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I have a Goodman Model GMS80703anaa- For the last 5 days I have had to reset the furnace, now it won't go on at all. The ignitor trips, the thermostat trips, blowers go on, but no flame/heat. When I reset it, it works for about 12-24 hours....now it is not registering at all. I have read the other reviews regarding Goodman furnaces, and it tells me to look for a blinking led light on the control panel. Where would I find this? I do not see anything blinking when looking into the furnace, and whe

Answers :

They should have said located on a control board.
\015\012This is usually located behind the bottom door where
\015\012the blower motor is located. It usually is mounted in
\015\012front of the blower.
\015\012On the back of the door you will take off is a chart
\015\012that tells you how many blinks relative to what your
\015\012problem may be

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I have a Goodman Model GMS80703anaa- For the last 5 days I have had to reset the furnace, now it won't go on at all. The ignitor trips, the thermostat trips, blowers go on, but no flame/heat. When I reset it, it works for about 12-24 hours....now it is not registering at all. I have read the other reviews regarding Goodman furnaces, and it tells me to look for a blinking led light on the control panel. Where would I find this? I do not see anything blinking when looking into the furnace, and whe

They should have said located on a control board.\015\012This is usually located behind the bottom door where\015\012the blower motor is located. It usually is mounted in\015\012front of the blower.\015\012\015\012On the ... Air Conditioners


The pressure switch is closed before the draft motor closes it.the board is telling you that this is not right.pull the wire(either) off of the pressure switch to see if furnace tries to light.if it does,you should replace the pressure switch. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My backett hell R7184B furnace is will not reignite when I hold the reset button down. I had run out of oil yesterday and believe I've bled all the air out of the lines. I held the reset button down for 30 seconds, get one led blink, it will then attempt to start but the flashing light starts up again after each rest attempt. What now?

More likely than not you have a blocked jet on the burner caused by dragging the last of the fuel through it\015\012\015\012To see that you will need to look at the nozzle while it is trying to fire or remove the sight glass dry out any f ... Air Conditioners

Hello and thanks 4 yur help! Have a goodman GMVC9509 furnace that continuously blows the fan, no heat and wont turn off unless unplugged. the light blinks once and the red LED error code is E3 inside the unit. We tried fiddling with the honeywell thermostat....any help would be great!

You have a loose draft inducer fan hose to pressure switch ... Air Conditioners

Intertherm M2Rl080A16bn but it is propane. Ok, I've only used the furnace a few times a year for last 5-6 years. Iturned it on yesterday,seemed to work fine for the first cycle then it didnt start up again. I checked filter it was dirty so I changedit, still wouldn't work. Checked manual and it suggested the reset button on the vent safety switch but it wont push in or do anything. The LED light is blinking twice repetively which suggests pressure switch is not closing. Can I do anything or do

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I have a Lennox pulse 21 furnace. It will not turn on when I turn it to cool or heat. I checked the main computer module and the LED light is off. I had reset the furnace by using the switch next to the furnace, and this will not turn on the light. Is there anything else I need to check before I call a service tech to look at the main module? The switch to turn on and off the furnace with the removal of the bottom door may be bad. Is there anyway to check this?

The switch you are talking about can be checked. Turn power off to unit. Disconnect wires on both terminals of this door switch. Next use a meter that will show Ohms or just connectivity to see if switch is closed when pressed all the way in. You cou ... Air Conditioners

I have a furnace 90+ . I have no power at the t-stat..no led, blank screen, and the blower will come on. The furnace is tied into a control panel. I can jumper the the unit at the furnace to have the A/C to come on. It will go thru shut down cycle and stop. 5 min. later the blower comes on.I've cut power to see if it will reset the board, no change in operation. control board has 24 volts with status light on but other lights off. All limit switches closed. I,m in need of sugestions Thanks.

Either a thermal switch is open or the pressure switch is closed at start up the system checks all of these before sending power to the T-Stat ... Air Conditioners

Amana #PTC153b50AJ ser 0410686783 Customer heard a pop in unit and it went off. Breaker was tripped. Reset breaker and unit runs in a/c mode but does not heat in heat mode. This is not a heat pump but electric heat strips. Unit says there is a manual reset for the heat but we have not located the reset. We turned power off to the unit to reset fault etc and still no heat. The flashing light just blinks once every 4-5 sec. Could use some help in diagnosis Thanks DK

... Amana PTC153B50AJ Electric Heat Air Conditioner

I have a goodman propane furnace, model # GMPN080-4 that lights for about five seconds and then cuts off. It does this three times and then stops all together. Tried lightly sanding the flame sensor and it still does it. The red light blinks once indicating a ignition failure code. Please help. Thank you!

You have already done what I would have suggested first by cleaning the flame sensor. Now I would try replaceing the flame sensor and see if that helps. Good luck and thank you. ... Air Conditioners

Goodman GMS90904CXA Wont ignite, light blinks 3 times

I had the same problem, I had to remove the lower black rubber stopper right next to the exaust fan and hook up a drain to the unit, as soon as the water drained out the furnace fired right up. ... Air Conditioners

I have a GMP100 gas furnace. I need the diagnostics table that provides the meaning of the status light states. I get flame for 20 seconds and then the gas is shut off and LED on control board blinks 3 times. The flame sensor looks clean. I wired the flame sensor lead to ground as a quick test but then the gas goes out in 6-7 seconds. Any thoughts?

Hi!!! you just answer your question.change your flame sensor cleaning it wont work..\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

I have a intertherm with board 524602 0 9837. I have replaced the inigition coil and the furnace cycles but wont light after time out the red led will blink 4 times. What does that mean?

Check your filters and look for cobwebs and such then find the rollout switch that has tripped. Their is usually one on the burner rail one in the stack and a couple more. looks Like This: ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

We just installed a brand new haier 40,000 btu gas upflow furnace. Followed all the instructions to a T. With the power and gas turned on, we turn the thermostat on. The inducer motor turns on. The LED light is solid green for about 30 seconds. Then it starts blinking twice, over and over again. The manual says that this is because the pressure switch does not close within 30 seconds of inducer energized. It does not tell us how to fix this problem. Please explain how to fix the proble

This means that the pressure is not building up so that the furnace can work properly. Please check the natural gas line for switches and turn them on. When you installed the furnace, the gas had to be turned off so maybe you forgot it that way. ... Haier Air Conditioners

A 2 month old Goodman GMH95 natural gas furnace has been working properly until tonight. Now it starts up properly, but after 30 seconds (and right when the cirulator fan kicks on) it shuts the gas valve stopping the flame. LED light flashes 8 times, which is not an option on the trouble shooting guide. Unit will retry every few minutes and cycles this way over and over. It appears the control module is not receiving the gas flame detection signal. What do we need to do?

Goodman's control boards are very sensitive as well as the connections to the gas valves. Check the wires and make sure they are snug and tight. With it being only 2 months old, I doubt the board is bad or the flame sensor(unless it is a used syste ... Air Conditioners

Have an amana 80 furnace blows but wont light now wont shut off . When I started testing it upper fan was stuck loosened it up. Then I reset the small button, fans started. But no heat. Then I cleaned up the heat sensor and igniter. now It wont shut it off unless I shut it of fthe breaker. Also It has a 5 blinking code. Does this sound like a thermostat? Thank you

... Air Conditioners

If I turn the thermostat to heat or cool, only the blower turns on. If I turn to emergency the heater does work. I removed the furnace panel and found the LED light was blinking. What could be the problem?

Inside your furnace will be a list of what the number of blinks means. These codes point to the problem that you have. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman Furnace model#GDS80703AXBC.The unit is one year old and ran fine until the gas got shut off accidently outside at the meter.Unit was cycling with no gas for 2 days.we turned the gas back on and the unit is showing one light blinking for over cycle trys.The unit did eventually start up but it does not fire up after each time the thermostat is calling for heat.The unit has been running like this for about 10 days now.I have replaced the Diagnostic computer, glow igniter,flame sens

The only part not replaced so far is the gas valve. Because the gas valve is getting power does not mean it is opening.You could also have gotten trash(corrosion/scale) in the valve orifice and or the burner orifices.Is there a drip ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I triped my breaker that controlled the unit and reset breaker but of the 2 green lights the one on the left is blinking unit power on but doesnt stay on for but a few miniutes please advise the unit is a Rheem RGT 90 effeciancy gas furnace

Please don't try again and again. The breaker tripping is an indication of fault in your a/c.Check indoor and out door for loose contacts.If anything, rectify. Check blower motor, fan motor and compressor for grounding. Check with an ohms ... Air Conditioners

My Goodman gas furnace will run, but will not ignite. I do see a red light blinking three times through the peep hole.

Hot surface ignitor is my guess ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My goodman furnace glows and clicks but wont light burners , continuous flash blink after 3 attempts , checked polarity its ok and ground good, also replaced control board,

Gas regulator or flame sensor for all GMT models ... Goodman Manufacturing GMH950453BX - 45,000 BTU 95% Efficiency, Two Stage Burner, Multi-Speed Blower, Upflow/Horizontal Application Goodman Gas Furnace

My 1996 Coleman Evcon furnace doesn't want to start. The fan comes on, but the burner doesn't light, then the unit turns itself off and the green led is blinking 3 times. What does this indicate? Thanks. Rod

... Air Conditioners

My Carrier 58WAV136 forced air heater's problem is as follows - Thermostat works fine, when desired temp is reached, the fan motor (blower) kicks on. Sometimes it stays blowing for a couple of seconds, sometimes a minute. Often, the electric heating element will heat up and the gas furnace will light. But, the system will shut itself off within a few seconds and will try all over again. The LED sensor will blink 3 times fast, then one time. I do not have the manual to look this info up. Thanks f

There should be a code list inside the furnace panel access door. Find it and see what code 41 says, as I can't remember right off hand. Some of the possible causes could be air in gas line or low gas pressure. Could have blocked vent especialy if ve ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Blinking lights... mega cool, timer, and power light are blinking. I emptied the water out of the ac unit like it says to on the back of it. Lights still blink and I reset the plug. It then will turn on and after a minute or so it blinks the 3 lights again and shuts off. What could this mean?

... Sharp CV-P10LC Portable Air Conditioner

I have a Rudd Forced air unit in my celler. Model UGPH-10EAMER I have two green lights and a amber light on the inside pannel my furnace was workimg fine and now when I turn it on the two green lights come on then the amber will flicker then go out but one of the green lights flashes. can I find a manual on line and is there a reset button for my furnace? or what do these lights mean?

Click this link directly and go to page number 33 for "TROUBLESHOOTING" there its mentioned.http://www.acdirect.com/xcart/images/produc ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I bought a forclosesure this summer and not all that familar with the furnace in the guest house. I'm use to having a furnace with a pilot light(yes, it was 34 years old)now I,m trying to get a goodman furnace going. I know it was sitting around for atleast 2 years. The home inspector said everything works.The model number is gmnt040-03. The gas is turn on the outside line. When I start it she begins to hum and then the ignition light goes on. then a blowing noise but then I get no flames-after

Hi,A few things to check...Is the gas line valve on at the unit....follow the gas line back a bit sometimes the gas valve can be out of view.Also check the gas valve in the furnace... it may also be in the "off" position.... ... Air Conditioners

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