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Filter Hi, In my panel the light for filter flash(flicker) and the big filter (I have one in the corridor upstairs) is cleaned and changed. My question is why still flashing ? I have another one somewhere ? My model is : GSC140241A - Goodman 2 Ton 14 SEER R-22 Central Air Conditioner CODE: GSC140241A

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Check and see if there is one in the A/H. Look on the right end (return end) There is a panel anout 1" wide going from top to battom. There may be a filter left in there.

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Filter Hi, In my panel the light for filter flash(flicker) and the big filter (I have one in the corridor upstairs) is cleaned and changed. My question is why still flashing ? I have another one somewhere ? My model is : GSC140241A - Goodman 2 Ton 14 SEER R-22 Central Air Conditioner CODE: GSC140241A

Check and see if there is one in the A/H. Look on the right end (return end) There is a panel anout 1" wide going from top to battom. There may be a filter left in there. ... Air Conditioners

Replacement Remote I can't find a replacement remote for my Turbo Air Conditioner - Room Air-Conditioner. (Info on Wall Unit - Model of indoor unit TAS-9H, Serial # A09HI02196, Bar Code # C2G5101320) (On the back of the remote - ZHF/LW-15, Rated Voltage 3V.DC) I live in Phoenix, AZ if you can tell me some place local I can get one or order one online. Thanks so much, Robert McDonald

EMAIL: [email protected] for parts / remote controls ... Turboair Air Conditioners

I can't find the age of the several Fedder air conditioner units we have. I have a model number, but I can't find serial numbers for most of them. One model number is: ACA09W2 and another is ACA09W26. Is there a way to find when these were made?

Model numbers wont give you the age. Look at the serial number. The first four numbers give the week and year on most units. Rusty ... Fedders A&B Chassis A1A07W2B Air Conditioner


The Sharp e1 problem is a timer that is pretending to demand that you clean the filter. It stops the machine every 720 hours and forces you to do a procedure to get it to go away.\015\012\015\012There are 2 possible procedures.\015 ... Air Conditioners

I would like a Users or Owners Manual for a Furnance in a relatives home that needs a new filter installed. I would like to make sure I'm putting the right Filter into the system, and "Where ever it Go's"... She has a Goodman Furnance, Model# H-24F, PN# 15345-00, SN# 0006579002. I've looked online, but the internet is leading me in circles searching for one that I can just download. Thank You.

... Air Conditioners

Had goodman furnace model # gmh950703bxac installed in new structer one year ago, now in last 2 days furnace is not keeping up to thermostat setting. no codes?

... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have an old CW-C60YU model air conditioner which is in one of my walls. How do I remove the chassis in order to check for mold? I have removed the filter as well as several screws but it still does not move. Do you have the original service manual? I do not and it would help.

I believer to panasonic does not pull out but you have to take the unit apart by taking it out of the wall and removing a screw on top (or more) and all of the screws around the bottom edge. It has been a number of years since I worked on a panasonic ... Panasonic CW-C60RU Air Conditioner

Fedders frustration We purchased a house 5 yesrs ago that has a Fedders unit in the livingroom wall. It is a heater/air conditioner. We had a tenant in the home and upon their eviction, they stole the remote. No worries I thought, I'll order another one. I have searched the entire until and cannot find the model #. To add to the problems, we had a bad thunderstorm last night and the power went out. WHen it came back on, "E1" is onthe digital display and it will not do anything (won't turn

... Fedders Air Conditioners

A Valy universal a/c remote control model VA-CR1000U has become possessed. Working fine, then batteries died after one year. New (expensive) batteries put in. A/C manually shut off so that universal remote could automatically locate 3 digit code (which I'd forgotten after 1 year. It did and air conditioner started but there were 2 beeps instead of the usual 1 beep. Thought this strange so wanting to stop and restart the a/c I pressed the on/off switch on the remote, but the a/c did not resp

... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman Air Conditioner Model CK49-1B. The fan in the unit does not turn on when the thermostate is set for cooling; the fan in the furnace works and blows warm air. Checking outside I discover that the dog chewed three wires that are coming from the unit. The repair person told me that the dog shortout the CONTACTOR and had to be replaced it, he also replaced 12 inches of wires damaged by the dog.. He did the job in less than one hour and charged me $225.00. Did he over charge me? Late

Take a look on amazon for same parts, and compare the prices: Amazon com goodman air conditioner parts. I hope this was helpful. Cheers ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

I have a Sharp Air Conditioner AF-S 125 FX Model that keep tripping E01 Code. I have clean the filter on many occassion and also reset the power supply per instruction manual.

... Sharp Air Conditioners

I have a polar wind portable air conditioner/dehumidifier/fan with swing louvers model # MPN4-12CRN1-BH8 I cannot get the protection code P1 to go away do you have any suggestions? When I first plug it in it has 8.8 in the viewing window then it goes to P1. It has done this since it was new. I cannot ding another one can you help? Thanks Beth

... Air Conditioners

I have a motel with 20 daewoo airconditioners and one recently died. I had a spare but it was slightly larger and would not fit in thre existing opening. The is no possibility of enlarging the opening, so i need to find somewhere to purchase the same model daewoo air conditioner. i am in Nova Scotia , Canada. Where do I look or who should I contact? Thanks robert

The Daewoo DWC-056CL is already out of stock from most seller. This seller in US has the same mod ... Daewoo DWC-056CL Air Conditioner

I have an edgestar portable air conditioner model no. ap410hs that is flashing an e1 error code. I have cleaned the filters.

... EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner Heater

What is the low and high presssures for the goodman air conditioner of one and a half tons Model GSC130181AA

Its all relative to the ambient temperature, the hotter it is the higher the pressure. The best way to check for proper freon charge is to take the suction line temperature about 12" from the compressor. Convert the reading ... Air Conditioners

Need a replacement filter & grill for a Maytag air conditioner heater unit Model MEJ12E7A. And a Emerson air conditioner heater unit filter & front Grille Model # 12GJ44H

... Air Conditioners

Friedrich air conditioner model # ss12j10ar-1 - Cleaned Filter now does not turn work

... Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner Error code?

Error "FL" is coming It is not going by applying suggesstion in your booklet kindly enlighten ... Haier Energy Star ESA3183 Air Conditioner

Error code on Enigma SLR-35 air conditioner. The error code is L1, air con will come on for a minute or two and then shut down displaying this error code. I don't have the manual for this air conditioner as it was in a house I just purchased and was just wondering if anyone knows what this error code means before I call in a repairman to investigate. I have tried cleaning the filters and resetting my circuit breakers for the house. No success obviously. The air that does come out for the minute

... Air Conditioners

MY frigidaire Air Conditioner model number: FAC107P1A2 has suddenly stopped blowing cool air. Check Filter light comes on but filter clean. Press Check Filter light button and blows out cool air for about a minute then blows hot air. Bought new at Lowes. Never had problem before with this air conditioner for 6 years! Please help burning up!

A few basic principles for air conditioner troubleshooting. For both central home air conditioner or window air conditioner,\015\012 the first thing to check is whether the unit is getting proper power. \015\012If the unit ... Frigidaire FAC107P1A Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a amana furnace model # cca30fcc or model # bbc36a2a. Can u tell me if there is a filter in the furnace it self. Or do these models only have the one filter in the ceiling where mine is located.

... Air Conditioners

Maytag portable air conditioner model # M6P09D2A does this model need to drain?does it have a drip pan? or does the moisture vent through one of the large hoses. I'm assuming that one is the intake and one is the outflow. we lost the manual in a move

... Maytag Portable Air Conditioner M6P09S2A

I have/had 2 GE 8000btu wall air conditioners and at 3 years old, both of them within 2 weeks of each other had stopped blowing out cold air, just now the way a fan would blow. It almost seems to me that GE has purposely made these air conditioners to stop working properly at a certain time so I should buy new ones. I replaced one of them already with another brand, now I have to replace a 2nd one. I can't really afford to do this. Is it possible that they have both run out of Freon? Otherwise I

I doubt the freon would be gone its a sealed system unless someone was pokin the coils kids love to bend the fins for some reason could need a capacitor is the compressor starting ? humming ?running ... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

Bryant air conditioner - outside unit will not run - before it quit running, air temperature in house rose from 65 degrees to 75 degrees. Inside fan continued to blow - air smelled like a car air conditioner that ran out of Freon. Bought Freon - need to know where to add it. The heat pump model # BF-163S bi directional but also coming from unit is another line that runs same direction with same type of valves. Air conditioner model # 697CN030 - B

... Air Conditioners

Rcba 3765gg17 Hi there: I have an A/C Ruud Model No.: UBHA-17J07SFDAI. I am looking to replace the coil Model: RCBA-3765GG17, SERIAL: M3600. I only can find on the web for sale is Model: RCBA-3765G. There is also a sticker on the damaged coil that says that the coil has been converted to: RCBA-2453, RCBA-2459, 2462, 3770, 3773, 4873, 4876, 4878. Any sugestions in if should buy the one that I found and ask the preson that's going to fix it to convert it or buy another one. Thanks

... Ruud Air Conditioners

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