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I Have a sharp CV10NH portable A/C and it comes on runs fine for a few minutes then the compressor turns off, the fan keeps running. After a while it comes back on and does the same. it doesn't stay on long enough to coll the room. I drained the water (about 1/2 gallon) but it still does the same thing.

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what you need to understand from here is that your sharp A/C system is ok but you need to fix up one particular thing in order to stop/ control this complain

the problem of the A/C is the thermostat it is the power controller of the compressor it is black in colour

it function is to distribute power from the main source of power supply to the compressor and the capacitor

it is black in colour and also small in size

it means that it is weak it need to be replace it may be beside the compressor or the capacitor

the compressor is like a black pot while the capacitor is like box also black in colour

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Dear Gtkermit\015\012
\015\012Visit to the given link and download the manual. this will solve your problem....\015\012

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I Have a sharp CV10NH portable A/C and it comes on runs fine for a few minutes then the compressor turns off, the fan keeps running. After a while it comes back on and does the same. it doesn't stay on long enough to coll the room. I drained the water (about 1/2 gallon) but it still does the same thing.

Hello,what you need to understand from here is that your sharp A/C system is ok but you need to fix up one particular thing in order to stop/ control this complain the problem of the A/C is the thermostat it is the power cont ... Sharp CV10NH Air Conditioner

I have a comfort zone heater model cz330 and it will come on for approx. 1 minute and then click off and then come back on for another min. It does not stay on long enough to heat. What is wrong?

Check your heating sensor. ... Air Conditioners

We have a type 1f56-444 thermostat control the unit will not stay on long enough to come up to the desired temp. I can turn it down n count to five then turn It back up an It comes right in and sounds normal but will only run one or two cycles then i have to help it again. Do u think a new thermostat control will help this?

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Didn't stay on long enough.... Friedrich thru wall unit flashing 06 (OD Coil <173 for two minutes) Comp didn't even start I've changed batteries in t-stat, installed a piersing valve to check psig, having trouble getting the comp. to come on. Cap is good, comp windings are good, r-1 doesn't seem to be kicking on?

06 error code is low refrigerant ... Friedrich CP06C10 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have an Amana 93IIQ Air Command Gas Furnance. The unit is running for a little while and then shuts off. After an hour or so it comes back on, but is not staying on long enough to get the temperat

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Ac won't cool after power outage two days ago. Tech replaced the thermostat. It comes on but does not stay on long enough to cool house. It is set to 73 right now and the thermostat says it's 86 deg...feels like 96 (we're in Arizona!)

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Water no longer drains for Everstar portable ac unit. The AC function stays on, but cold air only comes out for 5 or 10 minutes at a time. How do I get the water to drain so it functions properly aga

Just clean the pipe and it will work fine ... Air Conditioners

The fan is coming on but the compressor is not.Even after the unit has been off all night (long enough to cool down or ice to melt) the compressor does not come on.

All window unit compressor have a thermal breaker mounted on it. It is to protect it from overload. On a hot summer compressor work harder to keep us cool. Sometimes this thermal breaker fails for good. Unplug the ac. Open it, on the compressor there ... Fedders AED24E7F Wall/Window Air Conditioner

It will ignite then shuts off after 5 mins, it sounds like as if there is not enough gas going thru, like wind blowing it off before it shuts down. I have tried to restart a few times but it doesnt light up long enough.

What you hear is what's called a "Cold Burner". Turn the appliance OFF wait a couple of minutes and turn it back ON. If you can gradually turn the burner up, do so. The noise you heard should have stopped. If it didn't you may have a low gas pressure ... Air Conditioners

Hello, I have a Ruud 10 seer unit in the condo i rent...it frequently stops cooling. The fan inside never shuts off, but the unit outside won't come on often enough to cool to the temp on thermostat. When the A.C. guy comes all he does is drain some water from the inside unit and it works fine for awhile. Can you explain how I can do that myself...as it's very hard to get him here. Thank you.

It sounds like the air cond is freezing up, and as he melts the ice off he evaporator coil you will have air flow again. When the evaporator, (which is the coil that absorbs the heat from your condo) is frozen over, no air flow can pass through it. ... Ruud Matching Split Air Conditioner

It will only stay lit for 2 to 3 seconds. it will not stay lit long enough to heat the house.

Clean flame sensor. ... Air Conditioners

The compressor doesnt come on enough to cool my room down.I have it set on the lowest cold setting which is 55 degrees,but i still wake up sweating .The unit is only a few months old.

Hmm.. that doesnt soud right... best thing to do is call the store and see what the warranty is and what they are willing to do for you... (a/c units comes with at least one year warranty with the manufact.) i am not sure with the store... ... Air Conditioners

Water management in breezair not working there is no water comeing into the unit .if i push the floter the water enters once i let go it stops. and the drain stays open..

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Brand New A/C stops blowing cold air half way through the day when I leave it on all day. Also it's like the blower shuts down as well. And when this happens if I turn the knob from low, medium or to high the units blower volume does not change. It just stays as it was when it shuts down. Hardly any air coming out of it at all. My R.V. guy tells me that all A/C's do this because the park I am in is not furnishing enough electricy, but it only happens to my A/C. Everyone else's A/C will be w

Please check the voltage and the current factor on your power outlet., If you happen to observe that the plug pins are heating then there is insufficient current on the plug point. \012if the voltage goes down after the ac starts the power is d ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

We are staying at my aunt w/ a honeywell. we turned the unit off for 2 days because the weather was nice enough for just the windows. now it is hot and humid. when we use the digital wall thermostat, we hit cool, it blinked, then we hit done. the unit outside turns on, but no cold air comes out of the vents.

Ck and make sure the fan is on automatic or on on at the thermostat. good luck ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Temco ADF3322P/FR3322P vent free fireplace. Pilot stays on only when control knob depressed. I replaced pilot assembly. Solenoid valve containing an electromagnet, will not engage or attract the plunger(valve) when pilot is on. There is .018 millivolts coming from thermocouple to solenoid valve, but not enough magnetic attraction to withdraw plunger allowing gas flow to burner. Can't find new solenoid, can electromagnet be remagnetized? Or is this really the problem? thank you

... Air Conditioners

Burners kick on, but only stay on for 30 seconds at most. Does not run long enough to even begin to heat the box and then the house

Ok if the burners cking on we know it works,\015\012 but then shuts down for whatever reason,\015\012 we can inpect a few things quickly to see whats going on...\015\012 make sure you have a clean filter, \015\012 it sound ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Carrier 9200 thremostat set at 69 and the room temp is only 60 heat comes on for a little while but not long enough to reach the right temp

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I drained the internal tank and reinstalled the external tank but after an hour the red light comes back on. I checked the external tank but it is empty. It doesnt look like there is any water being pumped into the external tank.

All it needs is was the drain plug removing and the water draining out if it doesnt thenMay be a vacume hose leak.Most of the time if there is a problem the light on the stat will flash the fault code on the defrost board. Do you have yo ... Danby DPAC9031 Air Conditioner

My house never gets above 72/72 degrees and at night its around 64/66 degrees. The thermostat is at 90 degrees. It seems like the ignitors do not stay fired up long enough. What do I need to replace, pleasse don't say control board..

It could be a couple of things. without knowing the model number.\015\012Could the flame sensor not sensing the flame and cycling on and off or it may be an exhaust fan switch causing the flame to cycle on and off. watching the flame while its runnin ... Gibson Air Conditioners

The thermostat is set for 72 the house is 85 right now and the outside unit fan comes on for about 3 minutes but not long enough to cool the house what is going on? please can you assist me

Please check freon pressures may be too low or too high , ... Intertherm P3RC-030K Air Conditioner

Put new digital thermostate in trailer furnace works a/c doesnt. when i hook up all wires with jumper on hunter thermostate the blower for ac comes on and stays on

Different manufacturers may use different color wiring so you will need to do some tracing on your own. typically, W=heat, Y=cool, G=fan, RC+RH=24v. The jumper should typically go from RC to RH. This is just gen ... Air Conditioners

Have to set thermostat all the way up to 90 degrees to make it work and then sometimes it just cycles on an off until finally it stays on long enough to give us heat in the motorhome....this is a model 3107612...Etratech 50-001402 -A..is this adjustable somehow or do I need to order a replacement?

Keep thermostat @ 135* degree. 90 degree is some how, neutral end in which on and off cycling frequently happens and also affect the unit. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Royal Sovereign Portable AC/Heater ARP-5012xh and cannot find any info regarding my problem. Here's the deal: When in "heat" mode, the unit will turn off and on several times before finally turning off for several minutes before turning back on (and off...). I did manage to get it to stay on for a few minutes, but no air was coming out of the front vent although there was airflow from both of the rear vent hoses. I checked the drain - empty. I checked the vent hoses - clear of obstr

Make sure there is no obstruction anywhere on either coil,and the fan is turning,and turning the right way,I believe the fan turns in the opposite direction for heat.If this does not work,freon would be needed,even for the heat. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Pinguno PAC190 with an Fe error. I drain the water out of it. (about 1000 cc or more). It starts up but within 3 hours enough accumulates to turn it off and come up with the error. Any suggestions?

Air conditioners should not accumulate water and shut themselves off. You need to repair the drain. ... Air Conditioners

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