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I don't know if the motor is shot or what, but when you turn it on, it hums as though it's going to come on, but nothing blows out and nothing ever kicks on. Trying to decide if it's worth it to try to find someone to fix it (it's a casement window air conditioner, so it's not like we can replace it for $100), or whether we should just look into buying another.

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The fan motor might be bad or the fan blades are obstructed. the compressor won't turn on if the fan isn't blowing. see if you can move the fan easily manually.

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I don't know if the motor is shot or what, but when you turn it on, it hums as though it's going to come on, but nothing blows out and nothing ever kicks on. Trying to decide if it's worth it to try to find someone to fix it (it's a casement window air conditioner, so it's not like we can replace it for $100), or whether we should just look into buying another.

The fan motor might be bad or the fan blades are obstructed. the compressor won't turn on if the fan isn't blowing. see if you can move the fan easily manually. ... Fedders Air Conditioners

My BMW 2006 325i's air conditioning wont turn on. The lights say the a/c is on ful power but nothing is blowing out. It doesn't sound like like the ac is turning on when I'm outside of the car. I don't know how this happened or how to fix it. Help!

... Air Conditioners

I have an Edgestar 14000HS air conditioner. My Water light is blinking when I plug it in and the STOP sign is flashing on the screen. I tried draining the water reservoir but nothing came out of the drain. I called customer service and they said the float valve was probably stuck. Has anybody had the same problem and fixed it and have any advice? Customer Service just said to call a small appliance repairman but I would rather fix it myself - doesn't sound like it should be that complicated

... EdgeStar AP14000HS Portable Air Conditioner

Window mounted air conditioner blows warm air and recently when I turn it on to use the fan only it trips the power strip. I'd really like to know how I could possibly fix this problem myself please?

Compressor is probalbly seized up. This is likely becouse of the power strip being triped. System peobably run low on freon due to a leak. then with the system open the compressor burnned up all its oil and welded itself together. sorry to be the one ... Panasonic Air Conditioners

I have 2 questions. I have a model # M6d18E7A-E Maytag window unit air conditioner and only the lights will come on. (no motor, fan, Nothing) I cant remember how old this unit is so is it worth fixing or should i replace it?

Hello. I can help you. The truth is that this is an old, inefficient unit. Replace it with a new energy saving model and you will be money ahead by the end of summer and a lot cooler. ... Air Conditioners

My Carrier 21000 BTU air conditioner (model YCB213E built in 1996) has always worked perfectly until yesterday. When I pushed the red button to turn it on - nothing happened. The digital screen shows the letters PF but not the words that usually appear. Since I cannot find the owners manual, I am currently clueless. I would like to be able to fix it myself if possible since it weighs a ton and would be a real pain to remove and take to a repair shop. Any advice at all on where to start

... Carrier YCB213D Air Conditioner

I have a jelly like substance inside the air conditioning unit in my window, what can I do to fix it and what is it realy?

... Air Conditioners

Hey guys I was starting up my car this morning and I noticed there is no air blowing out of my heater/vents to unfog the windows.. I tried turning it off and back on but still nothing is coming out. how can I fix this? it worked before..

Check the fuse to the heater motor. ... Air Conditioners

This is probably a really dumb question :) But since I know know nothing about air conditioners, have to ask :) The small/medium type that you set-up in windows, can they be just set in a room? With space behind them, like fans? Thank you, lyewii

Hello, unfortunatly they can't. They need to be put in the window so they can reject the heat that they pick up from the inside. ... Air Conditioners

My wintair window unit stopped blowing. It turns on and cold air is slowly seeping out of it but it's not blowing like it used to. It's only 1 or 2 years old. Is this something I can easily fix?

Hi1!\015\012\015\012You would need to check he blower motor capacitor and speeds. Try turning on just the fan to see if it blows faster and more air.than when the compressor is on.\015\012\015\012Worst case scenario, your fan motor is fa ... Air Conditioners

Our refrigerated window air-conditioner is really loud like

The installer probably left a piece of cardboard, plastic, or styrofoam in the unit from packing that is being hit by the condensor fan blades.\015\012\015\012Pull it out of the wall, and look for any obstructions of that nature.\01 ... Carrier 52CQ315 Air Conditioner

I have a fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioner,it wasnt working(not blowing cold air only room temp air like a fan).air con tech came over,re-gassed it,tried air con that day,worked fine.didnt need to use it for a few months,re-tried it,no cool air again,i am thinking of a leak.My question is the air con is about 10 years old,if cause of problem is a leak,is it worthwhile fixing it(i would need to pay someone parts and labour,could not do this job myself),or to just bite the bullet and get a rep

Hi,\015\012\015\012The A.C is 10 years old which is a ideal shelf life for the A.C. If there are any leaks I would never ever try repairing it at home becuase if there is a leak then that means that the entire GAS which helps in the cooli ... Air Conditioners


... Air Conditioners

We own an air-conditioner Model # ARP-1008. We would like to know what to use when you put the pipe out of the window. How do we block the sides of the pipe so only the hose pipe is expelling the air. We have gone to hardware stores and no one has an answer. Do you see some kind of foam padding or accordion-type material to block the opening in the window on either side of the hose pipe? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

You could use a piece of plywood and cut a hole for\015\012the pipe to go through ... Air Conditioners

A Nordyne air handler, model B3BV-030K, with 4 wire thermostat. Thermostat and AC works fine in "cool". Switch it to "heat" and nothing happens.No fan, no heat.(I have built in heat strips -resistors). I jumpered (on the nordyne circuit board-input from thermostat) from R to W. (24 volts from R to W, which should start the heater. Nothing. No relay "click" like when AC comes on. If i jumper R to Y, AC comes on ok. Does this sound like a relay gone bad on the circuit board? Or what? If relay bad,

Do you get heat when you jumper R, G & W? ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

We purchases a Haier portable air conditioner CPN11XCJ last year via QVC. By the time we purchased it, we really didn't need so stored it unopened. Opened it up last week due to extreme heat for this time of year. I just plugged it up near an open window and it the cool air was wonderful. However, when my husband installed the hoses and window screen, the thing rattled awfully. I mean a very loud rattling noise like the compressor was having problems. If we take the hose off, it doesn't rattle b

There are only a couple of things that could make it rattle with hose installed. One, if the hose cuff is somehow extending through the grate on the unit and making contact with the fan or there is probably some sort of a fitting, like a dryer vent, ... Air Conditioners

Hello my air conditioner is not blowing cold air. It seems like only the fan is working. I set the temp to between 16-18 celcius and the temp that is showing is 28 celcius. Also is showing E5 on the ac small screen. It was serviced about 3 weeks ago and was working fine. This problem started about 2 days ago. Nothing has changed and nothing has been tampered with. Hope you can help Thanks :)

What did they do when it was serviced?It sounds like there may be a leak if it does not get cold at all anymore.Although,lasting 3 weeks,depending on how much you used it,it would be a very tiny hole leaking.The other most likely suspect would be the ... Air Conditioners

I have a wall mounted Midea MSV1i-12HRDN1 Air Conditioner in my apartment unit. I keep getting a P5 Error Code. I would like to know what P5 is? I would also like to know how can it be fixed? Presentl

... Air Conditioners

The air conditioner is emitting cool air instead of cold air. I have the setting on cold and the temperature setting at 60 degrees. On these days that have been near and over 100 degrees, that cool air offers no relief. When we first got the unit, it emitted cold air. We've changed nothing. The unit is not installed in a window but rather in a hole made for it in the wall.

... LG LWHD1009R Air Conditioner

Hi guys, i have a portable air conditioner 9000btu 'ariagel ag90' window) that works great for the first 5 minutes, until gradually the unit makes more and more noise until it shudders quite violently , returns to its normal noise and blows out hot air for 5 minutes. This hot air seems enough to cancel out the cooling it does. then after a while it cools gradually I've read alot about this air con problem, but nothing regarding the gradual noise and shudder. The slide out filter at the back s

This is due to the compressor going into thermal overload, It can be cause by really dirty coils preventing air flow,A restriction in the cap tubes or orafice, Or an over or under charge in the system.The noise is due to the compressor building up to ... Air Conditioners

My air conditioner is not blowing out cold air? It is not even a year old. It's a Haier window air conditioner, Model #HWR06XC7. It turns on and then sounds like the compressor kicks in but still no cool air. Can you tell me what might be wrong?

... Haier hwr10xc6 Air Conditioner

My air conditioner is blowing hot air. The fan outside sounds like it is going to start but we get nothing. The air is blowing from the vents but it is not cool air.

Well that because the condenser is not turning on. you might just have burnt fuse should be right next to the unite or circuit breaker. ... Air Conditioners

Have a Kenmore 25,000 BTU air conditioner window. I have black pallets coming into my house from the air conditioner. They look like burnt match heads

... Kenmore 25,000 BTU Room Air Conditioner

My Friedrich Quiet Master window Air conditioner blows cold air for a couple minutes then switches to warm air, almost like it switches to fan mode. We also are getting water blowing in. We cleaned it, this helped a little. Could our cooling problem be with the thermostat?

Air conditioner may be too small for the room.If the air conditioner is put in too large of a room the air compressor will freeze. If you take off the filter you will see ice inside. The best thing to do is let the AC thaw out unplugged and put ... Air Conditioners

My coleman mach 3 sounded funny when I woke up this morning. The volume of air coming out of the vent was greatly decreased. It sounded like my window air conditioner sometimes sounds when its full of condensate. This air conditioner is brand new and only used 3 days. Could it be that the condensate is not draining properly?

Probably, check to see if the condensate is properly trapped, high static units sometimes require a trap to drain correctly, (it may be internal) ... Air Conditioners

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