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Please help.. I purchased a discontinued Hunter purifier, moder 30547, almost a year ago and now "filter" and "pre-filter" are always constantly blinking. Is this something that I can clean and vacuum, or do I have to purchase new filters. Im asking only because these filters seem very expensive to replace and I dont want to replace filters if they arent making them anymore soon..... ? Help...

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Hello,the filter is bad so you have to replace it,you can get new filters for the following price range.between 7 dollars to 30 dollars,so it depend on the type of filter you are using.recommendations for filters goes thus,you have to change your filters for every 10-12 months for you to have it working perfectly.you can visit the site below to order for your hunter filter....

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Please help.. I purchased a discontinued Hunter purifier, moder 30547, almost a year ago and now "filter" and "pre-filter" are always constantly blinking. Is this something that I can clean and vacuum, or do I have to purchase new filters. Im asking only because these filters seem very expensive to replace and I dont want to replace filters if they arent making them anymore soon..... ? Help...

Hello,the filter is bad so you have to replace it,you can get new filters for the following price range.between 7 dollars to 30 dollars,so it depend on the type of filter you are using.recommendations for filters goes thus,you have to change your fil ... Air Conditioners

Replacement Filters My filter is cracked and extremely dirty. Where can I purchase a new filter?

Home Depot. If it is a special filter go straight to the manufacturer ... Maytag M6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

We installed a Daikin heat pump in June 1996 Model FVY453CBV1 in Dunedin NZ. It stopped and a repairer said the compressor unit is rusted through & recommeneded a new heat pump. I am looking at whether there are alternative solutions and want to check whether it is economical to replace the compressors, or alternatively whether a new external unit can be purchased. Do heat pumps have a life in years? Is it risky to marry a new external unit to the existing internal unit? I appreciate your help

Don't waste your time and money repairing a 15 year old unit you will just create more \015\012headaches for yourself, And a new outdoor unit would not be compatable with your \015\012old indoor head there have been to many changes over t ... Air Conditioners

My new neighbor (new 55+ condo development) has Amana Model CAPF3636B6Cb central air/heat unit. He asked about replacement filters and when I saw his 20x25x5", it was just laying in loose on a diagonal angle. Is this the proper installation method?

As long as it covers the airflow area completely then yes, it is correct for a media filter to lay loosein it's rack. ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have an ACL Drayton LP522 Programme timer which has suddenly failed to operate on 'advance'(constant) with heating only. The boiler is an Ideal Classic ff250. I can only get heating with the water switched onto advance or timed. I have checked the wiring, thermostats and mid position valve which all seems well. Are there any tests, advice or diagnostics to help me to identify if the LP522 circuit is the fault, prior to purchasing a new one?

... Air Conditioners

We have an armstrong 125GRTC601a-2a package unit. The burners have rusted out. We are trying to find replacement burners. Do you know how or where we can purchase these burners. We have contacted the company, and they are stating that they are trying to find the part number and they seem to not be able to find anything. Please help us. [email protected] 770-377-8279

Did you check the heat exchanger? If the burners rusted out you may have holes in it and could get CO in the building. You might be replacing this unit. ... Air Conditioners

Please can someone help me!! We purchased 1 year agao a Viesmann Vitodens 100 Combi Boiler and have had major problems with the flow switch sticking. We have had 3 sub contractors come out and replace the flow switch and a Viesmann engineer come out very recently blaming the water for the problem with the flow switch!! Their are around 70% of combi boilers sold throughout the uk and water is a big part of a boiler working, we also found out that we should have a filter fitted to the main

I am pleased to suggest that you try to following. i would wager that the switch is installed in the horizontal position. try replumbing so that the switch or valve is verticle to the ground. . that way particles will settle down with water flow an ... Air Conditioners

I have an AMCOR unit, model number AF 11000E and in need of a replacement filter. I don't have a number for it, can you help me? It seems AMCOR is out of business ... thanks.

... Amcor Air Conditioners

Hello Dear, I have a Robinair 34788 model. The problem that I have is can't refill from source tank. It keeps saying that "Suorce Tank Is Empty" eventhough I'd tried more than one brand new tanks from the box. I'd replaced the fill hose solenoid because when I test that solenoid it was really weak but no luck. Also, I did check the fill hose and it seems to be OK. What should I do next, please. Any helps, please. Also, here is what I did when trying to charge the freeon into vehicle. Wh

... Air Conditioners

HELP!!! Help wiring new motor for CKL60-1

\015\012This is what your wiring should look like if you are using two caps. then you should be using a potential relay as well. This is the diagram for using a potential relay. Hope it helps you.\015\012Thank You ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

I purchased a honeywell t6360 thermostat to replace old one as the dial would not turn properly as it was cracked. I replaced the dial with the new dial from the new box. However, i had no point of reference as to where '0' or '30' was so i guessed by where the internal wheel stopped and started. the heating in my house is now eratic and not in sinc with the dial. Is the temperature controlled from in the unit itself, should i just put on the new box and where does the dial get positioned? pleas

Put on the new box, and the therm regulates the temp. The therm only sends a signal to your furance when the sensor in the therm tells it to. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

My Dyna Pro 65,000 forced air heater will light, but then flickers and eventually blows itself out. I've replaced the air and gas lines as they were cracked. I also replaced the air filters, cleaned the gas filter and cleaned the nozzle and photocell lense. I've also put new fuel (kerosine) in the tank. Any ideas? Where do I go next? Thanks, Jeff

... Air Conditioners

Central ac coil pipe had frost unit wasn't cooling house. The filter was very dirty replaced the filter. Called place that installed. They couldn't find anything then they said nit was the valve that controlled tar freon. Since the unit is 3 yrs old they said rheum shoal replace it. Well now they say they can't get the part and we need to buy new coil system it's only3 yrs old. We turned the unit on for 2 hrs and no frost what should we do

First of all any coil can be replaced they are running a game on you sometimes it has to be ordered but it can be got. now you can get a complete r-22 system anymore but you can get parts for them. the filter could have most likely been the problem I ... Air Conditioners

Our whirlpool water heater is not heating. My husband replaced the thermocoupler and it still doesn't work. We have had it for 8-9 months. Whirlpool is sending a new gas valve. We are reading that this will continue to happen even with the new parts. Is there a universal gas valve that we could replace it with that will work or should we consider just purchasing a different hot water heater? The model number is BFG1F4034T3NOV.

... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

I have a 561CJ030-C, and the fuzes seem to go out every year outside, replace them and everything is usually fine. This time, replaced them and it just hums and the fan doesn't turn. Do I need to replace the unit? If so, where do I get one? Can I replace it with some other brand? Or do I just need to replace the fan? If so, where do I get one...And would I be able to replace the cage that holds it too? Sorry for all the questions...Appreciate any help.

Hello,I will suggest you first replace the fan and see if it will still last you, but if the unit is age, it will be better you replace the unit, you can get a replacement for the unit or any part of the unit at ebay, the site sells all e ... Air Conditioners

Rheem RAMB-036 JAZ replaced burnt out capacitor with new 5X370, Stopped working after 7 hrs

... Air Conditioners

My central a/c has a problem with water dripping from the cooling coils and getting down on my air filter below. The filter then turns black with mold. I have a very expensive filter (Aprilaire) so replacing it all the time is a problem. The a/c cools the house fine. The drain isn't clogged and the filters are new. What is causing this and how can it be fixed?

You should tilt the system such that the water goes directly to the drainage pipe. it is easy however it may require a hany man.Regards ... Air Conditioners

Ok so I have know replaced the control board air handler board today the unit also has a new transformer and a new blower motor and the heating elements test good not burned at all and it still continues to burn the 5amp fuse out worked for about 30mins now blows fuse out as soon as new one is inserted and breaker turned on....I'm lost and have no other ideas with all new parts this should not be happening, Can anyone Help!!!!!

... Carrier Bryant Control Board Air Handler HK61EA006

I have a 1998 jayco pop up camper and the wood under roof seems to have rotted, and the canvas needs to be replaced. Is this a repair that can be done or should we just buy an new camper?

... Air Conditioners

Have six year old Bryant electric furnace with heat pump, no gas. Old blower motor was going out and replaced with another generic blower motor. Wired the new just like the old and changed capacitor. There are some differences between old and new. Old says "Volts 208-230" and new says "Volts 115." Problem is blower turns on and of, over and over again. Help?!?

Hi,\015\012You totally have the wrong motor....you need to get a 208-230 motoro on there for it to work... in fact you probably already have ruined the 115volt motor...the voltage for that motor is to be 115v and you are probably running 130 vo ... Air Conditioners

Just put in a new ac unit and replaced a old one. old unit was 18000 btu and the new one is on 12,000 btu I used the same power outlet but the new ac unit starts up but then shuts down and seems like it is trying to start up again but it doesn't

The 18,000 btu A/C is 230 volts, are you sure the 12,000 btu unit is 230 volts most are 120 volts.\015\012Usually 12,000 btu is the biggest 120 volt A/C you can buy. ... Air Conditioners

My dog chewed up the t-stat wiring on my outside a/c unit (compressor?). I purchased some t-stat wire at Home Depot and replaced the wiring. At the outside unit, I connected the new white wire with the brown from the unit, and the new red wire with the yellow from the unit. This part was still connected from the previous install, so I copied from how it was wired before. For the wiring to the house, this was disconnected completely by the dog, so I connected the new white wire to the white w

Hello,Yes there is a 3 amp blade fuse(same as in a car) in the blower unit,take off the door and it is plugged in to the(curcuit) board.Pull it out and slip a new one in.That will restore the control voltage.Your repair sounds correct.Some times ther ... Air Conditioners

My Diamond 80 furnace burner fired up, but stays on for 1-2 minutes. Cleaning the flame sensor didn't help. Removing filter however solved the problem. Filter is quite new by the way. What could be the problem? I didn't have this problem before, with the filter in place. Is there some high thermal switch that switch off when temperature reaches certain threshold? Thanks.

Check your thermostaty setting. If it's correct, you have to replace sensor only. ... Air Conditioners

MY frigidaire Air Conditioner model number: FAC107P1A2 has suddenly stopped blowing cool air. Check Filter light comes on but filter clean. Press Check Filter light button and blows out cool air for about a minute then blows hot air. Bought new at Lowes. Never had problem before with this air conditioner for 6 years! Please help burning up!

A few basic principles for air conditioner troubleshooting. For both central home air conditioner or window air conditioner,\015\012 the first thing to check is whether the unit is getting proper power. \015\012If the unit ... Frigidaire FAC107P1A Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have to replace the start/run capacitor (97F9971 - Duel Capacitor/ 50, 7.5 370 VAC). I have marked the terminals before removing and purchased the new capacitor. The new capacitor has minor difference with the old one. The hermatic has 3 terminals, The Fan has two terminals The Compressor (C) has 4 terminals. Now in the old unit, two wires were connected to two opposite terminals on C, one in Herm and one in Fan. My question is: How will I know which terminal to connect in the new one

All the terminals are connected together so it won't matter which terminal you use, just as long as you have the Herm, Com, and Fan wires correct. Hope this helps! ... Air Conditioners

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