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I have LG Art Cool LSP 122A problem is after turning on works for 5 min. and compressor cuts out and won't turn back on again , indor fan still runnig. After pressing operation mode selection button and skipping operation mode compressor will start again but work only 5 min .

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I have LG Art Cool LSP 122A problem is after turning on works for 5 min. and compressor cuts out and won't turn back on again , indor fan still runnig. After pressing operation mode selection button and skipping operation mode compressor will start again but work only 5 min .

... LG Air Conditioners

Chigo kfr-51gw/gx1a 1800btu split unit, when it is in cool mode the compressor runs for ten min , shuts down for 3 min repeatedly while the inside head unit fan still operates. I have read that this unit has a de humidlifier mode that has simular response, is there any way I can bypass this dehumidifier mode? or is that normail operation for this unit? Thank-you

Do you have a dehumidifier? ... Air Conditioners

I have new Samsung 1.5 Ton Window AC ( around one month old). Whenever AC is switched on in FAN or Cool mode the AC (probably FAn motor) make irritating Humming Noise. The noise slightly reduces after awhile. The noise level reduces when lower Fan speed is selected. This problem was not present in first few days of operation. Whether Compressor is on or off does not make any change in noise level. Noise level is same when AC is run in fan mode as well. We have contacted the manufacturer

It is possible that your AC is not getting the right voltage or frequency and hence is trying to scavenge in gettting the current. It will be good if you can check on the mains voltage or on the wiring for a good 15 amp supply line. If there is any r ... Maytag M6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

Trane xe1000 compressor runs for approx 5-10 mins then shuts down. The condensing fan is still running. Also, Suction side gets cold during the 5-10min run time on the compressor.

... LG Air Conditioners

Model, 42HQE009/012, Hi, When I start the unit in heat mode the OPERATION and PRE DEF lights come on as useual but only for 5 seconds instede of a couple of mins. then the pre def light goe's out, nothing happens for about 5 mins. and then the same two lights start to flash together with no response from the remote, the power has to be cut to get them off , the cool mode works fine. Thanks, David.

... Carrier 36KCARMS Air Conditioner

Overloaded generator I have a Dometic CAL 130 A/C which operates perfectly on 240V Mains supply, but when using a Honda EU20I generator the A/C puts the generator into overload mode after operating for 10-20 minutes. Using a clamp meter the A/C runs at 4.6 amps but when the problem occurs the meter amps up to 14.6 amps and the generator goes into overload mode. I was advised to change the thermostat which I have done, and it made no difference, i still have the same problem. Can someone please a

Check a see if it is when the unit is starting up when the over load happens if so you need a hard start kit ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Compressor comes on, works for two minutes then the compressor shuts off whilke the fan continues. I recycle power on the unit and it continues top operate in this manner. I have left it off for a few days to make saure it was not a iced up unit or overheating but it still operates the same.

Your compressor has a safety built into it called a thermal protector. If you were to feel the compressor after one of these short cycles it would be extremely hot. Your compressor is malfunctioning, and it could be several things. I will list them i ... Amcor Portable Air Conditioner NANOMAXA12000E

19 seer infiniti system, system will run for 2 mins. and then cut off and it will not show a code to the outside unit board or the thermostat. Replaced the thermostat and the outside low voltage wiring, then went to test mode on thermostat. Turned high cooling for 15 mins, it will run for 10 mins and then cuts off. It still does not show a code. If you go to the thermostat and turn it off, and reset it to cooling it will run for 2 mins and will cut off.

This cut off is very likely being caused by a defective compressor module thermo limiter (prevents overheating the compressor), replace it. ... Air Conditioners

Ac unit runs, inside blower shuts off after 2 mins, compressor continues to run, t-stat still calling for cool

My central AC unit decided to stop on the hottest day of the year. It would start and run normally for a few minutes and then the blower would shut off. After checking the breakers, thermostat and overflow shut off (did not have one) I saw something ... Air Conditioners

I have a Sharp CVP12LX Portable Air Conditioner and i runs for 10 mins then compressor shuts down fans still blows but now blows warm air if i reset the plug it will work for 10 mins then does it all over again the unit will cool but it takes almost 10 mins to kick in if it feels like it any help would be welcomed

... Sharp Air Conditioners

Lsn122he/lsu122he runs fine in cool mode but in heat mode defrost symbol comes on and stays on = no heat operation. worked fine this past winter till end of season. note ac mode still works fine.

... LG Air Conditioners

I recently had a new outdoor unit installed on my central heat and air conditioning sytem. I have had the installer out 3 times and the system still does not operate correctly. Sometimes when it cycles (every other time or every third time) the unit does not blow cold air. Sometimes the unit comes on not blowing cold air and the compressor fan is running but not the compressor. Sometimes after 15 minutes of this the compressor will come on. What is the problem.

It sounds like the compressor needs starting components installed on it. All a/c units have a run capacitor for the compressor and another one for the condenser fan motor. These motors use these capacitors all the time when the motor is running. H ... Air Conditioners

AC stuck on cold, compressor still hums after power off. Tried up and back down temp settings, tried ac reset switch, unplugged 15 min. It is still stuck on after I plug in again.

Sounds like your switch is bad still allows power to compressor when it shuts down the blower,,..... ... Fedders Vertical Chassis Air Conditioner With Remote Control, 12,000 BTU

I have a ap550z.in ac mode it will runabout 5 mins then the compressor vi brates and is very loud until i shut it down.bad compressor?

... EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner

My bryant heat pump installed in 2008 makes a loud squealing / moaning sound during heat mode,it is a 3 ton,i keep it 66 degrees tring to save money my bill was still 196.00,it goes in to emergency heat mode on its own,this uses the most power,what causes the load noise,during operation,not when it starts,but during the heating prosess,the old one did not do this it was a cumberland brand,do not know maker,

Sounds like a normal defrost cycle. Watch it next time it does it. The outside fan stops, there will be a 'swishing sound'. That is the reversing valve changing over. Then you may see some water vapor rising up fromt he condenser, the emergency hea ... Air Conditioners

High suction press (98psi), normal head press (140psi); full sight glass;low super heat (10 degrees);normal subcooling (13 degrees) new txv, new evaporator, new condensing unit 70 degree air from vents no breaks in return air duct 100 ambient have tried another txv and still same problem; good valves in compressor

Lower fan speed.....and double check head pressure, sounds very low!!! should be around 250-275.....also make sure the return air grill is large enough. ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Thermostat ? no matter what temperature is selected, the compressor keeps running and doesn't cycle off.  compressor shuts off when just fan is selected, but cool mode just keeps chilling.  unit is six months old. energy saver does not work. unit just keeps running.

I'm thinking the bi-metal is working, that's why you can hear a click, but the contacts are welded together. The bi-metal doesn't have enough strength to break the weld. Time for a new thermostat. ... Air Conditioners

Thermostat ? no matter what temperature is selected, the compressor keeps running and doesn't cycle off.  compressor shuts off when just fan is selected, but cool mode just keeps chilling.  unit is six months old.

The unit doesnt blow out continual cool air, it blows out cool air for 5 minutes, then stops, and after 10 minutes it starts blowing out cool air again. The room never gets cool like this.\015\012\015\012It was working fine last year, nic ... Kenmore 73089 Air Conditioner

American standard heat pump some body before me changed the compressor unit would not work so i pulled vaccum weight in charge started uint after 5 min. it triped on compressor overload everthing else still working it was not pulling high amps.suction an discharge seem normal if anyone has this problem email me [email protected]

... Air Conditioners

Our central heating controls have stopped working. Sunvic select 107XL. No red lights each side even when it is set on 'on' (ie continuous) instead of auto. It still has power; and to try to sort it I pressed 're-set' and it went to 2 PU; and then I reprogrammed it to try to start from scratch; but still no joy. It's about one year old. The same thing did happen about 2 months ago and it then sorted itself within an hour or two, I don't know how. What could it be? in the meantime, no heat (but b

Thermostats are just switches, Kind of like a light switch, you turn it\015\012on and the light lights, you turn it off and the light goes off.\015\012Thermostats turn them self's on and off, you set the tempature that you\015\012want and you s ... Air Conditioners

My Fedders air conditioner will not go into Auto Mode or Cool mode when the selected buttons are pressed? Any ideas?

Mcdevito75 here, It could be the need for a charge of freon gas, specially if not serviced in 2 years. See you local a/c repair shop, they come to the house. ... Air Conditioners

Have NEC RIH-2667 Inverter Split system.I set to Heating mode,set temp to 25 degrees.The compressor light comes on.The run light flashes for about 30 seconds.Then the vent opens,the fan comes on and starts blowing out heat.Within 5-10 mins the temp on split displays starts going up.when it gets to 26-27 the run light flashs,fan stops,no heat coming out.The temp on system keeps going up to 30 degrees.it takes approx 40-60 mins to come down to 25ish the will come on again and repeat.I have an inde

... Air Conditioners

I'M trouble-shooting a Carrier chiller m/n 30GXR160-A-640ZV,S/N 0401F58924.Which electronic board generates the 4 to 20 milliamp signal that is need to control the carrier motor master 5.In the Configuration mode under opt 1,varible head pressure select 4-20 milliamps is selected but I'm not getting a signal at SCB BOARD.I've changed SCB board and still no signal???????

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Shutting off I have the AC on cool at 77F, one fan selected, and energy saver on. After it runs for a few hours, it shuts off but the display is still lit with the above settings. When I press the energy saver to turn it off, the AC comes back on. Alternatively, if I power the AC off (display is off) and power it back on, it runs normally (but don't know whether it shuts down again shortly). Any ideas? Should I reset it?

I would try the same solution as the E1 error code, Not sure if it will work, but it seems to be the same issue1. Power down the air conditioner using the "power" button on the front\015\012panel.\015\0122. Unplug the ai ... Sharp AF-S120FX Air Conditioner

I have a Honewell CM921/927 wireless programmable room thermostat that is operating the combi boiler in AUTO mode even when the time setting is meant to be off (no output). The target temp is 20 deg and the room may be 21 deg for example, but still the flame icon appears on the lcd screen of the thermostat and the radiators are luke warm continuously. Once the time reaches a preset the boiler kicks in fully to give proper heating and the radiators become very hot. Any help to allow the therm

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

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