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I am installing a new thermostat for my baseboard electric heat. The electric box has 2 wires comming into it. So I have 2 black, 2 white and 2 ground. The old thermostat had a place for all 4 wires (one side line one side load) the new thermostat is a honeywell RLV430 High voltage (at least I got the high voltage part right). It only has 2 wires so I am at a loss as to what to hook up where. My inclination is to hook the load to one and the line to the other. But I don' know if this is r

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Hi tlef\015\012
\015\012To answer your question;\015\012
\015\012Tie the two whites together with a marette , and the two blacks to the thermostat , it doesn`t matter which wire goes where on the thermostat since there is no polarity.\015\012
\015\012let me know if you need further help

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I am installing a new thermostat for my baseboard electric heat. The electric box has 2 wires comming into it. So I have 2 black, 2 white and 2 ground. The old thermostat had a place for all 4 wires (one side line one side load) the new thermostat is a honeywell RLV430 High voltage (at least I got the high voltage part right). It only has 2 wires so I am at a loss as to what to hook up where. My inclination is to hook the load to one and the line to the other. But I don' know if this is r

Hi tlef\015\012\015\012To answer your question;\015\012\015\012Tie the two whites together with a marette , and the two blacks to the thermostat , it doesn`t matter which wire goes where on the thermostat since there is no polarity.\015\ ... Air Conditioners

Shut unit down for cleaning, outside unit will not start now, I have line voltage at the contactor but the contactor will not engage.one wire from the thermostat runs to a little black box next to the contactor (white) the red one runs to a device down by the dryer on one side and back to the black box on the other side. Both of these wires come out of the box and attach to either side of the contactor.Could this piece be the problem or is it the black box.If I manually engage the contactor the

You are talking about the low voltage transformer ... Ruud Handle Air Conditioner

How do you hookup a universal hvac condeser motor the old one had a black wire,red and a brown wire plus the green&yellow ground the new one has a black wire a yellow then it has back connetor thats made in to the caseing acourding to the diagram on the side it has an A prong,an,B prong & a,C the A&B says its low &c says its high I hooked red to yellow and black to black do I hook the brown wire to C prong I traced the black,red&brown tre red &brown go to the capacitor When I hook the red t

... Air Conditioners

Hello, I have 3 phase power. 2 low sides and one high side. Can I hook up a 24o volt baseboard heater to one of the low sides and one high side. Or, will it be overloaded? Thanks, Jeff

Hello\015\012If i read correctly you want to hook an additional 240 volts with the same circut as the air conditioner?\015\012\015\012No i would not.The baseboard should be on its own circut with its own breaker.\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

Hasier window heat pump, 110 volt, HWSO8XH7, need wire connection information to thermostatic, one dark blue, two light blue, one red, one black, three slip over connection points on one side, two on the other side, which wire slip on which connection point.

... Haier HWS08XH7 Air Conditioner

I am installing a totaline progammable thermostat, the old one is a rheem, i hooked the b wire to the b terminal the r wire to the r terminal the g to the g terminal and the y to the y terminal the e l and o were not used, my problem is the old thermostat had a w2 and a x terminal the new one has aux and c which wire goe to which?

First off, make sure that the wires you are connecting at the thermostat match the circuit board of the unit. It is good practice, but not always followed to do a "1 for 1". To answer your question, W2 is simply when there is 2-stages of heating. ... Air Conditioners

Wiring heat only thermostat to inter therm central electric furnace had to replace fuze block, limiter, and sequencer thermostat only has one red wire and one white wire

I am trying to install a Honeywell VisionPro 8000 thermostat for my Intertherm Central Electric Furnace but I am having trouble getting to work any suggestions? ... Air Conditioners

My plan jane evcon thermostat is not wired right. The furnace works fine. The air conditioner will only come on when you push the lever up hotter than it is in the room instead of cool. It will then run, but runs and runs and will not shut off. There are 4 wires, red that is hooked to screw with B by it because the blue wire has a piece of paper on it with a Y and is hooked to the Y screw, white that is hooked to one with W and green wire is hooked to the screw with G. little short red wir

Hi,\015\012Okay....two things to check on...\015\012make sure that the terminals and the wires are matched in the t-stat and the furnace board...R-R Y-Y G-G W-W ....if everything matches up then you have a fried t-stat... What you are say ... Air Conditioners

I just got a new honeywell thermostat and it when i first hooked it up it wouldnt turn on so i check to find out which connections on the thermostat when open i changed my wire to make it correct now when it turns on it doesnt turn off. i only have 2 wire that were on the old thermostat and the new one shows spots for 3 wire do i need to run a 3rd wire to get the furnace to shut off after it reaches desired temp? right now i have to disconnect the thermostatto shut it off.?

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assit you. If you did not turn the power off to the furnace before rerplacing the thermostat then you may have burned out the board in the furnace. But first if there is a RH/Rc terminal in the new the ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

We have an old mercury thermostat when we took the old one off, there are onyl two wires, a black one and a white one. The diagram on the honeywell rth2310 has five wires so how do we know whcih one to hook up the balck and the white wire to?

Hello Connect BLACK = RH/RC or R....WHITE=W this is heating only.RH/RC jumper wire, if not use RH+W ... Air Conditioners

OK I am a dumb A--. I did not turn the power off to my Payne PG9MAA Condensing Gas Furnace. Also A/C. In my futile attempt at relocating the thermostat. I 1. did not turn off the unit 2. I did not have enough wire so I spliced in a new longer one. 3. Voila' there is absolutely nothing on the thermostat showing power. I used the voltage regulator and put the contacts one on red and the other I went in sequence to all the other wires and it read 11.00 or so volts.. If I changed the (lead) or

Depends if its a 12 volt or 24 volt system and if your meter is reading right also check meter then check red wire if its a 12 volt thats what you should have and 24 so on or you have a dead short good luck with that one just be calm a go thru all t ... Air Conditioners

On the breakers there is tow wires a red and a black and on the breaker there is one post that has the voltage on a sticker and one that dosent what wire goes to the side with the voltage sticker red or black

It should not matter. they are each going to carry line voltage ... Air Conditioners

1 Solution for "i have a 1976 after market auto air conditioner The inside swithces are hooked up all but one solid brass wire/cable it has to white wire coming out side to side one going to the other switch and one going to the blower The third solid copper/brass is coming out of side and at the end it looks like it should be stuch in something Where


Replacing the thermostat, took the old one off without marking the wires. Hooked it up by color and we get the furnace when we put it on cool. wires are green, red, yellow & blue (ground wire)on the wall. The new thermostat wires are red, yellow & green. Can you tell me which wires go where correctly?

The normal wiring for stats is white=w=heat,red=r=24volts,green=g=fan,blue=c=common,yellow=y=cooling.\015\012see what ties into your furnace board and match the terminals. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Haier 110 volt window heat pump need wire connection to the thermostatic. Two slip on connection bottom left side, one on the right, wire colors are two light blue, one dark blue, one black one red,

Hi!!!\015\012\015\012Let's see if this will help you. It should be a wiring diagram inside the unit, either on a sticker or on paper in a bag. It should be very helpful to know where the wires come from in the unit. Below is a description of ... Air Conditioners

Where can I find a wiring digram for the transformer it has 4 wires going into it on the hot side then to comming out on the 24 volt side.I took the old one out to replace it and cannot seam to get the wires hooked back the way they were.The unit works by pushing on the points but not from the thermostatIt is also brand new model no is PCK036-1 we only use the air side not the heat.

It sounds as if you have a multi-tap transformer. That is, the primay voltage can be 120, 208/240, 480. Most all transformers have their legends printed righ on them. Usually the 4 wires are a common and the other wires to the incoming voltage by i ... Air Conditioners

My thermastate went out and i cant hook up the new one because it is not labled, and i need to know how i figure out what wires need to go to with letters (o/b, y, r, g, w). There is a plug with 10 wires ( there are colored ) that goes from the a/c unit to the thermostate, and seperate red and wite wires going to the thermostate. Also there was 12v power going to the other thermostat. The only thing the new thermostat has for hookups is o/b, y, r, g, w. can you help

Let me guess, you have a flat ribbon type harness coming from AC unit to thermostat, correct?Older Ac unit? What thermostat model came off, and what type are you trying to install? ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I bought a new honeywell digital t stat, now i have 4 wires coming out of wall for ac to that thermostat and 2 wires off of furnace thermostat how do i hook them all to one thermostat

Tou may ahve a two transformer system. On the sub base of the tstat there is tterminals rh and rc they come with a jumper wire between them. Remove jumper. Hook the two wires from your heat to rh and w. Hook the rest of the wires Red rc yellow to y g ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

A/c switch I am trying to find out how to replace the high pressure switch in my, RUUD central A/C unit. The system is empty, as the high pressure switch was leaking.I am having trouble where the copper line, on the switch, goes into the high side line. I can see it is not soldered.Do you need some kind of special tool and if so how and where I can buy one. Thank's for your HELP!!!!

If it is an AUTO RESET pressure switch you can use wrench to remove it. ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have 2 fans that I do not have a model # for. They both have what I believe to be a a bad capacitor. The part that I need has 2 gray wires on one side and on the other side it has a lavender (light purple), a brown and a red wire. The pasrt is appx. 2" long, 1 1/4" tall and 7/8" wide. On the part is the following info: 4.5uF/350v Gray-6uF/250v......Red Gray-6uF/250v......Brown----Purple -25degree C- 70degree C v35 This part goes inot a Harbor Breeze fan and controls all electrical o

... Air Conditioners

I have a colman evcon split unit, I had a guy replace the thermostat (old electronic, new mercury) and everthing worked fine. One week later out side unit stopped and was frosted over on the outside. I can push the contactors on the outside unit and got power. I traced wiring down to transformer. I replaced the transformer with one with a circutbraker built in. When i turn the brakers on the transformer curcuit breaker trips...I followed the wiring on the transformer to the best of my ability, h

Hi, you do have a dead short in the control side of the system. Good that you bought a transformer with the breaker. Most people don't and will smoke several of them. Anyway, it is a split system. If it was iced up, it must be a heat-pump, not gas fi ... Air Conditioners

Replacing robertshaw thermstat 9520 with a Robertshaw 9420. On older thermostat there was a switch for gas or electric backup. There doesn't seem to be one on the newer model. have wiring labeled from old thermostat. Wired correctly-Display just blinks-Have heatpump with gas backup. Any suggestions appreciated Don

... Air Conditioners

I have a goodman cental air that the compresser will not turn on unless you manually push in the contact on the 24 volt thermostat coil. I'm not sure how it's supposed work but i think there should be 24 volts out of one side of the coil to the thermostat and back. I don't have voltage on either side. Does this indicate a bad coil?

You need to check for 24V across the coil.The thermostat is nothing more than a switch which closes the Y terminal to the R terminal and allowing the 24V to be fed from the transformer to the contactor coil and thus turning the syst ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I am trying to wire in an AO Smith blower motor 1/2 hp, 3 speed, 1750 rpm, the replacement motor that I recieved wires up differantly than the original. The schematic that I have shows the black (hi) red (med) blue (low). The brown to one side of capacitor and the brown white to the other side. But the yellow common shown as line on motor schematic is not shown on the unit schematic and I am not sure where it goes. Can you assist me with this?

The two brown wires go to the two capacitor terminals. The blue wire from the air handler will go to the black on the motor. The purple from the AH(L2) will go to yellow on the motor.red and blue from motor capped or ... Air Conditioners

I have a 1993 yellowstone camper with a coleman wall thermostat. on the bottom of it- it has a heat/cool switch on one side and the other side has a low-high-fan switch. when we run it on low or high it gets cool but the fan never shuts off.if we put it on fan it shuts off with the compressor but it doesn't blow cool air. any advise?

Thank you so very much for your answer! I'm glad I came to this website before I began a new project. I was about to re-wire my unit based on my ex-husbands advice!!!! ... Coleman Air Conditioners

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