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Im working on a old Rheem pac unit with a faded model and serial number! When I arrived the condencer fan was running real slow and nothing else! One fuse was burned out in the pull box! The contactor was in very bad condition so I changed it! Now the fan runs still runs slow and its running with out the contactor engaged and when I ingage the contactor it blows the fuse!

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Fan motor is going out or the capacitor to the fan is bad I suggest replacement of both the fan motor and the capacitor which should always be done any time you replace the motor. Also check your wiring again you have a wire connected to the fan that is feeding voltege straight through to the motor. Your motor should have 1 black wire that goes to on side of the contactor 2nd wire should be white and it should go to the common side of the contactor (oppisite of the black) there should be 2 brown wires both of these should go to the capacitor. One of the brown wires may have a stripe on it if so it goes to the side of the capacitor that is marked if no stripe then it does't matter which side of the capacitor it connects to. Also check the contactor to see that the following hook up is proper. First the contactor has L-1 L-2 marking These are the voltage leads into the system from the power supply. Each side L-1 and L-2 should have 110 to 120 volts on each. Second on the top of the contactor there should be T-1 T-2 these are your terminal feeds the should feed the power to the unit and should have 110 to 120 volts respectivly. There should be 2 terminals at either side of the contactor that are your 24 volt feed from your transformer one connects to the left side of the contactor and one connects to the right side. This is the feed from the thermostat that signal the unit to come on. Good Luck on your repairs hope this helped you in some way

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Im working on a old Rheem pac unit with a faded model and serial number! When I arrived the condencer fan was running real slow and nothing else! One fuse was burned out in the pull box! The contactor was in very bad condition so I changed it! Now the fan runs still runs slow and its running with out the contactor engaged and when I ingage the contactor it blows the fuse!

Fan motor is going out or the capacitor to the fan is bad I suggest replacement of both the fan motor and the capacitor which should always be done any time you replace the motor. Also check your wiring again you have a wire connected to the fan tha ... Air Conditioners

Goodman a/c j41 fan not running, turned off and on at fuse box, took a look at the box next to a/c unit and opened the box on the wall and pulled the plug and pulled the plastic panel off, there is no fuses. So i put back together and turned the a/c unit on, now at thermostat the snowflake is no longer flashing, some cold air coming out of vents, but outside a/c unit fan still does not run.

First you need to disconnect all power. Try spinning the fan blade, if it spins freely, then try moving the shaft from side to side to see if there's any side play. If not then the bearings are OK. If there seems to be some drag when your spinning th ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

Air handler fan running but AC unit is not. Reset ckt breaker off and then back on with no results. Went outside and checked fuse box near the AC unit. Inside box has two red lights with wording Line 1 fuse bad when lit and line 2 fuse bad when lit. In this case the Line 2 light is illuminated. Can you tell me what this is an indication of problem?

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Intertherm I have a package unit that has stated dropping out the cond. fan and comp, but contiues to run the blower motor. when I opened panel I noticed that the contactor will pull in and then drop out . this happens every few mins. The unit did this for the 1st time night before last. When I checked it yesterday morning I replaced the contactor and still had same problem. while checking voltages the contactor pulled in and the unit worked fine all day. then last night the problem returned. I

Check the board for a cold soldered joint. If you can move the spade that the line connects to it should be re-soldered. A cold soldered joint can give intermittent service because it can make contact at one time then loose contact by even a change i ... Air Conditioners

Duo-Therm Compressors will not shut down. In "off" or "furnace" the compressor keeps running. Either compressor will shut down when the 12vdc fuse is pulled. Fans on both work ok in both speeds. I

What about one for cool only, and one for heat/cool ? ... Dometic Air Conditioners

I have a duo therm a/c roof top unit that is not cooling properly it has been approx 2 years since the unit has been run I have checked breakers and fuses in breaker box I removed the cover from unit the compressor is running and getting hot the lines are cool but not cold the fan is running I am thinking that the unit is low on freon can some type of self tapping ports be installed to add freon or have ports soldered in place or could there be another underlying problem that can be checked or i

You have a leak in the system that needs repair. If you have to add freon to system there is a leak. You need a service tech to do the repair. If it is out of gas you may to replace it. Leaks do not correct themselves. Russ ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Goodman 5 ton condenser, tripping main breaker Compressor not running , condenser fan not running, contactor is pulled in(24vac) , 80/5 mfd capacitor checks good. Could it be my service breaker shorted?

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Gsc13 outside unit fan and compressor will not come on. swapprd contactor and capacitor and still will not run. have 24v at contactor and coil pulling in. all 3 legs on capacitor only have 120 volt

... Goodman Air Conditioners

The compressor or the fan will not run on my condensor. had a bad storm, replaced 3 amp fuse on the 24volt system, this got my contactor coi working, could my start run capacitor be bad , even though it's not buldged. , put meter in it 110 volts on all termanals on capasitor

Hi, you cannot check capacitor when it's in an energize circuit, you will have to remove wires from it to check, place ohm meter(multi-tester) lead on terminal on capacitor, it should go up all the way, then return to zero, if tester pointer(neddle ... Weather King 10AJA2501AH Air Conditioner

A/C condenser fan running slow and humming when themostat is off

... Frigidaire FAS155K1 Air Conditioner

Shut unit down for cleaning, outside unit will not start now, I have line voltage at the contactor but the contactor will not engage.one wire from the thermostat runs to a little black box next to the contactor (white) the red one runs to a device down by the dryer on one side and back to the black box on the other side. Both of these wires come out of the box and attach to either side of the contactor.Could this piece be the problem or is it the black box.If I manually engage the contactor the

You are talking about the low voltage transformer ... Ruud Handle Air Conditioner

Hello. Model:CKL-36-1L Ser. # 0601057646. Contactor pulls down, fan does not run and air from ducks is not cool. Breaker is on. No visible damage to unit or wiring. Sorry, no volt meter. Suggestions?

... Goodman Air Conditioners

The compresser will not turn on, it is not geting any fire to it. checked the ac fuse and it is good and it has power, pull the relay out and the fan quits running so i take that as it is working.

Check your start capacitor and look for charded wiring. If you have just one capacitor it will have 3 wires on top of it and capacitors are either grey or silver can type or oval can type. turn off the power and remove the capacitor pay attention whe ... Air Conditioners

I have a 19yr old Ruud Achieva 9.I have no AC at all. I have checked large barrel fuses - they are ok. Contactor clicks and you can see a spark at the contacts. Fan works. I don't hear a spin up of compressor. compressor is really warm though... seems higher than ambiant temp. I don't see any bulging or leaking of the start capacitor. I don't think the compressor is running. I, earlier, checked the filter at the squirrel cage because I had low flow. Cleaned it thinking insufficient flow = frozen

You need a capacitor checker or with an anolog meter on ohms first turn off power remove capacitor short capacitor out with a screw driver test it a bad capacitor needle wont move good one needle will read resistance then go back down to 0 if the ... Air Conditioners

The outside compressor and fan will not shut off. I have turned the thermostat system to Off and even to heat, but it will not stop. I went on a trip, increased the room temp to 80 on the thermostat and left. When we returned 2 1/2 days later, the coils were frozen and no air was comiing through the vents, even with the blower motor working. So I turned the unit to furnace and melted the ice on the coils, but had to pull the fuses on the outside box to get the compressor to shut off. Is there a

Sounds like the contactor is stuck. That's why nothing will stop the fan and compressor except killing the power to it. You should be able to get one fairly cheap. ... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

Hi,our bonaire evaporative cooling unit blew a mov in the circuit board which i had fixed,i had a mate install the box and went inside and started the unit up and could hear the motor sound like it was running but could not feel the air flowthen it shut off and the fuse blew in the curcuit board,could it be the actual fan motor that has had its day? cheers Darren

... Air Conditioners

A/C not coming on. The thermostat is set properly to cool, the temp to 67. However, on the interior fan runs and it does blow cool air but seem weak. I went outside to the A/C unit, and nothing is moving. I checked the circuit breaker and the exterior fuse box, but nether are tripped. The A/C unit is a Goodman SSX 16 series.

Hi,You can use this link.(inspectapedia.com/aircond/aircond1123.htm).Hope it helps. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

When the thermostat turns off, the condensing unit continues to run. The old contactor was sticking. I could go out and tap on the side of the electrical box beside the compressor, and the contactor would drop out, allowing the unit to shut down. I have replaced the run contactor, but the problem has not gone away. In fact tapping on the electrical box won't even make it shut down now.

You most likely have a short. Start by removing the wire on the terminal marked y in the t- stat then see if it shuts down. Look in the air handler for wires touching together. I have also eound wires touching in the wall from the t-stat. ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

Our inside unit Coleman EB20B (outside unit Goodman GKL 49-1) keeps blowing the in-line 3 amp thermostat fuse. We've rewired the wires in the wall, rewired the contactor wires, and the contactor was broken so we replaced it. We're still blowing the fuse. Could we have reversed the thermostat wires at the contactor? Or could the short be in the Blend Air box-this box is coupled to the thermostat wires? Thanks Ken Rohm

Hi,Mark\015\012 all your wires using tape or by writing it down to ensure you will be \015\012able to hook them back up exactly the way you found them. Remove all the\015\012 wires from your board again. Tape off the ends so you don ... Coleman Air Conditioners

The fan unit outside isnt running. is it a blown fuse perhaps?

There is no fuse box. Open the cover and see if the wires goingto fan are not burnt.(Power off the AC before opening cover). If not, you need to check it live with a voltmeter to see if its getting voltage. If the voltage are on motor wires, motor is ... Air Conditioners

Swamp cooler keeps blowing on low speed. Amp it out at the switch and it's only pulling 3.8 even with a lload also amp it at the cooler side and it's only pulling below 9 amps. No reason why, I do have an old disconnect box with two 15 amp fuses and I'm suspecting it. Icould the connections be bad in that box. When low fuse blows hight continues to work. Neighbor works for HVAC

... Mastercool 67680 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

Box fan not running fast

... Comfort Zone CZ10B 10 Inch Box Fan

I have a comfortmaker unit with heat strips. The blower fan comes in and blows cool air. I have checked voltage at the transformer, and it is producing 24 vac. The contactor for the fan and condenser never pull in so I replaced the defrost control circuit board. Still only blows cool air and the defrost cycle never comes on. I jump 24vac to the coil on contactor and the defrost fan came on and the condenser came on so the fan motor and start/run capacitor are good. Any suggestions.

... Air Conditioners

Have 3.5 ton scroll compressor, single phase, that will not run. Checked start, run, common windings all ohmed ok. Checked for case ground/short, none detected. Replaced contactor and capacitor with new. Still will not run. Force contactor closed to energize leads to comp and voltage is there, but comp will not kick off. Checked amp draw on incoming line is 4.5 due to only condenser fan running. If comp was locked amps would be very high and if internal wiring were shorted it would show open

Hi!!\015\012\015\012\015\012Wire your compressor the following way, run new wires if needed, forget about bypassing sensors, check electrical terminals to be tight and clean.\015\012\015\0121. Have L1 going straight to t ... Air Conditioners

Turn the unit on, the fan runs, and when the compressor tries to start the fan slows down and the compressor will not run. After a few seconds the fan speeds back up. I put an amp meter on the compressor lead and when it tried to start I registeres 41 amps. Is this a compressor or capacitor problem?

Sounds like you have a bad capacitor, if it's not tripping the breaker it doesn't sound like the compressor is drawing LRA unless the breaker is oversized for the condenser. ... Air Conditioners

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