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I have a 1993 Kenmore Gas Furnace. For past few weeks it's been turning on and off with a big flame very often (few minutes). Now there's a loud knock that shakes the room and we're afraid to turn it back on. A plumber who I trust and know a long time doesn't want to put any parts in it and he says we need a new furnace and gave me a reasonable price. He says he doesn't want to be responsible for the family if something should happen if he just replaces parts and says he'd be surprised if it las

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With the age of the equipment it may be cheaper to get it replaced rather than fixing it plus you will have warranty plus peace of mind.

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I have a 1993 Kenmore Gas Furnace. For past few weeks it's been turning on and off with a big flame very often (few minutes). Now there's a loud knock that shakes the room and we're afraid to turn it back on. A plumber who I trust and know a long time doesn't want to put any parts in it and he says we need a new furnace and gave me a reasonable price. He says he doesn't want to be responsible for the family if something should happen if he just replaces parts and says he'd be surprised if it las

With the age of the equipment it may be cheaper to get it replaced rather than fixing it plus you will have warranty plus peace of mind. ... Air Conditioners

Someone idiot fixed a crack in my 25 year old furnace with J B Welding which according to the packaging says it is only good to 600 degrees. Is this true? I obviously need to get a new furnace. I heard that J B welding emits toxic fumes so I wanted confirmation that I should not use the furnace. It's in my crawl space. Can you recommend a good brand. I live in Alaska and I know we have dealers for Lennox, possibly Crane. Thanks!

According to the manufacturer's website, J-B Weld is non-toxic, but they do not recommend using it in equipments or things that you use for cooking. So I think, you really need to get a new furnace. Sorry about that, but that' ... Air Conditioners

Bryant 557A fan blower not working. tech shows up and says need new fan motor. goes back to shop and owner of ac business calls and says he wants to recheck. comes back and puts test set on ...says new ECM is needed. Orders part...installs it..turns on ac and burns up ECM. what is wrong?

Is it burning up the motor or the control module?\015\012If its the module the motor is probably running at full speed all the time. They need to check the wiring, duct static, filters, coil, any restrictions to airflow.\015\012It might ... Air Conditioners

Where can I find an parts illustrations for a Bryant 90+ furnace? Model Number 398AAW036080D Product # 398AAW036080AEBA Need to know the correct name and or part number for the Black metal Condensate pan that bolts to the side of one of the burners, corodes and leaks water on the floor. I'm sure I do not have the only furnace that has or had the problem. This pan is around 4" tall and around 12'" long.

... Bryant Air Conditioners

I bought this thermastat because it says it also works with millivolt, pellet stoves and "FIREPLACES". I have a Honeywell that operates my furnace and A/C so I know how a programable thermastate works. I now have a gas fireplace that has a standing pilot light. When they installed the fireplace they hooked it up to a switch like on a wall, it is dangling over a hook from a wire that is15 feet long and I turn it on and off as I want. I have wanted a thermastate to act like the switch on it's o

A thermostat is nothing more than a temperature actuated switch.A switch breaks a "Hot Wire" going to a load (light,fireplace,fan,etc.) ... Air Conditioners

Furnace trouble Working on a Carrier sx from 1990, has three wire bi-metal pilot with spark and 100% lockout on the spark module. Homeowner says it only fails in cold o.d. temps (less than 35 degrees). Home owner finds unit off and silent, resets 120v and unit re-lights and runs. Don't know what parts have been replaced so far but it looks like a new spark mod. and the pilot was clean but I cleaned it again. Limit switch looks old but I think limit failure would cause the blower to run. Any idea

... Air Conditioners

Parts We have a PLM-12000 E/EH Portable air conditioner purchased in 2007. Our dog chewed into the cord in several places so we need a new cord. Is that a part that is available and if so we need to know how to get the old one out of the machine and the new one installed. Thanks

... Amcor PLM-14000E Portable Air Conditioner

I have a Payne Furnace model # 125FAU-14, SERIAL # 0565-59065. Yes its an old furnace but I am in need of part #'s for a Thermacouple switch assembly and Aso for a filter media cartriage. I also need to know where I can buy these parts,and how much they are. Thanks so much De

Hi,\015\012\015\012You can search and puurchase from the links bellow:\015\012\015\012http://www.myhvacparts.com/Gas%20Furnace%20Pa ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier 58DX080CC Forced air furnace that is leaking water onto the floor, but otherwise works perfectly. A service guy told me I need a new Coil, but it probably wouldn't pay to repair it, and that I should replace it. His quote to replace was about $6K. I found the part, Z7-58DX080CC-91CW at United parts supply for $890. The unit was manufactured in 1988 and is 90% efficient. What should I do? Buy the part and hire somebody to fix it? Buy a new one? The new price he quoted wa

Hi,If you are running a high efficiency forced air furnace then check the\015\012drain hose and make sure it isn't blocked or crimped. These furnaces\015\012tend to take a lot of humidity out of the combustion air (air from\015\012outside ... Air Conditioners

For the ruud high efficiency furnace model # ugfd-o6emcks i need to know if i need to flip any of the dip switches if i want to run 2 stage from the stat. I have everything else i need just need to know if any of the dip switches need to be turned on?

... Ruud Air Conditioners

Need a new indoor pcb for a Panasonic cs- A281KR reverse cycle a/c. A/c was purchased 8yrs ago but Panasonic say they guarantee spares for only 7yrs and the part I need is "no longer available". I was told part number needed is CWA3919420(A)K. Any suggestions?

... Air Conditioners

RV Parts, needed a new coleman mach 13500 that was a good price. Went to www.arvparts.com like you suggested and you are Right, this business did have good prices and I had them locate a water heater part for me also. I have an old RV - 1989 that I bought and no other rv place would help me with finding the part for my water heater, Except This Business, they did help me and you were right in saying if they do not have the part they will find it and they did!! I will continue to use affordable r

You are welcome If you are in need of any other assistance let me know. A Referral to www.arvparts.com is the least I could do. ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

Control board I've got a Bryant Plus-90 furnace, model starts w/ 350MAV. The status code LED on the control board does not come on. Is this a problem with the control board, or is the issue somewhere else? How do I diagnose the problem? If it is the control board, what is the part number that I need? I've found part number 325878-751 that says it works for most model numbers that start with 350MAV. The word "Most" worries me. I can't find the part number on the current board.

Hello, check to see if the board is receiving 120 volts at the L1 and neutral terminals, if you are then the board will need to be replaced, if you are not getting power then trace the wirimg back to where the voltage stops, for example could be a ba ... Air Conditioners

Amana 88 SSE Air Command Gas Furnace Model GUICO9OFA50 Light blinks three times says pressure switch stuck open. I would like to know if I can fix the problem or replace a part. I was't able to jump it at the furnace. I have some training in HVAC but I don't have a manual on my equipment.

... Amana Air Conditioners

I have a air compressor that I know the fan is bad in the outside unit. The compressor is not turning on. Yesterday the only way that the fan would run is with a push, now today it won't run at all. If the fan is not at full strength, will the compressor turn on. I want to know if I need a new air conditoner or is there hope in fixing this unit...

There is definitely hope in fixing this one as long as its just the fan not working. Carrier can easily fix it for you if you want. If you are looking for any more specific information, I would be glad to help but I will need the model number of the ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a payne pf1 system,last spring the heat worked but would not shut off,fan was on all the time.i had the thermostat changed but still would not shut off.repair man said had bad heating coil and removed then by passed it.now want to repair looked my self and discovered old part is gone.after looking at wire diagram says barrier componet.need to know if is in upper left hand corner of horizontzal unit and part number thanks

... Air Conditioners

We have a carrier rv air conditioner with a remote. The remote looks like it is working - shows signal, but the unit does not seem to receive it. Don't know if we need to replace the remote of if the problem is with the infrared receiving part of the unit? Would like to know before we spend the money on just a new remote. Thanks.

Check and be sure u have a full 12 volt supply going to the unit check your fuses ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

We have a honeywell ct85 ( the round one) and we accidently broke it.. i need to buy a new one and install it but i dont know how.. i tried to take it off the wall and saw 4 wires..two red ones, one brown, and one green.. need help and explanationof the the installation process for this? does it take a long time and is it hard to do?

Do not worry about the colors, rather the terminal markings.Usually R_Rh will get Red G will get green the may used brown on Y ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a goodman spliit system clj42-1c. Outside fan does not run. I removed it and gave it power and it came on. Then with fan removed I powered up the unit the compressor hums for a minuite then cuts off but it never seemed that it was realy working. Thear is freon in the system. I need to know if the capasitor is at fault or if the compressor is bad. I am an air craft tech so I have a multimeter and enough know how to find the problem. I just dont want to purchase the wrong part. Can u tell m

If your multimeter has a Capacitance Meteryou can test the capacitor. There are ways to broadly test a ca ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Does anyone know how many watts are in a 7 1/2' and 8 1/2' baseboard heater. These were installed new, approx 30 yrs ago. I would like to install an electronic thermostat but need to know what the wattage is. Does it say anywhere on the units what the wattage is?


I just got a new honeywell thermostat and it when i first hooked it up it wouldnt turn on so i check to find out which connections on the thermostat when open i changed my wire to make it correct now when it turns on it doesnt turn off. i only have 2 wire that were on the old thermostat and the new one shows spots for 3 wire do i need to run a 3rd wire to get the furnace to shut off after it reaches desired temp? right now i have to disconnect the thermostatto shut it off.?

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assit you. If you did not turn the power off to the furnace before rerplacing the thermostat then you may have burned out the board in the furnace. But first if there is a RH/Rc terminal in the new the ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

We have a brand new 5 ton ac unit the part that goes outside how we got it is a long story but a good one but we need to but the other half that goes in the celing and idea how much this should cost me and what it that part called so i dont sound stupid when i call to get prices

This is called an "A" coil. You need a 5 ton "A" coil to match your outside unit, give or take 1/2 ton. The cost will vary greatly depending on the make of your unit. ... Air Conditioners

For ruud achiever 10 ac unit uaka-030jaz. Unit was working fine saturday...sunday we noticed air was not cold anymore. I have checked all my breakers, put a new battery in the thermostat, cleaned the filter on the furnace unit, and opened the exterior unit to see it the relay was burned( appears ok as long i understand which part is the relay.). When we turn on the ac the furnace unit in the attic will come on and blow air..however it never gets cold and nothing in the outside unit appears to co

Hi, the problem is in the outdoor unit if the indoor unit comes on and is blowing air. At the unit, you will have a disconnect box, 220 volts. Inside there will be 2- fuses. If you can't see them its because they are behind the plastic cover. You may ... Air Conditioners

Need to move air conditioner model ASTA30LCC from current home to new build in a different town. electrician needs wiring plan so knows where to make hole in wall ready for unit. Builder on site now wanting this information. Unit wont be removed from present position for another couple of weeks.

... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Hello, I try to find a part number for my gas furnace - inducer motor blower. The furnace model is: Weather Marker 8000 TS 58 TUA 080. I need to replace that motor but don't know which one will fit and I understand that there are a few different types of inducer motor blowers. Thank you in advance for your help. Sylvester

... Air Conditioners

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