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I have an intertherm central air unit in my mobile home that does not change fan speed when I click the fan speed switch. I've checked the fan relay which is good and energized in the ac mode which should put the speed switch in the circuit. It is a PSC fan motor and I haven't checked the capacitor.

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You may ahve a bad switch but sometimes when they are worked on the servicrman bypasses the switch. Fan speeds are color coded black high blue med yellow med high and red low. Just for your info. Russ

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I have an intertherm central air unit in my mobile home that does not change fan speed when I click the fan speed switch. I've checked the fan relay which is good and energized in the ac mode which should put the speed switch in the circuit. It is a PSC fan motor and I haven't checked the capacitor.

You may ahve a bad switch but sometimes when they are worked on the servicrman bypasses the switch. Fan speeds are color coded black high blue med yellow med high and red low. Just for your info. Russ ... Air Conditioners

I have a Duo Therm RV air conditioner probably put in when RV was made in about 1989. Started leaking through the ceiling last year down onto my floor, so I kept it off for a while. I would only try it now and then, but when I switched on the ac the fan intermittently would not come on at all. Eventually it quit altogether. However, just now I turned on the fan and ac to check it out. The fan is now working very well at all speeds...I don't know how long it will though...? It is a bit cool right

I need more information. And if you have worked on AC's before? Thes main things to check I believ is the fan motor I just wrote out a long explanation as to what to check and look for and I think it got lost. SO I believe your hearign the compressor ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a 2 speed fan motor thar won't change speed

The capacitor is either run or start and does not change the speed. In AC mode there needs to be consistent airflow so I would be surprised if the speed switch is used. Hard to be sure from this end without seeing the wire diagram. Eric ... Air Conditioners

I have new Samsung 1.5 Ton Window AC ( around one month old). Whenever AC is switched on in FAN or Cool mode the AC (probably FAn motor) make irritating Humming Noise. The noise slightly reduces after awhile. The noise level reduces when lower Fan speed is selected. This problem was not present in first few days of operation. Whether Compressor is on or off does not make any change in noise level. Noise level is same when AC is run in fan mode as well. We have contacted the manufacturer

It is possible that your AC is not getting the right voltage or frequency and hence is trying to scavenge in gettting the current. It will be good if you can check on the mains voltage or on the wiring for a good 15 amp supply line. If there is any r ... Maytag M6Q10F2A Air Conditioner


The pressure switch is closed before the draft motor closes it.the board is telling you that this is not right.pull the wire(either) off of the pressure switch to see if furnace tries to light.if it does,you should replace the pressure switch. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Bonaire Integra VSL75 only runs at full speed after a motor replacement. I replaced the motor with the exact same model after the old motor seized and sheared a bearing. No other fault was evident. Now the motor only runs at full speed. I have double checked fan connections and tried reprograming the touch pad fan speed settings with no luck. Can the controllers be faulty after a motor seized and tripped the power box switch? I figured it would just be the motor. Any ideas? Thanks

... Mastercool 67471 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

I have a sunbeam 12000 btu window unit air conditioner. I can't seem to change the fan speed when it is in cool mode. When I put it on fan only it blows extremely cold air and i can change the fan speed. When i press the power button it stops blowing but it sounds like the motor is still running and I must unplug it to get it to stop.

Sounds like the switch is wired wrong.\015\012When you put the switch on fan only the compressor should not run at all, therefore their shouldn't be any cold air.\015\012Check the switch to see if it's wired right. ... GE Profile ASM10AA Air Conditioner

Honeywell Receiver/Valve Model No. RV8310D,E can be operated by switching to a manual mode which will turn the fireplace insert on at level 6 flame hieght (the highest), and top fan speed, no adjustments possible. To turn it off I switch it back to the remote setting. When using the remote which works sometimes on the auto mode, I can set the thermostat to a temperature below what the temperature is in the room, the fireplace may or may not go on, but when the thermostat temperature is reached

This sounds like a control board problem. ... Air Conditioners

Have a whole house fan which has a 2 speed motor. Stopped working. I know there is power to the fan. checked with a voltmeter. Have taken off the 2 speed switch and connected the two black wires together, did not work. connected the two black wires and a red wire together, did not work. Is there a way to test the motor?

Test Motor: Gain access into the motor area then smell the motor. If you detect a strong odor (the shellac that coats the copper coil windings when the motor is burning or burnt out) then the motor is bad and needs to be replaced.\015\012Second ... Air Conditioners

I have an intertherm electric furnace FEH-A020, with multispeed blower installed when A/C added. My problem is blower operation. at the end of the cooling season with fan set to auto operation the fan ran continuously. Now that I've turned the unit back on for heat the blower will only function with the switch in the on position (continuous operation), in auto mode the heating elements come on with the signal from the thermostat (Honeywell CT3400), but the fan does not. I checked the fan relay p

The model of T-stat you gave comes up as a discontinued model on Honeywell's web site, but it looks to be a manual stat that type of stat would have to be wired with a summer winter switch with electric heat, allowing it to turn on the fan with a cal ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

I installed a cpg0902103bxxxba it worked good for a couple of weeks and then on the heat mode it timed out with one blinking light on the board. which means check limit switches gas valve and gas flow and flame sensor. i checked all that and wiring everything checked ok so im wondering what else to check i think it may be the board?

... Goodman Air Conditioners

Great site. I have a Simplicity SPAC 8499-5 Portable Air Conditioner and it was working fine up until yesterday (~2 years old). The unit is running and the fan operational but while the green light for Cool/Dry is illuminated that actually cooling unit for the air conditioner is not kicking in. The system is just blowing air (like in Fan) mode. I have checked the water reservoir and it is empty and placed properly in the unit so the switch is engaged but no AC.

... Air Conditioners

I have an amana ptac unit that will not allow me to switch the fan speed to auto in heat mode but will switch to auto in cool.

... Amana PTH153B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Compressor does not run. On turning the AC on, the compressor does not run. The blower fan does though. Checking the relay panel, the relay for the compressor does not engerize. a temporary solution is to put a switch across the contacts the compressor on and then the thermostate is set so that the AC should work, the fan comes on and the unit works as usual. The only exception is that the temperature must be controlled manually.

Hi, if you are energizing the contacts on the contactor, and the compressor runs, the thermostat is faulty. This is what energizes the contactor coil that you have. You need to check to see if you have voltage to the coil on the contactor. You need t ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

Kelvinator 90plus 60,000 furnace heat good. pushes little air on air conditioning. checked filter--clean- checked charge in condensing unit. ok. 2 years old. never has pushed air conditioning at all. barley trickles out of the supply air registers. could the fan not be on high speed?

The air flow you feel coming out of the vents is good on heat but not when the ac is running? ... Air Conditioners

A few days ago I noticed that the outdoor fan was running slowly in the heat mode. Later checked and found that it does run in the A/C mode, Fuses are good

I will reply soon. ... Air Conditioners

I have an intertherm rpbmb030k combo a/c and heat. Had frion put in the unit over the summer and a new digital thermostat. Unit has worked great until we needed heat. Unit works great on aux. heat but keeps switching to to defrost mode when standard heat is on. Switched out the defrost board on the unit to no avail and an a/c guy checked to ensure the new thermostat was wired correctly.

Hi, if the unit had a leak in it, was the leak located and repaired? Did he check the pressures in the unit now? If it switches to the aux mode ( Heat Strips ) is normally caused when your primary unit, compressor and freon are low on charge. I would ... Intertherm P3RA-060K Air Conditioner

I have 2 dometic roof top units on a 2002 MH that I recently purchased. 1 of the units only runs on high speed, the stat has a high low switch, the unit cools fine. The second unit, the comp starts, but the fan only hums, the shaft turns fine. I switched the start relay from the other unit, same result. I suspect that the start winding is open, but haven't checked yet. I am not opposed to replacing the unit because of age, condition of roof cover,and suspected cost of parts. Would appreciate any

Hi, unit # 2 sounds as though the run capacitor may be open, shorted, ect.When you say you changed relay, I assume you were talking about the capacitor. If the motor didn't run when you changed it, you do have a bad winding, or open as it just hums. ... Dometic Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman G9T08012DHB13C gas furnace that the draft inducer fan won't start, but the fan is good. I've checked the 2 limit switches and they seem to be working. I've replaced the ignition board and still it isn't working correctly.

... Air Conditioners

Emerson model 18ht43 ac unit was stored for a year.worked good when put in storage now nothing comes on fan or a/c any ideas.seems to have power on both sides of switch and t/stat and solenoid has good continuity

... Emerson Quiet Kool 18HT43 Air Conditioner

The CMC relay will not energize with the correct power going to it. this is a 230v 3 phase 60hz. system and all the correct power is being aplied. Also my condesor and evaporator fan are working propper and i have also replaced the M13 cab control box. All fuses and relays have been properly checked and are good. Any info and trouble shooting help will be greatly apprieated due to the fact that i am in the 101st air born, US ARMY stationed in Afghanistan.

Hi, Wow, wish you were home!! If the CMC relay has the correct voltage to it, I am assuming 230 volt, 3 phase also, it may be your fault. If its energized on a call for cooling, and does nothing, I would say that this is your faulty componant. I don ... Air Conditioners

My wife has a 2003 Ford Expedition. The air blows but not cold. The fuses, relays and switches have been checked and they are all good. Took the truck to my mechanic and they stated that the clutch was burnt out, therefore a compressor and clutch was needed. A new compressor was put on but still the clutch is not working. Overall, there is no fire to the clutch to get it to click on. I have kids and they ride with my wife from school. It's hot and they need cool air. What can I do if anything wi


I have a Dometic 15,000 btu, ducted air conditioner in my 30 ft fifth wheel. It seems like the unit has never cooled very efficiently. Dealer has checked out. I noticed yesterday, outside air over 100 degrees, that the air conditioner would put out good flow of cool air, but once in a while compressor would stop running even though not close to thermo setting. Fan would continue running. Any suggestions?

Not sure what the pressure sensor should ohm at but i would suspect a faulty sensor if everything else checks out. Its very common for these sensors to exhibit issues when they get hot. Also you may have a filter in the system that may be restricte ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Maytag Air Conditioner Model# M6Y14F2B - unit has started changing set temperature by itself. Example: set at 72°, will hear unit beep (sometimes once othertimes several over a few minutes) and when checked temp has been changed to higher temp according to how many beeps. Have had this window unit for about 3 years and this is the first season it has ever done this. It happens randomly and on all mode and fan speed settings.

... Coleman Air Conditioners

The air conditioner has a flashing red light on the thermostat. The heat is not working. The fan will turn on if switched to ON, but will not engage if just on AUTO. Even when the air is blowing, there is no hot air. It is about fifty degrees in the house right now. - I checked the breakers, and put everything through a power cycle, nothing is having an effect.

... Hunter 30124 Air Conditioner

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