but compressor won't start. If you then turn up stat and wait, unit may start or sometimes you have to wait longer for compressor to run. Readings are fine and unit is clean.

There could be excessive heat developing causing internal overload protectors to open when it has reached that temperature. This could be due to bearing or winding problems with the compressor. Another possibility is the capacitor if it is not operat ... Air Conditioners

Amana PTAC Unit is not producing heat. Fan works fine. can not locate manual reset for heat although a label on the unit says there is one. I have an Amana pth153b35ae ptac unit that the heat will not come on. The compressor will run in the cooling mode but not in heat mode. I verified the switching valve is working and the capacitor seems to be fine as the compressor will run in cooling mode. The thermostats seem to be functional because relays can be heard clearly when changing temperature se

I know this is late but I had to add a solution to this problem since I had the exact same problem and was able to solve it. The probelm is not your control board. On these units, the heat pump compressor will not kick in unless the temperature you ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Sanyo Condensing unit. blower fan doesnt come on unless unit runs,but unit only runs for about one minute and shuts off. led #6on cond. unit blinks and led on evap. coil #26 also blinks unit needs to be turned offon for it to restart.

First, the condensor fan is only supposed to run when the unit is on. As for the one minute run, then needing reset...this sounds like a "safety out". The air conditioner knows something is wrong and tries to protect itself. Being low on Freon wou ... Sanyo Air Conditioners

I have a York Diamond 90 Unit and my A/C quit blowing cold the other day. No Blower running, No Condensor or Compressor running. I replaced the capacitor for the blower motor and it started but no condensor. I checked the capacitor for the condensor visually and it was bulged out. I bought a new one (not the exact brand but I had a AC parts house match it up with the old one.) The new one has labels on the legs the old one did not. I have 3 wire leads off the condensor 2- Brn and 1-Red (New Capa

It sounds like you may have install it backwards. break the power and try again, if the compressor is trying to start thats a good sign. at least its not dead. Try re-installing the capicator and that might fix it, it wont hurt anything to try. ... Air Conditioners

Outside fan not running, inside unit running fine. Compressor was running this morning, but no longer. Replaced fan motor, turned power back on, now fan or compressor not running. What else can be checked?

Hi,\012There may be a manual reset high limit... look for a red button on a round part hooked to the small copper line and push it in hard...\012Also the compressor may have kicked the overload and needs a few hours to cool and it reset, ... Goodman Air Conditioners

AC Out. Two year old house. Goodman A/C, two units one for upstairs. Cleaned coils of both outside unit, replaced filters, re-set breakers. Upstairs is cooling. Downstairs unit is running outside, not circulating air inside (inside temp 87). Vents inside are cool to touch, no air. Outside unit fan is pulling, but air exhaust is cool. Compressor ? Should air be circulating even if compressor not functioning. Is there anything in attic exchange that would affect downstairs circulation. Thanks.

Assuming that the 2 systems are isolated, that there isn't any cross over between the systems...It is normal for an air conditioner system, from window unit to central, to be able to circulate the air, even if not cooling. This is known ... Air Conditioners

AC Starts normally but after some time of coolinf compressor in outdoor unit trips. Compressor running light in indoor unit remains on and outdoor unit fan remains on. But no cooling. After a break of about one hour AC works again and problem repeats.

Probably overheating. Check the outdoor coil and see if it is stopped up with dust, grass etc. If so, disconnect power to the unit, and clean the condenser coil with water or air. Be careful not to bend the fins if you use a water sprayer. ... LG Air Conditioners

I have a coleman electraheat rv airconditioner/heater. i think the thermostat has gone out on it. is this a replaceable?When i turn the thermostat knob nothing happens. the fan will run but the compressor doesnt engage if it is not running or will not disengage if running...however if i tap the thermostat housing it usually will activate the compressor...is the thermostat unit replaceable and if so where may i find one

The thromstat may be bad but it sounds like there is a loose connection where the wires plug on to the back side of the thromstat.\015\012\015\012Any RV dealer should have the part or be able to order it for you ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have two compressors-one for the upstairs and one for the down stairs. Both compressors are working but the air flow for the upstairs basically does not come out. You can hear the unit running but no air upstairs. Down stairs the air is working. Is there any way to turn the airflow up or adjust it to send more air upstairs. I had the capacitor replaced in the down stairs compressor a few weeks ago and for the upstairs about 1 1/2 years ago. when the air downstairs started working a few d

Hello,Thanks for using FixYa.I suggest that you try to have the fan that routes air upstairs checked. Its possible that the motor is already going bad.I hope this helps. Thanks and good day.HotRatchet ... Air Conditioners

I belive the unit is freezing up. It will blow cool for a while and later not cool but fan still runs. Also say some dirt on ceiling beside unit. Came in later today and also had condensation inside on unit itself. Time for a new one?

The coils need a good cleaning and you should be all right. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

We own this air conditioner and it is one year old. It is working find, however, when running in the air conditioning mode it omits a musty oder. Where I am allergic to mold , I am concerned especially since I keep getting a headache and stuffiness when it's running. We have run it for hours in the fan mode in the hope to alleviate any moisture in the unit, but the smell is still there. The unit also has a charcoal filter, but I don't know where I can buy them. Any suggestions you can prov

The problem is common. It is not a mold spore situation, rather it is a moisture laden problem of parts and dust that create an oder when allowed to warm and stay moist. A spray bottle with 1/2 clorine bleach and 1/2 water sprayed onto the inner com ... Amcor AF9000E Portable Air Conditioner

Installed new Condenser fan motor on a split a/c unit fujitsu model AOU12C1 I also replaced the capacitor for it as well as the capacitor for the (run) on the compressor,compressor runs but...still fa

... Air Conditioners

I have a Tempstar 9000 airconditioning unit and while I was weed wacking I accidently cut a wire to the unit. I replaced the wire but now the unit wont turn on and also my furnace blower wont work even in the "on" position. I have a energy saver unit attched to the a/c unit as well. One wire connects to the a/c unit and the other to the energy saver. If I push the connector on the unit with the panel off the unit will run. Cansomeone tell me how to connect those four wires?

Hello TLOEKS You blew the transformer FUSE inside the blower unit! It should be a 5amp blade fuse like the one that goes in a car.It is located at the curcit board at the blower compartment.Replace that to restore low voltage power and every thing wi ... Air Conditioners

Cae15esr my 2 year old crosley does not shut down. I turn off the unit and the compressor continues to run. I also notice, when set to economy, it continues to run on high and really cold air. I can also smell the refrigerant at times.

... Air Conditioners

I have a 7 year old Goodman. The indoor unit blower keeps cycling on / off (it will run 5 to 10 mins them cycle off). The house is 81 degrees and the t-stat is set at 70; the condenser unit is compressor and fan are running. Both the t-stat and the capacitor was just replaced thinking that one of these items might be the problem.

Make sure the capacitor is the proper microfarad rating for the motor you have. Sounds like the motor may be drawing too many amps and dropping out on it's overload when hot, then when it cools it turns back on. ... Air Conditioners

When i was tested an air condition (trane 60000BTU duct type )i noticed that the high pressure fans of the out door unit were turned off and the compressor was running ,so i turned off the ac from thermostat for a second then turned on ,and look for the out door unit. I discovered that the high pressure fans turnned on for a one minute and then stopped, but the commpressor still running . What should i do ???/PLZ

... Air Conditioners

My duo therm brisk air roof mount ac unit is blowing warm air, the amp draw on both the run and start lines is 3 amps, the compressor is hot, the condensor is not warm, the voltage across the run to common on the compressor is 120 vac and the voltage across the start-common is 300 vac. It appears there is an oily substance on one of the lines, perhaps the freon has leaked out.

Yep have the leak fixed and properly charged. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a Maytag S3BA-024KA Split System Air Conditioner. I have power to the system indoors and outdoors. The outdoor unit is clean and the Contactor is also clean with power going into it. The compressor is not running. I can push the contactors and the compressor fan will run but it will not operate by itself? Not sure what to do now.

... Air Conditioners

I Have a outside A/C unit I have replaced the fan and I need to know which Capacitor leads go to the Fan, the compressor and the contactor. the capacitor is a 35/5 with one lead with 4 male blade connectors-one with two and one with only one lead. There are also two brown(one with a stripe)wires from the new motor instead of the one on the original motor.

The 2 brown wires go to the capacitor, the solid on the positive or colored dot side, the striped one goes on the other side. ... Dayton Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a samsung aqv18ja series split type air conditioner (cooling and heating) wall unit. the unit was install in 02/12/2009. By "one hour heating and air conditioning". In this short time service the outside compressor has been replace, the system has check and recheck,for cooling leak. the inside unit fan motor has been change. but the problem still exists. The inside unit fan continues to run when the unit is "off" and with the remote off.

Simple, check in your remote. There is an option button "Blow". Just press it. Your unit gets completely off. Please write back if helpful? ... Samsung Air Conditioners

Frigidare window air conditioner with remote control about 3 yrs old. All controls seem to be working except when the energy saver mode is suppose to shut down the unit / the display goes dark but the units compressor seems to be still running after shutdown?? Unit will not shut completely off unless we unplug entire unit. Unit also has a built in safety breaker switch on plug which works fine. Any suggestions?????

Hi,There might be many reasons. One of them would be Thermostat. If there is an issue with thermostat, ac would show the above symptoms.Check and let me know.Hope i helped you.Thanks for using ' Fixya ' ... Air Conditioners

One of my units is not providing cold air although the fan is blowing. My 3 zone unit was recently cleaned including coils and exterior unit. It was also correctly charged, checked for leaks, and the correct gas is in place. Two different technicians have worked on the unit.After service the unit has run for a day or two and then not provided cold air. Any suggestions?

Hi, you'll need to double check refrigerant (freon) charge. working for a day or two, could means there's refrigerant (freon) leak, if there's no leak and refrigerant (freon) charge is o/k, check your electrical, you didn't say what make or model is ... Mitsubishi MS12TN Air Conditioner

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