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My 4yr old Amana heat pump quit working - the thermostat display was blank. I replaced the thermostat but still no luck after confirming it was installed correctly. My S/N is 0407477962, Model VNC60C2A, P/N247407C. I was told it was a 12 Seer unit; unfortunately I can't find my manual or find it listed on your website. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Answers :

Your thermostat can get power from either of two power souces. Primary power would be 24 VAC from a transformer mounted inside your air handler. Second (optional) power may be provided from battery backup, with the batteries mounted inside the thermostat itself.

Since your display went completely blank, then I would venture to guess that it is related to the 24 VAC circuit, sourced from the air handler. You probably do not have battery back up. Use a DVOM (Digital Volt Ohm Meter) to measure the RED wire connected to your thermostat. Make sure to use the VAC setting on the DVOM.

The "hot" side is the red wire, and will be connected to the "R" terminal in your thermostat. The Common side will be connected to most likely a blue, a black, or a brown wire. The Common terminal will be labeled "C" (but perhaps B) on your thermostat.

Since the thermostat is just plain dead you should next locate and check the fuse or breaker for the air handler control circuitry. There may be multiple different breakers/fuses for your heat pump's outdoor circuitry, its indoor controls, and its indoor resistive heat strips. Also, the circuit could be either 120 VAC or 240 VAC. Has one of them tripped or blown a fuse?

If you have breakers, then flip all of your breakers off and then back on. Stay near the breaker box and wait for a minute, listening/looking to see if any breaker has tripped or if a fuse has blown. Otherwise, if the circuit is fused, then examine or test the fuse. Again, use your DVOM, this time in the Ohms setting. Zero Ohms indicate the fuse is good. A very high Ohms reading is a blown fuse (infinite resistance) In this case, verify that the blown fuse is the CORRECT value. Maybe it isn't. Replace it with the correct amperage fuse. Again, wait a few moments and see if it the new fuse blows.

If either the new fuse immediately blows, or if the flipped breaker immediately trips, then STOP and call a professional. You have a high-power wiring problem. Call around, and find an expert. It could be that a mouse chewed thru some insullation. You don't know, but don't be sold on replacing an expensive component without verifiable proof of the source of the problem.

Otherwise, go back and check your 24 VAC "R" Red terminal at the thermostat. If it reads 24VAC hot now, then you have solved the problem, at least temporarily. You now need to know why the breaker tripped or the fuse blew.

If the circuit is on a breaker, then just replace it. They really do go bad after a while. Pop the old breaker out and bring it with you to the hardware store. Replace it with the correct brand, amperage, and configuration.

If the circuit was on a fuse, then (a) was it really the correct amperage rating? or (b) is there a chance that you had a hit from the power company or a nearby lightening strike? (probably not, or some of your computer/stereo/other stuff would have been knocked out too.)

Otherwise, you know the source circuits are good, and you know you don't have 24VAC at the "R" terminal of your thermostat. There are now more possibile causes.... to be continued. Marty

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My 4yr old Amana heat pump quit working - the thermostat display was blank. I replaced the thermostat but still no luck after confirming it was installed correctly. My S/N is 0407477962, Model VNC60C2A, P/N247407C. I was told it was a 12 Seer unit; unfortunately I can't find my manual or find it listed on your website. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Trying to locate a/c info on this serial number so i can deal with my apt. complex manager. Our electric bill is extremely high and i know 10 seer units are not used anymore. It seems they got a jumper on my unit causing it to run all day to keep up, but i cant find out.

In some apartment complexes,where everbody is in one building it\012is possible that you are cooling more than just your apartment. If you have ductwork try to follow it and see if it does not lead to a\012entrance or a hallway.\012 ... Air Conditioners

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Since you may not receive a specific answer to this problem, I will offer some advice that may help.\015\012You really need to get Samsung to rectify this issue. Oftentimes, there are mistakes or poorly written manuals, which required you eit ... Samsung Air Conditioners

We installed a 4 ton downflow coleman air handler with evap coil Model number 1854s2m we did not change out the outside unit. the outside unit is a 13 year old 3 1/2 ton intertherm condenser the system is only generating a 10 degree delta T. My question is, this coil came with a factory TXV I am trying to find out is this a 10 seer or 13 seer coil is it compatable with the outside unit.

You have a missmatched system, for it to work try removing the orfice on the high side txv it is not allowing the evaperator coil to fill with refrigerant properly coleman and intertherm dont like each other since they control a large market in the ... Air Conditioners

We have an armstrong funace/ac package unit model 64hwc303a-2b. The repair contract i have on this system (my gas and elec co.) can't find the nozzles to recharge the system with the coolant, and don't have a manual on this unit. Is there a way of getting a copy of the service manual for this unit and does anyone know where they are, and tell me now. I've had the repair people out 4 times to no avail.

If there are no service ports on this unit, have them put the in! Alot of package units come from the factory charged and the system sealed. They should have access to quick-taps. Follow this link and look at catalog page 231.http://www.diversitech.c ... Air Conditioners

I've just moved into a home with an existing Armstrong Concept 10 A/C unit that's at least 15 years old. When I left for a 2-week vacation, the unit was working great. I set the thermostat to 77 to save energy. Upon returning, I lowered the thermostat to 70 and waited, and waited and waited several hours only to find the temp. in the house was not lowering, it was actually rising! I could see the unit's fan blade was not moving so I checked the circuit box in the basement, and the A/C breaker

Hello 93 The compressor caused the breaker to trip.A weak capasitor or burnt wire is a common cause.It sounds like the compressor is NOT on even though the fan is.It may need a new wire or maybe a HARD START kit to help restore operation.Call for hel ... Air Conditioners

I have a honeywell ducted heating system.This morning I noticed when I went to turn on the heater that above the temperature on the thermostat, there was an icon that looked like a battery.I've never seen it before& didn't know whether something was amiss but after I turned the heating had been on for about 5-10 mins, I noticed it had disappeared. The thermostat unit looks hard wired into the wall to me, and I'm sorry but I don't have a manual for the unit. The unit was already there when I bou

It more than likely has a battery in it,,,, it can be hard wired and still run off batteries,,,,,,, double check it again,,,,,,,,,,, ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Have a Bryant 340MAV condensing gas furnace. Installed a new thermostat for the A/C unit middle of summer (old one slowly died). Woke up this morning to no heat - thermostat didn't automatically kick in. Programmed it manually to kick in; fans work just fine and the unit is cycling, with thermostat reading heat. But furnace won't won't heat.

Just curious, have you changed your filter out recently? This blog talks about a problem similar to yours and the tech changed out the filter and tapped a screwdriver between the terminals of the limit switch:\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

We have a heil heat & air package unit with no heat pump and cannot get the thermostat to turn the heat off and on. We have replaced the thermostat twice and the sequencer twice and a relay once. You can bypass the thermostat and the fan and heat will come on but it won't go off by itself. We have not be able to find a schematic for this unit showing the heating side of the wiring. What can we do or what is the problem?

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I have a '97 rv with 13,500 a/c mod: 600315.421 and a thermostat (comfort control center). The temp drops or rises 4 plus degrees before the unit starts to cool. Same with furnace which is separate on the floor. These variation is too much and we find ourselves turning the thermostat up or down whichever we need heat or cool. Thanks for any help you can give me. I have a fair understanding of these units.

... Dometic Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Standard Programmable Thermostat dual zone system heating / ac. I just moved in a month ago, and have inherited this system. At least once a day I find the 'time' display flashing on at least 1 of the 2 thermostats, as if power was lost. I can't find anywhere in the manual as to why this happens. Is it really because of lost power? If so, why is this happening?

Check and see if the thermostat has batteries, if so change them, if not please give me model number and I will do some research ... Air Conditioners

We have an armstrong funace/ac package unit model 64hwc303a-2b. The repair contract i have on this system (my gas and elec co.) can't find the nozzles to recharge the system with the coolant, and don't have a manual on this unit. do you know where the service nozzles are located? do you know how i can get a copy of the manual besides the mfgr?

Hi, you have to contact Armstrong on 1-800-448-5872 : 8am-5pm EST directly to request for a copy of the manual and ask for any other information you need pertaining to the product, because you cannot get access to the manual anywhere online except f ... Air Conditioners

I noticed the the plastic front panel was off my ge air conditioner and that my macaw had chewed two small wires that came out of the control box and cliped into the front of the unit. now it want cool. i cant find that clip,and I cant find out the name of it or how to repair it

It sounds like wires for a temp sensor. you can email me. [email protected] ... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

Thermonet thermostat - no manual I have an old version of the thermonet thermostat and can't find any instruction manuals online. I'm freezing!! I have the one which is on the bottom left of page 10 of the above document http://www.alistairmackintosh.co.uk/GeneratedItems/Thermonet%20specifiers%20guide.pdf

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