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Goodman mini split unit condensating and leaking inside house instead of draining outside drain tube

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Hi, your evap. drain is block, i know you are smart, we can do this, remove front cover of evap.(indoor unit) check for location of screws, look carefully you will see drain connection and tray, try to clean, use mild cleaning solvent, or practical way push something flexible into tubing, also clear your air filter, and you'll be in good shape, also check leveling of evap(indoor unit), with spirit level, should be horozontally leved. good luck.

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Goodman mini split unit condensating and leaking inside house instead of draining outside drain tube

Hi, your evap. drain is block, i know you are smart, we can do this, remove front cover of evap.(indoor unit) check for location of screws, look carefully you will see drain connection and tray, try to clean, use mild cleaning solvent, or practical w ... Air Conditioners

My mini split will ocasionally "spit" water from the inside wall mount unit. The drain is not pluged, it looks like water condenses on the fins and then the air flow will spit it onto the floor. There is approx. 10ft of tubing from the outside unit to the inside unit. It works great except for this problem.

... Sanyo Split System Air Conditioner

My sister was stumped because her window unit a/c keeps leaking water inside her house.She even had her husband drill a small hole in the housing of the a/c, so that it would drain excess water more efficiently, but it still drains inside the house,they also tried to tilt the unit more, but no luck.Do you have any suggestions?

If you remove the lower casing of the unit, you will find that it was design in such a way the water followed a certain track. Your problem should be fixed if you align that track with the opening to coils so water should drain in the proper track. ... Air Conditioners

I have an Energy Knight mini split unit. One works fine the other drips condensation EXCESSIVELY. Is something wrong in the unit itself or could the drainage tube be plugged inside the wall. If so, whats the fix? Also, I have another split unit and neither will turn on. This question was asked previously and it sounds like the fuse in the outside exchanger. Exactly how do I get to this fuse to check? Thank you.

... Comfort-Aire HMC24AD-1 Air Conditioner

Water is leaking from air conditioner inside of house instead of outside. What part of the a/c is the drain located in? Drain may be plugged up? How can I get to the inside of a/c to find the drain area? The a/c has worked properly for many months until now.

The drain is under the bottom rear. You can **** it out from out\012side or you probably need to remove the front and pull out the a/c\012with the handles at bottom of unit. Then you can take it outside and wash out the sludge in the bott ... Samsung Air Conditioners

I have a heat pump with the unit under the house. We have noticed our power bill has increased. After crawling under the house I notice the drip pan is full and not draining through the pipe. So I unclogged it and it drained fine, but my next issue is, why would the return duct have about 3 gallons of water sitting inside the pipe making it sag. So what can I and need to do to fix this. I have been covering the ducts to cover the leak that I found but this water in the pipe has me baffled. Pleas

Hi, this sounds as though you just have a backed up condensation line that you opened up the drain, and you say it drained fine. As far as the return air duct having water in it, it is connected to the return side of the evaporator coil and it just o ... Air Conditioners

I have a LG Multi type AC 9K BTU Std type Water leaking from UNIT into room, have checked the drain tube and unit is mounted level. and the grills clean The radiator panels under the grill are wet, Also the connection into the multi split outside unit is wet Please advise Alan Raybould

... LG LS-K2430HL Heat Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

Drainage occurs near the front of the unit, resulting in pools of water leaking onto my window sill. Unit is installed properly, there is no drain hole to direct water away from the insides of the walls in my house. Please help with a fix for this awful awful design.

The A/C unit should be tilted slightly to the rear and this will allow the water to leak to the outside of the window, you may have to drill a small hole in the case to drain if there is no pre-existing hole. ... Frigidaire FAC126P1 wall/window Air Conditioner

I purchased a ductless amcoraire mini split system. I believe the models are AWSO91HX (inside unit) and AOSO91HX (outside unit). I am getting a F1 error (indoor outdoor communication failure). Please advise me and my licensed installer on how to correct the problem or who I can contact for a house call repair.

... Air Conditioners

A month ago my a/c started to leak water.We called help & they pumped the tubes then they put freon,they said the leak is on the unit not inside the house,it worked for a week then the a/c stopped blowing cold air.So the company replaced the whole unit.After 2 days the temperature stated going high hot again.What can be the problem pls help.

Could be leak on your indoor coil and they missed it. Call them back ask them to leak check inside. If they missed it it is their rsponsibility. to repair. Rus ... Air Conditioners

I have a samsung mh026fnca mini split system. the indoor unit is leaking water and i already checked the drain. it is running freely.

... Samsung MH026FNCA Wall Mounted Mini Split Indoor Heat Pump - 9,000 BTU

What do we do if our Mr. Slim is leaking from the inside unit? It is also draining out the outside tube.

Try to vacum out the condensate outside with a wet dry vac. ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Energy knight mini split system single zone is leaking inside the house

... Air Conditioners

I have a split system SAP-K181AHA, SAP-K241AHA that is leaking water from unit inside house.

Air conditioners wring moisture from the surrounding air that collects in a pan under the cooling coil in the inside unit. \015\012\015\012Chances are that the condensate drain is plugged or the drain pan is plugged. Look for a hose tha ... Sanyo Air Conditioners

A/C unit is working perfectly, but the past days is leaking water inside the house. Is probably the drain right?

Yes, the drain has either come loose, or clogged. Treat these as you would any plumbing problem. If the water isn't coming out at all where it normally does you can use some drain cleaner followe by plenty of water. If the line is broke you may need ... Air Conditioners

LG la125hv mini split not cooling; one of theoutside lines have thin ice on it. Small leaking from the inside unit. Water and oily substance as well

Hi,\012You have arefrigerant leak and the unit is low on charge....you will need to have the leak fixed and the unit recharged by a professional...\012\012heatman101 ... LG Air Conditioners

Cs-ye12mke. Panasonic Inverter A/C system How do i access the drainage tubes behind or within the wall unit. The unit appears to be sealed with little access to the internal parts. It leaks down the wall after a short period of usage. I can access the outside unit and have tried to vacuum the drainage house from downstairs, but believe it might be plugged by the upstairs unit, or a leak in the tube itself. How is this unit mounted to the wall?

... Panasonic Air Conditioners

A.C. unit is draining on the inside of the house.

There is a drainage and it is stucked with dust, mold etc. Just open metal lid on the wall inside your house, where the coil is installed and where you're changing filters, remove air filter, there at bottom you will see the drainage hole (now under ... Frigidaire FAC126P1 wall/window Air Conditioner

Mini Split Air Conditioner Leaking from the Indoor Unit.

... Air Conditioners

Tube running from AC unit to the house is completely encased in ice. Does this mean the unit is bad ? Or, does this mean there is a freon leak in the tubing ? And, is it cheaper to replace to unit or try to find the leak at $150 / hour ?

We had a big old iceball on the connecting point between hose & external a/c unit this past weekend. we were getting no air - hot cold or otherwise. i changed filters and turned thermostat off, let it sit, noticed major amounts of water dripping ... Carrier 38CKC030 Air Conditioner

Carrier Infinity AC indoor unit in the garage is leaking water on the floor. There is no ice on the coils, The drain is not clogged. There is no water in the coil area. I turned off power to the indoor and outdoor unit and it continues to leak water. I finally shutoff the water supply coming into the house. The leak then stopped. The unit is on a wooden box approx 3 feet above the floor in the garage. The only water seen is on the floor. I open the side of the A/C unit an

Hi,It seems as though you have an unrelated water leak.... Often the water supplies are copper tubing....Copper tubing and concrete do not get along well...but hey it lasts till the warranty is up....and they can't see i ... Carrier 52CQ315 Air Conditioner

Excessive Leak My new LG unit has an excessive amount of water leaking from the drain... When I put the drain plug in it stops of course, but I''m worried that water will just collect inside the unit if I leave it like that.  What could be the problem? Is there a problem? Any help would be much appreciated.

Remove the plug and tilt the AC slightly downward on the outside so the water will flow outside where it is supposed to go. Thanks, Sea Breeze ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a samsung aqv18ja series split type air conditioner (cooling and heating) wall unit. the unit was install in 02/12/2009. By "one hour heating and air conditioning". In this short time service the outside compressor has been replace, the system has check and recheck,for cooling leak. the inside unit fan motor has been change. but the problem still exists. The inside unit fan continues to run when the unit is "off" and with the remote off.

Simple, check in your remote. There is an option button "Blow". Just press it. Your unit gets completely off. Please write back if helpful? ... Samsung Air Conditioners

I am working on a FEDDERS ductless mini split. Model# FESI-HHD012-H15D ( inside unit) Model# FEAU-YHD012-H15D (outside unit). The electrician wired it up to 220vac and its only a 120vac system. I hav

... Fedders Air Conditioners

How do I gain access to the fan which is located on the inside of the unit of a split aircon, the unit which resides inside the house. Need to pull this part out off the unit to clean it. Thanks

Is this a split system on your wall or a cassette(a square unit in the middle of the room) like in the picture? units on the wall are very annoying to get out and if you do you will probably brake it. best to just turn of the unit and whip and spin w ... Cfm Daikin R410a Split System Air Conditioner

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