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I have an 8 year old 2 1/2 ton carrier compressor unit. I have already replaced the running coil and contactor. I now want to clean the coils and fan blades on the motor. I have never had reason to remove the top grill. I looks as though the fan motor is attached, and I don?t want to do anything stupid ?if I can help it? or damage or disconnect any of the wires. what is the proper way for me to access the inside of the unit so as to be able to spray off any debris that may be on the coils. So fa

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Hey Bernie, it is possible to remove the 4 screws on the grill that the motor is mounted to (not the bolts holding the motor to the grill)and pull up and twist so its upside down and have someone else hold it as to not put to much stress on the wires also be carefull not to put stress on the fan blade they are easily bent and will throw it out of balance and cause vibration. make sure the power is off to the unit and do not use high pressure because it can damage the fins. hose pressure is all you need.

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I have an 8 year old 2 1/2 ton carrier compressor unit. I have already replaced the running coil and contactor. I now want to clean the coils and fan blades on the motor. I have never had reason to remove the top grill. I looks as though the fan motor is attached, and I don?t want to do anything stupid ?if I can help it? or damage or disconnect any of the wires. what is the proper way for me to access the inside of the unit so as to be able to spray off any debris that may be on the coils. So fa

Hey Bernie, it is possible to remove the 4 screws on the grill that the motor is mounted to (not the bolts holding the motor to the grill)and pull up and twist so its upside down and have someone else hold it as to not put to much stress on the wires ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

Have problem with heat pump a/c were after 4/ to 5 hrs unit freezez its not low on freon its not fan motor its not evap coil ijust changed t stat and the funny thing about it it only freezez at 74 degree please help

Check fans rotations for correct flow or low air flow or wrong fan speed for cool, should be hi or black and low or red for heat! ..Thank-you-very-much! ... Air Conditioners

Jusrt bought a mobil home with an Interherm unit. I live in Louisiana. When the air was hooked up is didn't cool very well. The fan motor outside had to be replaced. I was told it was the wrong motor and wrong fan blade It was replaced yesterday. When the unit was cut on it ran from 12;00 noon until 9;30 that night. The trailer just isn't cool. The ends of the trailer are fairly cool the but living room isn't so the unit doesn't shut off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

There are a few things you can try.Close the vents half way in rooms your not using often too force more air to where you want it.Inside coil and filter may be clogged or dirty.Change filter and clean coil with a degreaser spray,simple gr ... Intertherm P3RA-024K Air Conditioner

I have a carrier Modle No. 38YXA042300. I am getting an H5 error message on my Thermistat Control. I have run the Fan only mode and the fan in the air handler unit works fine. On the unit when I ingage the manual override, the condener unit and fan motor runs and cools. The unit will not run when I put the Thermidistat on Cool mode. Can you help me. Andrew Construction Mangement Speicalthes, Inc.

On some carriers they have a lock out feature outside to reset shut down power to furnace for 90secs. and then restart ... Air Conditioners

I have a whirlpool model ACM102xLO that seems to be dying. I cleaned the coils, and the unit seems to operate normally for a few minutes. Fan motor works, compressor motor seems to work. When I checked the amp pull on the fan motor, it falls in the normal range of 1.2A. When the compressor kicks on, the amp pull jumps to around 10 and climbs to a high of 15 or so, then the compressor shuts off and the amps jump to about 25 or 26, before cutting off completely. The amps then drop to the fan motor

... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

We had a service technician come out and work on our a/c unit yesterday. He replaced the fan motor (only 2 years old) and insisyed that the fan blade needed cleaning. Next, he said we needed freon, but that the company policy stated that they would not add freon to a unit without first cleaning the coils ($188 for the cleaning). We have never had a technician tell us this before. Sounds like a way to make more $. Can you confirm if cleaning the outside coils is absolutely necessary before a

In short, yes, you have to have the outside coils clean before adding refrigerant so that you can correctly charge the unit. Dirty condenser coils will cause a rise in pressure inside the system because it cannot condense the refrigerant correctly. O ... Air Conditioners

Have a Ruud AC unit the problem I have after installing a new condenser fan motor when I throw the circuit breaker the unit will not turn on but when I push the contacts on the contactor in manualy the fan will come on but the compressor will not.what do I need to do or order to make this unit work ? I did turn it down to 74.Can you help ? THANKS

The contactor engages from low voltage power from the thermostat as does the outside condensing unit. You may have blown the low voltage transformer or have a loose thermostat wire. Check line voltage(220 volts) to the transformer. Check load voltage ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

I own an armstrong air unit after about 30 minutes the unit seems to get hot and the fan quits the compressor is still running I changed the motor on the fan and it still does the same thing I have also changed the braker and put in new wiring from the disconnect box to the unit. Please Help, Thanks Jimmy Watson

Chech the fans rotation , the fan is suppose to blow air out the top, also if you changed the fan out ,check for the blade on right, its suppose to scoop the air from the inside and blows it out the top,, also replace the capicator...sounds to me lik ... Air Conditioners

Fan won't turn on outside unit but has a hum noise to the unit -replaced fan motor but did not help at all. The unit is a Goodman Model #CK-361A

Sounds like a capcitor is bad they cost around 10 to 30 bucks ... Air Conditioners

Hi, we cleaned the coils and fan of our TMG mini split A/C unit with a Coil cleaner bought at Home Depot and followed the instructions carefully. But, after we finished and turned the A/C on, it has a terrible loud sound. Never before had the unit had this kind of sound. Please help. Thanks.

Check the Fan blades for free rotation. Re align the FAN body.Check for rusty base and get it welded if very bad.Or try giving additional support so that the fan motor does not vibrate while running! ... Air Conditioners

HVAC problem We have a bryant indoor hvac unit. The inside fan motor comes on in heat mode, but not in ac mode or in the 'on' position. The thermostat, fan relay and motor have been replaced. Can u help?

One thing you can check is the condensation line to see if there are wires going to it. This is the plastic pipe coming out of the indoor unit. If there is a float switch and the condesate line is clogged then it will not allow the a/c to operate. If ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Want to clean evaporator coils on Goodman A/C. It's a roof unit. the Heater, A/C evaporator and condesenor, both fans, are all in this unit. No way to get to the A/C evaporator to clean the coils. How do I clean them?

There is an access panels on some package units. If you cant find the access panel then remove the top. I use a garden house. Make sure to kill the power to the unit before servicing. ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Hi how to fix LG LB-H2460RH FAN MOTOR out door unit wiring 3 wire orang black yellow i forgot to make a note of it when i removed it to replays the fan motor (LGS-4681A20013K) Please if you can help me Thank you Bye for now szKadri

... LG LP156HD3A Air Conditioner

The fan speed in my mini split a/c indoor unit is abnormaly low even when set in High speed mode. This unit also has a powerful mode to raise the speed beyond High for 15 minutes, but it is not working either. I replaced the fan motor, the power supply board and the main board to no avail. Any help will be appreciated.

Please change the fan capacitor,all will be ok afterwards. ... Air Conditioners

I have a comfortmaker unit with heat strips. The blower fan comes in and blows cool air. I have checked voltage at the transformer, and it is producing 24 vac. The contactor for the fan and condenser never pull in so I replaced the defrost control circuit board. Still only blows cool air and the defrost cycle never comes on. I jump 24vac to the coil on contactor and the defrost fan came on and the condenser came on so the fan motor and start/run capacitor are good. Any suggestions.

... Air Conditioners

The model number as listed on the receipt is CKQ24. The Blower moter in the air-handler is not running. When the fan-only switch is turned on, the blower motor will attempt to spin by pulsing for about 2 seconds. It will repeat the pulsing cycle in about 2 second intervals. There is no smell of burning. When the unit is set to AC and auto, the evaparator coils do chill. The blower motor is a variable speed motor with an external ECM. How do I test the ECM and/or motor? What should I look for in

Personally I would get an exact replacement capacitor same voltage rating and microfarud rating. The capacitor will read something like 370v 5uf. I would be surprised if that's not the whole problem. If not it needs an exact evaporative fan replaceme ... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

Furnace stopped blowing cold. 'Stat works, blower works. Went outside, condensing unit fan does not run, motor is excessively hot to the touch. Fan blades spin freely. I pulled the disconnect and switched the stat to fan on / no cooling for now but it's 94 degrees today... HELP! :-)

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Replace motor fan and capacitor, it is a very simple task. Turn breaker OFF. Then all you have to do is remove about four screws from the top grill, about four more that fasten the motor fan assembly, unplugg electrica ... Carrier 38CKC030 Air Conditioner

I have midea Digital Scroll VRF system with Fan coil units as indoor and i using it for my hotel. A.c is controlled through the hotel key tag system using NIM05. But if there is a power failure, the units are not auto restarting. I am forced to resent the units from Remote and is very embarassing in front of client. Can anyone help in solving this problem.

... Midea Air Conditioners

I have an old Ruud(ac/heater)top house. Maybe 20 years old. the fan extracting hot air from coils sometimes stops working and the unit does not cool. I called a local repair man and he changed a small module of some sort. he said it was the problem. two weeks later the samething. I believe he's an idiot and im relectant in calling another repairman. I went up and with a small screwdriver i gave the fan a little push and it began to work. Can the fan motor be the problem?

Agree, this clearly is a fan motor problem when pushing it made it run.Most fans that have the same issue may need bushing / bearing replacement. and if that did not resolve the issue, then a recoil will surely put the rotating power bac ... Ruud UAKA060 Air Conditioner

Dometic duo-therm rooftop ac unit motor wont spin unless i jiggle the wires that go into the motor then it works! Trailer sat in a monsooon storm last night. next morning compressor kicks on just fine and motor hums but fan wont spin unless i jiggle the wires? did somethning just get wet and needs to dry out or did it short out my run capicitor? Help?

If you have to jiggle the wires going into the compressor motor to get it going, I would submit that you may very well have a broken wire or otherwise loose connection that is making contact when you jiggle the wires. If all appropriate connections w ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Outside unit not starting up motor & everything very hot WAS some noise like trying to start INSIDE FANS OK NO COOLING HELP CARRIER O48 UNIT

... Carrier 38CKC048 Air Conditioner

The outside compressor and fan will not shut off. I have turned the thermostat system to Off and even to heat, but it will not stop. I went on a trip, increased the room temp to 80 on the thermostat and left. When we returned 2 1/2 days later, the coils were frozen and no air was comiing through the vents, even with the blower motor working. So I turned the unit to furnace and melted the ice on the coils, but had to pull the fuses on the outside box to get the compressor to shut off. Is there a

Sounds like the contactor is stuck. That's why nothing will stop the fan and compressor except killing the power to it. You should be able to get one fairly cheap. ... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

I have a Bryant 561CJ060-A air conditioning unit. When I turn the A/C on the compressor makes a hissing sound for a short time and then I can smell something like rubber burning down near the compressor. The fan motor does not come on during this process and I have tested the motor which works perfectly. Could a faulty capacitor be causing this problem or should I look elsewhere?? Thank you for your help.

Turn power off to the unit and take the black cover off of where the wires hook up to the compressor check for loose connectors pluged onto the compresser termanals and for any leaks ... Air Conditioners

The heat coil stays on for 10-15sec after the fan shuts off. I have replace the thermostat and that did nothing to help. It is a VERY old unit. what can I do other than replace the unit?

Toget proper heat, keep your temp setting at 30+ degree and also mode in "heat"position. If still no heat, check your heating sensor for closed circuit by anOHMs metre.If it's with heatingelement check power to element. If power is there bu ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

My air conditioner is blowing hot air instead of cool air.. what is wrong with it? a/c is blowing warm air. i checked the circuit breakers, all okay. check both fans, all okay. i pulled the filter, just a little dirty. i pulled the main panel off the unit and checked for a dirty coil, all okay. The unit is 2.5 years old and is suspended in the air in my garage. is there a clogged drain. should i get the bleach out? please help.

Check to see if you have power to the compressor. it my be a thermostate problem... ... Air Conditioners

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