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Having unpacked a PC07-06RA from its box I noticed more polystyrene partially blocking the ventilation grill, i.e. behind it. Does this have to be removed and if so how? Having tried to operate the unit the alarm is permanently 'on'. Help! Thanks.

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Having unpacked a PC07-06RA from its box I noticed more polystyrene partially blocking the ventilation grill, i.e. behind it. Does this have to be removed and if so how? Having tried to operate the unit the alarm is permanently 'on'. Help! Thanks.

... Air Conditioners

I have installed my Honeywell RTH2310 thermostat from an older mercury one properly and it seems to work fine. However, I am unable to get it to operate at the set temperatures. I set the programming to 27.5 degrees Celsius throughout the day (7 days a week) but to 20.0 Celsius from 8pm till 8am. The thermostat continues to operate at 19.5-20.5 Celsius no matter what I try. I even tried to change it temporarily and permanently as per the user manual but to no avail. Please help, Vincent

Hello Vinny Fear not the thermostat has a built in (factory) deadband of 1 or 2 degrees on purpose to keep the unit from shortcycling.It needs to maintain a minimun run time for the equipment' ... Air Conditioners

We have a Hampton Bay silver ceiling fan that was from the former tenant in the apartment. It is a five blade with four silver encased lights. It has a remote control. It does not operate now. I have replaced the battery in the control from the one matched to the old one with help from Lowes. I have tried to use the manual chains. I have checked the outlet. All other electrical items in the room work. I have even tried the silver switch just under the fan blade. How do I fix this?

You need to make sure there is not a wire loose inside the ceiling fan electrical housing you lost power somewhere they also have small electronic control boards installed in them now check for broken wires or shorts first. You will need to take the ... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

My MS24WN evaporating indoor unit works fine, It is very dirty, looks like black spots behind the directional vanes, I can't get behind the vanes to clean it..Any way to remove the vanes??? I managed to get the top cover off, but that doesn't help

... Mitsubishi MS24WN Air Conditioner

I have vulcan ducted heated model no. 9255. The comfort control is reading the room temp as 35C when it is actually 11C, yes its freezing here. As the room temp is at its maximum reading the heating is not working. I have tried removing the batteries and restarting, the reset button and resetting the identity code, all to no avail. help! Patricia

I replaced the batteries, even though 'battery low' message was not displayed. this fixed my problem. I wish I'd have just done that to start with. ... Air Conditioners

Hi ! Glad I could find someone to help me. My NOMA NF100, Combines air conditionning, fan only and also dehumidifier. For the moment, nothing works, the alarm light and it beeps.. I tried reset but it will not respond.I cleaned the air filter and I also check the hose from the unit to the wather pump and there is water in it.. The hose is about 16 ft long..? It did the same thing last year and came back on its own after a few days..

... Air Conditioners

Have a Vulcan MZ85 Gas Heater with a Vulcan Programable Thermostat T8602C originally hooked up in heat and cool system with one transformer the cooling system has since been removed and now operates the heating unit. The issue now is that you turn the thermostat on to heat it will heat up to the pre selected temperature once it reaches that temp it turn itself off it does not maintain the set temperature so you have to turn the unit off and restart to activate it have tried 2 other thermostats w

Hi, you need to wire the thermostat like this. You now have no cooling, so remove the jumper wire from RC and leave it on RH. Remove the yellow wire also. Make sure it is wired the same way at the furnace terminals also. Sounds as though you have 24 ... Air Conditioners

I am a single woman trying to prepare my mastercool for winter. I don't know how to remove the pads, so if insructions could be sent, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't know the size of the cooler, but it is about 40" x 36". Can you help?

Is it a side draft or downdraft cooler? My instructions simply say to cover the unit, disconnect the power and drain the water for winter. They don't suggest removing or cleaning the pads until spring. If you're ductwork also is connected to your ... Mastercool 67680 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

My Airworks ceiling fan with remote stopped working. With Room light switch in 'on' position, remote no longer turns light on or controls fan speeds. Changed 9-volt battery but did not make a difference. In the compartment where 9-volt battery sits there is a small switch that has 4 tiny switches. Are these for any particular function of the ceiling fan? If it was only the bulb that needs replacement why should not the remote control the fan operation? Can you help or make suggestions to try?

... Air Conditioners

A contractor cut the wires from my Coleman forced air furnace, It was hooked up to a stat that ran my evap cooler and heat. I am trying to put in a new straight heat stat but I can't get the stat to operate the fan. Can you help?

Does the new stat have a pin labled (G)? Connect your fan wire (usually green) to that pin, and then call for fan on your therm. Straight heat stat means it has only heat and cool pins, there is no option for fan. If your not getting the fan to co ... Air Conditioners

Sir I am from Asia, Bangladesh. Suddenly from today morning I saw my Split AC (1 ton) power it turning off & on. I quickly switched off the main line. Then after switched on the main line then same Problem. I also tried to operate My AC by my remote but it is turning on then after 12 second it is turning off. Pls help.

... LG LS-K2430HL Heat Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

Hi, My remote won't work for my air conditioner. Batteries changed. Can't tell if it's just remote or air conditioner unit as well that aren't functioning. Can you tell me if there is a manual way of operating the airconditioner without the remote? If it is the air conditioner, what do I try to get it to work? I have taken filters out and cleaned them and that's all the ideas I had. My air conditioner is a LG Model LST 244H-2 split system. At least 6 years old. thanks for your help

Here is the main ONLINE SUPPORT page for your LG model LST 244H-2: ... LG Air Conditioners

Hello, I have an LG Window Air Conditioner, model LWHD8000RY6 that has suddenly stopping working properly. When I turn it on, there is no power behind the cold air. When you put your hand directly in front of the vent, you can feel the temperature is much colder then the room you're in but there is nothing happening to force the air into the room. I have cleaned the removable screen so I know that isn't the issue. Help! And thank you.

Sounds like the fanmotor is bad ... Air Conditioners

We just moved into a rental. It has the Fugitsu wall-mounted Air-conditioner model: ar-jw2 but, there was no manual left behind and we are trying to use the heat, however, it just blows cool air, we're not sure how to work this, and don't want to make it any worse. Please help...

Look, if you select a temperature above ambient temperature, it will switch from cooling to heating.(assuming that the aircon has a heat pump. most do these days.) Just dont rush the aircon because every time you make a setting change, it takes a wh ... Air Conditioners

I have a Dyna-Glo RMC-50LPT propane heater that is about 5 years old and I can't get rid of the yellow flames when it operates. I have tried: - removing the heater and blowing everything out with a compressor - blowing the copper gas line out with a compressor - replacing the regulator that is attached to the propane tank The tank is a 100lb tank that was filled in the fall and the heater has barely been run at all. The pilot seems to work fine with a mostly blue flame (only the very tip is

Also looking for a manual and parts list.....who manufactures these heaters? mine is a rmc 50lpt and have not found a manual and/or parts list......... ... Air Conditioners

I have this heat/cool a/c and am trying to pull the unit out of the cabinet so check to see why the fan blades keep stopping and making a loud clunk, can anyone help? I removed the two screws the manuel showed but it will not budge. Thanks so much.

There must be other screws in there affecting the unit.... It's impossible to tell without being there in person though.Please let me know, can you send pictures of the install so I can help you out here?You will be best ser ... Kenmore 72124 Air Conditioner

I have a Samsung split type ac [AS09S] and it is not turning on, but the Operation and Timer led continuously flashing. At any command, the Timer led turn off, the Operation led blinks twice + the device beeps twice than the Operation and Timer led flashes three times + beep three times. It happens fast. After that the Operational and Timer led continues blinking. What I tried is to unplug the device for 20 minutes, then plug it in. After it is plugged, the Operational and Timer leds are flas

... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

I am trying to remove a Hampton Bay air conditioner from the window and I can't determine what is holding it in place. I removed 1 screw from the side of the cabinet, but it is still being held in place. How do I remove the air conditioner?

Pull hard :Dit is in there by gravity.Nothing else.Closely inspect for another screw - however one is standard.Thanks :) ... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

Futitsu Inverter Air-con {ASTA09LCC}- Fan operates but no refridgerated air. Remote is on 'cool', fan speed is on medium. When the unit is switched on the Operation light (red) and Timer Light (green) flash twice together, then Operation light flashes five times this reapeated after about five seconds. I am told that this can help diagnose the problem. I have reset the remote to cler any chance of the 'Timer' being set.

To cancel the timer, press timer on setting until it comes 00.00. Or remove batteries from remote and re fix after few minutes. If still problem persists, check and rectify error code of e-5 as follows: Comms Error, check your wiring, rem ... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

I have two Friedrich PDE15KSB-C units. When trying to turn on the heat neither will kick into the heat mode. They both blow cold air only. When they are first turned on the air blows, and there is a click sound as though the unit is trying to start the heat pump, but then nothing really happens...just the fan continues to blow cold air. Any help would be appreciated. BTW the dip sticks are all in the positions of 1234 ON, 5678 OFF - factory setting. I did try to turn 7 on for the emergency

Keep +10 degree from your room temp and also thermostat in "heat" . And then check. But in your case, I think RV not energized. If no proper voltage in RV in heat mode, check the wiring to RV. If voltage in means RV not working properly. You have to ... Friedrich PDE15K3SB Portable Air Conditioner

Compressor fan mtr hot, hear it try to energize for approx 2 seconds then stops aproximately 1minute later cycle repeats, removed coil voltage and manually acuated coil did not hear anything trying to energize, voltage 240 across contactor, assume controll power need be present for any fan / compressor function? sounds like fan mtr single phasing, tried to spin manually, no succ.

Hi,\012The motor bearings have siezed up and the motor needs to be replaced...\012\012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...\012There are many things that can cause your air conditioner ... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

I am trying to remove my window unit but forgot how to remove the ac unit from the chassis. Could you instruct me on the removal process?

A lot will depend on what style of window you have and the mounting points of the air conditioner unit.\015\012\015\012Without these details it is very hard to give much advise. I am assuming by mentioning the chassis you are perhaps refe ... Air Conditioners

I am trying to remove the outer case so that I can clean out my Frigidaire AC. Model # LRA074AT7. I have removed all screws but am not sure if I need to remove the face plate

To clean indoor coil, you have to remove face plate. ... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

Hi guys, I try to solve this problem i have with my AC unit American Standard YCC048F. Short: The heating and cooling are ok, the only problem is the fan doesn't turn off even if heat or cool turns off. Some times even if i put the thermostat is on off the fan starts running. I try to find a relay for the fan but i don't know what can be the problem. Please help, for now i am switching on/off the unit to have it run. Thank you. Costi

If the unit has printed circuit board the relay maybe in it which has probably welded contacts, must change the pcb then or try tapping it, it might help or even, try off and on power at circuit breaker it migt reset the pcb. ... Air Conditioners

Hi i hope youcan help me, i am trying to locate a gas valve for a fagor 15/20 combination bolier. The boiler is about 8 years old and is fitted in my caravan. Please can you help. Regards Jamie

I would bring the valve to your local appliance parts store. Likely they will be able to match it with a universal or after market valve. Make sure you write down the model and serial number of the boiler and bring it with you. ... Air Conditioners

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