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Sears kenmore model 253-357371, vertical 10,000 btu how do i get the front cover off? purchased used and want to clean the spong. Removed the control knobs but does not want to come off?? Don't see any screws just were some little plastic clips that i have already broken. Can't find the manual online either so no help there.

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Sears kenmore model 253-357371, vertical 10,000 btu how do i get the front cover off? purchased used and want to clean the spong. Removed the control knobs but does not want to come off?? Don't see any screws just were some little plastic clips that i have already broken. Can't find the manual online either so no help there.

... Kenmore Air Conditioners

I have an old through the wall air conditioning unit 11 000 btu 1976, i want to service it. How do you remove it ? I don't see any screws on the casing ! but it wont budge (move)

... Fedders A&B Chassis A1A07W2B Air Conditioner

I purchased a house with a mr slim unit and i cannot find any operating instructions for the remote anywhere on the internet. I see below someone had the same issue and the result was a link to the manual. Even that didn't have instructions. Shouldn't this unit have an auto function based on the temperature? I dont want it to run 24 hours a day.

Hi,\012You can find anything you need at www.mrslim.com\012Here is a tip about trouble shooting your ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner


Check the condensor unit. May be dusty. Clean it. If still problem replace capacitor. ... Coleman 15000 Btu Rv Roof Air Conditioner With Heat

I have an older friedrich 25000 btu model:KL25J30A-3. I came home about an hour ago and the house was cool, but its 100 degrees here in San Antonio-so I went to set it to 'med cool' and dialed it to 'cooler', and it didnt seem to want to come on at all. I checked the fuse, and suire enough, it was burnt out. I replaced the fuse. When I turned it back on, it sounded a little weird-dont know how to describe it-like not running to full capacity. There is NO air coming out of the vents, but the A/C

... Air Conditioners

I need to remove my gas fireplace (majestic dvt36rn) in order to remove a dead something behind it (corner install) I can't see any screws and I don't want to just rip at it. A manual would be

Usually 1 panel comes off and under it are the screws. look with a good lite up and toward the front from behind the screen or door assy. usually these first screws are located there and are probably black. ... Air Conditioners

TRANE XR13 - Don't Want to Get Ripped on maintenance! Maintenance guy says that the gasket is leaking on the fan motor. There was very little oil that i could see. He also says the bearings are getting worn because the fan blade has about 1/4 up/down movement when pulled away from the motor. Are they trying to hose me?

Hi,\015\012Do not let them change the motor as long as it is still running...I have seen them run like that for many years...yes, it could fail tomorrow or it could run for years...unless you absolutely need that unit to run with out failure... ... Air Conditioners

Model coleman mach 8333c8714 serie 8000 my a/c start for 2-3 minutes and than the a/c shut down but the fan still working!! after a few minutes , it want to start again but dont seem to be able to. you can ear the clicker goes off and the compressor dont want to start.Does that all the time. maybe the compressor?? dont know ?? can i get some advise or tips please .

\015\012COLEMAN R.V. AIR CONDITIONER SERVICE AND REPAIR QUESTIONS\015\012COLEMAN R.V. PRODUCTS\015\012GO TO rvcomfort.com\015\012Click on RVP (RV PRODUCTS) \015\012Click on type of AC, if you can’t find the informa ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I read on the honeywell thermostat T8400C that if the reading went blank, try changing the batteries. The only way i see to get inside the thermostat is to unscrew a couple of screws. However, on the outside it says, "Do not remove screw". How do I change batteries on this thing without removing the screws? Beyond that, what can i check?

This unit gets it's power from the air handler transformer. Check your breakers, then take the front cover off the furnace or air handler and check for a blown fuse. If a fuse did blow, there might be some other problem. Replace the fuse, and h ... Air Conditioners

My central AC is not blowing any air through the vents , the air handler is going the outside condenser is going but no air circulation only a small amount in the bathroom no other place.How can I jump the thermostat out to see if that section of the thermostat is bad. I have a White Rogers S.P.D.T. CLG 1.5 Amps. Max MTG: .15 to 1.2 Amps Max. 30 Volts A.C. TYPE 1F56W-444 . LR27935 0321 Class 2 Rev. D . How can I jump this out to see if the fan section is activating the system. I want to see

Check for fan blade obstruction, possibly something binding up the blades of the fan stopping your air circulation, also the duct work may have come loose from the main air supply register, dropping off air to the rooms, it could be something as simp ... Air Conditioners

My plan jane evcon thermostat is not wired right. The furnace works fine. The air conditioner will only come on when you push the lever up hotter than it is in the room instead of cool. It will then run, but runs and runs and will not shut off. There are 4 wires, red that is hooked to screw with B by it because the blue wire has a piece of paper on it with a Y and is hooked to the Y screw, white that is hooked to one with W and green wire is hooked to the screw with G. little short red wir

Hi,\015\012Okay....two things to check on...\015\012make sure that the terminals and the wires are matched in the t-stat and the furnace board...R-R Y-Y G-G W-W ....if everything matches up then you have a fried t-stat... What you are say ... Air Conditioners

Amana air command 80 SSE started makeing humming sound id shut it off and wait a few minutes and it would work again been doing this for about a week and now its not working what so ever it was blowing cold air but when humming it wasnt blowing anything at all i checked to see if the fans were binding up but their spining freely any ideas i see a sensor light but i dont know how that works either. please help im melting thanks

Sounds as if the motor is heating up and shorting.Call a pro to find out for sure. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier inline furnace humidifier. the DNA humidistat is not calibrated correctly. I see a plastic set screw with a square head, which appears to be the calibration screw, but I do not have a tool to reach it. Is there a special tool for this?

Yes usually there is a special tool for that it comes in the form of a plug spanner. Usually with a flexible stem before the head.Although you could also use a range of other tools to reach it since it is plastic if you get a pair of tweezers y ... Air Conditioners

ASU36CLX. On my split unit I wanted to know how to remove the cover inside my house to clean the rollers which is very dirty. Can anyone tell me how to remover it with break the cover I have already removed the bottom screws none on the top yet the top part of the cover don't want to come off

Better to brush and vacuum clean the outside of the filters first ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

My furnace pilot light will not light this is an automatic lighting furnace there's been a little water from the evaporator that leaked down into it you can see a little rust forming please let me kno

You need to replace the Pilot sensor ... Air Conditioners

Our fujitsu aircon model number arje4 keeps on flashing back to the timer...we dont want to you the timer and we dont know why it was set like that..it also short the fuse outside in the electricity box...

... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have an 8 liters instant heater bought from Kisense co. in China. The cold water entry valve has been change last winter due to freeze for a new one, but the water do not come warm enough. I see two adjustment screws on this valve, i would like to know the purpose of these screws and the proper way to set it. I send two emails to kisense but that seem to sleep over there. Have a nice day

I think this is not an air conditioner. Please find different category to ask for advice. ... Air Conditioners

My Goldstar Dehumidifier has stopped My Goldstar Dehumidifier has stopped working . I have opened it completely up and after cleaning it out, things look fine. For a little while before the shutdown it was making noise as it was starting up. Now nothing will happen on the LCD screen. When I plug it in I hear a beep like it wants to More My Goldstar Dehumidifier has stopped working . I have opened it completely up and after cleaning it out, things look fine. For a little while before the shut

Try the following tests.\015\012A.- First unplugged the rotary switch and plugged in the dehumidifier \015\012and it runs.\015\012B.- So figured that the rotary switch which is basically a \015\012potentiometer was failing. Took out your ... Air Conditioners

I would like to fill my dead a/c unit with a ''do it yourself'' R134 retro-fit kit- which I did once before on an Izusu I owned. I just want to know if its ok to do it without vaccuming the old R12 out-the system has been dead for a while and the compressor is still good-I know how much to put in 34 oz or less than 2 lbs-and being that the car is so old I dont want to shell out 200 bucks to have a shop do it ( that is the low estimate) thanks in advance-Z

No way .. the lub used in r12 is not compatable with r134 .. and you cant mix the two refrigerants ...also if the system has been "dead" for awhile then its likely to have air/moisture in the system .. moisture is very bad .. it can cause inter ... Air Conditioners

Twinning problem My goodman GMP 075 3 furnace took a dump this morning. The status light flash continuously. I consult ---''the chart''--- and see twinning and polarity errors. I checked the other answers and want to make sure the primary leads are the ones on the main power coming in from the house. I don't have a problem switching them but don't want to fry something I might need later.

Induction fan motor is getting no power from control; modul ... Goodman Air Conditioners

The amana ap095r drain pan gets very dirty and mucky... but after unscrewing the back cover so I could vacuum both coils I dont see a way to clean the drain pan. The pan is part of the entire bottom (one big piece of plastic) and I can see the slime but cant clean it. Anyone have any ideas? Why wouldnt they make a detachable pan?

Pour some Mr. Clean in the pan and somehow use anything that will fit to clean the pan. Add more water to thepan and allow it to drain.\012\012As far as why they do that...They want to ensure you take it back for service so they can screw ... Amana AP095R Portable Air Conditioner

I dont want to run the daily water recycler

Buy central air ... Mastercool 67471 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

On my maytag M7Y10F2A-F 10000BTU i dont have a owners manual just want to know what the 19 ti 31 rage ib the control means... is 19 the coldest or going up....is going up higher than 19 make the air

... Maytag M7Y10F2A Air Conditioner

My central want come on inside or out dont even buss

Check all the circuit breakers first. Next, move the fan switch at the thermostat from auto to run. If the unit has power the fan should run. If it doesn't then start by checking the 24vac transformer. Let me know what you find. ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Is it normal to see a little amount of water outside the unit

HELLO THERE:\015\012yes you will have a little bit of waterin the tray: but alwys make sure that the drain is open and unclogged if you unit will not drain this could cause the unit to freeze over and eventually ruin the compressor ok so ... Samsung Air Conditioners

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