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I have a AZ38H15DADM1 that works fine in heat mode and in AC mode it works great until it reaches the temp it thinks it should be, then it cuts off and never cuts back on without me physically turning the knob to the fan for a minute or so and then switching it back to AC. Any suggestions??

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I have a AZ38H15DADM1 that works fine in heat mode and in AC mode it works great until it reaches the temp it thinks it should be, then it cuts off and never cuts back on without me physically turning the knob to the fan for a minute or so and then switching it back to AC. Any suggestions??

... GE Zoneline AZ38H12DAD Split System Air Conditioner

I have LG Art Cool LSP 122A problem is after turning on works for 5 min. and compressor cuts out and won't turn back on again , indor fan still runnig. After pressing operation mode selection button and skipping operation mode compressor will start again but work only 5 min .

... LG Air Conditioners

Honeywell Receiver/Valve Model No. RV8310D,E can be operated by switching to a manual mode which will turn the fireplace insert on at level 6 flame hieght (the highest), and top fan speed, no adjustments possible. To turn it off I switch it back to the remote setting. When using the remote which works sometimes on the auto mode, I can set the thermostat to a temperature below what the temperature is in the room, the fireplace may or may not go on, but when the thermostat temperature is reached

This sounds like a control board problem. ... Air Conditioners


Hi, You have a heat-pump, this I do no. The reason it is shutting down from how you have explained it to me, is the compressor is shutting down due to high pressure and it is going off on the internal overload. When the compressor cools down, it star ... Air Conditioners

I have a DeLonghi CF210 and I'm getting the "E3 Fault" code on the main screen. It will not power up in Air Conditioning mode, but the fan mode will run. I saw where someone suggested it is a voltage problem, and have tried it in several outlets to no avail. This problem happened to me about a week ago and I turned it off for a while (10-20 minutes), then turned it back on and it worked again for a week before giving me the E3 Fault error today. I do not have the financial resources to sen

Remote controller comms error. Check wired correctly, if so check dipswitch in RC. Set to Sg for 1 unit, or Gr for group then reset power ... DeLonghi CF210 Portable Air Conditioner

I don't know what model my fan is, but it's only 3 years old and suddenly two days ago the light and fan quit working. We replaced the light switch on the wall-nothing. Took apart whatwe could of the fan to look at the wiring-all intact. We then replaced the battery in the remote and it instantly worked fine again. After putting it all back together it stayed lit with the fan working for about two hours at which time I turned it off using the wall switch. I immediately tried turning it back on a

That may be, because you were using the Remote Control to operate it, but then turned off the wall switch instead of turning it off using the Remote Control.Turn the wall switch back On and try to get the Remote Control to take back over ... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

Hi i recently purchased a used convair portable supacool 9 air conditioner the first time i switched it on it appeared to work ok but the next time i turned it on it is working on normal fan mode but when i turn it to air conditioner mode it is doing exactly the same as on normal fan mode the compressor does not appear to be working and is not making the extra noise that it was the first time i have tryed all the switchs including the thermostat but there is only a very simple to use set up any

... Convair Portable Air Conditioner

I have a Mistral Inverter Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner. MSS.3INV. The trouble we are having is the cooling will work for half an hour or so and the compressor will turn off leaving only the fan going and the comporessor and timer light flashing. This hapens before the desired cooling temp is reached. You can switch the main power off to the unit and back on again after a few minutes have past and the unit will operate again in cooling mode and then just do the same thing. The gas

Hello,What this problem indicate is that the thermostat of the air condition has been gone bad.When ever an refrigerator does such it simply mean that thermostat need to be replace by some time it could be on the time progra ... Sanyo 24KS32A Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

I work in a hotel and our lobby a/c keeps tripping off I have to continuously keep back and forth turning it on and most of the time it wont even turn on just clicks back off, or stays on for a couple of minutes and trips or not even at all not even the fan, then sometimes it will stay on for a couple of hours is this normal? My boss says thats just the way it is. But the 3 yrs i've worked here I dont remember it doing this just maybe this year.

The unit is either too small to cool the area or the compressor is going out. Replace the unit, cheaper to buy a new one than to fix an old unit. ... Air Conditioners

Our airconditioner has the code C6 on it. It has cut out and displayed that code. We were instructed to turn it off at the power board and turn it back on, which we did. It went back on again and tried to work but it wasn't really cooling down the air and then after 15 minutes it cut out again and displayed the same code. We don't know what the code means as there is nothing in the instruction booklet which indicates any codes at all.

I previously asked you, if the C6 appear on the unit or on the hand held remote. I contacted a friend of mine who is a service technician for the LG Split System units and he advised that it's an error code that can only be solved by a LG trained ser ... LG LA185HV Split System Air Conditioner

My unit is 4 years old. I always turn it off when I leave for work in the am and turn it back on when I get home in the pm. Last night I turned it on at 7:30pm. When I went to the front of the house about 45 minutes later, I noticed the unit outside was trying to turn on but would immediately turn off. I checked the breakers in the garage, turned them off and back on but still had the same problem. The fan inside the house is running but unit outside will not kick on. I looked for a magic

It could be a few things.. It could be the capacitor - which the most economical to replace first..\015\012\015\012If you are not really very mechanically inclined - get a trained pro to come out.. It is very dag ... Air Conditioners

A/c comes on and works fine for about thirty mins then outside fan cuts off and you have to eighter turn off the mains or turn thermostat up to cut off compressor you can not turn thermostat to off and get compressor to turn off

Check the compressor relay for sticking some bard units if it is a package unit were bad for this ... Air Conditioners

Outside unit kicks on but inside fan sometime works and sometimes won't and i have replaced thermostat to get to work i have to turn the fan to on and back to auto several times and finally the fan inside fan comes on

Goodman air handlers (inside unit) fan have a delay timer that turn on the fan ,sometimes up to 3 minutes after the outside unit is on,this makes the a/c more efficiency. ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

I have a goodman gsc13 ac unit about 4 year old. When the temp gets around 90 or above outside the fan on the unit starts but the compressor does not. I had service check it out but that day they were here it was in the 80's and it worked fine. I replace the thermostat to make sure that wasn't the problem. Interesting if I turn the unit off at the thermostat and wait 15 minutes and turn it back on it will run fine. But the next time it tries to turn on automaitcally it will just be the fan o

The hum you hear is the 24v transformer which is powered form the air handler inside have you tried a hard start kit or had cap checked ... Air Conditioners

Tempstar 5000 This spring I turned on my air conditioner for the first time and it would not start at all... The fan did not turn on either. I turned off the main 220A breaker and puller the control fuses and put everything back and the unit started working fine. now fast forward to yesterday... house started feeling warm so I did the same thing... Tripped the breaker. Pulled the control fuses, and this time made sure I had new batteries in my thermostat. Started to work again. All was good. pus

... Air Conditioners

My goodman furnace (model gmp 108-3) is not working. If I turn off the unit and turn it back on the fan comes on and the little filament heats up, then the top burner will light, but it will not stay lit and none of the other burners will light. After a few tries, it turns off and doesn't come back on.

All of the burners should light. Could be a dirty flame runner. I recommend that you get a good clean and check.. Burners, flame runner, flame sensor should all be cleaned. If this does not solve your problem than the gas pressure nee ... Air Conditioners

I have the AS12AA(B)MCF unit with US12AA(B)MCF. After I turn it on in the standard mode it will shut off after 1 to 5 minutes and the nature mode light blinks. Does not turn back on by itself. Try and try again with same results. Then sometimes it will turn on and work fine, like this morning , at least for the 1.5 hours I was around to observe. The outside unit is located on the side of the house that gets afternoon sun. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peter Roomet

I can't answer your question, sorry, but there is a site, and if you join, you can get the Service Manual for free, and they have a troubleshooting guide that might help out. Here it is:\015\012 ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

I have a Goodman Split Air Conditioner and the outside condenser fan was not working. relay tested ok breaker wasnt tripped, then discovered 1 leg of the 220 line was out. Replaced the breaker, cleaned the unit turned it on, cooled the house 2 degrees then it stopped working. Turned the stat off ,pulled the 220 block waited 10 minutes, turned it back on and it is currently running. Can the relay and/or start-run cap behave in this kind of intermitent way ?

Run cap may be badthumbs up ... Air Conditioners

My AC My Compressor keeps kicking off. I turn the unit on, the fan works. The Heat works but the compressor turns in about 60 sec. If I unplug the unit and turn it back on, it comes on but the compressor shuts off again after 60 sec. Can this be from dirt in the coils? They have some build up. Any other causes?

One might think so, YES the compressor is running till it gets hot and tripps on hi-temperature, and after it cools down awhile, the switch willcautomatically reset itself and back- & forth......Thank-you-very much! ... GE Zoneline AZ38H12DAD Split System Air Conditioner

Installed Altura 56" fan, worked fine until a few days later when we added the light fixture to it. Worked for about 10 minutes, then fan stopped and we can't get it to turn back on. Light still works. Seems as if something burned out.

Yes you have overloaded the paralleled, relay contacts and they have burnt out, or tripped the protection circuit inside the actual fan electronics. This usually wrecks the electronics, and requires replacement. However replacement parts are ONLY av ... Air Conditioners

I cannot get any of the buttons to work on the air conditioner either by pushing the buttons or by using the remote. I turned it off this morning because in the middle of the night it switched itself to fan only. I left it off all day and have come home and turned it back on. It is still stuck on fan onlhy, onlhy now I cant turn it off or anytnhing

... Frigidaire FAS185N2 Air Conditioner

My fan and heater work fine, but today I turned on my air conditioner for the first time this year. It did not feel like it was getting cooler so I went outside and noticed that my outside unit was not working. I went and checked the breaker and noticed it was tripped, so I turned it off and turned it back on (the breaker). Then all orf the power went off to my house. I then reset my whole breaker box and I heard what sounded like my outside unit explode. I ren over to it and it sounded lik

You had a refrigerant release. Probably two lines rubbing together in the outside unit. I have repaired several of these with this problem. It involves repairing the lines by silver solderingthen pulling a vacuum/ purging with nitrogen an ... Carrier 36KCARMS Air Conditioner

Ac works but when cut it off blower comtinues to work inside house-will cut off with the braker switch on it but turn it back on and it comes on even when air is set on off. Please HELPPPPPPPP!

You have a bad fan booard or fan relay. Get service tech to change. Some things you cant do yourself. To many fan boards are out there. Fan relays are pretty common. Goodman units have a fan sequencer. Carrier Brynats and and others have fan boards. ... Weather King 10AJA3601AH Air Conditioner

I have a whining sound coming from my Air Conditioner in every mode except Fan. I cleaned the back part of the the unit with a duster and the sound continues. I also could duplicate the problem after turning off the unit for about 10 seconds and then turning it back on. Does a part need replacing?

I am assuming this is a window unit. That whining sound probably is the compressor itself. Not much you can do about it but wait till she goes on out and then replace it. They do make a product that can be added to the compressor called Gemline 88 oi ... Air Conditioners

My fan will run but the compressor will not turn on. It was working fine until it was switched from fan mode to cool mode.

Unfortunately, typically this means low freon charge. Need to have a tech charge the system. ... Fedders A6X05F2D Air Conditioner

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