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Changing filter on coleman AC located under RV. 2005 Dolphin . I don't know the location of the filter on my Coleman RV AC unit located under the RV. Also, I would like a maintenance and operation manual for the AC Unit.

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\015\012GO TO rvcomfort.com
\015\012Click on RVP (RV PRODUCTS)
\015\012Click on type of AC, if you can’t find the information you want there,
\015\012then click on contact us on the Green Bar.
\015\012You can get Service Support or Email address and Phone numbers.

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Changing filter on coleman AC located under RV. 2005 Dolphin . I don't know the location of the filter on my Coleman RV AC unit located under the RV. Also, I would like a maintenance and operation manual for the AC Unit.

\015\012COLEMAN R.V. PRODUCTS\015\012GO TO rvcomfort.com\015\012Click on RVP (RV PRODUCTS) \015\012Click on type of AC, if you can’t find the information you want there,\015\012then click on contact us on the Green ... Air Conditioners

Where can I find a manual for my coleman cam II central air conditioner for a mobile home? I recently purchased the mobile home and would like to know what steps to ntake to make it work at its best. Also, I find it puzzling that the air filter is set on top of the unit inside the mobile home. It looks to my limited knowledge of central air, as if someone set the filter on top of the unit because they did'nt know the correct location placement. Can you provide any comments or advice? Thanks

Check the website for Coleman/Intertherm for a manual, you will need the model and serial numbers of the unit. The filters for these typically sit on top of the unit, some come with frames, some lay directly on the coil. If you can't find a manual on ... Coleman Air Conditioners

I have a Thru-Wall Carrier 18000 btu Air Conditioning Unit Model KCA 183 P. This was installed in our mobile home in August 2007 but never used as there was only 30 amp service. The previous owner has either lost or missplaced the Operator's Manual, and as we have just now upgraded to 60 amp service, would like to use this unit. We can get it to run, but as it is digital we aren't sure what the icons represent, and how we should set it. We would love to be able to get the Operator's Manual

... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Evcon Air Conditioning Unit....for the FAU ...I have to remove both front panels and manually have to turn the fan to get the unit working...my question is....would this be some kind of problem with the relay between the thermostat and the FAU ? when I spin the fan blades by hand...it doesnt seem like it is rubbing...I have never experienced this problem...can somebody please help me??? I would truly appreciate it ! :)

Hi,\015\012\015\012As you rotate the fan blade it start workin.This is not a realy or thermotat problem.The problem is with the motor of the fan.Replace the motor and it will work fine \015\012\015\012Thank You ... Air Conditioners

Power button I have an LG 36,000 btu unit. While cleaning the filters something odd happened. The temperature display is reading 4 and nothing seems to be working. The unit is on, but the remote is not changing anything. The remote display changes, but the unit doesn't respond. Also, I tried to switch it off manually, but the on/off button is not working either. It's like it's frozen. And the room temperature is going up. Help.

Try to un hook the power by turning the breaker off for 30 minutes to reset the electronics. see if it would work after that.tnx 4 using fixya,drcool ... Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi MXZ- 3A30NA 20 Amp fuses blown at disconnect, replaced, energized no responce fuses did not blow, no LED lit on PC control Board. Page 41, 10-6 Troubleshooting Flow of Tech Manual, Outdoor Unit Does not operate. (LED display: display off) Input power to Noise filter board good. output power to reactor not reading 240VAC between legs TAB1 and X-64 pin located on contactor on noise filter power board, however I do get 120V each leg to ground. Replace noise filter power board? I removed

Have you checked the reactor board for a defective M.O.V. thyristor that way have a burned spot on the side of this component that normally would have, due to a lightening strike,over-voltage or under-voltage,if they open they will kill one leg,or po ... Air Conditioners

The only problem is that I cannot locate the heat coils on my Goodman ar24-1 A/C unit. I am mechanically inclined and would like to clean the heater coils before cold weather sets in. No info about heater coils in manuals that builder left with unit.

Hi,\015\012\015\012You may not have an electric heat coil...it is an optional feature.\015\012If you have it it will be on a metaql panel the goes through a hole in the electrical makeup box...\015\012You can see ... Goodman PHKJ024-1 Air Conditioner

Gas furnance would only operate for about 3-5 minutes then turn off. Replaced gas valve on furance for a Rudd comerical A/C 4 ton unit model UKKA-A048JK10E. Now the blower fan turns on but the igniator and gas does not come on as before. LED light (flashes 5 times) on board indicates flame roll out switch is open. Need manual to locate roll out switch, does it have a reset button or does it need to be replaced?

The rollout switches will be located at the ends of the burner assembly and will have a manual reset. they must be manually reset to ensure that the problem has been corrected. Most units will go into a soft lockout for a time and eventually a hard l ... Ruud UAKA042 Air Conditioner

Flashcodes 2-3 appears on UCB main board during A/C on new York 3 ton rooftop unit. Resetting the thermostat nor pressing the test button on the UCB does not turn off the flashcodes as the manual suggests. System is operating fine otherwise but have had to jumper the controls which can create these flashcodes to keep the A/C going for now, however would like to correct. Any answers?

Try switch off and on power in the circuit breaker ... Air Conditioners

RV Parts, needed a new coleman mach 13500 that was a good price. Went to www.arvparts.com like you suggested and you are Right, this business did have good prices and I had them locate a water heater part for me also. I have an old RV - 1989 that I bought and no other rv place would help me with finding the part for my water heater, Except This Business, they did help me and you were right in saying if they do not have the part they will find it and they did!! I will continue to use affordable r

You are welcome If you are in need of any other assistance let me know. A Referral to www.arvparts.com is the least I could do. ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I have a Panasonic CZ10RTM1 unit and don't have a copy of the instruction manual, I would like to find this in English so I will know how to operate it for use, A/C and Heating

SERVICEMANUALS @ COST\012www.mauritron.com\012Manuals at free download: ... Air Conditioners

I am trying to buy a shroud for my coleman rv ac unit its an older rv 1995 and i have found so far that the shrouds have changed and everywhere i look they want a model number. Any info on the outside have been burned by the Arizona sun. i did find a tag under the shroud that used to have info but its been destroyed by the sun also. Any help with a model number or where to locate one would be great. Thanks Matt

... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I have a wall mounted Midea MSV1i-12HRDN1 Air Conditioner in my apartment unit. I keep getting a P5 Error Code. I would like to know what P5 is? I would also like to know how can it be fixed? Presentl

... Air Conditioners

I would like a Users or Owners Manual for a Furnance in a relatives home that needs a new filter installed. I would like to make sure I'm putting the right Filter into the system, and "Where ever it Go's"... She has a Goodman Furnance, Model# H-24F, PN# 15345-00, SN# 0006579002. I've looked online, but the internet is leading me in circles searching for one that I can just download. Thank You.

... Air Conditioners

We have a Fujitsu Halcyon wall mounted ductless unit (indoor Unit ASU15RLQ). It was installed in December 2007 and we've done regular cleaning of the washable filters etc. Now it is not cooling. There is a row of condensation droplets along the outside lower edge of the intake grill. Also when ever it runs, the indicator light is steady red not green. What does this unit need? How could I buy a replacement filter? The manual says after 2 years we should replace the filter- Model UTR-FA14.

Hi, first of all, you can get a replacement filter by contacting Fujitsu on (973) 575-0381, (866) 952-8324 toll free and you will be told the nearest Place around you where you can get it from.Secondly, your AC not cooling might be as a ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I've got an older Coleman Unit - Suncutter / Model #7442-815 that came with the mobile home when we bought it new. I've been told that it was just an A/C Unit, but the mobile home dealer added the Heat Package, (#7642-915). Last winter when we turned the heat on, it would blow for a short time and then trip the breaker in the unit. If you untripped(?) it, it would come back on. I'd LOVE to find the Owners/Users Manual for the unit. My husband is very capable, and can probably repair/replace

... Air Conditioners

Hi ...we have a split fujitsu air con for just over 5 years. The compressor in the outdoor unit is not starting up and the indoor unit blows ambient air. The operation light is lit and the timer light is continuously flashing when in use. Have reset the breaker and the units and also the remote to no avail. Can't find any info on the net or in the manual. Any tech help most appreciated. (Also doesn't seem to be a auto/manual reset buttn as such in the indoor unit)

There is a relay that the thermostat pulls in, in the unit outside. When this happens, the compressor pulls in and the unit outside will run. The compressor has to run before the unit will cool. ... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

I need to obtain a typical manual pilot natural gas hanging shop heater wiring diagram. it is a totally 110 volt wiring configuration and has been wired for direct non-stop operation and i would like to install a line voltage thermostat to control the heater, but would like to verify that all safeties are in the configuration when i am through. there are a couple of visibility issues to the wiring so i need some help if possible. thanks

Put a 120v Thermostat in series with the power switch. No need to alter the unit.\015\012Hope this helps.\015\012Matt ... Air Conditioners

I have a S24ahp3 room air conditioner,in Auto changeover operation and also on Heating operation the unit will reach the temperature required and then switch off completely.the only way it will start again when the room cools is if i Manually start the unit each time it stops.

... LG Air Conditioners

UHQA-1010B Air handler with heat pump. Unit heats up nicely but once area temp. is met, heater de-energizes but blower continues to run. Opened unit up and blew out with compressed air, and tapped on what looked like a relay but no change. Termostat switch for blower is set to auto. Any answers would help. Also a wiring scematic would help me. Thanks

... Ruud Air Conditioners

I have not purchased the unit but know it will most likely be an LG 2 ton minisplit. The installers are letting me drill the holes fore the refridgerant line and drain line so I would like to know where on the wall they will be located. any help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Dennis

Normally the indoor height will be maximum 15 " (Inches). You have to drill base on height of the in door's drain line. Approximately at 12" left side of the unit. Also keep the top end 6 to 9 Inches from the ceiling ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

No cooling I received a call from my tenant that they have no ac. When i get my inspection of the unit to find an extremely durty air filter, which i replaced. Also i cleaned the a coil which was also full with dust. So i figured the time it took me to to do all that cleaning that the unit had time to reset it self. Long story short i still have no cooling at all still. through the first sequence of operation every thing seems ok . dtill no cooling

"You forgot the "first rule , check to see if everythings is working! If the filter was dirty , then you skipped the second line of defense to prevent dust from going into the vents is the squirrell cage blades. Air flows thru the filter first,,,2ond ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

Hello- I have a 1989 Fleetwood RV with a Coleman AC Unit on the roof and it just stoped working. I beleive it may be a fuse but I can not find it. I would like to start there by checking all fuses. Is the fuse inside the roof mounted unit? Can you help my friends? I'll be in the RV and not at the computer. Can you call me at 480 231-2900 right now? I would be grateful. Perhaps we can find the problem together. Edmund Pongratz

Hi, fixya experts are not allowed to communicate outside this website. can you give me the full make/model of the "Coleman AC unit" ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a 2004 Fleetwood Wilderness and I would like to use a window ac instead of the built in Coleman ac unit. I am wondering if there is a large rubber type seal I could place in one of the windows and slide the ac into the seal from outside. The ac unit would be on its own stand to handle its weight, but finding such a seal is my real problem.

... Air Conditioners

Kenmore 580.75151500 A/C unit smells... We've had this window unit in place for 2 years. We've cleaned the front filter and coil, but we're still getting different, peculiar smells from the A/C. Sometimes it's vingar, sometimes urine-like, sometimes moldy smelling. Is there some place else that we can clean it? I've downloaded the user manual, but it's really just a parts manual - doesn't say anything about maintenance or upkeep. Thanks

Hi!!\015\012\015\012As you know, the evaporator unit (the one that the filter covers) gets a lot of condensation which is drained thru the back (outside) of the unit. That's why the unit is installed a bit tilted to the back.\015\0 ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

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