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Thank you. I have an 11 year old Kenmore 8000 BTU window unit that has served me well. I am remodeling my apartment now and would like to have a service and maintenance check on this unit that might include making the outlet cord about 3 feet longer. I think the grill behind the filter has gotten a little smashed in places, should this be fixed? It?s working fine and I don?t want to spend a lot of money. I can take it in somewhere if that helps on the cost. What say you?

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Take it to a hvac shop and tell them what you want! or just telll an electrical shop what you want in the cord length---to straighten out the fins n the front coils with a fin coil brush at a hvac supply house,and remove the top/ side cover and fully clean the inside unit, drain lines--both front and back coils---on both sidesan oil the fan motor....TYVM!

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Thank you. I have an 11 year old Kenmore 8000 BTU window unit that has served me well. I am remodeling my apartment now and would like to have a service and maintenance check on this unit that might include making the outlet cord about 3 feet longer. I think the grill behind the filter has gotten a little smashed in places, should this be fixed? It?s working fine and I don?t want to spend a lot of money. I can take it in somewhere if that helps on the cost. What say you?

Take it to a hvac shop and tell them what you want! or just telll an electrical shop what you want in the cord length---to straighten out the fins n the front coils with a fin coil brush at a hvac supply house,and remove the top/ side cover and fully ... Kenmore 8000 BTU Single Room Air Conditioner

I built a house in Sept. 2007. I purchased 2 rheem air/heat units. I have had a lot of problems with one of the units. Unit Rheem rpne 036jaz. I have had four different repair men out to fix the unit and still have the same problem. I have had the circuit boad replace in the outside unit three times and replaced the thermostat and the contactor on the outside unit. The inside fan will kick on but the outside unit will not. I can reset the unit inside and it will work for a little while but then

... Air Conditioners

Celair evaporative air conditioner fan has dropped down from unit and is not working. we can push it back up but when it is swtiched off it drops down again, does not appear to be fixed in place by anything. How can we fix it so that it wont keep dropping.

... Air Conditioners

We have a 1997 Coleman popup camper. The air is just a little cool and it keeps leaking on the inside. I called a repair place and was told it was most likely low in freon and that it could not be added due to it being a sealed unit. Does anyone know if this is correct or how to fix the problem. The AC is a roof top unit

The drain is blocked and needs a clean out ,look for a drain hole with a pipe to the outside .as for the gas recharge then yes it can be filled by a specialist and not a chancer ,you have to cut a pipe on the motor and solder a connection on the end ... Air Conditioners

We have a brivis evaporated cooling system P63. The unit was leaking water inside and when the plumber came out he couldn't find anything wrong with it then the Brivis technician came out and said there was nothing wrong but all of a sudden it stopped working after the Brivis technician fiddled with it but is saying that there was nothing wrong in the first place so it's not a warrantee problem. Do you think this could of just fixed it's self?

Is the unit still leaking?\015\012Is water coming out? \015\012If the unit is under warranty, it should be covered, shouldn't it?\015\012Is the unit working at all now?\015\012Please clarify and state the current condition. I ... Mastercool 67471 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

We had a brand new unit put in a couple of years back. When it was installed it worked. Once winter came, it obviously was turned off. Then the following summer, it would turn on but just blow air, would not cool at all- so the unit installers came out and repaired it. It worked through the summer, then the following summer-it wouldnt cool again-they came back out and fixed it again. Third summer in a row-it is not working again!! A friend told me this morning, on new units there is a

Yes but you should have to keep resteting it you might have a major problem are you beiing charge for freon if so you have a bad condensor unit (it have a leak ) check your bill if the same thing happens again go see what the techs are doing ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

MSX-09NVII Three units of this type connect to one MUX-18NV on roof. Has worked for lastfew years OK. Identical set in another part of house works fine. All wiring seems in place . All units have power. No unit will start on remote control or on local emergency push button. No 12dc signal to roof unit visible when emergency button pushed. Ideas welcome.

... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

My fan stopped working, but i hear the refrigeration unit working. is there something i can do to fix this? i cleaned out the filter, that didnt do anything to the issue. when i have it set to just fan mode, nothing works. but when i set it to high AC i can hear the ac unit working but no fan movment, so im assuming its the fan that is the issue.

Yes , you may have to change your fan and it should work . seems your fan went up on your a/c .. ... Haier HWC05XCB Air Conditioner

I have a mitsubishi electric air system. It just stopped working for no reason. All units are not working. The remote work fine yet when you press the button nothing happens. This is all of the house. I tried to fix the circuit breaker, nothing. I tried the outside unit to turn off and on again, also nothing. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Lisa Ablon

Hi Lisa,\015\012\015\012First change the batteries in the remote. Is this a central system or separate units. It sounds like central which would have sequencers and fan relay that would keep it from coming on. mi ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

We have a lot of Fujitsu a/cs at work and the remote controls get swapped around. One remote doesnt work with an a/c. The same model remote from another room will work so it is not the a/c unit. Are the remote controls paired with the a/c unit? Do I have to do something to pair it to this a/c? Pressing the reset button on the remote control doesnt fix the problem. The model number is AR-RY3

... Air Conditioners

Hi... We had a new weatherking a/c central unit installed last July...It doesn't work now...the a/c repairman said the coil that supplied the freon broke which then "fried" the compressor? So all parts relating to this have been replaced, still not working. Could it be we were given a less than perfect unit? Our Carrier worked for 13 years with little problems-but the a/c man liked Weatherking....what do you think? Thanks for your help! jan

Hi Jan, \015\012Weatherking is right up there in quality with Carrier. The breakdown you describe was not only an inconvenience to you , but also quite costly to the company honoring their 1st year warranty. The company would not carry the bran ... Air Conditioners

This is about a 15 YEAR OLD Trane XE1000 30,000 BTU A/C unit. The A/C was not working, but right after I called to have someone come fix it, it started working again all by itself. When the unit was not working (for about 18 hours). The house got up to about 80 degrees with the thermostat set on 70. When the HVAC tech got here (next day), he told me the compressor is shot because the thermal limit switch inside the compressor is overheating. The area where the thermal switch is getting warm, but

You can wait just buy a capaciter start system theat will override the old start capaciter, this is a common problem for all ac systems. just bu the ac start replacement and yo should be good to go for a couple more years. and if you want a reference ... Air Conditioners

Amcoraire Bought an Amcoraire mini split ductless system in NOV 10 for a new home project we are building. I completed all the installation work and hired a HVAC technician to do the final install work. Everything went fine until we turned on the power and set the AC to the lowest setting on both units. Fans came on and louvers started working, but compressor would ramp up and run for about 30-40 seconds and then shutdown. Error code of FC was displayed on both indoor units. I called the place I

... Reddy Air Conditioners

Hi, I have an LG portable air unit..9000 BTU. Ive had it about 4 years...and now all the sudden Im getting "E3" error...in my instruction book it states "E3 = unit-abnormal protection, to avoid occurrence of unit damage" I feel like a complete dolt because IDK what this even means....apparently it means it goes on E3 to prevent more damage. It works a good...30-60-90 minutes, E3...I reset, it works again for another 30-60-90, and E3 again...so now my question(s) 1. How do I fix this? 1a.

... LG LP1200DXR Portable Air Conditioner

Have 2 year old Frigidaire FAH105N1T Air Conditioner. Fan stopped working on fan or cool. Serviced twice and they said fan needed to be oiled. Worked 3 weeks then they said it needed fan motor. Bought new unit. Can I fix old unit and how ? Any thoughts ? THANKS Fr

It possible to replace the defective as follow:\015\0121- take out the unit\015\0122- remove the top cover \015\0123- try to take out the wires from there connections and note each color to witch connection\015\0124- loose bo ... Air Conditioners

Outside AC unit working, but inside there is no air flow and fan inside will not work unless it is turned manually. Also, a little ice on outside unit.

Depending on what type of Thermostat you have, it is usually as simple as setting a jumper for Electric heat instead of gas.\015\012If you have a digital Thermostat then turn off the power to the Air handler and remove ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Deart All: Thanks alot for your kind answer but do you had been ever heard about a maintenance guide or a fixing manual for the Hitachi RUA-30 AT3S package units . Actually the compressor did not worked and i had gave the thermostate mor than 30 degree cen. but the comp. did not worked niether the condensores out door fan ( 3- Fans)So i will die if i did not fix that machine please....Help Me. Best Regards

Dear friend!I think, you keep cool mode and temp setting above 30 degree C. Definately it will not work. If you need cool or heat follow this step and if still problem write there.To get proper cool, keep the tips as follows:1. Chec ... Air Conditioners

I have a Siemens rdh10rf thermostat which is working erratically. The hot water works but heating is not always coming on when it should. I have tried pressing ''set'' on the wired unit and ''learn'' on the freestanding unit as per the instructions, but the heating only comes on after several attempts. It then cuts out and a red light comes on. Can you tell me how I can fix this?

... Air Conditioners

We have a Vulcan ducted heating unit model HX100, recently we have experienced problems with the unit where is it not heating the house, the unit goes on but blowing cold air. We have had a couple of technicians to repair it and still not working. One fixed the switch pressure & the other the flame sensor connection. We have been advised that we may need a new unit or repair the board. As we have an illness in the family, we would like to know whether we need to purchase a new unit as p

\015\012We had the same problem with our carrier heater 4 year or so ago. We had a technician and electrician try to resolve the problem. What the tech suggest was to replace the main component ... Air Conditioners

One of my units is not providing cold air although the fan is blowing. My 3 zone unit was recently cleaned including coils and exterior unit. It was also correctly charged, checked for leaks, and the correct gas is in place. Two different technicians have worked on the unit.After service the unit has run for a day or two and then not provided cold air. Any suggestions?

Hi, you'll need to double check refrigerant (freon) charge. working for a day or two, could means there's refrigerant (freon) leak, if there's no leak and refrigerant (freon) charge is o/k, check your electrical, you didn't say what make or model is ... Mitsubishi MS12TN Air Conditioner

Batteries on the control unit thing ran out, so I took the whole thing off the wall (not realising that the batteries can be replaced by pressing a button at the back of the unit to reveal the battery compartmnt), replacd the batteries and it looks like it works (display on, showing temperature etc), put the unit back on the wall and ... nothing, zip, no response. Help! Surely taking the unit off the wall wouldn't break it? It came off easily enough, and goes back into place just as easily.

Hi, check the wire connections to make sure the Red wire is good and tight. This is only low voltage, so don't worry about getting zapped. If all wires are tight. you may have blown the control fuse at the indoor unit. Go to it with a good light, pul ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

My unit has never worked properly as it is dripping water and ruining my wall and my filters. The business that installed my unit is giving me the run around and ignoring my requests to fix my unit once and for all. They have been to my house multiple times with different "solutions" to this problem. The last time I was able to get anyone on the phone from Air Masters, the owner told me that he would replace my unit with a new one, but that you guys would not stand behind your product. Now,

It's short of gas. That's why it's forming ice over the coil and cutoff by coil sensor and then blower only would run. At that time ice become starts defrosting resulting to this water drop. Call repairman to find the return pressure by gauge. 60psi ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Have a Amana Wall Unit with Heating and Air Conditioning - Model PTC123B50AE. The unit's heater just stopped heating. The fan/blower and air conditioner are working fine. Unit says the fuses are OK. Would appreciate any guidance in fixing this unit. Thanks, NC


To whom may concern, my a goodman central air unit has stop working. The unit will come on in the inside but the outside want. The unit is not kicking on and the fan on the unit appears to be a little warmer than usual. I click the breaker but to know change! Any suggestion?

Its likely a start up capacitor. You will need an A/C repair person to come change it. I shouldn't be too expensive. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a Maytag M6P09S2A Air Room Conditioner. I know that it was manufactured by Fedder's and they filed Bankruptcy. The unit works great however when we went to put it away for the winter the drain valve actually broke off all the way to the unit (the plastic inside the unit broke as well). I need to know if I can find a place that may sell replacement parts for these units.

... Maytag M6P09S2ACOM Air Conditioner

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