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Old Manual I got an air conditioning and I don't know its voltage. Also, I don't have its manual. The air conditioning is very old. Would you can say where I find old manual Kenmore products?

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I can help with the voltage but not the manual. If your unit is 220, the plug will not fit into a 120v recepticle. Good luck with the manual

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Old Manual I got an air conditioning and I don't know its voltage. Also, I don't have its manual. The air conditioning is very old. Would you can say where I find old manual Kenmore products?

I can help with the voltage but not the manual. If your unit is 220, the plug will not fit into a 120v recepticle. Good luck with the manual ... Air Conditioners

I have been having a nightmare trying to find the bars i believe are called retention bars that sit under the coals. there are two missing, one plumber says without them he cannot connect, another says i dont really need them. just all the coals stacked right, he believes i just need the instructions for fire which when i moved in did not have. kohlangaz karizma gas coal effect fire, cud i download a manual to know hoe the coals should be stacked gc. no 3243519 serial no: 15320

... Air Conditioners

The air condition heat pump will not keep the house cool we have it set at 73 degrees and it is 83 degrees in the house The unit is about 4 years old and i haven't had this problems before , the technicion says he can't find anything wrong with it.Ihave a 1400 squire feet house and a 3 ton unit

Hi,Here is a tip about trouble shooting your air conditioner... ... Weather King Air Conditioners

I need help locating the reset button for an old Miller HVAC (heat pump) - i had one of those micro-filters in and the compressor shut off - my A/C repairman friend told me the reset is now what I need to do but I cannot find the button and he hasn't answered his phone in 2 days - I don't have a manual and cannot find one online - it is an old unit with model number PCZD-030KB (?)

I don't believe " Miller" brand has a manual reset for high pressure. The disconnect box on the wall next to the out door unit is fused. It has a pull bar in it and has the fuses attached or behind it, depending on the box. The fuses are " slow bl ... Air Conditioners

I am 78Yrs old and my 70 ys old disabled wife has qualified for the government grant for replacing our old boiler.The job was done but nowhere can we find an operation,manual for the Honeywell ST9400C controller that has been fitted.Could you please tell me from where may I obtain such a manual.Many thanks in anticipation of an early reply.Yours Truly B.S.Crabtree

Hi,\012Here is a tip that tells you how to get that manual online..\012\012Manual Honeywell How to Find Honeywell Manuals\012 ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

We have a gem cool air conditioning unit in our office but no manual. It doesnt seem to be cooling at all (it was installed last week and it was working fine then) and we are not sure what settings we are getting wrong. Is there somewhere online where we can find the manuals for this brand?

... Air Conditioners

Thermonet thermostat - no manual I have an old version of the thermonet thermostat and can't find any instruction manuals online. I'm freezing!! I have the one which is on the bottom left of page 10 of the above document http://www.alistairmackintosh.co.uk/GeneratedItems/Thermonet%20specifiers%20guide.pdf

... Air Conditioners

CCU10A30A-1 manual i need to find a manual for this air conditioning unit

... Concord Air Conditioners

I have a Payne air conditioning unit and I noticed today that the fan was not running and it was not cooling my house. I manually turned the fan and it kicked on but the compressor just clicks and does not cut on. I was trying to find out where the condenser reset button was but can not find it. Please help quickly got kids and its very hot!!

Are you sure there is a condenser reset button?If there is,the condenser is on the opposite end of the tubing where the compressor and evaporator are.You may have to remove a panel but if there is a reset,it may be right on the condenser itself.Knowi ... Air Conditioners

My 4yr old Amana heat pump quit working - the thermostat display was blank. I replaced the thermostat but still no luck after confirming it was installed correctly. My S/N is 0407477962, Model VNC60C2A, P/N247407C. I was told it was a 12 Seer unit; unfortunately I can't find my manual or find it listed on your website. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Your thermostat can get power from either of two power souces. Primary power would be 24 VAC from a transformer mounted inside your air handler. Second (optional) power may be provided from battery backup, with the batteries mounted inside the ther ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Central ac coil pipe had frost unit wasn't cooling house. The filter was very dirty replaced the filter. Called place that installed. They couldn't find anything then they said nit was the valve that controlled tar freon. Since the unit is 3 yrs old they said rheum shoal replace it. Well now they say they can't get the part and we need to buy new coil system it's only3 yrs old. We turned the unit on for 2 hrs and no frost what should we do

First of all any coil can be replaced they are running a game on you sometimes it has to be ordered but it can be got. now you can get a complete r-22 system anymore but you can get parts for them. the filter could have most likely been the problem I ... Air Conditioners

I have just moved into a house that has a Philco furnace, and the humidity is way too high; I'm getting puddles on my window ledges every morning. I don't know where to look for a model number, and there's nothing apparent on the outside, so I can't be more specific. The house being 11 years old, I have no idea if the previous owner had a manual or not. Can anyone tell me where I might look to find a model number and then where I might be able to get a manual, so that I can reduce the humidit

If it's a variable speed motor, a web blog suggested running it at a lower speed when it first starts up. On some there was a humidistat, but it was supposed to be automatic, so yours could be bad, if your system has one.\015\012The following ... Air Conditioners

My unit is a cpkj60-1 this is closest unit number i can find to mine. My unit can be in the off possition and perioticly it will cut on ,my wife is driveing me nuts about this,my a/c man says that this is common for a heat pump.wife says it did not do this when house was new ,it started this two years ago.i made the mistake of showing her where the breaker was ,now i batle her with breaker.do not laugh to loud when you get this. oh my hose is ten years old ,so is the unit.

... Goodman PHKJ060-1 Air Conditioner

Where do I find a download of the users manual for a Danfoss FP715 (part no 8491 issu2 - 0 : 10/95). It is an old style back boiler (heatrae stadia) approx 15 years old. Thanks for any help

... Air Conditioners

I am replacing a white-rodgers thermostat with a blue wire connected to a terminal label '4'. The only other reference to a '4' terminal is in the honerwell installation manual which says that if there is both an r and 4 terminals on the old thermostat it was incompatible. I returned it for a ritetemp guaranteed to be compatible though I'm still not sure what to do with the blue wire. on the old thermostat the red wire goes to rc, the yellow to y, white to w, and green to g. Does blue just go t

Blue just goes to B ... Air Conditioners

I bought a used ruud achiever 90000 plus and i installed it today. when i turn it on the blower motor does not come on and the burner does not light either. dont know what to do. when i turn it on the light that says ok is flashing green. i dont have an owners manual so im not sure if that is good or bad that its not staying solid green.

If this is a 220 volt unit I would suggest taking a look at the breakers, often times one will trip leaving the other in service. Also, you'll want to check the positioning of the shunt bar(located in the service cutout) and make sure it is in the r ... Ruud Air Conditioners

Have an old Rinnai Gas Heater (approximately 30 years old) still working well, but we had to turn off the gas, and now cannot turn it on again. We have two buttons, one below the other, one is red and say On, the other is black. We also have an ignition button at the side. However, we were under the impression that we had to push the red button to get the pilot alight, then hold it there for a few seconds for it to fire up BUT the pilot light does not stay on - just fades away. Can't find

You are half-way right, to light the pilot, light it and push down the red button and hold it for at ----least2-minutes-- till the flame heats up the pin (thermocouple- which fire-thermocouple metal makes electricity which sends it to the gas valve a ... Rinnai Air Conditioners

Carrier 38CK036330 Hi,  I totally know nothing about air conditioning. It's getting so hot in LA and we really need help since our house has a 18-month old child. We have a Carrier 38CK036330 central unit, and it's not cooling the house as we'd like it to. It's already about 13 years old and we are looking for a new one to replace it. The question is we cannot find this model anymore, or do we have to replace it with the same model?? What model or brand would you suggest for a 1350 square feet h

The model numbers change.You have a 3 ton system.The make and model that you replace it with is not nearly as important as a quality install.Do your homework on picking a contractor that you can trust.Have them do a load calculation to make sure a 3t ... Carrier 38CKC060 Air Conditioner

My 6 year old Heat pump RHE 60 on days when temp. gets up to 85F the Compressor struggles to come on some times up to 10-15 minutes.A hard start kit was installed when unit was 5 months old for similar problem but later they (service people) found it was caused by a burnt wire. I dont know if they left the hard-start kit on unit or removed it. I cant get installing dealer to find me a fix for this problem .

Hi,One of the methods to curb if the compressor is not working is " Installing Start Kit".There might be many reasons.Let me write main reasons :-\015\012\015\012\015\012Compressor will not start some or m ... Air Conditioners

I dont have manual for air conditioner LG model LS-D246 1HS, want to cool down temperature but control remote is saying "chaos" also realised for first time its dripping...not too much, please help! how can i get a manual. thanks!

Try this link, http://www.lge.com/global/supports/service-sites.jsp?countryCd=global ... LG LSC121PMA Split System Air Conditioner

I have a moffat 2030 automatic oven which is around 15years old and it has stopped working as automatic so i cannot use the timer. From where you think I can get a service manual due to I did not find anyone who can fix it here but i am sure that if i have the service manual i will fix it myself.

... Air Conditioners

The remote control does not work at all. The air conditioning works manually. The model is a 15 year old split unit/heat pump MOD: AG1BH17AW. we would appreciate your help, since we live in Spain, and there are no remote controls for this unit in the country. Can we get a Universal Remote control, or is the unit too old for that too...Although it works fantastically! Thank You!

... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

RV Parts, needed a new coleman mach 13500 that was a good price. Went to www.arvparts.com like you suggested and you are Right, this business did have good prices and I had them locate a water heater part for me also. I have an old RV - 1989 that I bought and no other rv place would help me with finding the part for my water heater, Except This Business, they did help me and you were right in saying if they do not have the part they will find it and they did!! I will continue to use affordable r

You are welcome If you are in need of any other assistance let me know. A Referral to www.arvparts.com is the least I could do. ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

Borg warner Is the old round York Borg/Warner thermostat incompatable with a Honeywell? I just replaced my old round mercy switch thermostat with a Honeywell RTHL111 thermostat. The air conditioner service man says it is hooked up right, but the fan on the unit will not run on auto (it must be in the on position on the thermostat [thus the fan runs all the time]). He also replaced a relay switch inside the unit. We are using air conditioning only on this unit. Red to R (strapped to Rc), gree

... Air Conditioners

I have an old emailair air conditioner and cannot find the remote controller. I have tried to turn it off manually but it is still blowing out air. How do I turn it off manually?

... Goodman Air Conditioners

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