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The air exchanger for my AC is in the ceiling of my condo. It requires a 20x25x1 air filter which I have. The filter has an up pointing arrow that says 'air flow.' Does this mean that the filter should be installed with the arrow pointing up? Or pointing down? Thanks!

Answers :

Yeah, the arrow tells you the direction so it should be going up.

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The air exchanger for my AC is in the ceiling of my condo. It requires a 20x25x1 air filter which I have. The filter has an up pointing arrow that says 'air flow.' Does this mean that the filter should be installed with the arrow pointing up? Or pointing down? Thanks!

Yeah, the arrow tells you the direction so it should be going up. ... Air Conditioners

My Rinnai says not to use it without an air filter and to clean the air filter once a week--but I can't see an air filter. Is it possible that it was installed without one?

If you have a RHFE263, 431 or 556, the air filter is located at the top in the seam where the wall trim piece attaches to the heater. It looks like a dryer lint filter. ... Rinnai EnergySaver 556 Air Conditioner

Frigidaire Central A.C. History Unit was installed by Petro July 16, 2005 First service performed Spring of 2006. It was pointed out to me that no filter had been installed and that the unit had run t

You do not need contract to do warranty repairs sounds very shady to me ... Air Conditioners

I have a air force one air conditioner but i can't find the manual its got a warning signal coming up saying its dry with an arrow pointing towards a basin looking graphic on the screen but the owner said it doesn't take water so why is it dry. could u please help if possible thanks

I think it has gone into dehumidifier mode ... Air Conditioners

I need to replace the air filter for my ac unit. Does the air flow arrow point in toward the unit or out toward our hallway?

Arrows point away from blower same way air flows ... Air Conditioners

I have a heil furnace / air conditioner unit. The heil is model # N9MP2075812A3 serial# L024970895. It has an intl comfort evap coil Model EPD24B15C2 serial# X120393352. It was installed in 2003. I turned on my air conditioning and the furnace keeps cycling on and off. I checked the filter and it is new. It is a gas furnace and the gas valve is blinking stadily which means it is ok. It humms....tries to turn on.....blows for about 10-20 seconds....turns off...tries to turn back on...again and ag

Not sure I understand the description.\015\012You said the "furnace" keeps cycling on and off when you turn on the AC.\015\012But you must have meant the AC cycles, because if the actual furnace went on, that would an extremely seroius pr ... Air Conditioners

Regarding the installation of the f500 honeywell filter system. does the output of the filter system get ported into the return air prior to the air handeler? I had my unit installed today and i believe it was installed incorrectly. The input to the filter system comes from my return air box but the output is ported into the air box after the air handeler.

Hi,\012Here is a tip that tells you how to get a manual for most any Honeywell productonline...Manual Honeywell How to Find Honeywell Manuals ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I'm a 35 yr home builder in northern Ohio. I built a new house for myself two years ago and had my HVAC contractor install a trane system, he nat gas furnace, a/c, electronic air filter and trane humidifier. Starting my third winter here and the humidifier has never ran except in the test mode. They have been back out 3 times and say everything is working properly. I set the humidistat on the highest setting and it has never ran, except test mode. I can't get any sweating on my windows at

It's supplier responsibility to make the unit right. are you controlling your dehumidifier with remote, If so, remove battery in remote and reset it. And then check. If still problem, please get manuals fro the following site and do accordingly ... Air Conditioners

I have an XB10 Trane AC unit that was installed when my house was built in 2003. After running it for a while, the compressor either seems to shut down and I notice no cold air as though its just the fan. Sometimes when I start it back up my thermostat says ''wait''. Or it just blows the fan, even though its set for cold. I've had the capacitor replaced, a start up capacitor bridged to it. I've changed the filter and had the coils cleaned with a brush and garden house from the inside. I'v

... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have an art cool LG 2 HP split system, (non inverter) and was installed in Dec 2004. The property is rented, however, the tenant is saying that it is not very hot, even though she has set it on 30 degrees. I have cleaned the filters inside the unit on the wall, but it still seems to be giving out warm to cool air. Is this common for LG units of this kind?

No this is not common performance.\015\012\015\012LG units are great little systems and typically (if sized correctly) provide plenty of cooling for the desired space.\015\012\015\0121) As for being 'sized correctly' you menti ... LG Art Cool LA1000PR Air Conditioner

12x12x1 filter should the arrow point toward the ceiling or the floor

Toward the ceiling ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

Daikin a/c FDY100LVIR N81. installed in suspended ceiling approx 2 mtrs. away from ceiling filter inlet. No filter pad provided for this inlet?. Told to attach a piece of wire to end of unit to withdraw filter for cleaning, how do we get it back?. I find this situation unacceptable and have been trying to resolve problem with Daikin and installer for 3 months, now they are saying that the ceiling vent is an after market item so is not anyones responsibility. Thanks Trevor

... Air Conditioners

I can't use a good air filter because it sounds like the furnace is starving for air. Blower is set on low. I installed a filter holder above the furnace for a 16x 20 filter

Try Medium Low for a speed. Make sure all ducts are open with good air flow. ... Air Conditioners

I bought a Honeywell air purifier HPA-051. Pre-filter was in a plastic bag at the bottom of the box. The instruction manual is not very clear about the installation of it. I don't know where it should go. Should I install it inside the rear grille? The pre-filter has a black side and kind of a grey side. Which side should be facing the true HEPA filter? Thanks a lot for your help! Andrea

... Air Conditioners

On our honeywell thermostat model RTH230B it says "filter" on it, does that mean to change the filter? I changed it a couple of months ago and I just changed it again today but it still says "filter"

What filter is the thermostat referring to? The filter to the outside air for my own benefit? ... Honeywell ER150B Air Conditioner

Conia ca 9002 feels cold but still says its on 29 should it say colder the remote is set at 16 does the snow flake mean its on air con haven't got a manual and when the sun icon is up does it mean

... Air Conditioners

My daughter has a Bryant AC Model number 563AN048-A where the outside coils are freezing up. The repairman has been out twice and has cleaned the coils on the inside and outside units and has checked the coolant levels that he says are ok. Currently, if they remove the cold air return filter, air circulation is increased slightly and in doing so, the outside coil is not freezing. Can't run the system without a filter as the internal coil will clog. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Assoc

Hi, this is a 4 ton unit, Bryant are top of the line, I believe so as I have worked on them for so many years. They were Day & night, just a name change is all. Here is what sounds like your problem is, or is your problem. Did the tech check the ... Air Conditioners

Appliance i have an one year old central air conditioner (comfortaire heat pump). When installed they told me to change the filters every month. After a few months I realized my filter were never getting dirty. I scheduled the yearly maintenance on the unit. They said all was fun, but suggested that I change to a more expensive filter. I have changed filters but they never get dirty. I pulled the filter out and looked under at the "v" and noticed every week it is getting dirtier. What could be t

The only possible explainations for your situation is that the air is either going around the filter and going straight to the coil or the air filter is on the wrong end of the furnace. The air should go through the filter before it goes through the ... Air Conditioners

Error code on Enigma SLR-35 air conditioner. The error code is L1, air con will come on for a minute or two and then shut down displaying this error code. I don't have the manual for this air conditioner as it was in a house I just purchased and was just wondering if anyone knows what this error code means before I call in a repairman to investigate. I have tried cleaning the filters and resetting my circuit breakers for the house. No success obviously. The air that does come out for the minute

... Air Conditioners

We have a Fujitsu Halcyon wall mounted ductless unit (indoor Unit ASU15RLQ). It was installed in December 2007 and we've done regular cleaning of the washable filters etc. Now it is not cooling. There is a row of condensation droplets along the outside lower edge of the intake grill. Also when ever it runs, the indicator light is steady red not green. What does this unit need? How could I buy a replacement filter? The manual says after 2 years we should replace the filter- Model UTR-FA14.

Hi, first of all, you can get a replacement filter by contacting Fujitsu on (973) 575-0381, (866) 952-8324 toll free and you will be told the nearest Place around you where you can get it from.Secondly, your AC not cooling might be as a ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Hi I have cleaned the filters in my emailair WS026HA split system air conditioner wall unit and replaced them, but the orange 'dirty filter" warning light stays on. do I have to turn it off or does it mean that I haven't replaced the filters properly? Thanks

... Air Conditioners

I am replacing my Honeywell air Filter for my main Central Air and I am not sure which direction the air flow arrow should go.

Hello, the airflow arrow should always point toward the Furnace. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners


Whats the model number? I should be able to send you the manual, providied that I know the model numberMat ... Air Conditioners

Air filter instalation

Most filters have a small arrow printed on the sides of the filter near the printed size of the filter showing the air flow direction. If not, the best way to tell is to look at both sides of the filter and the side that looks the most course would ... Frigidaire FAS185N2 Air Conditioner

I have a sears forced-air furnace that automatically lights. It will go on when I first turn up the thermostat. It burns and produces heat for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then the burner goes out and it starts blowing cold air. At that point it goes into an endless cycle of the igniter firing, no gas being supplied to the burner, and then igniter firing again. I have changed the filters... Larry

You probably have a bad Thermo-couple . It is a copper looking rod that sets in the flame of the pilot lite It also has a copper wire that goes to the main valve and connects with a 1/4-3/8 nut or a metal clip. The purpose of this part is to tell th ... Air Conditioners

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