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I have a Rheem Gas Furnace with an old analog thermostat (Wires conneected to terminals R and 4 for the thermostat). I went to install a Rheem digital and programmable thermostat and it indicated that it would not work for that wire configuration (Instructions indicated that the thermostat would not work with wires to the #4 thermostat terminal). Is there a setting on the furnace circuit board I can change, or is there a digital, programmable thermostat one can use on this unit - Model RGDJ 12EA

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If you have 2 wire at thermostat Terminals at furnace that the thermostat wire attach to should be R & W if your new thermostat has R & W terminals is should work, an easy thing to remember is the red wire on R the white wire on W. If 4 wire at thermostat at furnace green on G, Blue on Y, red on R,and white on W same at thermostat If these do not match find a thermostat with these terminals

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I have a Rheem Gas Furnace with an old analog thermostat (Wires conneected to terminals R and 4 for the thermostat). I went to install a Rheem digital and programmable thermostat and it indicated that it would not work for that wire configuration (Instructions indicated that the thermostat would not work with wires to the #4 thermostat terminal). Is there a setting on the furnace circuit board I can change, or is there a digital, programmable thermostat one can use on this unit - Model RGDJ 12EA

If you have 2 wire at thermostat Terminals at furnace that the thermostat wire attach to should be R & W if your new thermostat has R & W terminals is should work, an easy thing to remember is the red wire on R the white wire on W. If 4 wire ... Air Conditioners

Purchased VisionPRO 8000 series model TH810U1003 digital programmable thermostat from Amazon on line to replace my old analog. My furnace company maintenance person was unable to get into the installation menu. It was not installed. Later, I managed to get into the installation menu and set the date and time but not all of the installation menu was available to me. I called Honeywell Support and they would not tell me how to get to the hidden installation menu items. They told me I would ha

The stats come with installer set up instructions inside the box. always do! i have used them always to program stat. go to a home store and as to look at a stat and see the instructions. find the installer setup info and make a copy. there are up ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a DuoTherm BriskAIr 13.5K BTU. The Dometic thermostat also controls my HydroFlame 8531-IV furnace. This morning, the furnace would not come on. I checked the wiring and there is no voltage at the thermostat blue wire on the furnace. If I jump 12 volts to the thermostat blue wire, the furnace works normally. Replaced thermostat; no change. I hear something clicking in the air conditioner unit when I switch the thermostat to furnace mode. I assume the A/C has a relay to control the thermost

If you look at control box at roof unit, they usually use a separate set of wires for furnace. See what colors they are attached to at harness to thermostat. Some just follow other harness, and come out at thermostat. (bypass control box) Once you've ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Have atwood furnace and coleman mach thermostat and it would not shut off. I unplugged power to rv and had to hit battery disconnect so that it would stop.waited few minutes...turned on...heat would not come on but blower ran until I had to unplug and start over. Is it my thermostat?Then abut 3 hours later went through the whole process again...heat came on..all well....then heat shut off...blower kept going and could hear clicking noise from furnace, (trying to light) and would not work.

It may be your thermostat, but try this first to see if time delay relay may be sticking. When it won't shut off, turn propane off, and go outside and unscrew the 2 screws that hold your cover on, and lower the cover down. Look straight ahead, attach ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

My heater is not working reliably. With the setpoint above the room temp, it may come on right away, or not for 12 hours. Pilot/igniter is ok, and will sometimes start the furnace heat going, then shuts off. New digital Honeywell thermostat, worked fine until 3 weeks ago. Thermostat says Heat when it's trying to turn on the furnace, but often nothing. Sometimes when it's starting up a loud buzzing sound comes from the furnace, perhaps a relay oscillating.

Could be an open or stuck limit switch, not really a good thing. ... Air Conditioners

Furnace is not working, digital thermostat does not register

Sounds as if your low voltage transformer might have bit the bullet will need replacing all of the devices you mention are powered by this one low voltage t-stat ... Bryant 462AJC021BA Air Conditioner

I have a duo-therm thermostat that I think is the problem. My a/c only works when the fan is swithced to the on position but does not work in the auto position, also the heater does not come on and work unless i tie a jumper line to the ground wire. I have been told that the problem could be the thermostat or the circuit board in the a/c. If I can I would replace the thermostat with a digital.

Try changing the thermostat out first. Make sure that you set the set switches in the thermostat for the proper medium you are using. If the unit is heated with gas make sure you set the thermostat settings for gas ( there is a small switch inside ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a white rogers thermostat, it wont click on automatically when it is colder in the house than i have the heat set on. furnace just pops, fan does work and does blow hot air when i turn it to on. i have a digital thermostat. i reset all the programming for it, even turned it off and turned off the furnace with 2 breakers at the bottom of the furnace but still nothing. The furnace is warm like it is trying to kick on

Did you connect the jumper wire to rc---rh on the thermostat? ... Air Conditioners

Have a York Stellar 2000 model E1CS024A, serial MAWM027260. Replaced electric furnace last year with Goodman Gas Furnace. Installer disconnected old York thermostat T874R1145 and replaced it with a programmable Honeywell Focus PRO 6000. He also removed the York interface panel in the furnace room and simply connected W-W & BLK-BLK to the outside unit saying that it should work. Needless to say when it turned hot yesterday and I powered up the Heat Pump and requested cool on the thermostat nothi

... Air Conditioners

My Honeywell PRO 4000 Programmable Thermostat is set to 62 but last night went to 74 & then to 78 & heat would not go off. We have a Trane XB furnace - Both 5 years old. Took face plate off thermostat. Heat still did not go off. Had to turn off gas valve to furnace. What could it be?

... Honeywell PRO 4000 Programmable Thermostat 1007

My gibson furnace is about 8yrs old and it was working fine heat was on yesterday morning but last night it stopped. Changed batteries in thermostat which in new(thermostat) but no heat. Checked the vents and no air was coming out. I took cover off furnace and saw that the red indicator light was blinking once every 3 seconds. what could be the problem??

Hi,Look on the back of the bottom cover... it should tell you what the blinking means...\012Here is a tip that will help you try to figure out why your furnace is not working. ... Gibson Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman Model GMS80703anaa- For the last 5 days I have had to reset the furnace, now it won't go on at all. The ignitor trips, the thermostat trips, blowers go on, but no flame/heat. When I reset it, it works for about 12-24 hours....now it is not registering at all. I have read the other reviews regarding Goodman furnaces, and it tells me to look for a blinking led light on the control panel. Where would I find this? I do not see anything blinking when looking into the furnace, and whe

They should have said located on a control board.\015\012This is usually located behind the bottom door where\015\012the blower motor is located. It usually is mounted in\015\012front of the blower.\015\012\015\012On the ... Air Conditioners

There is a switch on my 1 1/2 ton Ruud furnace/Air handler that is not working properly. The unit would not turn on, even though the thermostat was working. I took the panel off of the air handler and found that a switch had been duct taped into the on position on the unit. Apparently, the tape had shifted and the switch was no longer in proper position. when i moved the switch, two green indicator lights lit up. When i turned the unit back on, the A/C worked. Clearly, there is a problem w

Helllo, this switch is called a door interlock switch. ... Air Conditioners

I have a honeywell pro 2000 programmable thermostat which controls an enerzone ahc 31-18 series water source air handler with heating and cooling coils built in. This therostat and heater worked fine all winter. Last week i had a air conditioner stalled and connected to the air handler and the AC worked for one day. When i tried to turn on the AC yesterday, the fan would not come on for either AC or heat. any troubleshooting suggestions? thanks ... Donald

... Air Conditioners

Townhouse has an old slide, mercury bulb thermostat. Our furnace is now cycling and the flame only takes a few seconds before it turns off again. Most of the time it just blows cold air. Last year we adjusted the anticipator higher and it worked fine. Now, we adjusted it to an even higher number and it still cycling on and off. 1) Right now I think the value is at .4. What is the correct value setting for the anticipator. 2) If I replace the thermostat with a digital (Honeywell RTH221B), w

Hi\015\012i will suggest to replace to an energy efficuect t-stat.\015\012that will solve your problem and will save you money\015\012\015\012more info\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

Rheem Criterion II gas furnace, model RGLH, 8 - 10 years old. Came back from vacation and furnace won't fire up. Went through start-up procedure. Brand new digital thermostat, maybe one month old, been working perfectly, replaced batteries in in anyway to no avail. On motherboard, two green lights (LEDs) comes on, but 'flame' LED (orange) won't come on.

... Air Conditioners

I have a LUXPRO PSP600 digital thermostat and when I switch it to heat it automatically comes on. The hot air is blowing fine. However when it meets the temperature that is set, the heater turns off but the furnace in the basement for air circulation doesn't turn off. It keeps running. (The fan with the furnace in the basement kept running.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

My nokia cant play youtube video ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner


Are there any wires on the e or aux terminals. those are the terminals for heat ... Air Conditioners

Have a Amana a/c heater central furnace. Model number PGA30R0452A. The a/c part works fine. The heater part does not turn on sometimes. We have to keep turning it on and off to get to work. No matter what you hear a slight humming when we turn it on just it doesn't always blow air out of the vents. It also does not always kick back on once the temp. has dropped and should start heating the house again. We have programmable thermostat. Any suggestions to whats broken or breaking. My husband woul

When you change from cooling to heating the fan will not come on immediately. A solenoid valve is energized (check that it is working) and operates a reverse valve, changing the gas flow in the system. It takes a few minutes for the system to build u ... Air Conditioners

Honeywell digital non-programmable thermostat rlv310.i have radiant ceiling heat ...just installed....thermostat function works properly...question is in regards to display function....in a 24 hour period, the display has gone out as if going into a screen saver mode....in both times, hitting the buttons does not restore the display.....i've had to go to the switch box, turn off the breaker switch and then turn it back on for the display to reappear...in both cases, when the display reappears, t

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Rudd furnace I have a RUDD furnace model UGPJ-07-NAMGR. It had stopped working, so I replaced the thermostat but it is not the thermostat. When I hold the furnace reset button, the furnace will fire according to the setting on thermostat(heat or fan). As soon as I let go of the reset button, the heater stops working. It does not matter what I do to the thernostat, the heater will not fire. I crossed the red and white wire but nothing happens. The heater is supposed to fire when I cross wire, ri

You have a safety limit switch that is either bad or needs to be manually reset. Some have little buttons between the two wires going to the switch that you can push to reset. If not they are automatic switchs then one is bad. You have to do an oh ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

We have just bought a house in Canberra with a Honeywell Thermostat to operate gas central heating system. There is no manual and we do not know how to programme it. I would guess that it is about 10 years old (beige, rectangular shape with digital screen). There is no model no. on it anywhere. Can you refer us to an instruction manual we could use please.

I have put many of those in and yes, they are hard to program compared to the new ones. You will probably not find any instructions unless you go on line to honeywell and ask. Otherwise it may be worth your time and less head ache to just go get a ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a gas forced furnace controlled with a programmable Honeywell thermostat. I am not sure of the model but the diagram on the open door is labeled 32207626-002. It is not kicking in at the set point. (not even an indicator click) - ideas? advice?

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Hello, mt name is Tony. I really need some expert advice! My electricity had gotten disconnected awhile back, well when i got it reactivated my furnace nor central air unit would not work. I had someone come look at it a couple weeks ago, he told me he thought it was the thermostat. So I went to Lowes and picked up Hunter model#44860, (i guess thats what i needed because i have a heat pump). I installed it myself and I'm not sure if I have it right because I still have no heat. Ther wires from t

Black C and Brown to W-2. ... Air Conditioners

Programmable digital thermostat went blank model totaline P P474-1050. Help! Downstairs one is working fine.

... Air Conditioners

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