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I have a Trane XE 1100 Heat Pump. It is not cooling. My air handler blower works. The outside fan does not. I changed out both capacitors. When you turn unit on you can hear the relay activate. Then only a hum. Is the fan motor bad or the relay? How do i test? The light on the module blinks once a second which is normal operation. Thanks

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Probablly the fan. Do this test. Move the fan side to side. and up and down. Any more than 1000ths inch play and that motor is bad. When the bearing gets thin the rotor will rub the stator and lock up. This is called polling out. If the motor is stiff you can oil it with an HVAC approved oil called Zoomspout oil from ace hardware store. Zoomspout oil is non flammable temp resitant and is slow to disipate.

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I have a Trane XE 1100 Heat Pump. It is not cooling. My air handler blower works. The outside fan does not. I changed out both capacitors. When you turn unit on you can hear the relay activate. Then only a hum. Is the fan motor bad or the relay? How do i test? The light on the module blinks once a second which is normal operation. Thanks

Probablly the fan. Do this test. Move the fan side to side. and up and down. Any more than 1000ths inch play and that motor is bad. When the bearing gets thin the rotor will rub the stator and lock up. This is called polling out. If the motor is stif ... Air Conditioners


I believe that you are exactly right. If you would like to know the part number and cost of the board, just give me the brand of the unit and the model number. I will find the cheapest place to get the board. ... Air Conditioners

I have a split LG AC. The outside unit hums and the fan will not turn. I spun the fan blade and it started turning and kept spinning at a low speed with a loud hum. Is the fan motor bad?

Yes i would change the fan motor . and the capacitor ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

No Fan Somebody junked this thing, I guess because the fan doesn't work. Does anybody have any experience with the fan? I figure it has to be the relay (but I hear a click), the capacitor, or the fan motor (fan rotates freely). Before I perform surgery, I'd like to clarify the diagnosis. Thanks.

Danby DPAC8399Aftermarket (Post Warranty)Parts 800-496-6049 CanadaAsk for the motor start capacitor, cost me $38 with shipping ... Danby DPAC8399 Air Conditioner

I have an older 96 Sierra Cobra fifth wheel with a Durotherm Ducted A/C. When you turn it on you can hear the compressor humming and the lines get cold and icy, then thaw and get hot, but the condensor fan never comes on then it bogs itself down and cuts off. I just replaced the run and fan capacitor and it does the same. The fan motor spins freely and while it is on I can spin the blade but it never acts like it is going to run.

Replace the fan motor,the unit is working like it should other than the fan, the reason it is shutting off is called Thermal overload protection, This will always happen if the fan does not come on. ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

Mr. Slim Mitsubishi MSZA12NA fan is making noise. Could the fan motor be bad after only 2 years of use? Where do I find parts for this unit. Is there a potential other cause for this hum that increases in frequency with fan speed? Unit has performed excellent for past 2 years cooling and heating year round.

... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

AC unit outdoor fan motor does not come on as it should, but if I manually start the contactor relay / coil by pressing and holding the manual button on it the fan then comes on and goes off with the thermnosat; however, the air stays cool (that is blowing outside) and warm inside. The large capacitor does not look bad though.

It sounds like the contacts of the contactor are burnt/pitted. When this occurs, it can allow enough current to operate the fan motor but not enough to operate the compressor. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Fan motor wont start on its own. If i give it a turn, it will go. otherwise it just hums. Is there a relay or something i can try before replacing the motor?

Start capacitor sounds faulty. It stores higher voltage for start-up. ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I thought i smelled the ordor of burnt wire coming from somewhere in the house, which I could not figure out where it was coming from. I tried to regulate the therostat and found the a/c would not come on. So i turned off the unit for a few minutes to turned it back on and all i could hear was a loud humming sound of the motor, but no air were coming out of the vents. The outside fan is moving. I wonder what could be the problem.

Sounds like a siezed up blower motor inside your furnace if you were running your air conditioner with out the blower motor it will turn everything into a block of ice at your indoor coil you need to let this thaw out \015\012i would ... Air Conditioners

Frigidair lra127ct1 Does not blow air. Just hums and the condenser gets cold? Bad fan motor??

... Air Conditioners

This is Soleus KFR 18, and my problem is with the indoor unit: The green light blinks three times, which the install book says is a fan motor problem. I replaced the fan motor, and there's no doubt the old motor was bad (yellowed paint due to heat is visible). The problem is I still get the 3 green light diagnostic with the new fan motor. I've also replaced the fan blade assembly. At this point, I'm lost. John Parsons Winter Springs FL

If you take a close up photo shot with a digital camera I can help you with the control. You have a failed sensor that does not provide the necessary signal that the fan is running and doing it's thing. I need to see the control circuit. ... Soleus KFR-18 Air Conditioner

Motor good and not running possibly bad relay

Hey there, it seems you know a little about the troubleshootig. The first thing you need to do is see if the rela is trying to energize by checking for 24v accross the coil while it should be running. I am guessing that with a 1/8 hp this is the co ... Carrier 38BRC048 Air Conditioner

Old system has a 6006 aquastat wiring through line voltage of fan relay on board. New Trane a/h has variable speed motor no line voltage fan relay question: How to wire 6006 aquastat to new low voltage board i do have a 8222d relay for t-t from boiler that is wired to line voltage of fan relay. Thanks in advance Chris

Hello The easy way to bring the blower on for heating is if the thermostat has an ELECTRIC heat function or selector switch.That will bring on FAN during a call for heat.The aquastat won't be used. ... Air Conditioners

I have a tempstar 2000 heat pump approx 5 years old. The condenser fan blades will not rotate/operate; however, I can hear the motor hummming. When the unit is off, I can rotate the fan freely. When the unit is turned on, the fan sticks. Can anyone assist me with a DIY type fix until I can have it serviced? I think I have the same problem. The unit that I have is model CA3036VKA1 (Tempstar). I changed the motor. The old motor has 3 wires. It has a red,black & brown. The new motor(GE-5KCP39LG )t

I think this is a double problem post,so I will answer the top first.\015\012The fan capacitor may be bad or the motor it's self is seizing up and will need replaced.\015\012 \015\012Second portion of ... Air Conditioners

FAN MOTOR My fan motor wasnt turning just humming. It smelled burnt. I bought a new one and it does not turn.Just hums.

The run capacitor is probably bad. The run capacitor is usually a two part component. One part serves the fan and one part serves the compressor. Sometimes when they fail the fan will even run backwards instead of just stalling. Replace it. ... Weather King 12AJA4801AH Air Conditioner

Need to know what fan motor is used in the model 8333c876. ac apparently has a bad fan motor

... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

Indoor fan motor continue to run even if the thermostat is in auto position with the cool and heat switch in the off position. The furnance don't have a fan on and off switch in the furnance like most. The only way to turn the fan motor off is to turn off thr high power switch. I change indoor fan relay but the problem still exist.

Try this, disconnect the fanwire (green) on the furnace, if it shuts off then the hot wire from the thermostat is touching the green wire or bad thermostat. Thank-you-very-much! ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

A Nordyne air handler, model B3BV-030K, with 4 wire thermostat. Thermostat and AC works fine in "cool". Switch it to "heat" and nothing happens.No fan, no heat.(I have built in heat strips -resistors). I jumpered (on the nordyne circuit board-input from thermostat) from R to W. (24 volts from R to W, which should start the heater. Nothing. No relay "click" like when AC comes on. If i jumper R to Y, AC comes on ok. Does this sound like a relay gone bad on the circuit board? Or what? If relay bad,

Do you get heat when you jumper R, G & W? ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

Domestic rooftop ac unit. Fan will not spin. From thermostat i can hear the relay click on but no fan movement. From any setting it will not come on. I can hear the compressor spool up, but no fan? Tried to free spin it and it will not move?

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

When the AC fan shuts off, the compressor appears to be stuck. It continues to make a humming sound as though it is running. If I remove power and return power it hums momentarily and then shuts off. Is it OK to allow it to "hum"? I constantly kill the power when the fan shuts off in fear of harming the motor or compressor.

Yes, not good for compressor to stay on after being shut off, and hitting the breaker to stop it is a good idea. Sounds like you have a faulty/sticky relay. Not an expensive part, and shouldn't take any longer than 1/2 hr to change. Have a technician ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Condenser Fan Motor - Air Conditioner Fan Motor motor will not move the old or the new. it moves for 2 seconds than stop but still hum.

You need to check the capacitor it is more than likely the problem ... Continental CE-PAC1163 Air Conditioner

I have a heil -- model NUGK100DH12-- problem is when power is supplied to it the blower fan comes on right away along with the induction blower and it does have the electronic pilot which all works to thermostat setting. when setting is reached the flame shuts down normally and I think the induction motor cycles correctly, but the blower motor never cycles off. It's on constantly. I tried replacing the fan relay to no avail and am considering replacing the timed fan controller as the next move

... Air Conditioners

There is power to the fan and you can hear it trying to turn(it does spin so its not the fan)but no air is blowing,could it be the fan motor,is there a way to tell if the motor is any good,or is there something else that I can check.I am currently unemployed so anything I can do to save a service call would really help. Thanks

I will need a little more information from you about your problem i am a hvac repair man and would be more than happy to help if you could e mail me more info [email protected] ... Air Conditioners

Fan motor the consensor fan motor will not turn off when ac unit shuts down. the ac works fine...on and off but the fan outside continues to run. bad switch?

I have the same problem with mine, I would love to know what to do to fix it. I have turned the machine off at the power box.\015\012\015\012Mine is a Kelvinator split system ... Air Conditioners

Condenser fan replaced one year ago, fan not turning but can hear motor

The answer to your problem is most likely the motor start capacitor. A AC motor can run in both directions. The start capacitor is used to cause the current to lag behined the voltage which determines the direction the motor will turn. Its posible th ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

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