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Hi, I have 2 Toshiba compressors (PH170X & PH160X), New, for air conditioners. Can they be used to pump air? Does this cause any problems? Do they need to be filled with oil, and if so how much? They have 3 electrical connections on top marked S / R & C. I believe R is for Red - Active, what do the other letters stand for? I would appreciate any assistance. Regads Helmut.

Answers :

No they will not pump air. the oil in the compressor circulates in the freon, the freon also cools the compressor. these run on 230 volts c-common r-run, and s- start from a capacitor. Sell them to a dealer

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Hi, I have 2 Toshiba compressors (PH170X & PH160X), New, for air conditioners. Can they be used to pump air? Does this cause any problems? Do they need to be filled with oil, and if so how much? They have 3 electrical connections on top marked S / R & C. I believe R is for Red - Active, what do the other letters stand for? I would appreciate any assistance. Regads Helmut.

No they will not pump air. the oil in the compressor circulates in the freon, the freon also cools the compressor. these run on 230 volts c-common r-run, and s- start from a capacitor. Sell them to a dealer ... Air Conditioners

Need to change a broken blower motor in RUUD central air unit. Old central air blower motor (GE electric) was connected with brown and orange wire to 15 MHD capacitor. Another orange wire from central air unit connected to orange motor wire on capacitor. Black wire from motor (Hi Speed) connected to central air unit. Blue and red wires not connected. New motor is an AO Smith FD6000A. Has Black, brown/white, brown, blue,yellow,red, white and black wires. Need to connect to a 5 MHD capacitor. M

On the motor should be a diagram detailing the wires. brown white goes to either side of the capacitor and brown wire to other side of capacitor. hi speed goes to normally open contact on the indoor fan relay and the wire designated common on the mot ... Air Conditioners

Have a 620765 capacitor for my Intertherm ac outside unit. There are three connections on the capacitor. 1. Fan 2. Herm 3. C I have a yellow and red wire coming from the compressor. There is an orange wire from the fan and then there's a green wire which I think is ground. On the top of the capacitor there are three sets of push on blades sticking up. Two of them which are marked Herm and fan have 4 blades each. Then there is the third one which has 2 blades sticking up which has a C next to it.

Pls connect capacitor terminal as folow\015\012\015\012\015\012 fan = connect wire come from fan\015\012 C = common -connect 1 wire from power\015\012 - connect1 to compressor term R\ ... Intertherm P3RC-048K Air Conditioner

I have a Vokera Compact LE with a Honeywell Room Thermostat it has two wires connected Red and Yellow and an earth wire. I want to replace the Room Stat with a Sunvic TLX RFP calling for volt free connections of the looped terminals of the boiler to Common marked L In and normally open contact marked SL on. The existing Honeywell wiring is Red to terminal 1 and yellow to terminal 3. Should I connect Red to SL on and Yellow L in ?

... Air Conditioners

On outside compressor for whole house AC: Critters ate wires. Have Blk & Red power in from breaker. 24vac switched from thermostat. 1 contactor with 24vac coil(original). 1 Capacitor w/ 3 terms labeled: C, fan, herm. compressor w/ 3 wires: #10 yel & blk, #14 red. fan w/ 3 # 18 wires: Blk, Orn, Blu. I need wiring. Here is what I think: All blacks connect together. Red power wire connects to contactor in. Fan orn & Compressor Yel go to contactor out. Capacitor is the problem. "C" marked terminal g

There should be a wiring diagram on the back of the access panel. If you can't read it, check online for model wiring diagram. Don't guess, you may cause more expensive damage. ... Air Conditioners

5 ton carrier. we changed the condenser motor and marked where the wires connected. Old motor had yellow and brown to capacitor. New motor has an extra brown wire with white stripe... I connected it the same way as the old one without using the extra wire.... didn't work. Advise how to connect the new 5 wire motor... red and black wires I'm confident are connected correctly.

The best way to wire that motor is to connect a separate capacitor to it. The brown and brown w/white stripe go to the capacitor. The black and red wires go to the contactor. ... Air Conditioners

We installed a Honeywell RTH230B thermostat on a Trane XE60 Air Handeler this winter. When we put the system on heat it works fine. However, when we put the system on auto for cool the compressor fan comes on but not the air handeler fan. On the air handeler the terminal strip from left to right is R W Y G B/C. The red wire on the R terminal comes from the contactor on the compressor unit. The other wire from the compressor unit is connected to a gray wire that goes to the thermostat. The W

I ran into this before and had to call Honeywell for help in the wiring...it seems the wiring was not done to standard, and they were able to help me get it straight in about 10 minutes and at no charge. ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Convair TRB portable air conditioner and I dont have an instruction manual. I'm wondering about the drainage outlets on the rear of the unit. The top one (half way down) has a black tube connected to it that runs out the window with hot air duct. The bottom one doesn't have any sort of plug in it and water constantly drips out. My question is "should that outlet be plugged to stop the water draing?" If so where can I get a plug from to fit it?

That is the drainage for the condensed steam from the installation ....if you are bothered by the dropping ..just plug a tube ...and get it somewhere to be collected...it will not have to be covered for any any reason...it assures the well function o ... Air Conditioners

Red light blinking in outdoor unit R410A 2 indoor units installed one you 3 weeks ago 1 unit yesterday. was working perfect connect other yesterday and now no coold air coming out and red light blinking on outdoor unit

It sounds like a microprocessor malfunction, is there extreme humidity and had it been running non stop? It may have just shut itself down. Before calling I would shut it off and unplug it for an hour and see if it will reset. There should also be a ... Air Conditioners

I have a split air conditioner that I bought in spain. I live in france. I have installed all successfully except the cable with just two wires. The cable connects to the inside via a clip which can only be inserted one way round. on the outside unit there is two places available for the connection . they are marked R1 and R2 and appear to be for ther thermostat. However the two wires are coloured brown and a greenish blue. The problem I have is which one goes to R1 and R2. Any ideas please? Bob

Makes no difference in an AC circuit ... Air Conditioners

I need a wiring diagram for Fasco 7190-0369 Type U90B1, I have this in a Vann-EE air-exchanger but it is not working anymore, I would like to test the motor by connecting it direct, but haven't had any success, I have a green/yellow wired that is the ground, after I have connect that White wired (common), but nothing happen. I also have a Black wired and a Red wire, these are for speed ... how can I test this?

... Air Conditioners

I have a 20 year old honeywell quartz air/heating control. I'm not really sure how to use the heater. It has two separate toggles at the top (one blue and one red), a button that you push "up" at the bottom, which appears to turn this dial inside to either red or blue, a clock thing that doesn't work, or at least appears to do nothing. The air comes out warm for a bit, and then goes cold.

The Blue knob is for cooling the red for heating. I would reccomend replacing it due to the fact the age and it probably has yrs of dust built up on the mercury bulbs which can throw the tempurature off. Dust on these old mecury style thermostats i ... Air Conditioners

A water mess in my 8 year old Aprilair 550 humidifier. The water goes into the pad and is blown right through and it splashes on the inside of the unit wall and goes down to the floor. The drain that is connected to the unit cannot catch all that water and it is not designed for this messy situation that would harm the furnace if I were to use the unit, which obviously I am not. The pad is the appropriate one and is installed properly with the black mark at the top. The unit is connected to the

If you put the right pad in an aprilaire replacement pad the water should be running down the inside of the pad and never make it throught the outside when the blower is running. Make sure the top and bottom parts of the bracket that holds the pad in ... Air Conditioners

I have a janitrol air handler and the red and black wires connected to the bottom of the heat strip are not connected im trying to figure out where they go

... Air Conditioners

Where do the 3 wires from the blower motor connect to on the control board for high speed use in the summer time? Black, Blue, and the Red one? The white is a no brainer. I can go to M1, cool, and heat. Ruud, lateral in the attic. UGPJ-10EBRJR. I have blue on M1, Black on cool, Red on heat. Does that speed take air across the evaporator the quickest? New motor ha same specs as old; 3/4 hp, 9.4 amps, same frame...matches up perfectly to the old. I'm freezing up.

Hello, the black wire is your high sped motor tap and it should be on cool as you have it. Blue is med-hi and red is your low speed motor tap. You have it wired correctly. Now the freezing can be caused by 2 things, low airflow or a low refrigerant ... Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner will not start and has a flashing red light on top

... DeLonghi CF210 Portable Air Conditioner

I got a 1995 30ft Conquest by Gulf Stearm. The air unit on top is a coleman 13,500btu. The model and serial #'s can't be seen. Where the main power supply connects in the control box shorted out and burnt the pc board. The pc board is a #7330B331. What is the part # for the complete control box assembly I need to be looking for and where would be the best place to get one? You can email me at [email protected]

Try a r/v dealer in your area explain to him what you have and he should have access to the type of unit installed on that particular gulfstream r/v since they are installed as a standard unit at the factory Good Luck \015\012\015\012D ... Air Conditioners

The heat strip was never hooked up, there is three wires on top of the heat strip, grey, brown, and white , the thermastat is only hooked up with green yellow and red. There are two wires not hooked up a white and blue. There is a blue that is not hooked up on the unit. this is a package unit. I know that the three wires activate a relay to turn on the strip, and the white goes to both the grey and brown relays if they are some sort of relay. So I hope you can help me. drew

Hello! Please give me the make, and model # of your unit.Guru...............saailer ... Air Conditioners

Have two wires disconnected from a carrier hvac unit that goes to supply air fan. they are 4 wires total. one yellow goes to l2 on circuit board and red to bm, the black and blue wire is not connected where do they go?

Hi, these wires control the speed of the blower motor.L-2 is one power leg and red to bm (blower motor). If the other 2 wires are wire tied out of the way, and they have always been this way, that's the way they come from the factory, to control diff ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner


This means a high temp limit switch or flame roll\015\012 out switch has triped, check your air filter and clean or replace, than\015\012 watch unit when it runs and make sure the inducer motor is not slowing \015\012down or stopping.The ... Air Conditioners

I'm replacing my wall thermostat. The old thermostat was programmable and there are 3 wires coming out of the wall; Red, Blue, & White. The thermostat I'm putting in is not programmable and connections (2) are marked W and G. What goes to what?

Its got 3.... Find the r==red--or power..OK. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I need to know which wires go into which transformer lead there is a red wire and grey connected together then orange and black together then yellow and black together then black comming from air conditioning unit. the transformer they need to plug into has two 24v. leads one 240v. lead a 208v. lead and a common lead

First find out your voltage..240 or 208...then it is 2(two) wires high voltage and ground. Both high voltage should go to transformer one on common lead another to 240 or 208 lead( if you have up to 218 use 208 lead...), transformer ground it self so ... Air Conditioners

I have an old Ruud(ac/heater)top house. Maybe 20 years old. the fan extracting hot air from coils sometimes stops working and the unit does not cool. I called a local repair man and he changed a small module of some sort. he said it was the problem. two weeks later the samething. I believe he's an idiot and im relectant in calling another repairman. I went up and with a small screwdriver i gave the fan a little push and it began to work. Can the fan motor be the problem?

Agree, this clearly is a fan motor problem when pushing it made it run.Most fans that have the same issue may need bushing / bearing replacement. and if that did not resolve the issue, then a recoil will surely put the rotating power bac ... Ruud UAKA060 Air Conditioner

Air is cool, but I hear a roaring on an off. I looked at the unit on top of the rv and notice what looked like an red insulator that has two wires coming out of it had cracked. This piece was attached on the tubing on the compressor by a screw. Is this something I can replace that will fix the problem?

That sounds like cover over compressor connections. Make sure breaker is off inside before you do, but my guess is that you may find some bad connections under there that have overheated with time. With that said, it could be caused by unit working t ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a goodman Air conditioning unit CKL49-1. The fan motor connects to the top lid. Recently the metal cracked and broke and the fan fell down inside. I purchassed a new lid mounted the fan back on to the lid. It doesnt seem that any major damage was caused. I put everything back together the way it was. When I turn it on it will only go on for a sec then a switch inside turns it off. When i looked at the electrical on the ac i noticed when i turn it on a little spark on a switch and the swit

Sounds like it is overloading and tripping the circuit breaker (that thing that pops up). More than likely when the fan fell down it stopped the blade from turning which caused the motor to overheat, melting the windings insulation which caused them ... Goodman CKL49AR49 Air Conditioner

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