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I went to www.ge.com however when I went there to enter the air conditioning model, it didn't come up, is this because it is an older model and they won't have older models on their website?

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What is the model number

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I went to www.ge.com however when I went there to enter the air conditioning model, it didn't come up, is this because it is an older model and they won't have older models on their website?

What is the model number ... Air Conditioners

I have an older friedrich 25000 btu model:KL25J30A-3. I came home about an hour ago and the house was cool, but its 100 degrees here in San Antonio-so I went to set it to 'med cool' and dialed it to 'cooler', and it didnt seem to want to come on at all. I checked the fuse, and suire enough, it was burnt out. I replaced the fuse. When I turned it back on, it sounded a little weird-dont know how to describe it-like not running to full capacity. There is NO air coming out of the vents, but the A/C

... Air Conditioners

Power failure and when came back on the green light is flashing and wont start we are in Katherine NT and power went off for about two hours, the air con was on at the time, the model is a FTKD718VMA, it has a remote, and as far as I can see the timer is not on. It responds to change of temp and all the other functions but will not get past the flashing green light.

Go to their website and there are service manuals that tell what is wrong using different displays on remote I tried to paste it here but it didn't work ... Cfm Daikin R410a Split System Air Conditioner

I Have an older model of the white Rodgers thermostat and yesterday we adjusted it's place on the wall. In the middle of the night it was freezing and after some troubleshooting i realized the black wire had come off. I reattached and the heat came on fine. I fell asleep and woke up to it on and roasting. It hadn't shut off. Replaced the batteries and reset the temps and it still Wont turn off at the setting or any setting for tht matter. Help! I can't keep putting it on every half hou

... Air Conditioners

Older unit I have a older model split unit. model number AOU241D1 I need information on tonite. I have lost the signal from number 3 terminal the light is flashing the red 4 times, and the green light is flashing all the time. This I dont have a maunal book or a tech book, I have been talking to tech support from Fujitsu not telling me what the voltage is suppose to be. Use my wife email [email protected]

Here you have some schemes of other models, maybe the voltages are similar, but anyway you could at least see what the LED flashing means:\015\012 ... Fujitsu 18C1 Air Conditioner

Carrier thermostat went blank, all fuses are fine. I flushed out condensate line and a little water came out. AC still wont turn back on

Sounds like u might have a bad thermostat wire some where,maybe out by the condenser unit ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I recently obtained a PAC S1000 split airconditioner. I is an older model, perhaps 2005/2006 I have no operating manual for this unit. However having looked at this model on the Internet, it looks slightly different than the model that I now have. Reason being is that my Unit does not seem to have the quick release/fastening joints. Question now is how do I get the Compressor unit outside and the Fan inside the room if I can not disconnect the lines? I would really appreciate some help here

They will have to be cut and brazed.\015\012Regular solder will not hold.\015\012\015\012High temp brazing is required.\015\012Also, it is illegal to cut into a refridgerant system without first recovering the refridgerant. It ... Air Conditioners

I cannot find the model number on an older model Carrier Air

You should be able to remove the front cover and access the filters and a date sticker that tells the model no. The filters are likely to be reusable filters instead of disposable.\015\012\015\012The covers of those through the wall syste ... Carrier KCA101P Air Conditioner

I purchased and LG Model# LP1010SNR on 8-3-10 at Home Depot. It was a floor model and did not come with an owners manual. It has a digital display screen. It is intended to run for several hours at a time as it is used for a greenhouse. When I went to check the AC unit. The display screen displayed (P2) and blinking. The AC unit will not come on. It has power but, will not come on. I turned to AC of and the reset button, etc., Again the unit comes on but will not operate. It beeps 5 times and st

What happens on this unit is it will suddenly stop followed by a series of chimes. You can reset the unit, but it will end with the same set of chimes. My unit display had a P2 code. As mentioned above, I drained the water (small amount actually) ... LG Air Conditioners

We have an older model Lennox ac model #HS26-461-P and we are trying to find out what the tonnage is. Can you tell me where to look or if you know what it is will you please tell me?

The answer that (TheMobilian) left couldn't be further from the truth, of offense. So you're saying if you have a 1000 sq ft house with 4 bedrooms you'd have 4.5 tons of cooling? That's insane, the compressor in that system would be shot in about 6 ... Air Conditioners

I have a older model of a Hampton Bay air conditioner. Looks like maybe 10 years old or better, anyway I cannot find a serial number, model number, nor can I find where there is a filter for it. I can describe the unit, it's a small window unit, maybe 5,000 btu's maybe. It has two top horizontal vent panels, down below the horizontal vent panels to the right of the unit is a small panel with a door to it with the controls for the temperture, coolness for the unit. Hampton Bay is located inside t

... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

I just bought this home & went to turn on the A/C today and its not cooling at all...the fan runs....I didn't get a manual or anything about the A/C I just went outside with a flash light and got a model # which is GSC130181AD and the serial number is 0703544929...I'm so disappointed...Any help will be appreciated...Thanks...

Hi,There can be a couple of things that could be happening...The first and easiest thing is to check the air filter. Make sure that it is clean... clean it or replace it. Next check the air vents to make sure that they are open and giving ... Air Conditioners


After power come from the wall plug, it goes to the selector switch then to the thermostat!! ! ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have a model AR DL10 remote for a Fujitsu air conditioner. The air conditioner's model is AOU18C1. The air conditioner wont respond to the remote after I changed the batteries. How can I fix this or at least find me a cheap replacement. Im currently using the manual button behind the air conditioner's cover.

After changing the batteries you have to depress the RST button and if the remote has the abcd slide switch ensure it is set to A. ... Fujitsu 18C1 Air Conditioner

My air conditioning unit wont start we usually start it with the remote but its not working it. it keeps flashing a symbol up the top when i try to turn it on but it wont start it. how can i fix the remote because i really need to get it started. the remote control unit model is: AR-DB5.

... Fujitsu 36CS Air Conditioner

I have an older drayton Tempus Seven programmer with no instruction manual. It has hot water and heating with an override button plus a 1 hour boost feature. I have looked on the Drayton website which has the latest Tempus Seven with a slider button which I do not have thus pre-dates. Is the an older manual I can download or review? Thanks

... Air Conditioners

Combi boiler wont re-pressurize when i turn the little valve under boiler it just seems to run and run and the pressure gauge dosent go up at all? there are no leeks. but a minute a go it went right up to the red and wouldnt close then shut off,it restarted fine now it wont go up at all?

Check to see if your pressure relief valve is partially open. This is about all it could be unless you are losing flame under the boiler vessel.\015\012\015\012Thanks\015\012Zerko ... Air Conditioners

Have lost face plate on unit that goes around the thermostat and the on/off buttons. Is there any way to get a replacement so that we can tell what the thermostat is set on. It is an older model and we have not been able to find a model number on it yet.

Http://www.partselect.com/model-number-locator+2+repair.htm ... Whirlpool ACE244XS Air Conditioner

My power went out so when it came back on we had to go flip the switches on the fuse box but now my ac wont work, we even changed out the outlet to see if that was the problem but it still wont work

I assume since you changed the outlet it is a window unit?\015\012\015\012Does the fan work?\015\012\015\012If so you either have a thermostat that won't engage the power to the compressor or you have a bad capacitor that star ... Air Conditioners

Furnace is a York Model#p4ugd12n09001a probably installed around 1991. The air condition was working fine. couple of days ago nothing was working. Blower wont tun on, air conditioning unit wont turn on. I did have the fan on the on position on the thermostat so it was always on until it stopped.

Probably a bad low voltage transformer. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Sharp model number AF-S125FX that shuts off and I get the E1 message . I have cleaned the filter and tried the E 1 solution that was listed for a differant model number and have had no luck. unplugged the unit,pressed the power on and held until it went through the steps ,unplugged again,plugged the unit in again ,powered it up and it will run for about five minuets then shut back off

Please check the relay of the comppressor and also the capacitor of the compressor. Check also if there is any issues in the controller section that can bring in the errors.\012open and tigten all connectors, take a test on relays to manually s ... Sharp Comfort Touch AF-R120EX Air Conditioner

We have an older model split system and we're having problems with the heating, the model number is AST9RNGCW. The system appears to go off line when we select heating, it comes on and the vents open but the red light just flashes and the heating doesn't start. The air conditioner continues to work fine. Can you help?

This is from the troubleshooting section of the manual,If this doesn't answer your concerns,please post back with more details.\015\012\015\012\015\012OPERATION Indicator Lamp (red)\015\012● Lights when unit is op ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I have an Amana window air conditioner model ACD125E. Air went off fan went on then I couldn't use any buttons. The power is on but the error code shows E1. Nothing in the owner's manual tells me what E1 means.

... Air Conditioners

Alise Omega Tower Fan Model OT750RI - was in storage - now has a growling and grumbling sound all the time - before it was every so often but we just moved it and the sound stopped. Now it is continuous. Read on your website that one can spray WD40 on the top drum inside at the top a few times can help. Is this the case with this model? I think I read from one comment that it can't be taken apart. It was such a great fan with an ionizer. Are they made so poorly that they can't last a few s

... Air Conditioners

I have an old Kelvinator air conditioning. Not sure what the model is since I have lost the manual, but from the remote control I can see some code looking like the model number: 6711A20012M. A few weeks ago the remote control died while the air con was on. I thought this was because of the battery, so, I went on to replace the battery, and tried to turn off the air con, buttttt....it didn't work, the air con was still on no matter how many times I pressed on/off to turn it off using the remote

You're right! It's receiving sensor problem with your PCB. Only repairman who knows electronic tech could only repair. I could say the cost of repair in Indian Rupees IRS.850/- maximum. Hope it's helpful? ... Air Conditioners

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