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Intertherm My home intertherm unit will only run on aux heat. We have replaced the compressor and the fan relay and nothing has changed. What else could it be? Thank you

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Is the contactor engaging? Make sure it is getting 24v. If not, check the low pressure safety, outside thermostat (if you have one) and the defrost board. Follow the low voltage from the thermostat to all these controls, up to the contactor. Check the thermostat too. If you need a walk through I can help, if you have a volt/ohm meter.

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Intertherm My home intertherm unit will only run on aux heat. We have replaced the compressor and the fan relay and nothing has changed. What else could it be? Thank you

Is the contactor engaging? Make sure it is getting 24v. If not, check the low pressure safety, outside thermostat (if you have one) and the defrost board. Follow the low voltage from the thermostat to all these controls, up to the ... Air Conditioners

Fan Hello, my ac unit blower on the inside is working fine but, the outside fan isn't. i just bought a new relay switch due to that what it was a few years back. but, it's not working the outside fan. so, my question could it be another relay switch? or the compressor? Thanks

Hi wild 36.\015\012I think the problem may be a bad run capacitor. If the outside unit is humming with no action, that may be it.\015\012\015\012This could also cause the outside unit circuit breaker to trip.\015\012\015 ... Air Conditioners

AC, Fan-Auto, Fan-On... nothing works. the request from the Thermostat doesn't engage anything. Thermostat Dispay works. How do I know if it is getting the 24volts from the relay? I presume the display wouldn't work if the 24v from relay wasn't there. I have two separate systems in the house. So therefore, I pulled the thermostat off the base and tried it on the faulty system. No luck. Still same issue. Perhaps it's the Honeywell base itself? what electronics are in there that could fail? How ca

Open the air handler. Locate the low voltage transformer. One side is 220 volts input. The other is 24 volts output. Take your VOM and touch the test leads to the input to verify 220v in. Then touch the other 2 leads to verify 24v out.If you ha ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Dear Sir/Madam, I have a 12 years old Goodman split AC. Recently the blower in the air handler was not starting sometimes. I changed the capacitor, but the problem is still there. I guess that the fan relay switch may be bad. Where can I find the fan relay switch for Goodman center AC? The model no for air handler is AW24-05c, the serial no is 9904464660. You help will be much appreciated. Thanks, Sherman

... Goodman Air Conditioners

My fan on my heat pump turns off every time the compressor turns on. What could cause this. Could it be a faulty reversing valve? Fan relays? Bad thermostat? I am out of ideas and nothing has worked yet.

... Amana PTH123B35AE Air Conditioner

I have a Trane XE 1100 Heat Pump. It is not cooling. My air handler blower works. The outside fan does not. I changed out both capacitors. When you turn unit on you can hear the relay activate. Then only a hum. Is the fan motor bad or the relay? How do i test? The light on the module blinks once a second which is normal operation. Thanks

Probablly the fan. Do this test. Move the fan side to side. and up and down. Any more than 1000ths inch play and that motor is bad. When the bearing gets thin the rotor will rub the stator and lock up. This is called polling out. If the motor is stif ... Air Conditioners

I have an intertherm central air unit in my mobile home that does not change fan speed when I click the fan speed switch. I've checked the fan relay which is good and energized in the ac mode which should put the speed switch in the circuit. It is a PSC fan motor and I haven't checked the capacitor.

You may ahve a bad switch but sometimes when they are worked on the servicrman bypasses the switch. Fan speeds are color coded black high blue med yellow med high and red low. Just for your info. Russ ... Air Conditioners

There is power to the fan and you can hear it trying to turn(it does spin so its not the fan)but no air is blowing,could it be the fan motor,is there a way to tell if the motor is any good,or is there something else that I can check.I am currently unemployed so anything I can do to save a service call would really help. Thanks

I will need a little more information from you about your problem i am a hvac repair man and would be more than happy to help if you could e mail me more info [email protected] ... Air Conditioners

I have a 15 year old intertherm heat pump and the outside unit will not turn on. I can manually close the relay and the fan and condenser turns on. Is the relay bad or can anything else cause the relay to not close?

... Air Conditioners

Hello ,, i dont have power in my cooling fan , i try to change the fan but nothing ,, problably motherboard defect ? can i fix this ? i dont know what i do !! maybe from somewhere else to take the power for the FAN ??? please help ,,,

If you dont have a electronic air cleaner you could try connecting the blower to your eac terminal (wich stands for electonic air filter) on the board but if your board is out you might not have power to eac either and you will only be able to run ... Air Conditioners

Im working on a old Rheem pac unit with a faded model and serial number! When I arrived the condencer fan was running real slow and nothing else! One fuse was burned out in the pull box! The contactor was in very bad condition so I changed it! Now the fan runs still runs slow and its running with out the contactor engaged and when I ingage the contactor it blows the fuse!

Fan motor is going out or the capacitor to the fan is bad I suggest replacement of both the fan motor and the capacitor which should always be done any time you replace the motor. Also check your wiring again you have a wire connected to the fan tha ... Air Conditioners

My ruud deluxe 89 furnace is not working. The fan will work but does not blow hot air. When I move swith to Auto I hear the click, but nothing happens after that. I have changed the filters which were very bad and have changed the batteries to the thermostat. Van you help? I was hoping it was only a fuse or something like that. Im not sure where to find the fuse though. Thanks, Brayn

The directions on mines says to turn the pilot off for 5 min to clear gas out the pipeline. then turn it to the PILOT position and push down while lighting it, then once its lit turn it to ON. ive tried that but its not working. i dont know if im not ... Ruud Air Conditioners

We have an Encon Corinthian 3 speed ceiling fan with triple light. The switch for the fan no longer changes the speed. Is it possible to get another switch and how much would it cost? We tried to get one locally but could not get it to work. We were told to contact the manufacturer. Thank you for your consideration. Carol


Air handler fan runs but condenser fan and compressor won't, I changed the relay switch but still no results, is it the capacitor? It is an Armstrong, model # SCU10E36A-4. Thanks.

... Air Conditioners

I have an amana package system heat pump model number phb30c02e , sometimes the indoor blower will not kick on thus making no air come in the home at all throught the vents, i tried a new copasitor and the relay and dont think the motor itself is bad but am not completly sure , what else could be wrong to cause that or is there nothing else. any help will be greatly appreciated

Sometimes the thermostat can have a burnt place in the fan contacts. This stops the interior fan motor because the compressor wiring is not interconnected to the interior fan. The compressor command is the yellow wire. The interior fan command arr ... Amana Air Conditioners


Your problem is the thermostat if you read the instructions it will tell how to do it , some thermostat have some switches you probably have the settings for gas applications you need to set for electric or heat pump depending of type of brand some h ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I was looking at a 4 ton split system,goodman indoor and outdoor fans come on but no compressor think it's the relay but didn't see 1 in the furnace control board,is the relay inside the contactor on the condenser,thought i could change out the contactor but wanted to ask a tech 1st.

Try to put a booster cap in parallel with the compressor capacitor ,but if still the compressor won't start it has a problem and because it's hermetic it has to be replaced. ... Air Conditioners

Hello my air conditioner is not blowing cold air. It seems like only the fan is working. I set the temp to between 16-18 celcius and the temp that is showing is 28 celcius. Also is showing E5 on the ac small screen. It was serviced about 3 weeks ago and was working fine. This problem started about 2 days ago. Nothing has changed and nothing has been tampered with. Hope you can help Thanks :)

What did they do when it was serviced?It sounds like there may be a leak if it does not get cold at all anymore.Although,lasting 3 weeks,depending on how much you used it,it would be a very tiny hole leaking.The other most likely suspect would be the ... Air Conditioners

Changing from Intertherm thermostat to a Honeywell Thermostat. My sequence relay wont work. the wire is on the A/C fan blower side. How do you get the relay to work?

... Intertherm Air Conditioners


The capacitor in the electrical compartment has probably gone out, it will be a dual run configuration and a large round device with three terminals with multiple connections. Slao check all electrical connections. ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

I have a Duo-Therm Penguin model#610115405 that cools and the fan changes speed(slower) when the room gets cooled and the compressor kicks out, but the fan will not shut down.I have the same unit fwd in my RV that works fine. I tried switching the thermostat,ptcr relay and the capacitor that is below the ptcr. Any other suggestions ? Dont see anything that else that I can easily switch to check.Still not shutting down?

Hi,\015\012the relay that is suppling the power to the fan is welded shut and is not opening. This often happens with relays, the contacts get pitted and then they heat up and weld fast. The relays that run the fan faster and slower are still w ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Blower fan stays running. Fan relay attached to small circuit board (coil tabs [timer?]). Capacitor on small circuit board had ''fallen out'' of ic board. Tried to get replacement board, and was sold just a standard relay - told that relay alone replaced the previous relay -and- circuit board configuration (?). Problem still exists (no change). Also changed thermostat just to eliminate as a possible cause, but seems like problem must be in the fan relay area. Question about the wires attache

... Carrier Air Conditioners

My Sanyo ks2432a unit's motor makes a gear winding type noise. Sort of like a classic hot rod car that has a gear drive installed instead of a timing chain. When the motor ramps up to the next speed the pitch gets higher. Question is there a bearing that I could change? or would I have to replace the fan motor assembly? Thanks in advance!

... Sanyo 24KS32A Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

The fan on the Ruud furnice unit runs all the time but the Ruud ac unit is not kicking on . I know nothing about any of this but would like some Ideas what I might check. I went outside and could not find any kind of breaker on the outside unit. I do have a breaker inside and I turned it off and waited then turned it back on ..no change...

Some Ruuds have a red rubber cap reset button on the bottom of the unit or inside. Usually the fan quits and trips the switch. Or look at the metal run cap with 3 leads on it, if it looks bulged(concave on top) and not flat and sunk in, replace tha ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

When i turn on my camper ac, the fan will come on but nothing else.... the compresser does not come on. could it be the starting capacitor? do you sell parts? if so how much does a starting capacitor cost?

Hi! several factor to check out should be done,have you hear if the compressor is humming before this will trip off,this is the signed sound when capacitor is busted,eventually you can test capacitor using tester setting to ohmmeter the two test rod ... Air Conditioners

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