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I have a colman evcon split unit, I had a guy replace the thermostat (old electronic, new mercury) and everthing worked fine. One week later out side unit stopped and was frosted over on the outside. I can push the contactors on the outside unit and got power. I traced wiring down to transformer. I replaced the transformer with one with a circutbraker built in. When i turn the brakers on the transformer curcuit breaker trips...I followed the wiring on the transformer to the best of my ability, h

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Hi, you do have a dead short in the control side of the system. Good that you bought a transformer with the breaker. Most people don't and will smoke several of them. Anyway, it is a split system. If it was iced up, it must be a heat-pump, not gas fired. The problem will be in either the stat wiring from stat to indoor unit, to outdoor unit, and if a wire is not grounded in the stat wires, one of the 24volt controls have a dead short as the breaker trips instantly. Here is what you will need to do. You will need to do a process of elimination on all of the 24volt controls. I would start at the outdoor unit as you engaged the contactor by finger to check for power. If you see no stat wiring outside touching, the coil on the contactor is 24 volts and may be the shorted control. Coil could be bad. Pull a wire off the coil,there will be 2 wires at the sides. I am sure you know which are the low voltage controls if you can replace a transformer, this is great. You can find this pretty easy. If you pull a wire off one side and reset the unit and the breaker does not trip, then you know the low voltage coil is compromised. If it trips, go to the next low voltage control as the 24 volt coil on the rsv ( reversing valve ) and unplug it. If you have the schematic handy, it will show you all of the componants on the low voltage side/secondary side of unit that you will need to check until the breaker stops tripping. This is the best way to find the culprit!! I have done this for 33 years as a contractor and I am sure you will find this short very soon by doing this. Here is a tip for you also. Sometimes on the transformers that have these tiny resets on them, will wear out pretty fast. What you can do is take a 3 to 5 amp automotive type fuse and on the 24 volt side of the transformer you just cut the red/ hot wire/24v. and crimp a female stak-on to each end of the wire you cut. Then plug each end onto the fuse.Use some electrical tape around it so any bare metal that may be showing will not touch and blow fuse. This is a good way to protect all transformers that have no breaker if you end up with a short. Cheaper to replace a fuse then to keep replacing transformers every time! The fuse will just blow and you can start looking for the short. Now on your unit you can go to the indoor section where the transformer is that you put in. You can eliminate the thermostat and control wiring to the indoor unit and outdoor unit real fast so you know where or which section the short is in. Just kill main power, now where your stat wiring terminates you will disconnect from the control board. Since you have a heat pump you will have more control wires to work with, so either draw a diagram or use the one on your panel to reattach. Remove the wires from the board that take off to the stat first and supply power back to it. If the breaker holds, you will know the short is either the stat wiring from the indoor unit are touching somewhere/grounded or at the stat.You will then know that's where the short is as you have narrowed your search way down. If it trips, you will do the same to the control wires that go to the outdoor unit. If you disconnect it at the board and it holds, you will know it is from the wiring there to the outdoor unit! So, you either have wires grounded from there out or a low voltage control part has burned out. If you remove all of the control/thermostat wires at the board to the indoor and outdoor unit and it still trips, the short will be in the indoor unit which will more then likely be the board itself. Yes sir, this is really a very easy fix for you and I feel you have the ability to do this checks your self. The short has to be on the low voltage side of the transformer as you have proved that! You traced it right back to the transformer secondary low voltage side. So, just take your time and follow my instructions the best you can, and you will find out which part of the system the short is in and then narrow the search down further! I have a hunch the coil is burned/shorted on the contactor :) A place to start by pulling one little wire off the coil. I know this is a long explanation but I wanted you to understand and help you as much as possible on how to tackle this. Sounds difficult but it is not at all. It is either a low volt componant on the outdoor/indoor/ thermostat/ or stat wiring. If none of those, with all low voltage wires removed at board and it still trips, the board is shorted to ground. You can kill power to indoor unit and carefully take the board loose to look at the back side for any hot spots and you will know its the board. I had one totally smoked on a 5 ton package heat pump yesterday in fact!!! I could not see it until I pulled the board/defrost board out far enough to see it, but I knew it was the problem as it would not control the reversing valve, fan control, or run the condenser fan motor. Please drop me a line and let me know how you are doing, please. I would love to know that you were able to find it as I know you will. Best of luck to you.

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I have a colman evcon split unit, I had a guy replace the thermostat (old electronic, new mercury) and everthing worked fine. One week later out side unit stopped and was frosted over on the outside. I can push the contactors on the outside unit and got power. I traced wiring down to transformer. I replaced the transformer with one with a circutbraker built in. When i turn the brakers on the transformer curcuit breaker trips...I followed the wiring on the transformer to the best of my ability, h

Hi, you do have a dead short in the control side of the system. Good that you bought a transformer with the breaker. Most people don't and will smoke several of them. Anyway, it is a split system. If it was iced up, it must be a heat-pump, not gas fi ... Air Conditioners

Where can I find a wiring digram for the transformer it has 4 wires going into it on the hot side then to comming out on the 24 volt side.I took the old one out to replace it and cannot seam to get the wires hooked back the way they were.The unit works by pushing on the points but not from the thermostatIt is also brand new model no is PCK036-1 we only use the air side not the heat.

It sounds as if you have a multi-tap transformer. That is, the primay voltage can be 120, 208/240, 480. Most all transformers have their legends printed righ on them. Usually the 4 wires are a common and the other wires to the incoming voltage by i ... Air Conditioners

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Pls connect capacitor terminal as folow\015\012\015\012\015\012 fan = connect wire come from fan\015\012 C = common -connect 1 wire from power\015\012 - connect1 to compressor term R\ ... Intertherm P3RC-048K Air Conditioner

I need the wiring diagram to wire a thermostat to the outside unit. Which wire goes where ? My Thermostat has four wires, green, red, white, and yellow. My Outside unit has three wires that are not connected ... a red wirte to a transformer, a yellow wire to what appears to be a relay, and a blue wire to the relay switch. Thanks.

The thermostat wires are this, Red is 24 volts hot, Yellow is cooling, Green is fan,indoor, and white is heat.The outdoor unit wires up to the indoor units terminal board, not the thermostat.The red will go to the R or red 24 volt wire at the furnace ... Air Conditioners

We salvaged a Goodman outside unit HDP24-1B and an inside WM25CR from one of our renovation projects. These were the best looking units from about 10 total in a Church we converted to daycare. The HVAC subcontractor tried to install the unit in our guest house and is having trouble due to no wiring diagram. He said if I find diagram he can hook up. All is done now except running wires from the inside unit to the outside unit. Can you help? After all this I hate to throw units away. Though

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Some thing or some one has broken your wire harness to control the outside (condenser) unit.The blue wire is the common wire.The yellow wire brings on the compressor from the thermostat.If this is a heat pump you will probably have ... Weather King 10AJA3001AH Air Conditioner

I have a Tempstar 9000 airconditioning unit and while I was weed wacking I accidently cut a wire to the unit. I replaced the wire but now the unit wont turn on and also my furnace blower wont work even in the "on" position. I have a energy saver unit attched to the a/c unit as well. One wire connects to the a/c unit and the other to the energy saver. If I push the connector on the unit with the panel off the unit will run. Cansomeone tell me how to connect those four wires?

Hello TLOEKS You blew the transformer FUSE inside the blower unit! It should be a 5amp blade fuse like the one that goes in a car.It is located at the curcit board at the blower compartment.Replace that to restore low voltage power and every thing wi ... Air Conditioners

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It is 98 degrees outside, and my AC is only cooling the house to around 84 degrees I am so upset. It is a new unit about 2 years old, and I got a bigger unit than I used to have.  My old unit was fine but then it pooped out and I got a new one and this one has never really mad the house really really cold or hot like I want.

Sounds like have charge problem. You need aservice tech to check this. Make sure you ask him to check the unit split. Which means the temp. of the air coming into your reurn or filer area and temp of the air at your closest outlet. The difference bet ... Ruud UAKA048 Air Conditioner

Heat pump gets ice covered when heat is on. Cooling works fine. There is two brown wires coming from the unite in the attic to the outside unite. One of the wires has come loose from the outside unit. I don't know where it goes or if this is what is causing the freezing. Thank you, Ky Girl

Hello,KY the defrost function is not working.The wire goes to frost sensor or the outside unit control.It is LOW voltage wire.Turn the unit off and carefully look for a abandond/bare wire.Maybe a single wire with a wire nut/cap or splice.Reconnect th ... Air Conditioners

Wiring transformer Trying to install a transformer. The units wires are yellow, black, red and blue. The transformer has green, blue, orange,and white wires not sure what goes were. I have already burned one transformer.

You have a "Multi-Tap" transformer, and should have a white label on it with wiring. ... Air Conditioners

Where do I start? Firstly "It" never worked from the day it was installed, Then one technician came out and got the heating cycle going after taking Circuit board away and re-soldering some connections and said it was fixed.... The next Technician that came got both cycles going but Jet stream suddenly stopped ??? And Now I have had a "Mouse" climb in the back of the unit through the Plumbing hole and chewed one thin grey wire going to the thermostat sensor and dammaged a thin yellow wire a

Hello Bob,Thanks for using FixYa.I suggest that you try to contact and A/C technician. Trying to post your issue here wont help much. If some mouse messed up the wiring you should be able to easily put the wiring back by just ... Air Conditioners

Shut unit down for cleaning, outside unit will not start now, I have line voltage at the contactor but the contactor will not engage.one wire from the thermostat runs to a little black box next to the contactor (white) the red one runs to a device down by the dryer on one side and back to the black box on the other side. Both of these wires come out of the box and attach to either side of the contactor.Could this piece be the problem or is it the black box.If I manually engage the contactor the

You are talking about the low voltage transformer ... Ruud Handle Air Conditioner

Putting a mod#rth7500d1007 50033225-001 rev-a the wire inside house is only one wire outside has two four wire hook up do we need to chain to one wire only how maney wire do we need to hook up unit right

HI; A heat pump requires an 8 conductor wire for control low voltage wiring...Thats from the condensor to the air handler and from the t stat to the air handler... ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

One of my AC units froze up. I cut the unit off. after it defrosted I turned it back on soon after we smelled wires burning. I turned the unit off. Now when I turn the unit on the outside comp. goes on but the air handler will not turn on , I checked the low volt fuse it is fine and ther is no reset switch, what could have happened there are no burnt wires inside the air handler.

You may have a couple of problems now. The original issue of icing up is most commonly due to low refrigerant in the a/c. For this you will need a professional to correct.The second problem sounds like it may be a bad capacitor for the in ... Air Conditioners

MSX-09NVII Three units of this type connect to one MUX-18NV on roof. Has worked for lastfew years OK. Identical set in another part of house works fine. All wiring seems in place . All units have power. No unit will start on remote control or on local emergency push button. No 12dc signal to roof unit visible when emergency button pushed. Ideas welcome.

... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

My thermostat wires got pulled out of my outside unit and need to put them back but dont know where to start. The wires coming out of unit are blue and yellow and the norm thermostat wiring witch wires go where

Hello Cadbiad Jason, \015\012\015\012I understand that your wires go to you outside unit (condensor) have been pulled out. To start with you have two thermostat wires look like telephone wire, and three power wires a ground u ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman Furnace model#GDS80703AXBC.The unit is one year old and ran fine until the gas got shut off accidently outside at the meter.Unit was cycling with no gas for 2 days.we turned the gas back on and the unit is showing one light blinking for over cycle trys.The unit did eventually start up but it does not fire up after each time the thermostat is calling for heat.The unit has been running like this for about 10 days now.I have replaced the Diagnostic computer, glow igniter,flame sens

The only part not replaced so far is the gas valve. Because the gas valve is getting power does not mean it is opening.You could also have gotten trash(corrosion/scale) in the valve orifice and or the burner orifices.Is there a drip ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Thermostat wires running from house to outside Kenmore AC unit were chewed by dog. Got replacement wire. Took panel off. There were three encased wires running into AC unit that were chewed. Only see placement for two, which are still connected. Connections are RED and WHITE from house connected to a YELLOW each. Looked at diagram on inside panel and do not see any wires missing. Any suggestions?

If you have a central air conditioner, or a split system, where the indoor unit is attached to the furnace and a outdoor unit is located outside of the home. 2 copper lines will be connected to it, a larger and a smaller one. If it is a air condition ... Air Conditioners

Hello I live in Las Vegas and have a tempastar 2200 heat pump. The unit is approx 6 years old. The fan motor was making alot of noise and then quit. When I inspected the motor there was alot of play in the shaft. I got a replacement motor a 1/3 hp instead of the 1/4 hp motor that came out. Unfortunatley I wired it wrong and fried the new one. Then I had a a/c tech come out and take a look at the wiring. He wired the burt one and added a capacitor and told me to wire the replacement the same way.

Depending on where you bought the motor, you should be able to return it for a warranty exchange...seeing as how the motor is only a month old.Before replacing the motor, I would first inspect the blades. If the blades are out of pitch o ... Air Conditioners

I have a bryant out door unit heat pump 661cj030-a. I recently lost the 27vac transformer in the indoor unit. Replaced it and ran fine for 4 weeks. I lost the 27vac again but wasnt tranformer this time. Outside unti was holding the 27 volts down. I disconnected all outputs to logic bd on outside unit only leaving wires connected from inside unit. 27 volts held up. I started putting outputs back on. lost the 27volts when i connected defrost thermostat to logic bd. I ohmed out thermostat and it sh

... Air Conditioners

Wired wrong emergancy heat doesnt work and unit freezes up outside i need a wiring diagram no one knows how to wire this haier unit

In order to correctly wire the unit you must have 6 wires outside and a thermostat that will be able to have a aux heat setting if you have further questions tthen email me @ hvac ... Air Conditioners

I have a ten year old carrier heat pump unit. I recently replaced the indoor tstat. the outside contact and the transformer. Had a tech put freon in the unit also. I have to problems one is the airflow is minimal coming out of the vents it has new air filter and I cleaned the inside and outside unit coils. And the second problem is the ac with not get cold.

Two things are the most likely culprit. First check ytour inside coil with the unit running for 10 minutes or more and see if the coil is sweating there should be water running off of it. Also after one hour is there ice forming on it. These problems ... Air Conditioners

I purchased a 60-Amp Cutler-Hammer Fusible Pullout Air Conditioner Disconnect to replace my older (over 20 years) one for my AC/Heating unit inside the house. Looking for a wiring diagram as I have 2-wires coming into the box (hot) from my circuit breaker box (which I have turned off) and two wires going to the outside AC unit. Thanks. Jim

The two wires coming from the breaker box go to the terminals marked "LINE". The two wires going to your AC unit go to the terminals marked "LOAD". \015\012\015\012Hope you find this to be very helpful. :-) ... Air Conditioners

During an electrical storm my unit experience a power surge that caused my step down transformer to burn. Replaced step down transformer and check my voltage without thermostat connected. The compressor unit does not come on and my condenser unit only hums. What else could I be over looking outside of purchasing a new one.

Chances are that if your Air Conditioner was the recipient of a high voltage transient that took out your transformer, that same transient could very well have smoked any number of other components in the control system. It may not be worth investing ... Air Conditioners

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