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I need help with my central heat and air unit, it has a heat pump. the model number is GQ3RA-036K. I am changing the theromstat out and the wires are connected to it. there are eight wire colors that are orange,light blue,black, red, yellow,brown,green, white. on the new thermostat are letters that are r,w,y,g,l,b,o,e,aux. Which ones go where?

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\015\012Please note. Not all installers use the proper color codes when they\015\012install or replace equipment. It may be necessary go go to the furnace or\015\012outdoor unit to verify what wires are for what purpose. Also be sure there are\015\012no splices in the wire that could change the wire colors between components.
  • R (red)\015\012 or Rh (Red heat) 24 volts from equipment.
  • \015\012
  • Rc (Red\015\012 cooling) 24 volts from transformer in cooling equipment.
\015\012\015\012Note: If only furnace has a\015\012transformer and cooling equipment does not jumper Rc and Rh.
  • W (White)\015\012 sends 24 volts to furnace control to start the heating cycle.
  • \015\012
  • W2 (no standardized wire\015\012 color, usually whatever wire color is available) controls second stage\015\012 heat.
\015\012\015\012Note: W2 is most often used\015\012for heat pumps to control what is called emegency heat or Auxillary heat, and\015\012most often will use the white wire.
  • Y (yellow)\015\012 often (blue) is used, controls cooling\015\012 unit (outdoor condensing unit) also is used for heat pump heat.
  • \015\012
  • Y2 (no standardized wire\015\012 color, usually whatever wire color is available) controls second stage\015\012 cooling.
  • \015\012
  • G (Green)\015\012 controls the fan "on" operation of the furnace/air handler. Also\015\012 often is used to start the blower for many electric furnaces.
  • \015\012
  • C (common)\015\012 most often brown but can also be black or other color available to\015\012 installer.
  • \015\012
  • O (orange)\015\012 Energizes heat pump reversing valve for cooling (Trane and most other\015\012 brands).
  • \015\012
  • B (Blue)\015\012 Energizes heat pump reversing valve for heating (Rheem, Ruud and\015\012 Weatherking).

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I need help with my central heat and air unit, it has a heat pump. the model number is GQ3RA-036K. I am changing the theromstat out and the wires are connected to it. there are eight wire colors that are orange,light blue,black, red, yellow,brown,green, white. on the new thermostat are letters that are r,w,y,g,l,b,o,e,aux. Which ones go where?

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Replacing the thermostat, took the old one off without marking the wires. Hooked it up by color and we get the furnace when we put it on cool. wires are green, red, yellow & blue (ground wire)on the wall. The new thermostat wires are red, yellow & green. Can you tell me which wires go where correctly?

The normal wiring for stats is white=w=heat,red=r=24volts,green=g=fan,blue=c=common,yellow=y=cooling.\015\012see what ties into your furnace board and match the terminals. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I installed a new Honeywell Programable thermostat, When I turned on the AC it turned on the Heater... I followed the wiring but some of it is not making sense... G=Green, Y=Yellow, R=Red, C=Blue, W2=White, Y2=Brown... The problem is that I have an Orange and Black Wire left over, Which one do I connect to W? and do I have the wiring right... my unit is a central Heat & Air, not a heat pump.

Hi, the problem is you have bought the wrong thermostat for the unit if it is not a heat-pump. A heat pump will have W-1, W-2 for heat strips, and Y-2 is for 2nd stage cooling. G is Green for Fan, R is Red for Power, Y is Yellow for cooling, and W wo ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My thermastate went out and i cant hook up the new one because it is not labled, and i need to know how i figure out what wires need to go to with letters (o/b, y, r, g, w). There is a plug with 10 wires ( there are colored ) that goes from the a/c unit to the thermostate, and seperate red and wite wires going to the thermostate. Also there was 12v power going to the other thermostat. The only thing the new thermostat has for hookups is o/b, y, r, g, w. can you help

Let me guess, you have a flat ribbon type harness coming from AC unit to thermostat, correct?Older Ac unit? What thermostat model came off, and what type are you trying to install? ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a Trane Heater/AC unit no heat pump with a thermostat model 802AS32DAA that has seven wires. I am going to a five wire heating/cooling thermostat. What do i do with the two extra wires? old thermostat red wire-RC slot (24 V from A/C) white wire-W1 (???) yellow wire-Y (A/C Compressor) green wire-G (A/C Fan) black wire-B (?????) Blue wire-Y2 (????) orange wire-W2 (24 V to Furnace new thermostat therminals G Rc Rh Y/O W/B Y1 Can you tell me what wires to connect to each

From Honeywell : "If your old thermostat had Six or more wires, the replacement you have is Wrong!" ... Air Conditioners

Honeywell 7512A. Working fine. Turned off power yesterday notice no display so once power was restored I changed to new batteries. There should of been a display due to the batteries. New batteries were checked fully charged. Breakers were all reset. Batteries are in properly. Now I have no display. Polarity is correct. Wiring configurations is White to white. Orange to Yellow terminal. Green to green. Black to red terminal. Red to RC terminal. I have airconditioning and heating.

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Where do the 3 wires from the blower motor connect to on the control board for high speed use in the summer time? Black, Blue, and the Red one? The white is a no brainer. I can go to M1, cool, and heat. Ruud, lateral in the attic. UGPJ-10EBRJR. I have blue on M1, Black on cool, Red on heat. Does that speed take air across the evaporator the quickest? New motor ha same specs as old; 3/4 hp, 9.4 amps, same frame...matches up perfectly to the old. I'm freezing up.

Hello, the black wire is your high sped motor tap and it should be on cool as you have it. Blue is med-hi and red is your low speed motor tap. You have it wired correctly. Now the freezing can be caused by 2 things, low airflow or a low refrigerant ... Air Conditioners

Honeywell thermostat T874R 1579 Subbase Q674L 1579 has letters O W2 E G R C L Y wire to a Carrier 50NQ-024 Heat pump 1 stage cooling 2 stage Heating wire colors red blue green yellow white

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Th6220d1002 Need to wire new thermostat Base board heat using red & white wire. AC American Standard Air Handler using red, white, green, blue. Both units have their own transformer Thanks

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I have a Ruud/Rheem gas furnace. The previous owner jury-rigged the transformer to exclude the heat source. As per the wiring diagram, I've sorted out the wiring from the thermastat to the transformer, but I can't figure out how to wire the condenser to the transformer. The wiring diagram shows atwo wires from the condenser. One is labeled compressor (C) and the other is labeled coil (Y). My problem is that the wire colors from the compressor are Red and White. Which one goes to the Y and

It doesn't make any difference if you only have two wires from the Air Conditioner. I would put red on Y and white on C ..... All the air conditioner needs is a 24 volt Common wire and a 24 volt Power wire to pull the compressor contactor in..... ... Air Conditioners

Rheem Model RQNJ-A042JK Heat Pump Unit wired to a protech 520 Thermostat. Everything OK in auto mode. Fan will not run in on mode. All wiring connected except orange and black. Do not have original manuals for either unit. Installer went AOL and out of business without leaving me the manuals. Anyone have a solution. I know that Rheem is notorious for their wiring color tricks and I do not want to screw something up. Here is the wiring as it is now: Red - R Blue - B Yellow - Y White - E Jumper -

Connect the orange to the o terminal.\015\012Dave ... Air Conditioners

Thermostat wiring I have a Frigidaire Model R4GA FWA and Central A/C system. I am trying to replace the thermostat with a programable Hunter model. I do not have the original wiring diagram and the old thermostat is no help. The wiring colors I have is Green, Red, Brown, Yellow, White and Orange-(not used). The terminals on the new thermostat are RH, RC, Y/O, W/B, G, and Y1.

Your best bet and where i would start is to identify where the coulors are conected at the fernace. in the industry we use standard wireing coulors wher green is g for fan and red is rh=switched trans power for heating . rc=switched transformer pow ... Air Conditioners

Haier 110 volt window heat pump need wire connection to the thermostatic. Two slip on connection bottom left side, one on the right, wire colors are two light blue, one dark blue, one black one red,

Hi!!!\015\012\015\012Let's see if this will help you. It should be a wiring diagram inside the unit, either on a sticker or on paper in a bag. It should be very helpful to know where the wires come from in the unit. Below is a description of ... Air Conditioners

I have a new Dial thermostat my mastercool thermostat Broke I need to know the color code of the mastercool to wire it to this one... The colors on this one are white, black, red, blue... Thank You.

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Thermostat with 4 wires, red, green, white and blue; no yellow wire to connect to new thermostat

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Wiring colors dont match new unit - Honeywell RTH3100C - Digital Heat Pump Thermostat

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I have a tempstar 2000 heat pump approx 5 years old. The condenser fan blades will not rotate/operate; however, I can hear the motor hummming. When the unit is off, I can rotate the fan freely. When the unit is turned on, the fan sticks. Can anyone assist me with a DIY type fix until I can have it serviced? I think I have the same problem. The unit that I have is model CA3036VKA1 (Tempstar). I changed the motor. The old motor has 3 wires. It has a red,black & brown. The new motor(GE-5KCP39LG )t

I think this is a double problem post,so I will answer the top first.\015\012The fan capacitor may be bad or the motor it's self is seizing up and will need replaced.\015\012 \015\012Second portion of ... Air Conditioners

I put a new thermistat o a/c heat but only the fan is turning on the colors where white yellow red blue I did not put the blue on the O/b screw

Your thermostat may need to be programmed according to the heating system you have. that'll be in the installer instructions. For the wiring, open up your heater to see a circuit board. coming to it are the thermostat wires, match your thermostat acc ... Air Conditioners

I have a heat pump system and want to install a new thermostat model th6110d1021 what color wire goes where?? honeywell thermostat

You would have to figure out which wire belongs to which part using the wiring diagrams in both the unit and the t/stat. If there's already a t/stat on it, that could probably help you out too. ... Air Conditioners

I have 2 seperate controls ,1 for heat the old honeywell round turn styls and then i bought a new digital thermostat ritetemp and i have 3 wires for the airconditioner white,red and green, i just cant figure out how too hook it up it has so many pins in it give me some help please!

On the round its r g w hook that on the new stat if your using it for heat to then the rh and w are heat controlling baseboard or a boiler relay? the new stat has a jumper wire remove that it is hooked up to rh and rc un plug every thing good luc ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

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